Callus Your Brain & She Gets Me

Workout Wednesday happened and while the picture is at the track, the majority of the workout was on the roads.  We did a 2 mile warm-up and then a 4 mile tempo run followed by 3 x 200m at the track (I only did one of the 200s because my body was telling me I was done at that point) and then a cool-down.  10.63 miles @ 7:28 average.

It really is a tricky thing to figure out WHAT your tempo pace should be.

A few different definitions of tempo runs I’ve seen…

*30 seconds slower per mile than your 5k pace

*15 seconds slower than 10k pace

*A comfortably hard pace

*A pace that you could hold for at least 20 minutes

*The pace you would run if you were in a race that lasted 60 minutes

*Calculators like this one will figure out about what pace to run for a tempo based on your race times

If you have a coach they will probably give you a pace to hit which is what I have done for many years in the past but right now my tempo pace is a pace that I feel like I could hold without slowing down for however long the tempo is… so my tempo pace for 3 miles is definitely going to be different than my tempo pace for a 6 miles.  I also love to pace my tempo paces off of the ‘comfortably hard’ definition too because depending on the course and the day, your tempo pace could be way different from one day to the next (one day comfortably hard might feel like 8:00 pace and one day comfortably hard might feel like 7:30 pace)!

This article HERE is so great for figuring out what your tempo pace is and I love what it said about CALLUSING THE MIND AND BODY.  Tempo runs are a really great way to help you to learn how to cope with pain so that on race day you already have strategies to use when you hurt.  Your brain knows that you have done this kind of work before and that you can do it again.  Just like our feet get callused from all of the work, our brains do too.

Screen Shot 2021 02 24 at 10 55 24 AM

One of the hardest part of the workout might be these sets of stairs we come up during the cool-down to get to a path we like to take.

These burn after running fast.

IMG 8802

I have been using the Hyperion Elite more and more and I am falling in love with them big time.  My tempo miles were about 15 seconds faster per mile on average (and one mile longer) and on the same course than what I did last week (in a different pair of shoes).  The faster pace might have been because I was having a better day but it could also be because these shoes and the carbon plate in them.   The shoes are so incredibly light and I really do feel the energy return they give me with each step.  I CANNOT WAIT to try them out in a marathon in the future.

IMG 8804

After the run Emilee brought out the most beautiful chocolate chip cookies.   I was starving when we finished and gobbled this right up.

Usually I am all about the milk chocolate chips in cookies but these were semi-sweet and they hit the spot.

IMG 8820

I was pretty tired after the workout so we did a lot of floor playing ha.  I asked Skye to run and grab some books from her room for us to read and instead she went and got a cookbook for us to read together…  she gets me:)

IMG 8830

All of the pretty food pictures inspired me to make some bread in our bread machine… butter + jam are a need.

IMG 8833

And it was so good to have everyone together last night.

IMG 8843

PS Dinner for the last two nights….

OUR FAVORITE Easy Coconut Shrimp Curry.  The girls love this meal as much as Andrew and I do.

IMG 8789

And this Chipotle Sweet Potato and Quinoa Breakfast-For-Dinner Skillet.   Everyone was a fan of this one except for Skye and Knox.

IMG 8840

It’s going to be a hard day when he no longer falls asleep and stays asleep on me so easily.

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Who has tried out a shoe with a carbon plate?  Thoughts??!

How do you define a tempo run?

Semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips (or other) in your cookies?

What is a delicious dinner that you have had recently?

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Tempo runs are something I weirdly enjoy! It seems like a workout most people don’t but they’re fun to me since it’s not so fast that I’m dying but it’s fast enough that I know I’m building strength and fitness. Granted I say all of that and right now I’m not running since it’s just not bringing me joy so that could change when running happens again ;)

A delicious dinner I had recently was buffalo chicken dip. I know that sounds weird as a dinner but I was at dinner and that was an appetizer and it just sounded better than anything else so I ordered it. Ate the whole thing too lol so clearly I enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful day!


Hey Maureen! Good for you to take time off of running when it isn’t bringing you joy! Way to listen to your mind and body. And that dip sounds sooooo good. Have a great Thursday!


I always think of a tempo run as fast, but not sprinting, something you can maintain for longer amounts of time. And it’s about time, not distance. Which makes it hard because you’re tempted to slow down and make it easier, since there isn’t a required distance. But that’s when we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable!


Comfortable with being uncomfortable… so much ? to that! The tempo makes us get there fast! Have a beautiful day Mariah!


I haven’t tried a carbon plate shoe, but if cyclist can get faster on carbon bikes why can’t we have a little bit in our shoes =)

I think I like dark chocolate best in cookies but all varieties are good!

We made your summer skillet lasagna this week and it’s so good.

All the kiddos together are so sweet, I hope you are all having a wonderful day! We are having a snow day here and I am excited about it. We need the moisture so hopefully we won’t have as many fires this summer. Also I love having more time with my oldest at home from school.

Hopefully I can get outside for some miles because running in the snow can be so fun.


Hey Beth! Valid point about cyclists getting carbon bikes! I need to try dark chocolate in my next batch of cookies. Thanks for reminding me of that summer skillet, I love that one! Snow day… yay! Enjoy the extra time with your oldest and wish I could join you for a snow run!


I love semi-sweet chocolate chips in cookies. And sometimes I grab the peanut butter jar and a spoon. Take a scoop of peanut butter, press it into the chocolate chips so they stick to the peanut butter and it’s a quick taste of goodness.
We just had southwestern stuffed peppers lastnight, was so good. But there was extra mixture left that didn’t all fit in the peppers, it was sooo good with just chips. Going to try the leftovers on a tortilla today. Next week we are trying Muncher Crunchers Cream Cheese Chicken Chili (thanks to you for sharing her stuff on here). In the near future I want to try your Mom’s lasagna too. The pic of your homemade bread looks really good!


Hey Michele! That pb/chocolate chip combo is simply the best! Andrew loves stuffed peppers so I need to try the southwestern version , yum! Let me know what you think of the soup and lasagna! Happy Thursday friend!


I have not tried a shoe with a carbon plate but I did just get the new Brooks Launch in the St. Patrick’s Day design. I will be honest I bought them because of the design. I have never tried the Launch’s but I am hoping they will be a great running shoe for me. I usually run in Saucony Kinvara so I will see how these compare. And definitely milk chocolate chips in my cookies….but just a few. I am one of those people who would be happy to just have one or two chips per cookie.


Those shoes are the cutest… I’m jealous! My sister totally understands your cookie feelings… one chocolate chip per cookie is her perfection. Have a great day, Corrinne!


I’m so bad with pacing I never have any idea what a tempo run is. That’s why I have to have a coach. haha. Yesterday I had 6×1 mile threshold miles which is kind of tempo-ish, with a minute rest. Honestly that minute is worse than not stopping. Then I had 4×30 seconds fast, so it was in the same mindset as your workout! Always fun to be exhausted and still have fast repeats to go. haha.
Now I want to try the Hyperion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t visit your blog anymore, every time I read it I buy a bunch of new stuff. ;-)
Hope you have a great day!


Coaches really do make training soooo much easier! Okay that 6 x 1 mile workout with 1 minute recoveries is SO hard and I agree, it would be easier to just keep going! Great job. Hahah I’m sorry to your bank account, there are just so many fun things out there! Have a fabulous day, Mollie!


I define it like you, comfortably hard for the length of the tempo.
We had buffalo chicken chili recently. Reminded me of a variation of that chicken chili you make. Good, especially if you like buffalo flavor.


We are going to need that recipe… we love buffalo chicken! Have the best day, Erica!


Awesome job on your workout! And thanks for all the info on tempo runs! I never feel like I quite know what I’m supposed to do for tempos. Now I have some guidance.
We’re all big fans of semi sweet chocolate chip cookies, but every so often I make them with milk chocolate, and they are delicious!! I may need to bake some today. Or, after seeing your bread, I may need to make some bread in the bead machine!
We had one of our favorite meals on Tuesday, and my son actually made it this time… Turkey Taco Burrito Bowls. I should send you the recipe! And we serve it over copycat Cafe Rio cilantro lime rice. So yummy!!
Just got home from my early morning group run (and picking up Starbucks), and it just puts me in the best mood! Miles of conversation… Perfect start to the day!
Have a great Thursday ?


Thank you Wendy! I wish we could all get together for a tempo. I think you might need to make some bread and some cookies. I LOVE that your son made dinner, those bowls sound awesome and I would love the recipe! So glad you had your group run today and I agree, that is the perfect start to the day. Thank you so much Wendy, you too!


So here is the link to the burrito bowls:
And then we top them with all our favorite taco toppings (cheese, green onion, avocado, salsa, guacamole, etc.)
And here is the link to the cilantro lime rice:
I make the rice in my rice cooker, and it turns out perfect every time!
Let me know what you all think :) It is definitely a family favorite and really easy.


I will need new shoes by this summer. I’m not really a brand loyalist because I like to try all the new things so I don’t know what I’ll get. Is it better to stick with one brand?

I love dark chocolate and use that in my cookies and brownies.

What do you do when one or more of the kids doesn’t like what you make for supper? Do they get something else? I go back and forth on if it’s okay to make them something else or make them eat what we are having. We had tacos last night and those always go over well with everyone.


I love to stick to Brooks but whatever makes your feet and body happy.. do that:). That’s a good question… I always make them try it and if they really hate it then I’ll make them something else but if it is just not their favorite thing then I just say that is what we are eating for dinner. Last night they both finished their plates and while Knox always has seconds with his meal I let him have pizza bites for his seconds instead of more of the sweet potato dish since he didn’t really like it:). I generally make things that I know they will mostly like so we don’t run into them hating a dish that often. I hope that makes sense! Have the best day Erika.


Oh, the food debate! When my kids were small, I had to explain to my husband that our kitchen wasn’t a restaurant and we weren’t short order cooks. Of course we tried to accommodate their preferences, but you can’t please everybody all the time. We made one meal, if they didn’t like it, they could have a sandwich instead.


Hi Janae! 15 secs per mile is huge! I had no idea shoes could make that big a difference. I’d you ever feel like it I’d love a post about different shoes and how you pick them and how big a difference they make. Happy Thursday!


I will absolutely put a post together for that! Great idea! Thanks Amy and I hope your day is off to a great start!


Semi sweet!! Who uses milk chocolate??
A delicious dinner would be one someone.else made for me. But that hasn’t happened unless you say a restaurant meal prepared for me. My cooking is not delicious and I know it! Haha


Hey Mary! We actually usually use milk chocolate ha. I hope hope hope that you get a meal made my somebody else soon. Come to Utah and I’ll make you dinner!


Semi-sweet or darker chocolate chips in everything. Milk chocolate is too sweet, especially in cookies. Butterscotch chips are just icky (a combo of too sweet and weird) and white “chocolate” chips are wimpy, disappointed dreams of chocolate. I also choose the cookies with the fewest chips. (Yes, I have chocolate chip opinions. )


semi sweet and dark chocolate for cookies. Also that sweet potato skillet sounds amazing and looks super simple, might have to make it this weekend.


Congrats on the great runs! ?‍♀️

I got terribly sick ? earlier this month and haven’t worked my way back to regular exercise yet and I am MISSING it SO much. As the weather gets nicer ☀️ and the days get longer it’s rough. I’d love to hear your favorite tips to help encourage me that there is light at the end of this “resting” ?

I love milk chocolate chip ? too! So ?


Mary, hey! Actually, milk chocolate is what we typically use. I sincerely hope that you soon receive a meal prepared by someone else. I’ll cook you dinner if you come to Utah! geometry dash lite


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