Friday Favorites + Very Excited About This.

Another day, another walk!  I am starting to feel a bit more excited to run in the future and I think that correlates with the fact that I’ve slept a bit better the last two nights and feel like I have a little more energy:)

We had a very exciting event happen at our house!  We bought our chicks in March and found our first eggs from them yesterday.  I squealed when I first saw them because I have been waiting for this day for so long!  We will be eating omelets daily from here on out:)

IMG 4662

Another low-key day over at our house

IMG 4660

IMG 4667

But we did accomplish another tradition and we made and decorated sugar cookies for our neighbors.

IMG 4677

And of course another Christmas movie!

IMG 4684


I have a few favorite things to share today!  PS if you are needing any gift ideas and you missed my gift guide for this year… it is HERE!

*I always find that this time of year calls for ALL of the games now that it is getting colder.  Suspend is definitely a family favorite that is fun with kids and adults.

IMG 4511

*This waver is constantly a favorite for me.  Using it is SO much faster than curling your hair and the waves last for a few days.  Brooke, Skye and I are big fans.

IMG 4343

*These days I am VERY passionate about pajamas (probably because I live in either pjs or leggings) and Andrew bought me these ones and they are the absolute softest.

IMG 4476

*Brooke and I watched Godmothered the other day on Disney+ and it was SO good.  I love finding movies that we both enjoy watching and it was perfect to watch for this time of year.

IMG 4485

*Andrew takes the research involved when purchasing items with wheels very seriously (you should see the bikes that he wants to purchase for the kids…that I say no to ha) and THIS is the scooter he picked out for Skye for her birthday.   It is much easier for kids to balance on than a normal scooter, it turns by the child leaning and it rides so smooth.  Skye picked it RIGHT UP when she first got on and started cruising all around.

IMG 4585

*I’ve had a few questions about boots that I’ve been wearing lately!  Andrew bought THESE BOOTS for me a few winters ago and they are extremely comfortable and the perfect wedge boots.

IMG 4670


Have any pjs that you love?  Where are they from?

What games do you love to play?  SHARE PLEASE so I can get them:)

Who has a long run this weekend?  Tell me about it… it’s still weird for me to not have a Saturday long run on the schedule!

Do you use a straightener, curling iron, waver, something else or none of those things with your hair?

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Love those boots. Andrew has good taste. Can he do my shopping for me too ;)
My daughter had the micro scooter when she was skye’s age and loved it too.
We love the game suspend that I purchased after you recommended it. My daughter loves chutes and ladders and guess who. I got my daughter “uno showdown” and “5 second rule jr” for Christmas.
Have a great weekend


Seriously Andrew really does pick out my favorite things… he is good! So glad you guys love Suspend! I’m going to get 5 second rule jr now… thank you for the recommendation! Have an awesome day Ashlea!


Ticket to Ride is a fun board in our house.
I love all the PJ’s but victoria secret flannels are my go to every Christmas.
Have a great Friday……’ll be running soon……let the excitement build.


I’ve never tried the VS flannels… I guess I’ll have to because you always have the best recommendations! “Let the excitement build”… I love that so much! Have a great weekend!


Hey Janae!,

Quick question! What product do you use after/before you use the waver? I have the same one but I find my hair tends to look a bit “poofy” after? I do find it fast to use though!

Have you ever played the board game “dragon dash”? My 3 kids (age 2, 8 and 10) love it and it’s a perfect “non competitive game” lol.

Have a great weekend!


I’ll have to get that game for my kids! Thank you! I think that this stuff helps to avoid the poor for me:

I also spray a little hair spray on my hair before I use the waver! Have a really great day Gillian!


I just ordered the “Suspended” game for my friends and their kids, thanks for the recommendation! But I feel bad because I couldn’t use the affiliated link you provided- unfortunately Amazon doesn’t deliver goods other than books to Switzerland.. . I wish there was another way to support your blog! Sending hugs from Bern,


Oh I hope they love it! No worries at all about the link! I appreciate YOU and your comments! Have a beautiful day Sarah!


The Stars Above pjs from Target are so soft and affordable! I use a straightener for both straightening and waves/loose curls. But I like the wave thing you have, seems much quicker!


I just bought a pair of those, I can’t wait to try them out! Have a fabulous weekend Mariah!


yes, target stars above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, Janae and Andrew! Speaking of researching items with wheels… I got some bad news last Friday. The MRI of my left knee shows that I have worn all the cartilage off my femur in the area I had meniscus surgery 10 years ago – and the bone is actually bruised (bone marrow edema).

So, I am officially done with running. :(

However, that means I get to be a full time cyclist! Given about a $1500-$3000 budget, what would Andrew recommend for my first purchase?

Most of my rides right now are 10-30 miles on a paved bike trail and streets, but there is a park I like to head off on as a side venture and do a loop around about a mile long dirt trail. The trail is not very technical but is dirt, rocks and roots in places. Right now I just have an old Diamondback Comfort/Hybrid bike that actually does ok on the little trails, but is heavy as heck. I also have an old school road bike that I bought a few months ago, a Kona Haole that a friends dad refurbed. I have not ridden that yet, I have never even used paddle shifters before, lol. Time to learn!

Have a great weekend!


John. My heart sank when I read your post. I am so incredibly sorry. SO sorry. I hope that you get in some amazing bike rides and wish Andrew could go ride with you. Andrew is at a training right now but I’ll have him give recommendations when he gets back. I hope your day is off to a great start!


Thanks Janae! I went in expecting the worst so I was not really that shocked. There are certainly worse things in life. I am not in any sort of constant pain or anything (unless I run of course).
Luckily I’ve been doing a lot of cross training anyway – so it’s not difficult to find alternate workouts. I can pretty much do everything except run.
I have a few buddies who have already reached out to me with cycling advice. I am taking in any and all cycling knowledge i can get right now. There are so many options!
I also got fitted for an unloading brace yesterday that will help take the load off the medial side of my knee. I can use that for hiking and whatnot. Maybe I could even run a 5K or two with the brace? Just don’t tell my doctor!! Jk… I won’t be doing anything crazy without seeking medical advice first.
Lol, so I will be doing research on cycling, stem cell cartilage replacement, and all other sorts of fun stuff to see if there are any other options.


Hi Janae! I tried searching, but couldn’t find the post. What are the for kids cookbook (or cookbooks?) you’ve bought for Brooke that she really likes? I have a niece the same age and am thinking that would be a great Christmas idea for her! Thanks so much!


Hey Ali! That is SUCH a great gift idea! This one is our favorite so far: Let me know what she thinks of it. Have a fabulous day!


Ok, but can Andrew teach my boys how to ride a bike or teach me how to teach them? My 10 year has 0 interest & I don’t push him and my 6 yo just started showing interest. Can he write me a bike plan similar to a run plan?! Lol!
My 6 yo loves playing Pop the Pig, Super Mario Monopoly, Yeti in my Spaghetti, Connect 4 and the Floor is Lava.
No long runs for a while for me since I made my pereoneal tendon mad again. I’m focusing on my 5k time and strength training until my tendon will allow me to run long again.
When I was in jr high I LOVED my crimper and and curling iron. Now I feel like I’m winning in life if I can straighten it with a flat iron! It MIGHT happen once a month!
Have a great day!


One trick I used was to start with a bike that is way too small for them. That way they can easily reach the ground and feel more confident in catching themselves from falling.

Good luck!


THANK YOU FOR THE GAME IDEAS! My kids are thankful too:) I’m excited for your 6 yo to start biking! I’ll have him respond with any tips when he is done with his training! I am so sorry that your tendon is angry again, please keep me updated on how you are doing and that strength training/5k plan sounds fabulous as you wait to do long runs again. Hahah that is a huge win:) Thanks Jenny, you too!


Hi Janae! In previous years my mom has gotten me the fleece pajamas from Costco and we love how soft it is! Sometimes the pants have pockets too which is nice.
My favorite easy board games that are fast to learn that I think Brooke and Knox would like are King of Tokyo (or King of New York), Splendor, or Azul. I also have gigantic Jenga which is always a hit at parties. Happy Friday!


Costco has amazing pjs! I need to get some new ones:) I have never heard of those games, thank you SO MUCH… my kids will love these. Thanks Amy and you too!


Chinese checkers. I grew up playing that. But it’s a mind game and takes some strategy so Skye might be too young but good for your older kids. Also… good old fashioned monopoly. I grew up with that as well. My kids love getting money. We have to leave it out for a few days and just keep coming back to it becusee it goes in forever.


Awesome idea about Chinese checkers, Brooke will love that game and Monopoly is my favorite too:) Have a great weekend Mary and thanks for the ideas!


My 4 year old loves Hoot Owl Hoot and my 9 year old will play with her too. Other favorites are Sequence, Head Bandz, and Farkle.

My hair is super straight naturally and usually doesn’t hold curl very well but I’m wondering if the wave will work. Might be worth trying!

I need some new jammies so thanks for the recommendations!!


Ahhhh You have EGGS!!! I’m so excited for you. We are huge fans of omelettes, frittatas, scrambles for easy dinners! And I think I need to try that waver because I’m terrible at curling my hair. And Skye looks so grown up on her Scooter, watch out world!


We love this card game! Fun for grown up game nights too!

Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese pizza – it’s a card game ( on Amazon)

We play with our teens, but for sure your elementary aged kids will like it too- and your sister’s teens can jump in!

Glad you’re feeling good- and maybe sleeping a bit more?
Be well,

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