Silentish Saturday!!

Andrew had a work training so I did a quick treadmill walk before the kids woke up (SO THANKFUL FOR A TREADMILL!!) and then it was on to virtual learning and baths.


And sitting by the Christmas tree.

IMG 4699

We made fried eggs for lunch with the eggs from our chickens (I’m just going to be excited about that for a long time).

IMG 4705

Reward for finishing up school for the day =

IMG 3933

Skye will be going down blues by herself in no time;)

IMG 4716

Not sure why this picture turned out black and white but I like it.

IMG 4715

Beck and I enjoyed the lodge.

IMG 4734

Skye joined us there too.

IMG 4718

Came home and ate one of the freezer meals I talked about in this post.

IMG 4729

And then enjoyed the best holiday chex mix.

IMG 4728

Brother bonding time.

IMG 4723

Dropped the sugar and broke the container because a certain 3 year old suddenly wants to be carried everywhere and I’m not great at multitasking;)

IMG 4727

Time to get out for a walk in some fresh new snow… Quick flashback to training for an ultra in the winter… that was  challenge.

IMG 4141


Tell me three things you are up to today!!

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The kids look like they are doing so well with skiing!! What a fun family outdoor activity.

Today is a HIIT workout (although I did strength yesterday and can barely walk so we’ll see how that goes haha), making/sending Christmas cards, and getting takeout from a local place for dinner (I’m in Baltimore and restaurants had to shut down in-person dining again, so really want to support them).


Headed to Loveland, CO for a live 10K in 13*!! They are collecting toys for abused and neglected children and my friend and I are donating two sacks of toys ♥️ Then drinking all the hot chocolate and thawing out in the hot tub!!


That picture of Knox and Beck!!!
I love seeing the kids ski, so fun. And yes, a great treat/reward for finishing another week of distance learning.
I decided not to run today because I am feeling like I have a slight cold and I want to be really safe. So I’m going to get the house cleaned while listening to Christmas music, and then our oldest comes home tonight!! Yay!
Have a great Saturday and Sunday ?


You’re a great mom and it is obvious how much you love your children and also yourself!


I love that your kids are learning to ski! So fun!
Today I’m on a mission to find all the stocking stuffers for my family; I forgot until yesterday!! I’m also going to build a new strength training routine and clean house at some point! Tonight we’re going to drive around and check out some Christmas lights; most of our displays are drive through but are handing out Christmas goody bags w/ hot cocoa and candy :)
Have a great day!
ps – thanks for the bike tip Andrew!


We never lived close to the snow. You all make it look like it is the only way to go!

1. Long Run Mineral Broth from Run Fast, Eat Slow! So, so good.

2. Hot cacao ghee + stevia + cloves! Added some maca today, too, for a little more caramel flavor.

3. Personal reading, notetaking and expanded info gathering (images; other peoples insights on the topic, incl. experts).


Hi Janae! I’m so excited about your eggs too! Do they taste different? I ask because I get my eggs from a co-worker who has a farm and the eggs are cool because they are all different colors and sizes and the yolk is darker but I don’t know if I can taste a difference. But I don’t have a sophisticated palate so who knows.
Last night I stayed up late and got a bunch of work stuff done so now I feel free!! I’m going to do a long run today because it will rain forever after today. Happy weekend!!!


I can’t believe that Skye is 3!!! Also, we bought ski passes for Reina and Kylie this season and I’m so excited for them.


We spent the weekend doing lots of holiday things – making cookies, seeing light displays, decorating gingerbread houses. That’s so great that you have skiing so close by! Our closest area is about 5 hours away, but good for a weekend trip. I’m not sure we’ll make it there this year though. Bummer.


Hi Jenae! Will you share a link for your favorite winter running vest?
Love following along you and your cute family.

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