Silentish Saturday!!

I went out for a run and it felt great!

1.45 miles and back to posting really cool running selfies;)

IMG 4993

Our Easter egg chicken started laying eggs so now we have some eggs that are colorful.

IMG 5008

Virtual school + chores + gerbil playing (we are pet-sitting for my niece).

IMG 5011

And then Brooke wanted to make a homemade lunchable and I think she did pretty great.

IMG 5015

In between Beck feedings I went on a date with Brooke… PS I need to stop wearing my hair down because Beck has learned to pull it.

IMG 5017

She’ll be away for a week so it was great to spend some one-on-one time together and it felt SOOOO good to ski again.

IMG 5022

IMG 5025

Ski socks and sandals… perfect for December in Utah;)

IMG 5020

Yep, we will be cuddled up all weekend and I can’t wait.

IMG 4990

And if you want to watch The Marathon Project on Sunday, there is more information on how to HERE.

IMG 5012


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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How did I not know about this Marathon Project??? The lineup of runners looks amazing- I can’t wait. And… I hate to break it to you but your “gerbil” might actually be a hamster. Does it have a tail? If it has no tail, it’s a hamster. Anyway that’s what it looked like to me in the picture!
Have a great day Janae!


HAHAH you are right… it is definitely a hamster (shows how involved I am with the babysitting of it;). Thanks Jenny and I hope you love watching the Marathon Project, I am so excited. Thanks Jenny, you too!


Yay running!!! More envious of the skiing actually haha. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that rocks the socks and birks…mostly just in my neighborhood but still 😂. Those colorful eggs are wild…I had no idea chickens could do that?!
And PS, brook’s lunchable looks WAY better than a regular lunchable. 😂


Yep, I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time we were skiing… it felt so good to be back. I didn’t know chickens could do that either until Andrew told me ours would. Brooke is definitely a pro lunchable maker:). Have the best weekend, Mollie!


Can Brooke make a tutorial on making lunchables?! Hers look great!!

Today I am running (although it’s cold so I’m trying to convince myself haha), reading a good book and packing to go home for the holidays!


Right?! I was so impressed! I hope you warmed up quickly on your run today, enjoy the book (you’ll have to let me know whether you recommend it when you finish) and I am SO happy you get to go home for the holidays! Thanks Mariah, have a great day.


Skiing with Brooke, how awesome! I’m sure this next week will seem so quiet with the big 2 gone.
I want to cuddle with Beck too! What a cutie.
Yay for running again! That is going to be great for you to get out and run for yourself. 😊
Today will start with a run, then I will be baking Christmas cookies. Tomorrow we’re going to deliver gifts to family and friends, door dash style, which will be so fun.
Have a great weekend Janae 😊


It felt so good to be back on the mountain again. Seriously, it will be so weird going from 4 to 2! I hope your run was great and your cookies are delicious… what a fun way to deliver gifts today. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! Congrats on your first run back! I thought you might wait until New Years Day :). That would be a good story. Anyways, do you wear a watch to run now? And if so, what is your pace? I’m a college age runner girl who might want to have kids someday and I was just wondering about that recently.


Hey Ellie! I was definitely planning on it but once my doctor told me I was good to go, I got really excited to start. I do wear a watch, yesterday I was at a 9:25 average pace! I hope you are having a great year of school so far and that you enjoy your holiday break!


I want to be Beck snuggled up in that blanket! Looks heavenly!


Hi Janae! Congrats on the run!! That’s awesome! Today I’m picking up some eggs from our egg lady. They look like yours, all colorful and different sizes! My fiance and I will also be making some lamb biryani, an Indian rice dish that he grew up eating for holidays. Happy weekend!


Back to running congrats!!!
I love your little one on one dates you do with your kids. I need to implement that more often as right now the majority of my time goes to my 2 year old as he’s at an age where he needs to be watched constantly.
How did your Christmas go? What were the present highlights for the kids? (Maybe I missed that post lol)…
Enjoy your Saturday!


Excellent, running very close to the hot tub! Haha.

AND right to the slopes! Muy excellente. Happy you’re doing so well!!

1. Haircut today with a little time to adjust before Christmas Eve. We take all the precautions.
2. Doubling down on my initiatives for 2020.
3. Big battle board planning for the new decade 2021-2030, baby! (Yes, it really starts 2021.)

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