Friday Favorites & I’m Clear to Run!

Let’s start things off by talking about getting the thumbs up from my doctor to run at my appointment yesterday!  I’ve really enjoyed all of my walks the last few weeks and can’t wait to see how my return to running goes… Of course I’ll probably overshare all of the details like I normally do to you;)

A big highlight happening at our house right now is the fact that we are watching my niece’s gerbil for the next few days.  The girls are in heaven having him here.

IMG 4962

Beck and I replied to comments and emails for a bit together yesterday.

IMG 4965

And during another one of Beck’s naps I got in the hot tub with the girls while it was snowing.  I am SOOOO excited to finally be able to get in and I might have to do this every day during Beck’s nap.

IMG 4974

IMG 4976

For dinner we enjoyed one of the freezer meals that I talked about in this post!  Enchilada soup for the win.

IMG 4988

Knox leaves today for about 1.5 weeks so he and Andrew went on a ski date together yesterday.  It usually only takes us 15 minutes to get home from the resort but on their way home there was an accident in the canyon and it took them over 3 hours to make it back.  We were all so happy when they got home!

IMG 4098


Time for just a few of my favorite things this week!

*Natalie has a podcast where she and her husband, Jerold, talk to different runners about all of the best things running related in their area.  They also talk to the different runners about their journey and running history.  I love that when runners travel they now have the perfect place to learn about the area and where to run through this podcast!   I was very excited that they asked me to be on an episode…   You can find my episode here!

IMG 2025

*Because of my deep love for seasonal treats (especially peppermint/mint) I have had people recommend these ice cream flavors to me.  They are both incredible but the Haagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark is #1 and I can’t believe how good it is.  Once again I am feeling extra grateful for my deep freezer now so I can buy a bunch of these to get me through until next December.

IMG 4834

*Brooke has just started using this scalp massager and is now also obsessed with it just like I am.  I use this thing to REALLY massage in the shampoo into my hair and I love having a scalp massage every time I wash my hair.  It would make a fun stocking stuff!

IMG 4983

*Andrew gave me this for a Christmas present and it may have made me tear up a bit because I was so happy.  He bought all 11 seasons of Modern Family on an app called Vudu (so it’s all digital).  This show makes me so happy and I’ve always been so bummed that they don’t have it online anywhere.

IMG 4845

*I think this shirt describes the craziness occurring at our house right now;)

IMG 4871

*I guess I’m really into tops with writing on them lately ha;)  My sis-in-law had this sweatshirt so I copied her.  There are many afternoons that a diet coke’s caffeine saves me and brings me a smile.

IMG 4915


Any other Modern Family fans?  Favorite character?

What is your favorite ice cream brand at the grocery store?

Ever been in a car accident?  What happened!

Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend please!

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Hi I have a religion question for you! This is me just being curious and not mean spirited at all so I hope it comes off that way! I thought the Mormon religion doesn’t “allow” caffeine? I know you’ve talked about using gels with caffeine for runs because when those standards were put into place they probably weren’t thinking of marathon runners haha! But can you have it throughout the day as well? Oh and I’m celiac so I’ve cream flavors are really sad for me now because I love anything with cookie or brownie and can’t have those BUT braums (do you have that store?!) has a new confetti cookie ice cream that my boyfriend is OBSESSED with. Thought I’d let you know since you’ve mentioned your kids’ love of confetti cake!!


Hey Emily! Great question! We can have caffeine but just not in high amounts or to the point we are super addicted to it (sorry if this doesn’t make sense ha… Beck was wanting to party all night😉)! I love any and all questions so never be afraid to ask. I must find that confetti cookie ice cream… that sounds so good! Have a great weekend with your boyfriend!


I got off of Instagram earlier this year (I’m just not cut out for social media sometimes haha) but I LOVED following Natalie!! I’m so happy to hear about her podcast. Her family is just so cool. And she has such a great perspective on life.
Modern family is the best!!! I think Cam has to be my favorite. He is just SO ridiculously perfect in that role. Did you watch the long finale special they had?
Happy Friday!!


Bahaha you know me… I was more excited to jump in the hot tub yesterday than run😉 Cam is my favorite too! I did and it was seriously the best. I totally get what you are saying about Instagram, I go without it at times too! Have the best weekend Mollie!


Modern Family is so good!! I watched it religiously until I went to college and then fell off the watch train since it was hard to juggle everything and having a set time every week to watch a tv show.

My favorite brand of ice cream if I’m going for a fancy pint is probably Ben & Jerry’s but if I’m going for a less fancy quart then Turkey Hill. But honestly I don’t really discriminate against ice cream.

I was in a car accident in college! Like a good driver, I waited to pull out of the driveway and there were no cars in sight, pull out and BAM this car flew into me and pushed my car into another lane. No one was hurt but my car was not in great shape.. The worst part is I was going to a job interview and had to call them and explain why I was cancelling last minute while trying not to cry haha.


Hahaha I am with you on that and I really just love them all:). Oh that accident must have been so scary and of course you were going somewhere important to add to the craziness. I hope you have the best weekend and you have some good ice cream!


I’ve been in a car accident, my husband has been in one, and my daughter (only 19) has been hit twice. Fortunately, no one was injured in any of them. Just some very sad cars. But my husband and I were stuck behind a jack-knifed semi for 10 hours once in a winter storm. So I feel Andrew and Knox’s pain.

I’m a Blue Bunny fan as I grew up 20 miles from their plant. I like anything with candy bars smooshed inside. They also make a dreamy cinnamon flavor in the winter to have with apple pie.


Your daughter has already been hit twice… that is scary but I’m so glad you guys have all been okay. 10 hour wait… WOW! I hope you had some snacks in your car. Blue Bunny is heavenly and I must try that cinnamon ice cream. Have the best day Jackie!


We’ve got most of Modern Family on Netflix in Canada. 9 seasons, I think? I’m embarrassed to say I’ve just started watching it and it’s SO funny!

I’m with you on the peppermint holiday treat train. One of our major grocery stores makes a generic candy cane ice cream that is the absolute best. It’s vanilla peppermint ice cream with chunks of candy cane and chocolate fudge crackle through it. My favourite! One of our local creameries (Kawartha Dairy) makes the absolute *BEST* ice cream and outside of the holidays, I love their salty caramel truffle ice cream.

I’m so glad to hear you’ve been cleared to run again and I can’t wait to listen to the podcast episode. I just recently discovered Nat’s feeds after listening to Ali on the Run.


You have Modern Family on Netflix… oh that is so lucky! You’ll have to keep me updated with what your favorite episodes are. I need some of that candy cane ice cream right this second… chocolate FUDGE CRACKLE in it? That sounds perfect. Thank you so much and I’m glad you found Natalie, her episode with Ali was so great. Thanks Courtney and have a fabulous weekend!


I love the ice cream from Homestead Creamery. It’s a Virginia brand (I’m not sure if it’s available outside the state) and they also make delicious eggnog. I’m going to bake some cinnamon eggnog scones for Sunday breakfast. Oh, and my other favorite treat this time of year is stirring my coffee and hot chocolate with candy canes for that peppermint flavor!


I want to go to Homestead Creamery and enjoy those scones! Off to go mix my hot chocolate with a candy cane! Have the best weekend, Cynthia.


I know we need to get into Modern Family! Right now we are binging The Goldbergs. Have you seen it? Such great 1980’s nostalgia for us. Can’t wait to listen to your podcast episode with Natalie. That tortilla soup looks so good. Even though we are in Florida, we have been blessed with some colder weather this week that makes me crave soup! Also, craving time in a hot tub. I hope we get one some day!!


I haven’t watched The Goldbergs… but now I am SO excited! Enjoy those cooler temperatures, I bet they feel so good to run in and I really think you NEED a hot tub. Have a fabulous weekend, Aimee!


Haven’t watched Modern Family, so no opinion there.
You can never go wrong with Haagen Daz!
My car accident was the night before I was to run the 2018 Houston marathon. I had carpooled with a coach/friend from my running group to packet pickup, followed by a team dinner. We were leaving the dinner and a pickup truck ran a red light and T-boned the passenger side of the car I was riding in. Neither of us had to be hospitalized, but the air bags deployed, the car was totaled, and there was a lot of spinning around. I was bruised from my neck to my knees, and knocked a crown off my tooth! A fraction of a second and it could have been a very different outcome. Initiallly I thought, I’ll just see how I feed in the morning. Maybe I can still run. Yeah, didn’t happen.
Tomorrow is a 21 miler to get ready for the 2021 Houston virtual marathon!


Now I want to copy you. What size did you get in that sweatshirt?


I think you need it…. I have it in small!

PS they need to make one that says Mountain Dew on it!


I love Hagen Daaz! Chunky monkey. Also if you like peppermint , whole foods has chocolate peppermint pretzel twists. We are on our second large bag lol!

Excited because our offices close for Christmas until the new year. I took a couple extra days so I basically have to work Monday Tuesday next week and then I am off until January 5. I have never been so excited for a holiday break in my life lol.

That hot tub looks amazing. And so happy for you that you get the green light to run again! Have a great day Janae!


YAY for being cleared to run! I think with Knox and Brooke heading off to see their other parents for the holiday, this good news comes at a great time–pieces of you released into the world to experience Other Love, while Another Piece of you comes back into the fold. :)

OK I have a deep love of peppermint bark candies, so I really might need to go to the store and look for that Haagen Dazs. And–who am I kidding–that B&J. And I have three days off from work next week, so that means I can try them and enjoy them and not worry about how I will feel on the job IF my stomach feels weird (which it sometimes does with fattier dairy foods like ice cream and triple cream brie…HA!)…


Stephanie, that was seriously what I was just thinking and feeling really grateful about it… it will be so nice to do that next week while they are gone. You wrote it in such a beautiful way, thank you. YES you need both flavors right this second. Let me know what you think of it and I hope it doesn’t hurt your stomach. Have a beautiful weekend friend!


Can you share where the vest is from in your first picture? I love the contrasting color by the zipper!

Do you have any other sticking stuffer ideas? For the whole family but mostly for mom/dad, husband/wife?

Hope you have a great weekend!


Hey Ali! I love this vest so much and I wish they still made it… hopefully you can find it at a running store or something! It is the Brooks Women’s Cascadia Thermal Vest! Amazon has it in purple here:

I am ALL about the gift cards, lotions, chapsticks, gloves, mugs, socks, and treats for the adult stockings!
Thank you so much and I hope you do too!


Wait , I thought you said you were not running until after the New Year?? It was probably too tempting once you were cleared!? I was cleared to run 17 months ago and am still waiting for your kind of motivation to kick in😂


I definitely was going to but I just couldn’t wait once she said I was good to go:). You keep doing exactly what feels best for you and run whenever YOU are ready for it… it’s not going anywhere:). Have a fabulous weekend Lauren!


Happy run clearance day! Lol!
I love Modern Family but admittedly I haven’t watched in YEARS! I sure hope Netflix picks it up so I can binge watch it!
My oldest has started watching Big Bang Theory and that that makes me happy. Hopefully I can get him into Modern Family :)
Ok, so I’m of the very unpopular opinion that I’m not a huge fan of ice cream and I never buy it unless a kiddo requests a particular flavor. BUT I LOVE peppermint ice cream and buy it every week during this time of year. The peppermint bark ice cream looks AMAZE so I’ll have to get that this weekend!
I’ve been in a few – eh, several car accidents and none of them my fault; someone backed up into the side of my car when I was waiting for them to leave their parking stall, someone merged into me while when she didn’t check her blind spot and wanted in my lane, I got rear ended on a freeway on ramp, rear ended while sitting at a red light, I hit a truck who took a wet corner too fast and skid across 3 lanes and I couldn’t stop in time and T boned him and the latest was when I got hit on the freeway as part of a 5 car accident. A truck merged lanes and rear ended someone who then caused a domino affect since it was rush hour traffic. Luckily only 1 caused minor whiplash and soreness but that’s it! I sure consider myself lucky!!!
This weekend I think we’re going to drive around at look at Christmas lights and HOPEFULLY I’ll get around to wrapping presents or at the least open the Amazon boxes we’ve been collecting for weeks to make sure we got everything!
Have a great day!


Yay for being cleared to run!

Peppermint ice cream holds a special place in my heart – it’s one of the things Les and I realized we both love when we first met! I couldn’t find it anywhere last year and have been so happy that it’s back this year!

I was in a car accident when I was 14. I was with my sister and one of our friends and we were hit broadside. This was back in the 70s, so none of us were wearing seat belts. I got hurt the worst – crashed into the windshield, ending up with about 50 stitches on my head (just at the hairline.) As a freshman in high school, going back to school with a huge shaved spot was pretty tough. I still have a scar, but thankfully it’s hidden by my hair.

We have zero plans for this weekend and I’m perfectly okay with that!


Hi Janae! I was in a car accident 6 years ago from yesterday and it was super scary! My brand new car was totaled and I still have scars on my face from it. Luckily it wasn’t my fault and insurance paid for everything but I still try not to drive on 12/17 anymore out of superstition.
Congratulations on being cleared to run! What a wonderful milestone and I am so happy you are role modeling taking it smart and listening to the doctor. Happy Friday!!


We got 40 inches of snow the other night!! I think we broke some records. My husband got a snow day yesterday but I work from home now with COVID so they said office workers should just work from home. No snow day for me, but that meant I didn’t lift a shovel and my husband and his brother cleared the driveway and my car off. They are still clearing up roads today so I am definitely glad I am work from home right now as that was not a thing my company did until they had to with COVID. We got a hot tub in the summer and it was fun going out in it and watching the snow fall. I also did a quick snow angel in the snow in my bikini which I made my husband video for evidence haha. It was COLD and hard to get up from the deep fluffy snow, but then I jumped right back in the hot tub to warm up.


Yeah for running! But now is it like the whole day has to be replanned to “fit” that in?

That peppermint bark ice cream looks divine. I love peppermint. Growing up my favorite ice cream was Baskin and Robbins peppermint candy. One year my daughter made this delicious light peppermint frosting for cupcakes and sugar cookies for my bday (December) and put crushed peppermint candy on top. It was soooo good.

I love Modern Family and hearing Ava Maria has never been the same for me since Mitchell vs The Bird.


Oh, I love modern family! I am so bummed it’s not on Hulu or Netflix. I need to watch it from the start because we have only seen episodes off and on at hotels. We have snow here too so it was crunchy for my run today 😀


I was definitely late to the Modern Family game, but loved it as well! I think my favorites were Lily and Joe – they had some of the best/funniest lines.

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