Yesterday CALLED for it + a running trick.

Beck joined me for a little light stretching session first thing in the morning.  He still seems so tiny to me but at the same time he seems WAY more alert lately.

Once Brooke went to school, the four of us hung out on the couch until Beck took a nap.

IMG 4354

And then I went outside for some fresh air and two miles of walking.  PS I need to take the countdown to Beck’s due date off of my Garmin.  PPS AMANDA taught me a very valuable thing—> in the winter put your watch face through the thumbhole on your sleeve.  I’ve always put my watch over my sleeve but this works out much better.

IMG 4357

The rest of the day is a blur but some Christmas music dancing happened.


And Beck had some sweet hat hair:)


Just a few things to chat about before I say goodbye this morning!

*Skye told me that she just wants Santa to put pizza in her stocking… she and Andrew are so alike.

IMG 4361

*I’m REALLY trying to not have a lot of caffeine right now BUT yesterday called for a soda run with Andrew.  We both maybe got about 5 hours of sleep (broken up in chunks) and once the afternoon hit we were struggling!

IMG 4367

*To go along with above point… I grabbed a pair of shoes to put on and then realized that the Ghost and a boot aren’t meant to be worn together like this.

IMG 4356

*Beck’s cheeks are growing and he is now using them as a mini pillow to lean up against his tiny shoulder.

IMG 4342

*If you are looking for any Christmas tradition ideas, I have a post HEREwith all of our traditions (some we won’t be able to do this year)!  One that Andrew and I started two years ago was watching every Christmas episode of the office… we love this one.

IMG 4341

And maybe this year I’ll start doing the same thing with Friends:)  My favorite holiday episode.. The One With The Holiday Armadillo.


Eggnog… delicious or terrible?

-This question is coming from the fact that my friend (Megan D) posted about her husband eating a bowl of Captain Crunch with eggnog instead of milk.

Do you drink caffeine?  What is your favorite caffeine source?

Favorite TV SHOW Christmas episode?

When wearing a watch and long sleeve top for a run, how do you wear it?

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I like eggnog but in small quantities. One of my traditions is to have a glass while watching Santa arrive in Herald Square during the Macy’s parade. This year I didn’t wait and had some several times before Thanksgiving. But my stomach doesn’t like it very much lately :(

I try not to have too much caffeine – any after 2:00 pm and I have a hard time falling asleep. Any little amount of caffeine affects me – chocolate, anything. It is very frustrating. I don’t like hot drinks very much (though I love peppermint mocha from Starbucks at this time of year). But if I need caffeine, regular coke is my go to. I just don’t do it very often.

I love Christmas specials, but I don’t really think of the Christmas episodes of tv shows – I’ve never gone back and re-watched shows just for Christmas ones. Though as a kid I was a huge Brady Bunch fan and I had only ever seen the Christmas episode once because we were usually at my grandfather’s where they didn’t have the channel that showed BB re-runs, so I have found myself looking it up online.


That is a really great tradition and I hope your stomach starts liking egg not again soon. I hope you get that peppermint mocha soon too:). I miss the Brady Bunch, thanks for the reminder. Have a wonderful day Jessey!


Ha, it’s funny you mentioned this because it finally cooled down here (Florida) and I was wearing a long sleeve shirt today. I always wear my garmin over the sleeve, but I was remembering the time I did that for a 20 mile run. It was cold when I started but by the end was hot and sunny. I was so tired I couldn’t imagine all the maneuvering it would take to get that shirt off (remove the watch, etc.) so I just ran the last couple miles roasting. It was on that day I decided thumb holes are overrated! I’ll do it your way next time.
I don’t drink coffee but I love earl grey tea. Caffeine definitely helps! Have a great day Janae!


Long sleeve shirt in Florida today?! Wow, it really must have cooled down. Oh I can totally relate with that fatigue at the end of a long run and just going with whatever is bugging me because I’m too tired to change it ha. Let me know if it works for you! Thanks Jenny, you too!


Happy Thursday to you! My favorite Christmas TV episodes are all of them from Everybody Loves Raymond. Such a good show. Unfortunately I am addicted to Diet Coke. Must have it. Beck is such a doll! Thank you for sharing.


Oh I LOVE that show and my mom and I used to watch that all of the time. I hope you have the most delicious diet coke today! Thank you so much Kimberly and have a great Thursday!


Benihana Christmas!!!!


THAT ONE IS THE BEST!! I can’t wait to watch it this season. Have a beautiful day Colleen!


I don’t see what’s wrong with that pair of shoes? ;-)
OH man, Christmas Armadillo was just what I needed this morning. I’m crying laughing. Representative of the Southern States…and Mexico…..hahaha. I’m not sure if I have a fav Christmas episode anymore (although now that I’ve watched the Office I’ll definitely have to re-watch those!). I always watch the movie The Holiday though. Best Christmas Movie!!!
I’m a coffee drinker. I loveeee a cup of plain black coffee. I know it’s weird.
Have a great day!


I LOVE THE HOLIDAY and I cannot wait to watch that this season. Enjoy all of the plain black coffee today. Thanks Mollie, you too!


Great Idea with the thumb hole on sleeve for watch. GOIING to try for sure. THANKS

AND Nope…Can’t stand egg nog??‍♀️


Yay!! Let me know if it helps. Amanda is brilliant:). Have a really great day, Karen!


I can’t handle my sleeve being twisted around that far!!


Coffee and tea for me! But nobody else in my family drinks coffee, I only started drinking in college.

Smart idea for the watch!! I normally just cover it up haha.


Let me know if you try it and how it works! Enjoy your coffee and/or tea today! Have a great day Mariah.


I think I’ve liked eggnog maybe once? I keep trying it but for the most part am not a fan! I am a big tea drinker–I love making a cup in the morning and find it such a calming way to start the day and get hydrated (that last part is such a runner thing to say).

It is fun seeing Beck’s eyes open more often! What a cutie!

I have a longsleeve running shirt from Oiselle and could NOT figure out why there was an extra hole in the wrist–finally figured out it’s specifically for the watch! I don’t have a running watch, but I thought that was a cool feature.


I drink a cup of tea almost every morning. Not necessarily for the caffeine but I like the ritual of it. Plus iced tea is delicious on a hot summer day!

This is probably weird but I don’t usually wear gloves on my runs since my hands get so hot then I don’t like carrying them. So I pull my long sleeve down to cover my hands then I put my watch over it. Once my hands are warm, I fold the shirt back a little but can still see the watch.

P.S I don’t know if you saw my email from a few weeks ago (totally okay if you didn’t!!) but I wanted to say THANK YOU for everything the past few months <3


I love coffee lol.

I do like eggnog but I signed up for a running challenge and one of the challenges is to drink eggnog and run a lap. Like an eggnog mile. Not looking forward to this one lol.

Definitely watch over the shirt.

Love that your daughter wants pizza in her stocking lol. And Beck is such a little cutie!

I hope you have a great day!


I think Christmas traditions are fascinating! Yours sound lovely.

My husband is british and i’m swiss, so we have different traditions. First is the Advent Calendar (not sure you have this?) where you open a little window every day of december and inside is either a little present or some chocolate… Love it!
On Christmas Day my husband cooks a big roast just for the two of us – with all the trimmings like roast potatoes, sausages wrapped in bacon, broccoli-stir fry with garlic, ginger carrots and mint peas. Heavenly.

Also when I was a kid we had to leave the room where the tree was on Christmas Eve and wait for little Baby Jesus to light the candles and deposit the presents! And of course we would sing carols in three languages :)

Sending lots of love from my corner of the earth to yours!


I love eggnog. The Starbucks eggnog latte is so good and coffee is definitely my caffeine source.

I am with Skye about getting pizza in my stocking. You can never go wrong with pizza.


Nope to eggnog, just not for me.
I am completely and utterly addicted to coffee. I have one cup as soon as I wake up and another mid-morning. I need the first cup to start my day and I enjoy the ritual of the second cup.

I usually fight with my sleeves to see my watch so absolutely going to try this tomorrow morning.

There’s a British show called Gavin & Stacey and the Christmas special is really good. The whole series is one of my favorites.

Pizza for Christmas sounds pretty perfect.


I can take or leave egg nog. I used to think it was disgusting. But, made just right I love ONE glass. Then I’m done. I love coffee in the morning. But for a mid afternoon pick me up I love VERB bars! Just the right amount of caffeine to get me through when I really need it!


I don’t love drinking eggnog straight, but it makes a delicious coffee creamer, and I like to use it to make cinnamon scones this time of year—you just swap out the milk and use eggnog instead. The perfect weekend/holiday breakfast treat!


I may have to copy Skye with her Santa wishes. I try to stay away from caffeine too but sometimes it’s just necessary and I’ll add coffee to a hot cocoa or golden milk latte. Picky Bars has a caffeinated bar that I really like too for early runs where I need a boost (and it helps get things moving too ?). You guys are in survival mode right now and it may take some mismatched shoes and sodas to get through, although hopefully not eggnog cereal!


Hey Janea – totally random and not what you were asking, but I love the stockings you have hung on your fireplace. Where did you get them from? Im looking to upgrade the stocking collection for my little growing family.

To get to your questions though:
1. eggnog is gross IMO there is never an acceptable time to consume it :)
2. I dont caffeinate regularly (especially being pregnant), but do love how a nice mug of coffee can be so comforting and give you that little boost in energy. I am looking forward to that first cup when these babies are out!
3. I dont have a favorite Christmas episode but maybe I should!?!
4. Running in the cold i usually just wear my watch under my sleeve but now I am reconsidering this choice knowing the thumb hole has this additional use!

Thanks for being awesome and sharing so much of your life with the world. Have a happy day!


Hey Cheryl! I am so excited about your growing family! We got the stockings at Target a few years ago. They have awesome stockings each week.
Thank you so much for your sweet comment and please keep me updated with how you are feeling! Oh and I fully agree with your eggnog feelings:) Have a great night!


i just love the christmas jammies your kiddos are sporting! no one in my family likes to match so i’ll live vicariously through yours!
in regards to Eggnog, I can take it or leave it. mostly leave it :) i think it’s been a few years since I’ve had any!
caffeine is a MUST! my favorite is coffee (i don’t drink soda … too fizzy lol!). when i BF my babies, they couldn’t tolerate coffee and it was the hardest time in my life! (i only slightly kid)
i don’t have any favorite Christmas tv episodes but Friends AND the Office are very very solid! not an episode, but i watched the Grinch on Netflix by myself over the weekend and it was GREAT! my kids had no interest and i had NO shame!
why have i never thought to put my watch through the thumbhole? genius!! i just wear it between my sleeve and glove.
have a great day!


True story:I had my last diet coke on February 6, 2013. I had randomly decided to try a whole30 month and soda wasn’t part of the plan. I was HORRIBLY addicted, and diet coke was pretty much all I could drink (I am allergic to coffee…and since I am allergic to corn, I would stay away from regular sodas that have high fructose corn syrup in them…). And while about 95% of the time I am good, lately I have been, oddly, missing the taste of a diet coke. But I won’t get one, because the path to resuming the addiction is too quick and too dangerous for me.

My caffeine thing is literally straight up caffeine pills. My days are way too long, and too many of them start with 4 AM alarm clocks and 5:30 AM RPM or Sprint classes to teach (both Les Mills formats–one atraditional cycle format the other HIIT on a bike), and then long days on my feet at the store. I can’t handle any of it without caffeine…and, let’s be honest, Aleve. ;) I DO try hard to not have any caffeine after about 1 PM, though. Otherwise, sleeping is a questionable idea.

As for eggnog–I’ve never had it. EVER. I’ve heard it’s not yummy, but I can imagine just the thick, rich, sweetened, custardy cream tasting indulgently yummy without any of the alcohol mixed in…sort of like melted vanilla ice cream…


Les drinks eggnog any time it’s available, I’m not a huge fan but I’m currently drinking Eggnog blend coffee. A little goes a long way for me.

Do you drink caffeine? What is your favorite caffeine source? Coffee… see above ;)

I tend to wear my watch under my long sleeve and end up pushing my sleeve up. My wrists and hands don’t mind. I strap my watch on my bike when I ride and that’s about the only time I wear gloves.


Kids are so funny. I asked my (just turned) 3 year old what she thought Santa was going to bring her for Christmas and she said “treats”…what kind? “cookies” ?


Thanks for the list of The Office episodes!!! I’m super excited for these! :D


I can drink maybe one small cup of eggnog a year and I’m good. I use to like it and drink more but my stomach isn’t the same. I also really liked the McDonalds eggnog shakes – I couldn’t imagine having one now.

I always like a good Christmas episode. Some shows that I can remember having good ones: Home Improvement, Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, Full House, Happy Endings, Frasier…

I try not to drink caffeine after 11:00. I drink a cup or two in the morning and sip on it so it lasts me awhile – I’ll drink iced during the week and hot on the weekends.


Eggnog is nasty!!! My dad loved it but I can’t stand it.

Cherry limeade Nuun energy for my caffeine fix. I hate coffee and worked really hard to break the soda addiction a few years ago so this is my go-to.


What a great idea to watch the holiday episodes of a show! Thanks for that!!!

I actually LOVE eggnog but rarely have it. My mom and I used to go “power shopping” for Christmas and would take a break and get an 8oz, aka “short” eggnog latte from Starbucks. We would sit at the window and people watch and laugh and just have a festive time.

I love Americano’s and make my own every morning. I’ve spread the word on how to make one at the local bakeries so now instead of asking for a shot of espresso with hot water all together (or on the side and I mix it myself). Around here it’s all about the latte macchiato’s or cappuccino’s.

you should try one of oiselle’s watch window long sleeves…..I never really thought to much about my watch and either wore it over my sleeve or in the thumbhole….but the watch window is pretty darn sweet.


Seriously?! Why is Ross so gross? Just more things to add to your list of weird facts about Ross, I guess ;) I like egg nog if it is thinned out with sprite or something. Silk used to do an almond milk egg nog that was good. I just cant do the thick texture. Its’s like swallowing a loogie.
A half of a scoop of the Perk Chai 2x a week before I go to a HIGH class is the only time I have caffeine and it is so yummy! If I take anymore, I start to sweat and get shaky. I can’t even imagine what would happen if I took an actual pre workout.
I am going to have to do this with The Office. I hadn’t even thought of doing it. I like to watch all the Thanksgiving episodes of FRIENDS before Thanksgiving. But for Christmas, it is most important that we watch ELF and Home Alone at least once during the season.
Beck is just so dang cute! I love all the pics you post of him.


Homemade eggnog, yes. The stuff you buy pre-made at the store, hard NO.

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