Life’s Short + 6th Sense

I didn’t feel like getting out of bed but I went for a run anyway and felt 400 times better afterwards.  8 miles @ 8:21 average.  My quads are finally not sore after running on the snow this last Saturday… The second I do anything different in the slightest workout wise= I am sore for days.  The joys of training again!

I cannot begin to express how excited Brooke has been about hat day at school.  She had her cowgirl hat out and ready to be worn for days and she couldn’t wait to get out of the car when I was dropping her off at school to show it off.  Kids remind me all day long to be excited about the little things in life.

IMG 7498

Once we got past the fact that I wouldn’t let Skye eat a bowl full of Oreos and milk with a spoon for breakfast… it was smooth sailing for a bit.

.Screen Shot 2021 02 02 at 10 14 25 AM

Skye has a sixth sense which is quite remarkable.  It doesn’t matter if she has already had a bath for the day or if she is on the opposite side of the house or if she is at the grocery store with Andrew… She knows exactly when I turn my shower water on and she will have her clothes off and be in the shower with me 10 seconds later.  I don’t remember the last time I took a shower alone haha.

IMG 7511

A few hours later and my sister called me and invited us to go to the park with her and her boys.  I was a little confused when she first asked because it has been so long since we were going to parks but then I remembered we are having springlike weather and the parks are ready for us.

FullSizeRender 1

Skye did hill repeats while we were there.


Andrew took a homework break later on for a walk together.

FullSizeRender 5

Walks are one of my favorite things to do.

FullSizeRender 3

We had way too many eggs in the refrigerator so we made egg scrambles for dinner.

FullSizeRender 7

The other day my brother recommended the Headspace app so Brooke and I have been trying it out the last few days before she goes to bed.  So far, we love it.

IMG 7459

Time for a tempo…

IMG 7527

And this will be my motto for this morning!

IMG 7529


Do you do any form of meditation?

Do you go on walks often?  Do you have a dog that needs walks?

What was the last podcast that you listened to?  I need a good one to listen to today as I do the laundry I have procrastinated for a week.  

Have a mantra that you’ve been loving lately for your running!

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Unlocking Us by Brene Brown- listen to the Melinda Gates episode if you haven’t yet! And this morning I listened to the episode with Emmanuel Acho, which was amazing.

I love going on walks! And I do not have a dog…. haha, just enjoy on my own or with friends.


I LOVE Brene Brown’s podcast but I haven’t listened to either of those episodes yet! Thanks for sharing! Wish we could all go on a walk together today. Have a great Wednesday!


The Vanished is soooooo good. It is produced by Wondery. They discuss cases where people disappear. Sometimes it is true crime related, but then other times it is just a mystery. I love it.


Thank you for suggesting Unlocking!!! I listened to the 1st episode with Glennon Doyle (?) on my run this morning, and it was so good! Can’t wait to listen to more ?


Have you listened to True Crime Obsessed? Definitely a new favorite!


I haven’t but I just subscribed because of you… thank you! Have a great day Claire!


I love walks when we can take our two rescues – Dani and Bucl- and talk. I may be biased, but the last two weeks, our podcast (Run Eat Drink) has been lucky to get two great interviews – one about the Donna Marathon Weekend and the other about Galloway training programs. And next week we are having BART YASSO, too! So honored & excited. Hope you’ll listen.


I will totally listen to your latest interviews and I cannot wait to hear your episode with Bart Yasso, that is HUGE! Congrats Aimee on an incredible podcast! Enjoy your walks with Dani and Bucl today!


I’ve used Headspace for a few years. I love the sleepcasts and daily meditations. Meditation isn’t easy when your mind is busy but I keep working on it.


I’ll have to try the sleepcasts… thanks Samantha! I agree, my mind is always too busy so this is really good for it! Have a beautiful day friend.


I love the Headspace app! I really like using the sleep sounds on it when I go to bed; it’s really good white noise in the background.

I just listened to Molly Seidel on the Run Your Mouth podcast–she talked about switching her sponsor to Puma, which was interesting!

I love a daily walk. We haven’t had the best walking weather lately and I am really hoping it clears up soon!


I have to try out the sleep sounds, thank you SO much Kristin. And off to go listen to that episode, I love Molly Seidel and I’ve been wanting to know more about her working with Puma. I hope you get some walking weather asap. Have a great day!


I love to meditate. I began doing it, at the encouragement of my therapist, more than 9 years ago, when I went through my divorce (and before there were apps). It helped me breathe through my sadness and anger. Over the years it has helped me through all sorts of good and bad moments- to breathe and be more present at my wedding when I remarried and when I gave birth to Leila! But I joined headspace last year and have found it is perfect to remind me to stay present and focused rather than fall into a pit of social media doom scrolling. Leila and I take headspace breaks using the kids series during tough homeschooling moments too!


Hey Nadya! I didn’t know that you had been divorced and it sounds like it wasn’t that long before mine. I am so happy to hear about how much meditation has done for you and what it has helped you get through. Leila is so lucky to have such a strong mama that is such a great example. I hope you have a beautiful day and I’m hoping meditation will help me with those things too.


Crime Junkies is my favorite!
Also what’s wrong with a bowl of Oreos and milk for breakfast? I think you are being unfair ?


The Big Boo podcast is so funny! Give it a try.


I am jealous of your spring-like weather! We just got about 10″ of snow the past two days! Yikes! I know what you mean about running on snow—I had to wear Yak Trax the past two days, and while I’m not sore, I definitely could tell I was working the muscles differently!!! I’m hoping to get out Yak Trax free later today! It’s speed day, but I’m not sure how clear things will be. I’m planning hill repeats b/c I’m hoping my fav hill is at least clear!

I made a dinner last night that you might like:

I am not a meditater…………..I know it’s supposed to be so good for you, but I just haven’t gotten there yet. I’m the girl who skips savasana if I’m doing yoga at home alone! Oops! ha ha

Hope you have a lovely day! Enjoy that short sleeves weather for me!!!!!
I was skeptical about the eggs on it, but it was so yummy!!!! We cheated and bought storebought dough and baked it on a pan for 15ish mins at 400* instead of the pizza stone directions, but it was SO SO good!!!!


I’ve been hearing so much about Headspace lately. Maybe I will give it a try.
I absolutely love walks! I do walk my elderly dog (slowly) every day. There is just something so calming about being outside, taking your time to notice all the little things we normally are in a rush and don’t see. When the boys were little, we did family walks every day after dinner, unless it was dark out. Some of my favorite memories.
I listened to Ali’s lastest episode yesterday for my 8 mile run. She had Katie Burke on, and I took away so many great things. Katie has been on the podcast before, and is always full of uplifting tips and wisdom.
I haven’t really had too many mantras, other than – this is fun, not work. No one is making you do this. Kind of corny, but it helps me remember that I do love running and it’s something I get to do.
I hope your tempo workout is a great one today!


The latest Strength Running podcast where Jason Fitzgerald interviews a guy who just wrote a book about his experience living and training with Ethiopian runners is really interesting. He talks about the differences in culture, like running is always a group activity- it would be considered extremely weird and anti-social to run alone. And lots of differences in their training, like their slow paces are REALLY slow, like 10 min/km (and these are 2:08 marathoners.) He said they consider running slowly a skill to be learned, just like running fast. They have to run slow on the easy runs so they can maintain their extremely high volume. You would like it! A lot of stuff your coach has you doing, like lots of trail running (is your coach secretly Ethiopian?) Anyway… those days with your kids are so precious. I loved those days when everything (like showers and pink hats) was exciting.
Have a great day Janae!


I just listened to Rashida Jones and Bill Gates podcast. They only have a handful of episodes, but each is so good! I also listed to Melinda Gates on Unlocking Us with Brene Brown and loved that too! And West Cork about a murder case in Ireland was so well done and had me going back and forth between “he did it” and “maybe he didn’t” several times. Also on Audible the Donor9623 podcast (creepy and I have so many questions). And Criminal by Phoebe Judge – not creepy, but interesting stories surrounding crimes. She also has a podcast about Love stories.

That sun looks glorious, we are supposed to have sun and warm temps this weekend and I will be copying you and your Sis in soaking up the sun!


We walk a lot because our puppy River is high energy lol and tends to get destructive if she doesn’t get walked enough.

This morning we had sun forecast yay so went for 10km and caught sunrise and actually pre sunrise. It is my favourite time of day. It was cold enough that I feel like we might get snow later this week.

I don’t usually meditate but my partner has been encouraging me too lol because I am also quite high energy and he thinks I need to haha.

I love Skyes sixth sense :). Have a great day Janae!


I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t listen to podcasts and I seriously do not understand how/when people fit it in with kids and all the other have to-dos and want to-dos.

Having the kids meditate before bed sounds like something we need to try!

I may be wrong but I don’t believe you need to store your eggs in the fridge after collecting them. Once they’ve been refrigerated they should be but if they haven’t been they should be okay to be on the shelf/counter for awhile. At least when we were getting 12+ eggs a day and it was taking up way too much room in the fridge that’s what we started doing and never had any issues.


Ha ha! I had nearly forgotten the love my kids used to have for buddy showering :)
You’ve raised my optimism that your springlike weather might float over to the east coast in a few days. Fingers crossed!!!
I don’t meditate well, but I’ve just started a practice of setting an intention for the day. A CrossFit and yogi friend just started an Etsy shop for her hand lettering/arts, and I bought her card deck of affirmations, reminders, and mantras. Each day, I let a card “choose” me, reflect on how it can make my day more positive, then put it in the little wooden holder next to my desk. I smile whenever I see it throughout the day :) If it’s something that connects to a situation a family member is working through, I’ll also point it out to them so we can talk about it if they want.


We are having a bout of wintery weather here, but I am all for it — I love snow! Your family is so beautiful, Janae, and reading your posts are definitely a highlight of my (sometimes boring) workday :)


STACEY!!! IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU! How in the world are you doing friend?


Aw, I am doing well, my sweet friend!! My baby is TEN MONTHS OLD!! How did that happen? And my other little guy loves seeing pictures of Skye. They are nearly the same age, and he just might be her #1 fan.


Tell him hello from Skye (they should be penpals when they can write:)! And 10 months?! That really did go by way too fast. I hope work is going well! Andrew has officially completed month 1 of NP school!


@whyiseveryoneyelling with Ralph’s Jacobs!
I usually walk our 1 year old golden retriever twice a day. The cold windy weather aren’t quite as fun!


I go for walks every day unless the weather really doesn’t allow for it. The fresh air and gentle movement are so good for me, body and soul. (I’m more a lifter than a runner so I don’t get the nature in my workouts.)


Super random! But have you and Andrew ever taken enneagram tests? You both seem like type 3’s to me!


So my new running mantra comes from the highly inappropriate show, Letterkenny: “Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er.”

Podcasts- I’ve been going back through Reply All. May I suggest episode 158?

So terribly jealous of your weather. We had ice today and a small blizzard tomorrow. Thank you for sending pictures of good weather and dreams of park play.


I use Headspace nearly daily!! Love love love it. So glad you and Brooke are getting into it :) Really great for sleep, mindfulness, stepping away from the thinking mind, and more. The packs are great and full of so much wisdom as well.


My favorite podcasts are Stuff You Missed in History Class and This Podcast Will Kill You. That second one is about different infectious diseases — Andrew might like it. If anyone has other history podcast recommendations, I’m all ears! I listen during my bus commute, doing house chores, and sometimes running!

Love to get outside for a walk… but not so much in the winter. I am not a fan of the cold!


Your weather looks AMAZING! We have had 2 days of snow, snow, snow. Finally a little sun here but it is COLD here in central NY!
I just listened to a Podcast about Mastering the Microbiome on Rich Roll’s podcast. Super interesting!
I love walks and have a pup who needs to get out too so it’s a win, win! I wish my husband and son felt the same but walking is a chore to them! So Crouton and I soak it up together!


It’s the worse that you wouldn’t let Skye have oreos for breakfast lol. So funny story, my sister never liked milk and she wasn’t a big breakfast fan either. One thing she did love was ice cream though. So for a while my parents let my sister have vanilla ice cream for breakfast to get some extra calcium in her haha. Maybe it’s the whole second child and baby of the family thing that she got to eat ice cream for breakfast for a few years.

I use the Calm app for 10 minute a day meditations. I have been doing them for a year now. I don’t know if I have noticed a huge difference, but it does force me to have that 10 minutes I am sitting still.

One of my favorite podcasts is Never Thought I’d Say This with Jodie Sweetin from Full House.


I’m curious why Skye doesn’t wear masks in public since they’re required for kids 2 and up?

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