Prioritize you & Tuesday Tangents!

Heyyyyyyyy!  8 miles @ 8:37 pace with Emilee is how my week of running started.  How did yours start?

Our day was EXTRA low-key yesterday but we did make it to a park to get out some wiggles.

IMG 4385

But we left once it started to snow…

IMG 4364

The most delicious thing that we ate yesterday was this Pink Pasta from the Female Foodie for dinner… this dish is so easy and a family favorite.

IMG 6535

Time for a few tangents:

*Now to see if Knox can jump on at the same time too…

IMG 6528 1

*Sometimes Skye will sleep in her bed and sometimes she wants to sleep in her crib.  Whenever she is in her bed sleeping it makes me feel like she has grown up way too fast.

IMG 6496

*Clearly my biggest hobby right now is watching my kids sleep ha.

IMG 6440

*DO NOT FORGET THIS!! You are accomplishing some great things for your health and sanity when you rest:)

Screen Shot 2021 01 18 at 6 03 29 PM

*Beck is extremely happy whenever he gets a chance to FaceTime with my in-laws!

IMG 6261

*He is also very happy when Brooke is talking to him.

IMG 6443

*One of the many things running does for me:

IMG 6406

It is SO important that we do something each day for ourselves not only so we can better take care of others (put our oxygen mask on first:) but also so that we don’t expect other people to make us happy!  It’s not Andrew’s job or my kid’s job or anybody’s job to make me happy… it’s my job!

*Brooks asked this the other day and I wanted to ask you guys the same question…

IMG 6393

I accidentally pushed more on the above survey but I did less running last year than I usually do.  What about you… Last year, did you run more or less than you usually do?

Is resting hard for you?  What about getting enough sleep?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

What is something you are doing today to bring you joy?

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I ran more! I had way more time and especially in the first few months of quarantine, I would purposely do long runs with my neighbor for something to do. We’d make new loops, try new routes!

Getting enough sleep is easy for me, my body loves to sleep. I am not a late night person haha.


My body loves sleeve too! Way to go on your 2020 running… you crushed it and I am so glad you had your neighbor to run with. Excited to see how your 2021 goes. Have a beautiful day, Mariah.


I think I ran more last year. Maybe I will actually check that out. I ran just a smidge over 1,200 miles in 2020, and that was with 3+ weeks of no running (darn achilles), and not training for any races, just sort of running how I felt.
For me, just getting outside and breathing in the fresh air each day, helps start my day happy. There is something so “magical” about that.
Yesterday, instead of running, my husband and I spent a couple of hours hiking in Laguna canyon. It was just what I needed! The 1st mile is all uphill! I think the gain is 900+ feet in that mile. But once you get to the top, you can see the entire coastline! It was beautiful! And boy is my booty feeling it today!
I need to do my weekly menu plan today, but it’s Tuesday, so we will probably have some type of tacos for dinner. ?
Have a great day!


1200 miles is AWESOME! I remember when your achilles was acting up! I love that you and your husband went hiking yesterday and my legs are burning just reading about that climb. Sounds gorgeous! Enjoy your tacos and I hope your day is a great one too!


Lol… timely question. Resting is so hard for me! I was raised with a “Puritan work ethic” and I have such a hard time just relaxing. I’m actually doing a challenge right now with a mindfulness task each week… this week I’ve given myself the reminder to enjoy intentional rest.


I love the challenge that you are doing right now! Enjoy intentional rest.. YES! I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start, Kristen!


Ran way more miles. And had an appetite through the roof to prove it. ha.
Resting, no, not a problem. Hope told school one of her mom’s hobbies is napping.
Something today that brought me joy was stopping at my favorite little spot for a coffee and muffin on the way to work this morning.


Hahah the appetite is the best way to estimate our mileage:) Thank you for telling us what Hope said, that made me smile so big and it’s definitely one of my favorite hobbies too. Wish I could have joined you at that spot, it sounds perfect. I hope work is going well today!


I ran less last year. I was on target for more until I got sick with Covid. That definitely set me back and has this year off to a lower mileage start. But, listening to my body.
Dinner- burgers, tater tots and broccoli
Yesterday- I was able to donate Convalescent Plasma and that brought me joy It was my third time trying. The first two, my hemoglobin was too low. Today- I start coaching Indoor track again. I am very excited to share my passion with students again!


Oh wow! How long did were you sick for? Have you noticed any longer side effects? I’m so glad you are listening to your body and being smart about your comeback. So great that you were able to donate your plasma and that you are back to coaching!! Have a beautiful day, Amy!


I ended up taking four weeks off- tried a few times during that 4 weeks but my heart rate was so high. About 10 weeks out now and have started feeling normal-ish while running- out of shape lol. Thankfully, I have not had too many long term effects.


Thanks for letting me know and I am so glad that you are doing well without any long term effects. I’m cheering for you and keep me updated!


I ran a lot more miles in 2020! We stopped backcountry skiing once COVID hit to decrease risk of needing to use hospital resources, so my running season started much earlier than usual. And trails were so crowded during the summer so we did way less mountain biking, and instead enjoyed a lot more early morning runs. The sunrises and quiet of early trail adventures is one thing I will look back on fondly for 2020. Running saved me this past year!

I’m an 8 hour per night minimum sleep kind of girl, I’m a bit of a disaster on much less. And lately I’ve added in a 20 minute yin yoga class a few mornings a week, and my body seems very happy with that.

Beck’s little faces are too cute, what a fun age!


Hey Michelle! I am so glad you were able to get in some great running in 2020. There is nothing like those sunrise runs, what would we do without running?! Great idea to add in that yoga class a few mornings each week and I feel like I’m a bit of a disaster under 9 hours of sleep ha;). Thanks you Michelle and I hope your day is off to a great start.


This morning I got out early to get in a run and catch sunrise.

I realized that just getting out the door is such a big part of my mental health.

I think its awesome you watch your kids sleep! I watch River puppy sleep all the time lol..

Have a great day Janae!


WAY to get up early and see that sunrise… running with a sunrise or sunset is seriously the best. I am right there with you, my mental health really struggles without outside time. Thank you Kristine and I hope you do too! Give River a squeeze for all of us:)


Hi Janae! Beck is such a happy baby! I really love that quote you posted, I need to remind myself of it more. Last year I technically ran less miles overall but that was because I ran very little for a few months due to injury and quarantine. I’d you look at the end of the year my mileage definitely ramped up! Have a wonderful day!


HEY AMY! He really is so happy… he sure brightens my day. I’m glad you were able to finish 2020 with some awesome mileage and I can’t wait to see how your 2021 goes. I hope you and your fiance have a beautiful day!


So so true about being in charge of our own happiness. We owe it to our loved ones to take care of ourselves and show up for them as our best selves =)

Beck is so stinking cute and smiley, all your kids are so precious, makes me think I should have a couple more, LOL!

I definitely ran less last year with my injury. Hoping that 2021 is much better because I need it for my own happiness.

Have a wonderful day!


“We owe it to our loves ones to take care of ourselves”… I love that SO much. Haha you definitely should:) Your 2021 is going to be amazing and I hope you keep me updated with all of your running. Thanks Beth, you too!


I ran more, and oops found out yesterday that I have bone marrow edema at the top of my hip. Kind of a precursor to a stress fracture. No running for at least 6 weeks, not even walking. I am going to make myself a list of projects and work in the yard as much as possible to be outside. I’ve already painted a bedroom and started on touching up the trim paint in the house.

I felt devastated at first, but I’m grateful to have an answer for the pain and a plan going forward!

I’m only writing this to warn people to adequately rest, rest REST!!!


Tracy!! I am SO so sorry. I hope these 6 weeks go by so fast and you are going to come back stronger than ever. Thank you for sharing this with us… rest is so needed. Enjoy spending time getting all of these projects done and that sunlight will help so much. Keep me updated with how you are doing and I’m here if you ever need to talk about it!


My joy is stopping at a coffee shop in the way home to get a speciality coffee.
I have trouble doing nothing. I feel the need to constantly be productive or doing a task in my house. But I do love sleep and go to bed at a decent time.


Less. But I was trying to get into the swing of working full time with a baby and my schedule didn’t allow it. But, this year is going to be better, mostly because breastfeeding no longer takes over my entire life…


My joy is my Orangetheory classes. I won’t be able to run as my sole form of exercise, but these classes make me happy in addition to my runs. Resting is hard, it doesn’t feel productive , “I’m being lazy”, but I have learned it is so critical to recovery, injury risk reduction and mental health. Exercise and rest make me better at life!! I sleep great!! Have a great day, and boy does Beck look like Knox! OMGosh.


What a great post, Janae! I love the reminders about rest and taking charge of one’s own happiness. I definitely run for the joy and mental clarity it brings me. It’s my “me time”. I’m so grateful my body is healthy and I’m able to run. It’s such a gift!
Your kids are so cute!!! Beck’s big smiles and huge eyes are so fun!


Interesting, rest is doing nothing, and it’s wasteful? I used to be influenced by others who expressed this way of operating day-to-day. However, after learning the SMALL percentage of the population thriving on little sleep, and learning what the body is doing with things like metabolic waste while we sleep, I KNOW to have boundaries around activity day-to-day. Because if the body can’t do what it’s designed to do with the metabolic waste, guess what?

We overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can do in a decade. The big picture is so important, tuning into our bodies is so important, and Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker provides the details about what is really happening while we sleep/ rest/ recover.

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