The Lie of the Day!

Well, I kind of woke up yesterday hoping that the roads were too icy to do speed but they weren’t ha.  I knew what the workout was (one of my least favorite ones ever..) and so I told myself a lie to be able to mentally peel myself out of bed to meet the group.

A selfie and a watch picture all in one…

IMG 7130

I told myself that I was only going to do 60% of my normal effort for a speed workout.  Sixty percent sounded doable, anything higher than that sounded too hard.

It got me to the starting line which is why lying to myself about my runs and what I am going to do on my runs before I do them is acceptable to me:)

IMG 7118

We first did 1 mile fast downhill (5:58 for me with 148 ft loss) and then a recovery jog to a 1.2 mile push uphill (about a 10:05 average pace for me with 502 ft climb) and then a recovery jog to 1 mile fast (5:54 with 148 ft loss).

This workout is so challenging and I definitely pushed myself way harder than the 60% I told myself I would when I woke up.

At the top of our climb… when you see this stop sign it is the biggest relief because that means the climb is over:

IMG 7120

I was in the shower about 20 seconds after I entered the door because I was frozen and then we had our normal morning and afternoon.

Beck is so content just watching whatever Skye is up to…

IMG 7170

If she stops playing to talk to him he is ALLLLL ears.

IMG 7177

These breakfast burritos that we freeze (and we just reuse the bags each time we make a new batch) save me multiple times a day.  I will either have one for a snack or two for a meal.   Andrew takes them to work all of the time too.

IMG 7185

The snow was just too good to not go skiing and in the middle of the week the resort is empty compared to the weekends.

IMG 7216

IMG 7207

For dinner we made another recipe from this cookbook—> Mexican Spiced Black Been Hashbrown & Eggs.  Hit. The. Spot.

IMG 7225

Erica told me yesterday that eating a bowl of cereal before bed helps her to sleep better so I followed her example…

IMG 7226


What lies do you tell yourself when it comes to running?

-I often do the one where I tell myself I’m just going to go run for a mile.

What is a food that you eat pretty much every single day?

-Eggs.  I eat a lot of eggs.

Tell me something you are grateful for today?

What was the last snack that you had before bed?

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Haha I do the same thing. I tell myself just do the minimal amount of effort. Never works, I always do the max! But it gets me out the door haha. And I also had cereal last night while sitting in my compression boots! I had a great workout yesterday, 2 miles at threshold and 7×90 seconds from faster than half to 90% effort. I know my workouts are going to get harder and longer so I’m enjoying these right now. :)
Today I am grateful for SNOW! We got way more than the “dusting” they said–it’s about 3 inches and still falling! My kids were up super early to play in it and then we got donuts. I’m going to wait until this afternoon to run, they’re saying it will be melted by then but I’m not sure they’re right haha. It might be a slosh fest.


Hey Mollie! Hahah right, the lie never ends up happening but it always gets us out the door. I need to add the compression boots to my next cereal session:). That is a killer workout, way to go on that one and I kind of want to try something similar to that soon. I am so glad that you guys got so much snow… keep enjoying and have a great run!


I always eat cereal before bed! Usually it’s homemade granola and milk!


I need your favorite homemade granola recipe.. I’ve been wanting to make some! I hope you are having a beautiful day so far Megan!


I tell myself I can walk for as long as a want, but normally after a block or two I start running.

Grateful for my new job and amazing team! It’s a lot to learn, but excited for the learning opportunity.

Cereal before bed is the best!


I love these lies that get us running ha! I am just so happy about your new job Mariah! I hope you have a really great bowl of cereal tonight. Happy Thursday Mariah!


I always tell myself a distance lie. I tell myself it is going to be a short run. Or if I start and everything feels awful, I tell myself that I can turn around at “x” spot but I never do.

I eat an egg white every single morning. I’ve never ever liked yolks. We have a single lonely cookie almost every night.

I am grateful that the sun is shining! We got 12 inches of snow on Monday (that is a lot at one time for us) but now that we are shoveled out and the sun is shining, it is so pretty.


YES… the distance lie is a great one:). That is a ton of snow and I am so glad that you are getting to enjoy sunshine today. Thanks Jackie for sharing!


Now you just need to make Mel’s beef and bean freezer burritos to add to your supply. I also eat a lot of eggs or egg whites and love making frittatas. I know we need the snow, but I have been so thankful that the roads have been so dry this winter for running. I think those days are ending…


I will absolutely try those next. She just has the best stuff. I need to make a frittata too, that sounds so good. I agree, I think winter is starting now this year ha. Have a beautiful day Liza!


I love your Netflix and Treadmill shirt! Where is that from?

I’m thankful for your blog! I’m training for my first marathon and you keep me inspired/motivated.


Thank you so much Megan! That means a lot to me! PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED ON YOUR TRAINING!!! It is from here: ! It’s not there anymore but she has so many other really cute running shirts and sweatshirts! Have a great day.


Love the Netflix and treadmill shirt!!!


Thank you Laura! It’s from Sarah Marie Design Studio! I hope your day is off to a great start!


I usually just tell myself that I will run and if I don’t feel like continuing, then I will stop and turn around. Usually I end up running the entire amount once I’m out there.

I love eggs, I eat egg whites daily…and if I could eat it twice a day, I will!

Today I am grateful for no snow on the ground–like I said, you’re brave to run in it. I’m always scared of slipping so if there is snow, I will get to gym if I have to.

Last snack last night was a slice of cheese–fat free though and only 30 calories but sometimes that stops me from eating any other dangerous snacks!


YES, I love it how once we just get going on the run we feel so much better and go longer! I think that is a smart plan with the snow and I’m grateful that your roads are snow free right now. I hope you have a beautiful day Damarys!


Ahhhhhhh Janae, thanks for making my day. I hope it helped!
I seriously need to make that egg dish now. Did you know we make egg scramble probably once of week because of you?
Have a great day. As always wished we lived closer, and were chatting over good food later. :)


If you only knew how many ideas of yours I copy haha. Oh I am so glad you love the egg scrambles, they are so good and I would LOVE to be neighbors with you. We would have the best time!


Ha ha… I tell myself the distance lie too. “I’ll just run for 1 mile”. Of course I keep going.
I have a hill like the one you ran too. I am always so grateful when I reach the dang stop sign!! Great job on that workout!
Oh we go through eggs like crazy here. My youngest son and I eat eggs almost every day.
Your mountains are looking so beautiful! So fun to be close enough to hit the slopes midweek for a couple hours.
Ok, I keep switching… Is Beck looking like Skye or more like Knox??? He is just too adorable!
Have a great day Janae ?


Hahaha I think it is so funny that we can trick ourselves over and over again with the ‘just 1 mile’ lie:) You do that hill often?! You are so strong… I’m hoping to never do it again until 2022 haha. I can’t tell either because somedays I think he looks like Brooke too. Thanks Wendy, you too and enjoy your eggs today!


Tell me what you use to clean your cooktop! It is so sparkling clean!


HEY YOU!! We use this and love it….


I always lie to myself about morning workouts. It’s just too overwhelming thinking about it all while still warm in bed. I tell myself all I have to do is walk, then when I am going I always start running.

We had breakfast burritos for lunch yesterday , they are the best.

I am so thankful that the Covid vaccine seems safe and working. My dad is high risk and is just about to get his second dose.


I agree… way too overwhelming! I do the walk lie too! I am so so thrilled that your day is about to get his second dose! Andrew is so thankful to have had it. Have a beautiful day friend!


Okay, I tell myself lies WHEN I’m running, like, “After this race, you never have to run again if you don’t want to!” or “I know it’s long run day and I have a strength session, too, but if you’re tired after this workout, you only have to do half of the strength session.” I pretty much always do all of the work/strength scheduled, but having that “out” in my head helps! And, of course I haven’t stopped totally running after any of my races yet. ha ha

A food that I eat every day……..hmmmmm. Dark chocolate non pareils or yogurt :)

I’m grateful for nice classes and students in my new classes this semester at school!!!!!!

Last snack I had before bed—part of a Perfect protein bar :)

I hope that you guys have a beautiful day out there! It’s COLD and WINDY here in PA today. I’m glad I only have 5 recovery miles on the docket! Yesterday I ran some hills :)


Hahaha yes, the lies continue during the run too sometimes. The probably with me is that I do follow through on not doing the strength afterwards haha. I like the food you have every day. So exciting that your school is meeting in person now and I’m so glad you have good kids there. Stay warm and have some hot chocolate. Thanks Jen!


Hi Janae! I use that 1 mile lie all the time, works like a charm. I love eggs too but I only eat two a day because of the cholesterol though I have found conflicting sources about that. Or I’ll bulk up my scrambled eggs with egg whites. How many eggs do you eat?
I’m super grateful for our library. They are working really hard to get books to people safely and they have really helped me get through this time. Happy Thursday!


I probably eat 3 eggs on average a day! I just love them so much. SO happy that your library is doing so much for your community, that is great. Thanks friend, you too!


Hey Janae! Do you eat anything before you do your early morning runs? Just curious because I’d rather sleep for 10 extra minutes than get up and eat breakfast.


Hey Shelby! I usually have a banana or piece of bread with jam on it… something that still lets me have that extra 10 minutes of sleep! I feel sick without it! I hope you are having a great day!


Lies, lies, lies! They contribute something. Almost everyone lies about something. There are very few who cannot tell a lie.

Your egg skillet is soooo pictastic with the avocado perfectly sliced and placed, ha! You got super artsy with the cakes, and you moved on to egg dishes!

Regarding eggs, I wonder if you still take BCAA as supplement then? There is conflicting information published about many food items, including eggs (coffee, beef, chicken, nuts, beans, IMO it’s because we’re all different, AND we’re not cognizant of what makes us work. (How many times has someone in your life, who you may be living with, said, “No, it’s fine for you. Eat it and let’s go.” Or something along those lines? For example, I KNOW MY BODY does not respond well to OJ and oats (not together/ together/ whatever). However, I believe it’s Roar, the recipes in v. good books include OJ! And oats!! So, I have to jerry-rig them, and I don’t like buying a lot of prepared food, like bars with oats, I have to make them, ugh! Something helping me understand THE WHY is Eat Right For Your Type (ER4YT) by Dr. D’Adamo. It’s a series including Live Right For Your Type and Cook Right For Your Type. I’m surrounded by skeptics in my life; and I’m probably one, too. So, IMO the best way to see how this might work for someone (you or someone you love, like a child) is increasing/ totally focusing on the beneficial foods only for 2 mos. See how you feel. There are many comments from men and women, far and near, in the ER4YT community regarding their 5 (? or so) foods. When they find they are getting out of whack (<– love this!), they go back to their 5 foods for a week or two and consistently they all find they get back to homeostasis. Now there's a testament.

Of course, the best way to test your diet is ensuring you're hydrated and everything else, right? Right. So do those, and keep them consistent so you can see the effects of changing the food. What's it called? Isolating the variable? Yeah.


I knew I should have come yesterday, such a great workout. I was hesitant since I haven’t done more than progressive runs since my hip injury last February and I wouldn’t quite keep up but now I know I can. Maybe I’ll come next week!


It’s not necessarily a lie but when I’m really not feeling a run I commit to the first 10 minutes and allow myself to back out after that if I’m still not feeling it, but that never happens so I end up finishing my run.

I eat popcorn pretty much every day = fiber :)

I’m grateful to be able to work from home and spend extra time with my kids, especially my oldest because she will be leaving for college in the next year or so.

I love eating greek yogurt before bed.

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