Friday Favorites!

8 WINDY miles @ 8:22 average with Emilee yesterday.  The morning started out quite chaotic because we all slept in but somehow the kids all made it to school on time and I got in my run before Andrew had to leave to the dentist (<— he had been dreading this appointment for at least 2 months, he hates going to the dentist).

It was 37 degrees out but looked much much colder.

IMG 7233

There were plenty of smiles throughout the morning…

IMG 7254

And I also received plenty of ‘evil eye’ looks too…

IMG 7265

After Andrew’s dentist appointment we went out for a lunch date together with Skye and Beck.  Andrew has a crazy week ahead with school/work so we wanted to get out together heading into that.

IMG 7268

After lunch we went on a drive for Skye to get in her nap which meant we actually got in some good talking together:).

IMG 7274

It was warm enough to play outside!

IMG 7316

And if the big kids are doing homework, Skye is sure to join them.

IMG 7322

Of course we had more eggs for dinner ha and then I made these best butter biscuits and they were a hit (the burned veggies in the eggs were not a hit with the kids;).

IMG 7325


I have some favorite things to share with you today!

*Glymps app that Beth shared with me.   It is an awesome/easy/accurate way for Andrew to know exactly where I am when I am out running which helps me to feel more safe especially with trail running.  You can set the timer for how long you want your location to be shared with the other person along with being able to send the recipient a message and your destination etc.

IMG 0247

*A gratitude journal.  Before I started blogging I was an avid journal writer and I’ve missed it a lot so I decided to start up again.  I bought the ‘Grateful Heart’ journal from Lamare and I love all of the prompts that it gives me each day.  It’s a really great way for me to unwind at the end of the day and

IMG 6844

*A NEW GAME!!  My kids love that fishing game (you know the one where it turns in a circle and you use your pole to try to catch them as they open and close their mouths?) so I thought this game would be really fun for them too… and it is!

*Not sure why it took me 34 years to combine Andes mint pieces with brownies but it was love at first bite when I made these last week.

IMG 6262

*One can never have too many joggers (<— what I tell Andrew;).  I tried out the Activeflex Slim-fit navy joggers and fell in love quickly… added bonus is they are only $17!  I love that they have a higher thick waistband which makes them extra comfortable.  I want to live in them and their soft fabric (they feel like I’m wearing pjs all day).  There are tons of colors too!

IMG 7309


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Do you keep a journal?  Have you in the past?

Any apps for your phone that you have found lately that you love?

What do you wear most during the day jeans, leggings, joggers, skirt, nice pants?

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Now my standard daily uniform involves yoga pants every single day . . . when I’m actually going to work, I wear a lot of dresses! Part of me misses that. Part of me does not.

I am a big journaler–I find it really calming and centering, whether I’m writing a quick gratitude list or thinking through something more in-depth. I also doodle a lot in it. :-)

We are supposed to get SNOW this weekend, and I’m so excited for it!


Hey Kristin! I love that uniform… it’s the best. I totally agree with you about journaling. ENJOY all of the snow and drink plenty of hot chocolate while you get in some reading:). Thanks Kristin.


Andrew, I LOATHE going to the dentist, too!!!! I am not kidding when I saw that I’ve had worse experiences/pain at the dentist than during CHILDBIRTH! I’m serious!!! I hope his appointment was pain free (or close to it ;)

And, it is COLD and WINDYYYYYYY here right now, too! I’m strength training today, but I ran yesterday. The first mile was like, “WOWZA! I just want to stop!!!” but the longer I ran, the “better” the wind got. The sun was out at least–that makes SUCH a big difference to me!!!!

I found a new pair of running shoes that I want this week—-the Ghosts are in my regular rotation, but they have a new colorway that is sweet—navy with hot pink laces! I am always all for the bright colored running shoes over plain white/gray!!!!

I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!!! Stay warm!!!!


Jen, I REALLY hope your next appointment is pain free too. Thank you for understanding his hatred of going in ha! I’m glad that the sun was out and the wind slowed down for you yesterday. I saw those Ghosts too and they are the cutest, maybe I will have to copy you. Thanks Jen, you too!


Im all about leggings and joggers lately. I love those joggers you shared. They are look like like the lululemon aligns, but a third of the price! I’m going to order then too – I agree with you, you can never have too many joggers ;)


Leggings are my go-to lately but joggers look comfy too!

Looking forward to sleeping in (first week of new job tired me out!) reading my book club book, and getting back into the swing of things with school work!


Hey Mariah! I bet you are exhausted after this week. Enjoy every second this weekend and let me know if your book is good!


What size are you wearing in the joggers? The size chart isn’t very helpful


Hey Stephanie! I have them in a size small! I hope that helps and that you have a great day!


YES, they look just like them. Please let me know what you think of them and I’m glad you can relate… never enough haha. Have a great weekend Ashlea!


Beck is getting SO big…precious!!! I journaled from age 16-26 every single day…and I have the bins of journals to prove it – haha- I kinda got burnt out until I found the “one line a day journal” which i LOVE! It’s so fun to see what you were doing in past years and it keeps my wordy self short and sweet in summarizing the day. That gratitude journal looks like a great addition to my journal life though – going to check it out!

As a fellow quarantine 2020 mama, my uniform is leggings/yoga pants, except for work and then it’s scrubs…which are just as comfy! I like those ones you shared – will need to check them out!

And like Andrew — I, too, dread the dentist!!! I’ll go to any doctor any day…but the dentist — i put that off!

Have a great weekend!


EVERY DAY… oh I love that you did that. Those ‘one line a day’ journals are awesome, I have those for writing about my kids and I love that you can see what happened on those days each year. Best uniform out there:). I hope you don’t have to go to the dentist for a while right now:) Thanks Jessica, you too!


I don’t own a pair of joggers… I know, weird! I may need to try these ones. I wear jeans mostly, after I finally get out of running clothes. But I do love the feel of comfort you get in good soft leggings.
That look on Skye’s face… Ha ha ha. What was the stink eye for??
Our oldest son goes back to his campus tonight (just north of Chicago), so this weekend will seem extra quiet. But I’m happy for him to get back and have somewhat of a normal spring semester. Other than that, I’m hoping for a good long run today (before the rain starts again), and a long run tomorrow. Then a restful Sunday. ?
Have a wonderful Friday.


Hey Wendy! I think you might need some joggers in your life ha. Skye was mad at me because I asked her to put on socks with her boots hah. Your son is headed back! Oh that must be a weird feeling, happy for him but missing him… I’m thinking about you. Will football be happening there for him? Have a great long run friend!


How dare you make Skye wear socks! Ha ha
Thanks for asking about Jake’s football. They are planning on having a short season this spring, fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy and the Covid #’s keep dropping. The college is doing everything they can possibly do to ensure that, including testing the players twice a week every week. So, we’re all feeling good and positive :)


Thank you for letting me know! I am so so glad!! Wish you guys could go watch him!


Hi Jenae! Long time reader here! I noticed the climbing structure in the picture of Skye on the trampoline. How do your kids like it? We have a two year old that loves climbing and I’ve considered getting one! Would love your thoughts on if it’s worth it :)


Hey Erin! My kids LOVE IT! It is used all of the time and anytime kids come over to our house they go straight for it. I definitely think it is worth it. I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day and let me know if you get one!


I love joggers!! Do you still like the ready to rulu Lulu joggers, or go more for the Amazon ones? I was thinking of ordering them now that they come in the 7/8” length but wanted your opinion :) thanks so much!


Hey Ashley! For the price the Amazon ones are hard to beat but of course the lulu joggers are better quality and will last longer. I’m just having a hard time justifying the more expensive versions when I get spit up all over everything all day ha. It’s a win win with either… let me know what you get! Have an awesome weekend!


I am so glad you are loving Glympse it really does make me feel better, plus after the Boston Marathon that is how we found each other!!!

I am happy for Andrew that his Dentist appointment is over, I try not to but I hate it too.

Skye is so cute doing homework with her backpack on.

I am really into joggers too, Old Navy has some that I love.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and good luck to you all with your busy week ahead =)


For Garmin Connect users the app also has a LiveTrack feature that you can use with similar settings. It is under Safety & Tracking. I have my husband’s email address in there and just hit Start when I leave the house.


Happy Friday! looking forward to running, sleeping and downtime lol.

I have been living in leggings and sweatshirts and these great onesies from Smash Tess. Work from Home has meant my nice clothes have no use lol.

I do keep a journal as I love to write!

Hope you have a great day Janae!


I’ve kept a journal since like, the 4th grade. My parents are decluttering their house and recently sent me home with a big box of my journals from when I was a kid! I have all of mine since college with me, and now I have my kid ones too. Someday I will start to read through them, but I could NEVER get rid of them (much to my husband’s disappointment!!) I love using prompts too – sometimes I need a little help to get my mind moving in the right direction.


I am making those brownies for DH *this* weekend! He’s had a hard week and these are a great way to say “I love you.”

I’m with Andrew on Team Dentist Dreader. I only get through these with a bit of nitrous oxide. Game changer for me.


Those joggers are so cute (but very sold out). I took your advice on the other joggers and leggings and they’re FANTASTIC!!! Such a good price and they fit well. Joggers haven’t been my favorite until lately-I think the cut has improved so they no longer have diaper bum like years ago.

I am a big fan of black tights and leggings and wonder if there’s such a thing as “too many.” I am team “no jeans” but mostly because I haven’t found any comfy ones. Besides, I wear scrubs for work (but now in athleisure thanks to remote!) so there’s very little reason to actually own jeans. Okay, I own jeans but don’t wear jeans.

Journaling is awesome-I really enjoy writing prompts. I think that is fun and a way to write about different things/ideas/thought streams.

Your new cookbook has great recipes in them! Way to get in and follow some recipes. I’m notorious for looking longingly at the photos and not actually using the recipes in cookbooks. I sure love them though!!!

Have a great weekend!


Hi Janae! I am a big fan and have read the blog every day for years…and I basically feel like we are best friends. :) So much so that I hope you don’t mind me asking where you got your clock? I’ve admired it awhile now so thought I’d ask. Thanks for being such a bright spot every day for us! Let me know if you ever make it to Atlanta. :)


We are basically best friends! Thank you so much Diane and please keep me updated with how you are doing! My clock is from here (I love this store):

Thank you for your sweet words, they mean a lot to me and if we are ever in Atlanta I will let you know! Have a beautiful weekend!


Thanks so much!!! Hope you have a great one as well!


Hey Janae! I am a long time reader and every time I see your living room rug (the one under your couch) I always think about how much I love it so I have to ask, where is it from? I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!


Hey Sarah! Thank you so much, it is from Wayfair but I can’t find it on their website anymore, I’m so sorry. I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!

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