We have somebody to introduce you to!

Hey everyone! It’s Andrew here and we wanted to share with you a couple pictures from today!

It’s our new little baby boy.  Beck Truman Baron!!!  Everything went perfect and everyone is so happy and healthy.  Thank you for all the kind comments and messages we have already gotten today.  You guys are the best!!

IMG 2909

Also we wanted to share a little experience from today.  The girls got to FaceTime us after he was born and they were so excited to see Beck.  You all must know that Knox has been praying and hoping that our next baby was a boy so he could have a baby brother.  I went to go get Knox from school and when I got there I FaceTimed Janae who was at the hospital.  Hospitals are limiting 1-2 adult visitors during the hospital stay, so the kids can’t come.  Janae showed Knox our little Beck and his eyes instantly welled up and he started to cry, he told me he was so happy.  It was such a tender little moment for us all and we are all so happy to have Beck in our lives.

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Awwww…..congratulations to all of you! And what a sweet story of Knox, that’s so cute!


Congratulations, Janae and Andrew! I got little tears while reading this and I’m so happy for your little addition! Beck is a wonderful baby boy and Janae, you look stunning:)


Congratulations! Wonderful news x


Wonderful, happy news! Congratulations!!

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