Anybody Else? + Weekending.

I had grand plans to wake up early and get in a 3 mile run before Andrew left but I decided sleep and snuggling sounded MUCH better.

I’m surprised we ever got off the couch on Saturday but eventually we did…

IMG 5289

My sister has told me that I can use her home gym (her renovation post is HERE) anytime that I want so we went over to her house so I could get in a few miles on her treadmill.  My garage gym is perfect for when kids are asleep but it is a bit harder to use when they are awake when Andrew is at work.  I’ll use my sister’s gym if I need to so I can have Beck snoozing next to me and Skye playing with her cousins.

Her gym is so peaceful that I almost fell asleep on her yoga mat after I finished running ha.

IMG 5302

Over the weekend we had a lot of Andrew’s favorite salad on the planet (we had it at Christmas dinner and had a lot of leftovers:)… it is so good!  The recipe is below this picture.

IMG 5306

And a whole lot of Shalane’s Spicy Sausage Minestrone Soup.

IMG 5315

Our highlight was definitely Brooke coming home!  Knox comes home today and then we will have a week all together.  Andrew starts school again next week so we are really going to soak in time together this week before his life gets even busier!

IMG 5329

Our Sunday included a lot of board games.

IMG 5321

And we watched the new movie on Disney+, Soul.  Have you seen it yet?  We all LOVED it.

IMG 5336

Oh and I put away Christmas… I was more than ready to no longer have decorations out:)

IMG 5341

We had 12 eggs waiting for us in the backyard.  PS did I tell you about how Beretta is now friends with the chickens and they all run around in the backyard together?

IMG 5343

Somebody is having a hard time giving up her old toys….

IMG 5345

I’m definitely here… anybody else:


What is this week like for you?  Is it a busy week for you or do you not have a lot going on?  

What is something that you ate a lot of over the weekend?

Running inside or outside today? 

When do you put away your Christmas decorations?  Right away or do you wait a bit?

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This is the first time I’ve taken this week off since college – so a very long time ago. Usually work is so quiet and my family is local so I wouldn’t want to waste vacation days when they are best used some other time of the year. Now I’ve decided I always want to take it off!

We have nothing going on – we wouldn’t even without a pandemic. It’s a nice week to lounge around.

Usually I’ve taken down Christmas by now . I like to wake up on New Year’s Day with the house put back. But I’m not feeling the rush. I’ve taken down some but left some – having the lights on brings me joy and we all need as much joy as we can these days.

That being said I won’t be one of those people whose tree is still up at Valentine’s Day! The house will be back in order by next week though I may convince my husband to leave the outside lights up.


A WEEK OFF!! I am so happy for you and that you get to relax this week. Keep the joy coming and I convinced Andrew that we need to leave ours up for a bit too:). Have a beautiful day Jessey.


I get to run today!!! Sadly on the treadmill since my husband is at work and my in-laws are gone. But it still counts. ?
Haha Beretta and the chickens. Maybe that’s what I need to get to entertain our dog. ?
We took Christmas down yesterday and I was definitely ready. I’ve also been organizing and getting rid of things too and it feels so good. I really want to freshen up our house with some new pillows and rugs, so that’s my task this week. Other than having to check my email for emergencies I’m off! ??
Happy whatever day it is!


YOU GET TO RUN! I bet you are feeling so ready to run again and I really hope your ankle was happy the whole time! Hahah definitely get some chickens for your dog;) The reorganizing just feels SO good and now you are inspiring me to freshen up our house with some new pillows and rugs (Andrew isn’t going to be happy with you;). Enjoy your time off and thanks Mollie!


I never want Christmas to end so I leave everything up at least till New Years. After that I’ll slowly start putting things away, but I follow the rule that it’s bad luck to have Christmas stuff out after Epiphany (January 6th). Not sure who came up with that, but it gives me a good deadline!
Have a great day Janae!


I haven’t heard of that rule but now I’ll never forget it:). Thanks so much Jenny, you too and keep enjoying your Christmas decorations this week!


This is the first time in… I think a decade or so that I’ve had this week off. And I have my daughter this week: I’m beyond thankful and excited about it!

Today is an off day so I’ll aim for a long walk outside.

I grew up putting the Christmas decorations away on New Years Day but I like to wait for Epiphany… or so.
Then I’ll put out the Valentines Day things. I actually invested in some plain red and white winter pillows, throws etc that will go right from one to the other.
We like holidays a bit ?


A WEEK OFF! Kristen, I am so happy that you have time off and that your daughter is with you too. Enjoy every second. I need to find some good Valentines Day decorations, help me out with that:). Have the best day!


I tried to put Christmas away on the 26th and Ross was V upset. I remember having this argument last year too and I still put it away before New Years. I’m sure the same thing will happen this year again ??

I have reorganized closets though and got rid of stuff we haven’t used. I need to reorganize my eating habits now. Things have gotten ugly?

I’m pretty sure I have a picture of a too big Annabelle in our exersaucer, and then atop big evan in it after felicity was born. Pay attention to meeeee!


Haha when will Ross learn that you will end up putting it away when you want anyways? Way to go on all of the reorganizing! Hahah I need to see that picture except I will probably think that Annabelle is Felicity;) Let’s Zao soon… that has been sounding so good lately.


It’s actually pouring rain here today! Started with lightening and thunder around 1am, and it has been steady since. We need this rain so bad, and I love it. But if it keeps raining this hard, I’ll skip my run. Our gyms are still closed too, so no treadmill for me either… I’ll have to do something else ?
I usually put all the Christmas stuff away before New Years, so that’s what I have planned for the next few days. Other than that, we have nothing going on.
Our whole neighborhood does leave the outside lights up until after New Years. I love that meme about the time between Christmas and New Years… So true!
I forgot how nice your sister’s gym reno turned out. Has she done any more renovations?
Have a great Monday ?


Rain! I am so glad that you are getting some rain but I hope that it pauses for an hour so you can get out and run. We leave our outside lights on for another week or two. She is almost done with her main floor… she’ll write a post about it all. It has turned out incredible and she just needs to make some bookshelves now for the family room. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I’m in the weird in between too!! I’m taking vacation from work and have no idea what day it is haha.

Been eating a lot of peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses, I made a huge batch for the family!


I am SO glad you are taking some time off! It’s so needed for us to have time like this:) I need to make those cookies for my family, they love them. Have a beautiful day Mariah (I just had to remind myself that it was Monday because I almost wrote have a beautiful Tuesday:)


This is the first time EVER that I’ve had the days between Christmas and New Years off, and it is SUCH a blessing! I wouldn’t call my job physically demanding by any means, but it does include very early mornings and walking around for most of the day. My body handled it just fine, UNTIL I got pregnant and have been fighting that first trimester fatigue! So I am taking this time to be the biggest couch potato I have ever been in my life, and it has been GLORIOUS!!
In regards to your other question; cheese. I’ve been eating so much cheese. Since it was just my husband and I for Christmas, we figured a cheese board would be an easy Christmas dinner for two, but we ended up buying much more than we needed for one night, so we’ve been living off those leftovers for the past few days. ‘Tis the season. I hope that you’re having a wonderful holiday season with your family!


oh man, Beck’s smile is just the best!
this week I’m working for 3 days then another long weekend and I can’t wait! having the last 5 days off was so wonderful and magical and I need a repeat ASAP!
over the weekend I ate all the things! homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade peppermint bark, Chinese food … basically everything I don’t typically eat anymore. I sure felt blah because of it but I don’t regret a thing!
Today was an icy outside run! I typically don’t run when it’s at freezing or below because I’m super clumsy but somehow I managed to skate and not slip across the ice!
i typically wait until new years day to take Christmas down. I’m definitely leaving my Christmas lights up as long as I can though! (and I sure hope others do the same to brighten my 4am runs!)
have a great day!


Thank you so much Jenny! I am so glad that you get another long weekend. You ate some of my favorite foods:). It always feels good to eat some vegetables after that blah feeling kicks in! Way to go on avoiding slipping while on your run today. 4 am runs… that sounds painful:) We are leaving our lights up for a while so I hope your neighbors do too!


I will have to work M-Th as will my husband. But we have a cabin rented for New Years Eve and New Years nights so I’m looking forward to that.

It’s been cold here with highs in the 20s but lots of wind to make it feel colder. There is snow in the forecast too – they are predicting 1 to 15 inches!

We make these brownies every year for Santa (it’s the only time I make them because I can’t resist them!).

I was so tempted to put my decorations away but then I realized I haven’t gotten a picture of the kids in front of the tree yet – my camera batteries are toast and waiting for new ones to be delivered. Once I get the picture everything is getting put away.


A CABIN… what a great idea! I am so excited for you guys to have that this weekend. You guys are going to get dumped on! Ummmm those brownies look incredible… I’m drooling. Have a beautiful week Erika!


I returned to work (in our home office since my Corporate office is still closed) after 16 weeks of maternity leave. I figured no one would be around this week and I could get through my e-mails and get my feet back under me. But man I miss my baby girl!


This is the first time in a while, I’m actually working the week between Christmas and New Years. Usually work is pretty slow so I take some time off, however, we are actually busy, so I’m working part of the week. We actually made the 12 hr drive from Denver to St Louis to visit family (both sides live here). We already visited my husband’s family and now we are on to my family before we make the drive back on Wednesday and then I’m off until the 5th since it’s my birthday on the 4th :-) I’m going to try to sneak away for a quick run sometime today. Once we get home, we’ll finally do our Christmas gift exchange so leaving the decorations up until after new years probably.
This week I have eaten a lot of cookies!! WAY TOO much sugar! haha But before we head back to Denver, I’m going to get my frozen custard fix. I don’t stress about eating too much sugar, however, when it’s all day every day my gums can feel the effect, anyone else ever feel that?
I used to run inside on the treadmill in college bc we had a really nice rec center and I’d lift weights afterwards and I also worked at a YMCA, so I had access to a gym before or after a shift. But now that I’ve been out of the gym scene for a while, I’m not sure I could keep the mental focus. Also when I’m on the treadmill, it’s hard to not be competitive with myself and want to run faster, but at 18 weeks pregnant, I have to settle with running at my own pace.


I have had a ton of those peanut blossom cookies.
This week is the first time in forever we are not travelling to do more Christmases. It actually feels amazing, and I now think that every 5 years or so we are just going to say no travel and we will hibernate instead. :)

Enjoy your week with everyone under one roof. :)


The fact that I’m reading blogs at 12:30 p.m. says a lot of about this week (I usually check in in the morning.) Les is off work all week so we eased into the day. We eventually worked out together – resistance bands and the bike trainers.

What is something that you ate a lot of over the weekend – apple pie!

Nothing outside today – it’s raining and I’m so happy about that. We had thunderstorms last night which is extremely rare in California.

I’m ready to put Christmas away but Les said to keep it up until New Years. I think he’s really enjoyed it all so much more this year since we haven’t traveled.


I put away Christmas decor on Boxing Day lol! It’s a thing I have…I like to have the house clean and organized for Jan 1st.

I find it a juggle to get workouts in with 3 kids…I like knowing I’m not alone in that. Sometimes it’s TV while I work out other times it’s when they are all sleeping. Will you be doing much jogging stroller running with Beck?

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