SOOOOO far to go–> Exciting or defeating? + My Strength Goal.

I really need to start paying my kids for helping me out by taking running pictures;).  Thanks Brooke for this one…

PS it was fun to put on my old Hyperions again for a run (these were the same ones I wore for my last race 13 months ago).

Once I parked at the place where our run was starting I realized my arm felt a lot lighter… I FORGOT MY GARMIN.  I haven’t forgotten my Garmin for a speed workout in a very long time.  I might forget my Garmin more often on speed days ha.. I was so in tune with my body during the workout yesterday because I didn’t have a watch to look at!   PS The other day on a run I was talking to Emilee about some goals we have for our future running and while I know it is going to take years to build up to these goals and that I have SOOOOO far to go, it’s all really exciting to me.  In the past I would let the feeling of being so far behind where I used to be defeat me and bring me down but this time around, I really am excited for the entire process and all of the milestones along the way.

IMG 6212

The reward after the 3 mile tempo= a cool down with a pink sky to stare at.

IMG 6211

I got out the good ol’ pull-up bar… I’m starting out by just hanging from it and that was incredibly hard but I’m excited to work towards these too!

IMG 6224

Beck forced me to be comfortable and hang out on my bed while he took a nap in my arms;)   It was great for post-speedwork recovery.

IMG 6225

PS Andrew thinks we should have Beck get a haircut but I can’t handle the idea of it yet.

IMG 6230

Later on we went to Runner’s Corner to get some running necessities (THE GHOST 13… I am so excited and I’ll write a review after I get 50ish miles in them). Skye got in a few laps on their outdoor loop that people use to test out different shoes.

IMG 6245

The first run in a new pair of shoes is the best… I can’t wait for some easy miles today.

IMG 6259

And then yep, more Chipotle.  The hospital loves giving Andrew Chipotle cards and we love using them.

IMG 6239

When you can’t choose between chocolate and caramel or chocolate and mint… you go with both.

IMG 6247

When we got home Skye changed into what she calls her ‘Valentines Day outfit.’

IMG 6249

The Courage to Run was incredible.  Please watch it if you get a chance….  Andrew and I both cried.

IMG 6251


How long ago was your last race?

Who has a strength goal?  SHARE PLEASE!

*I really want to be able to do a pull-up again.

How often do you run watchless?

If you could choose anywhere in the world to leave on vacation today (pretend that everything is safe:), where would you go?

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My strength goal is the same as yours- to do a pullup, but erase the “again’ part because I’ve never been able to do them. Right now I’m doing assisted pullups with a band, and also doing negatives (where you boost yourself up and then lower down slowly). The negatives are very painful so hopefully they’re doing something!
Have a great day Janae!


Jenny, I am so so excited about this. Please keep me updated on how it is going for you and we can cheer each other along. Hopefully I can start the negatives soon. Thanks and you too!


What pull up bar is that? Do you just put it up and take it down when done? I haven’t gotten one because we don’t have a doorway I can just leave it up in.
Hawaii! We were going to go for our 10 year anniversary this summer but won’t because not sure it will be better by then or not.


I’d go to Disneyland lol. My kids have never been and it’s always been on the bucket list.

I used to always run watchless but I find that wearing one is more fun. I like seeing when I beat my old records!

Last race was too long to remember…I think it was the rock and roll Vegas marathon for me in 2017 (yes very long ago). I got pregnant soon after and Running and pregnant don’t mix for my body (hello bladder!) and never got into the races after he was born but I would like to attack my 50k goal this year if races open back up! Have a great Thursday!


I hope that you guys can all go to Disney soon (and that it opens up again soon)! Oh I LOVE that race… that’s a great one to have for your last race. 50k… that is so so exciting. You have to let me know which one you sign up for (if they start again)! Thanks and you too Gil


I got the same color in the ghosts haha. They are SO comfy. It’s so exciting to think about those long term goals. That’s one thing I love about running. You can dream pretty freakin big! I can’t wait to see what comes next for you!
I don’t ever run watchless! Right now my data syncs to vdot so my coach can see it, so I’ve never even thought about it haha. I should though. It would make some of these runs more enjoyable.
Hmmm I think I would go to Japan. I have a pretty amazing trip planned this summer to Europe (fingers crossed) so I would want to go somewhere entirely different right now. And I’ve been on a big Japanese food kick lately haha. :) (it’s always about the food for me).


SHOE TWINS! I totally agree, my dreams are probably a little too big ha but that doesn’t matter… it’s so fun. I used vdot with one of my coaches and I LOVED it. Japan would be incredible and I hope that your Europe trip is able to happen! I hope so bad you get to go. Have the best day Mollie!


I would love to do a pull-up, I’ve never been able to! How do you work toward that? Also, I used to be able to do full push-ups, want to do that again.

I never run watchless, maybe I should try it!

Would love to go to Greece or Italy right now.


Hey Mariah! I start by just hanging there and then I move to starting from the top and slowly lowering myself and doing that over and over. After I did that for a few months my body was able to do a pull-up… try it! I’ll join you on a Greece trip:). Have the best day Mariah!


Good morning! I so appreciate the engaging questions you always pose to your readers…thank you :o)
My last race was a looooong time ago – Spring 2017, the Angry Unicorn Half in Rhode Island. I was trying to use virtual races as a motivator to return to regular running again, but just can’t get into them. I will race something somewhere in 2021!
My strength goal right now is to improve overall body strength, but regular pushups and unassisted pull ups are both on the list. I know you will get those pull ups in, Janae!
If I am training for a race, always the watch. Otherwise, I don’t really care if I wear it or not, though I mostly do out of habit – sometimes forget to start it though.
Tough call for where to go – Scotland or Hawaii would work for me!


I love reading everyone’s answers. Angry Unicorn Half… umm that sounds like a fun race! I can’t wait to hear about your first race back this year! Let me know how your pushups and pull ups are going, I’m cheering for you! I hope you get to go to either Scotland or Hawaii asap. Have a beautiful day, Janine!


My last race was a virtual 10k in September. Before that, the last actual race I participated in was probably the Thanksgiving 5k.
I ALWAYS wear my watch. I feel like the run almost doesn’t count if I don’t have a record of it.
Strength goal is to pretty much be consistent with strength training. I used to go to a gym but since the pandemic I’ve been working out at home and I haven’t prioritized weights/strength work that much.
I would go to Mexico. Like immediately. Then Montreal. Followed by a trip to California and then London.


Hahaha that’s how I felt yesterday… did the speed work even count if I didn’t have my watch ha?! Way to go on getting in your strength at home, that is tough! I hope you get to go to Mexico soon… that sounds so so so nice right now. Have a beautiful day, Carol!


My strength goal is to stay consistent with running while pregnant! I’m 21 weeks right now and have already run more with this pregnancy then I did my entire first pregnancy! While I’m just running on feel and not pushing myself, I know these miles are going to make me so much stronger after pregnancy.

I was wondering if you had any recs for maternity running leggings? I have multiple maternity shorts, but it’s hard to find good quality pants without breaking the bank! Thank you!


Hey Rachael! Congrats on your pregnancy! I am so happy for you and cheering for you running while pregnant. I didn’t have any maternity pants for running but I loved the shorts that I used from this company and it looks like they have awesome pants too! I hope this helps and keep me updated with how you are doing! Hope you have a beautiful rest of your day!


Oh I miss baby snuggles so much! I love that there is an outside loop to run on to test shoes! And I love that quote on their wall! So great.
I think my last race was September 2019. It seems like months ago and yet ages ago at the same time!
My strength goals are always evolving and revolving depending what strength routine I’m currently doing. Right now I’m doing a double kettlebell flow routine w/ 20 lb bells and I would LOVE to do it at 25’s! A never ending goal is to do 1 unassisted pull up! They’re so hard and I give up too soon and then put the pull up bar away for a while before remembering how cool it would be to do 1!
I’ve run watch less one time and it drove me crazy! Lol! I think I could run watch less now that I know about how long every route around my house is and how long it should take to run it.
Have a great day!


Hi Janae! This year is the first of many where I didn’t make a new years resolutions to be able to just do one pull up, since I gave up on the idea. It’s so hard! I’ve worked on dead hangs, lat pull downs, negatives with the band, you name it I’ve tried it, but I never really make much progress. So if you figure out how to work up to it successfully I’d love to hear it!
Ps Costco has sees candy gift cards it’s like $38 for a $50 gift card! Happy Thursday!


Ohh, that first haircut takes their baby look away, they look older, like a toddler! Hope you can wait awhile before cutting it.


My pull-up bar is very similar to yours! Unfortunately the metal brace got lost in my recent move and I need to figure out how I’m going to replace it. Maybe a hardware store would have something?


Discovery+ not available in Canada :-( You guys get all the best tv and Trader Joe’s. :-)


NOOOOO I am so sorry! I’ll let you know if it comes out somewhere else. Have a great day!


I was strong last year from Les Mills Body Pump and Boot Camp classes. However, COVID hit and I haven’t been to the gym since August. Doing those workouts with a mask on was not a good thing for me. I’m all about masks but not trying to breathe with them on! Anyway, I’m trying to use my Openfit membership to it’s full extent in place of my gym. I am struggling with being consistent—in-person group classes are so motivating to me! Please let me know of any other workout apps that you’ve heard are good. Have a great day!


My sister LOVES the beachbody app and all of the videos on there and she is really into strength training… I trust her opinion on this one for sure! Have a great day and I am so sorry you don’t have your classes anymore!


My strength goal is to be consistent. I found some really good videos on Amazon prime that I’ve been doing 2-3 times a week and I’m actually starting to see a little definition in my arms.

How often do you run watchless? Never ;)

I miss traveling! Our 30th anniversary is this May. We typically doing something really big every 5th year. Our plan was an African safari, but for now that is on hold.


I almost never run watchless… back before I got a garmin and an iphone I was using the nike + pods and those were horribly inaccurate… but it was a good estimate at least. Then I used apps on my phone and now I’ve been using my garmin for years now. I am a numbers person and like to include them into my stats.

For strength, I’d love to do a pull up again, like you I had a goal to do at least 1 pull up and was able to get to 2, but that’s definitely one of those exercises that you need to keep up with. I’m currently pregnant with my second, 20 weeks, so I’m halfway there (which is both exciting and a little terrifying) and I’m just trying to focus on having strong PF muscles. They were weak after my first and should’ve continued those exercises after I finished PT.

I probably haven’t done a race since before quarantine… although they weren’t really me racing, just running with my husband while he pushes the jogging stroller.

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would probably pick Bora Bora or Tahiti, but my husband would probably pick Hawaii. it’s his favorite place.


Oh I really want to see that documentary. Pretty sure I will cry.

I want to take my guy to Costa Rica. My sis and I went 10 years ago. One of the best trips of our life.

I saw this quote “show up for yourself” which I really liked. My goal this year is to try for things that I don’t know whether I will succeed in but not to talk myself out of it because I might fail.. in all areas of my life.

Have a great day Janae!


My last live race was a Thanksgiving Day 5K – small race locally at the end of 2020 Bigger race? Donna Marathon Weekend February 2020. I am building strength to get back to running after surgery. That chocolate looks good!


Can you link to your pull-up bar, please? Thanks!!


Hey Gretchen!!! So it is a bar that Andrew bought at a sporting goods store (we don’t remember the brand) a few years ago but to be honest we don’t really love it and we are looking for one that we like better. Once I find a good one, I’ll link it. Have a great day!


You might have motivated me to get back to pull ups. Last race was 15 months ago! That seems crazy. I was training for a Tokyo 2020 and then it became the first major event to be cancelled. Since we had our babies 2 days apart, I am curious what your running goals are that you mentioned…


I think my last race was a half marathon in Moab….but who can remember that far back.

I strength goal is to actually just do some strength training….I KNOW i should but then I just find ways not to =(

I would love to go to Norway or Hungary when we can all travel again but I think our next big trip will be the British Isles.


I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog! I have been reading it for a long time and truly appreciate all that you share. Your blog is always a great way to start off my day and I always look forward to it!.


Thank you SO much. This means a lot to me. Have the best week Lauri!

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