A quick post about how we spent our last day of 2020!

My last run of the year was on my sister’s treadmill.  Six miles @ 9:00 average and my legs DEFINITELY felt some soreness from speed the day before which made me happy because that hasn’t happened in a long time.

Here are my strava stats for 2020!  A few runs weren’t on here because they were on the treadmill or I had to use Andrew’s watch because mine was dead so I’m guessing my stats were around 1,950 for the year!

IMG 5539

The reason for my treadmill run at my sister’s house;). Beck was WIDE awake and ready to get the New Years celebrations going early in the morning so I waited to run until he napped.

IMG 5520

Another egg scramble because they are currently my favorite!

IMG 5541

I love finding Brooke’s little pictures that she has been taking around the house.

IMG 5542

We found out that Beck is going to be a runner… when Andrew moves his legs in a running motion he gets so so excited.

IMG 4257

A bit later on we had to go and make some returns.

IMG 5544

And then we enjoyed our last meal of 2020 at Costa Vida.

IMG 5547

Our final selfie of the year was a huge success;)

IMG 5549

The highlight of the night was going on a fireworks hunt with the kids.  Fireworks are Skye’s absolute favorite and once we found them she was on Cloud 9!

IMG 5558


Did you keep track of your mileage last year?  How many miles did you get in?

What is your first run of the year going to be?!

What was your last meal of 2020?

When you treadmill run… how do you keep yourself entertained?

-Yesterday I had my sister to talk to but usually I watch something.

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I did Garmin connected to strava! Ran my first ever marathon. A friend and I kept our commitment to training for and running despite it being cancelled along with every race since the beginning of March. We made our own route, had our aid stations set up and family and friends drove by and cheered and supported us. Then we had chili and a little get together at my house. It was so much fun!

I also ran my most distance in a year ever with 2020km (totally did that on purpose when I realized I could) ran a PB in the 800, 1500, and 5k distances. I actually had a lot more time than I normally do to train so I took advantage of it this year.

Next run will be an outdoor run, probably somewhere in the woods with my dog. Of all those km I ran around 15 on the treadmill. I listened to a podcast.

Last meal of 2020 was all kinds of delicious appetizers. One of our favourite treats.


HEY JULIA! You had a huge year and congrats on your first marathon. I love that you did that with your friend… you guys will always remember that experience (and so will your family and friends:). A run outside in the woods with your dog sounds really great! I’m with you… a mix of appetizers is so delicious. Have a great day!


Happy New Year Janae and Family! Im looking forward to a new year with new runs. I’ll be honest most of my runs were on a treadmill in 2020. I’m making it a goal to run outside more even if it will take a bit of juggling. I want to read your ultra story again as I’m debating training for a 50k this year.


AHHHH you have to let me know what you decide about the 50k! I’m excited for you and those treadmill runs made you so strong (mentally and physically)! I hope your day is a great one and I think your 2021 is going to be awesome. Thanks Gillian!


I breastfeed my baby and I make scrabble eggs everyday as well! Strange….
Happy new year Janae!


Sounds like our days are pretty similar haha! Happy New Year to you, Garou and I hope your scramble eggs are great today!


Happy New Year, Janae!!!

I don’t keep track–but apparently Garmin does;-) I have never looked at how many miles I run per month/year. I run because I love it and it clears my head. I remember at the beginning of the year, a couple of my runner friends made the goal of running 2020 miles in 2020. I entertained the thought for about 1 day and then realized it was not realistic…with races, taper, injury, life, work, kids, etc. Well in March when I had to be home all day, with the kids and no where to go (became unemployed), I started running more. I ran 2537.9 miles this past year….1000 miles MORE than I have any other year.

I ran 10 miles on the treadmill this morning. The last thing I ate in 2020 was ice cream–because truth be told–running and ice cream were necessities this year!

Happy Friday Janae!


BECKY, you had a HUGE running year. Congrats on all of the miles and I’m excited to see what your 2021 looks like. Way to start off the year so great and end it great with ice cream haha. Happy Friday to you too!


I hit 2000 miles this year! Actually ended up with 2036(was NOT going to stop at 2020 ha). I haven’t always kept up with my mileage but I know I’ve done more this year than ever.
I just saw where there is a wind advisory out here today so I’m not sure if my run today will be outside or on the treadmill.
Our last meal of 2020 was our tradition of appetizers!
I have always listened to music while something is playing on the tv(with captions) while on the treadmill but I am intrigued by all of the classes that are out there to do now. Since January and February mean more indoor runs I may be trying out those for a change.


Jen, CONGRATS on your mileage this year, you did amazing! I hope the wind calms down for you guys and I think we need to copy your idea of appetizers for New Years Eve. Let me know what you think of the classes, that sounds awesome. Have a great day!


Last meal of the year was In ‘n Out ( I know Andrew will be proud haha). It was one of the only takeout places open here after 6!


Andrew is so so proud of you:). I told him and he said now he needs his first dinner of 2021 to be In ‘n Out! Have a beautiful day, Mariah.


595 miles for the year! I was thrilled with that after not running almost 4 months. (Does it bug me a little that it’s so close to 600. Maybe. It’s fine. Not at all a perfectionist. :-))

We celebrated with a nice dinner and watching Soul! Today I did my FIRST run in almost four months—1 mile total and it felt GREAT to be be back out there!!! May have been some happy tears. :-)

Happy New Year!


KRISTIN! Huge congrats! Haha that happens to me too. I am SO happy that you are back to running again after having to take off four months. Reading you had happy tears gave me goosebumps. Happy New Year to you! 2021 is going to be awesome!


I ran 2053 miles in 2021. I was kind of surprised since I honestly didn’t purposely try to hit 2000 miles or any number for that matter. I just ran. Some times like you, I didn’t wear my watch. Especially if I was going out for a second short run with friends so I may have realistically hit 2100 miles. Anyhow, it was a good year even though my marathon was cancelled.

I love seeing your family grow….Beck is so cute!


I do keep track of my miles but haven’t looked them up to see my total just yet…I need to do that! My first run of the year was supposed to be today but it’s rainy and cold so I’ll be going tomorrow when our crazy weather turns to sunny and 60s! Our weather is always one extreme or the other!

If I have to run on the treadmill (and I really try not to) I listen to a podcast or watch Gilmore girls on Netflix :)

Last meal of 2020 was pasta followed up with a cookie cake!

Question…is there a recipe for your egg scramble? Looks delish and I’ve been on an egg kick lately! Happy new year!!!


Had my very best year for running distance this year…. 1481.8 according to Garmin! I am lucky to have the best running partner, making all those miles so much better with a friend by your side! 2020 had its struggles but I have so enjoyed my running as an escape and truly the only thing that feels “normal” this year. Looking forward to lots more miles in 2021. Blessings to you and your family!


I hit 1165 this year! not the most for me, but still close to 100 miles per month!

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