I’m not sure if the top I was wearing could stretch any farther than it did yesterday!  The pockets are definitely not supposed to look like that but hey, the jacket did the job and kept my core incredibly warm.

While some (Andrew haha;) are complaining about how dark it gets early on at night now because we changed our clocks over the weekend, I’m over here thinking how great it is that it is light earlier in the mornings now.  I saw way more people out running and walking yesterday morning than usual and I’m guessing it’s because it is so much easier to get out of bed and exercise when the sun is starting to come up too.

4.05 miles @ 9:29 average

Afterwards I went into the garage to do some weights and Brooke’s doll used the rowing machine.

I did the math and my strength training has increased 783% now that we have this area in our garage because it is so convenient for me to use.

IMG 2718

We dropped off Skye with my sister and went to another doctor’s appointment.

IMG 3382

Maybe our last doctor’s appointment…

IMG 2726

While I was there the doctor had me do a Non Stress Test just to check in on the baby because I don’t feel the baby move as much as I did with previous pregnancies.  The baby is doing great and Andrew and I enjoyed 40 minutes of just relaxing and hanging out together.

IMG 2729

We picked up the girls afterwards.  We were all starving so we took advantage of the free kid’s meals at Zao’s on Mondays and had some delicious rice bowls.

IMG 2731

Andrew had to run into the store afterwards and he brought out maple bars which really finished off the meal perfectly.

I’m not sure what was happening behind me…

IMG 2736

We of course went out for our nightly walk and Brooke was pretty entertained by this picture.  The rest of the evening involved soup, contractions (that stopped after a few hours) and trying to keep my eyes open past 8 pm because of the time change.

IMG 2740


Let’s chat about some tangents that I’ve been thinking about…

*This was announced a little while ago and I am just so excited to watch it (I’m crossing my fingers that it will be on TV)!  I cannot wait to see the fast times that come out of this race and I bet they are all so eager to race!  Sara Hall will be running this race and I’m just amazed by how she can pull off back-to-back marathons after racing London recently.  I tried to do two marathons close together last year and that was ROUGH!

Screen Shot 2020 11 01 at 11 09 32 AM

*I did 10 minutes on my rowing machine a few days ago which felt like my biggest accomplishment in a while!  I just watched a show on my iPad while I rowed and my body is still sore days later ha… This thing works the body SO so good.

IMG 2578

*My nephew and my sister have a hidden talent that is very special that I just found out about.  They can say the ABC’s BACKWARDS and incredibly fast.  My nephew did the entire thing in 2.9 seconds and my sister in 3.2 seconds.  I can’t even say them that fast the correct way (and without singing it;).

IMG 2688

*Skye’s favorite spot at my mom’s house.  She has taken this whole ‘pretending she is a dog’ thing to a new level.

IMG 2665

*Due to the fact that we had Halloween decorations up for almost two months (Andrew loves to decorate early) I was more than ready to take down Halloween and put some Thanksgiving things out at 12:01 am on 11/1.

IMG 2744

*The winners of my 10 year blogging anniversary (sorry it took me a few days to get the winners picked)!  Send me the shoes that you want and let’s get you running in them asap!

Screen Shot 2020 11 02 at 11 21 49 AM

Screen Shot 2020 11 02 at 11 23 32 AM


Can you say the ABC’s backwards?  Any random hidden talents like my sister’s and nephew’s?

In a normal non-2020 year… How many races a year did you usually do?  Has anyone else tried the back-to-back marathons thing?

What was the last non-running workout that you did!?  On average, how many times a week do you cross train?

I haven’t asked you guys about your favorite donuts lately so I would really appreciate to know… You enter a donut store and they have every donut possible, what are you going to order?

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Chocolate with chocolate frosting is my favorite doughnut. bonus points if it has sprinkles. i also love cream filled.

I cross train three days a week. i do 20 minutes of rowing and then an hour of walking. I also do weights on the four days that I run. When my office goes back to normal (if it ever does), the cross training will be 20 minutes of rowing and 40 minutes of weights. I can’t imagine rowing while pregnant. I don’t know that I could have gotten myself down onto the machine and then back up. I would have been stuck there until someone came along to help me.

the race you posted is on my birthday. that will be something fun for me to watch/keep tabs on. thanks for posting!

I understand what you mean about it being darker earlier. I kind of hate it but i also like being able to get out earlier on the weekends. i definitely saw more people out on sunday than i have the past several weeks. it was nice.

have a great day! no school today because most of our schools are polling places. I early voted on sunday so that i can take the kids to chic-fil-a for a picnic in the car and hopefully have some fun outdoors. it’s supposed to be nice out today.


I hope you get a double chocolate donut asap with extra sprinkles. You are ROCKING the cross training and you must be so strong because of it all. Haha I pretty much only move about 6 inches total on the rower so it will definitely be a change in a few months when I am using it. That will definitely be a fun part of your birthday this year. Enjoy your day with the kids, sunshine and chic-fil-a, that sounds perfect. Thanks Teresa.


I can say the ABCs backwards. We taught my younger brother when he was little for a kindergarten project and all these years later, it’s still stuck in my brain. Haha!
I have my first race of the year this weekend! A trail half marathon (Happy Girl Half in Sisters, Oregon) and I have to admit, I’m kind of nervous about it! It should be fun though!
I’m so excited for your little one to arrive. Can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or girl (you have such self control to still not know!) and what name you picked! Sending happy positive thoughts your way!!!


How cool that you can still remember it all of these years later. It’s never leaving your brain. A TRAIL HALF MARATHON… I am thrilled for you. Please let me know how it goes, you are going to rock it! Thanks Christina!


I also cannot say the alphabet without singing!!

Two weeks ago I went to Philly and had the MOST AMAZING apple fritter, still dreaming about it. But I also like the traditional donuts- glazed or strawberry frosted.


Good to know I’m not alone with that and the alphabet. How did you not get an extra apple fritter and send it to me?!? I’m kidding but you’ll have to let me know the name of the donut shop in case I ever go there:) Have a beautiful day Mariah!


Hi! I haven’t commented in a while, but I keep meaning to – you look so great! And you guys are so close.. I remember one of your pregnancy posts you were wearing a white top, and I remember just thinking that you look so healthy and beautiful! Sorry I didn’t just leave a comment and let you know that right away! I pray you have a great delivery and baby is perfectly healthy and your recovery is speedy (like your running!) Enjoy those sweet snuggles..
Anyway, I am going to answer the donut question.. I’m Canadian but currently living in the UK, and I remember when I went home, after being away for a while, and my sister took me to Tim Horton’s so I could get a donut! (Have you heard of TImmie’s?) I actually found them really sweet, as I don’t eat them often anymore and I’d rather have the pure maple syrup (straight from the bottle… haha!) or desserts sweetened with fruits, etc. and/or honey or maple syrup instead of sugar. But I have always loved the Old-fashioned Sour Cream, I believe it is. And I love maple ones, too.. I actually ordered two because I couldn’t decide and I’m pretty sure the other one I got was Maple. This was actually years ago…
Mmmm.. maple syrup may be one of my favourite things on earth! haha..
Take care, Janae.. and happy November to you all! Can’t wait to read your happy news in the near future..


SALMA! So good to hear from you! You are so sweet, thank you so much.. I am so excited. I have absolutely heard of Tim Horton’s but I still haven’t been there. So it has been years since your last donut!? I’ll eat an extra one for you today! I hope you have an amazing dessert soon sweetened with fruit. Thank you friend and happy November to YOU! I hope you are doing well in the UK!


Hey again Janae.. Now, you got me thinking — it was definitely a few years ago that I got those two donuts and I remember it’s called an Old-fashioned Sour Cream Glazed because there is a non-glazed option, but I think you have to go for the glazed.. I guess that would be my number 1 choice if I were in there right now and had to choose! Mmmm.. So, so, so good… you’ll have to try one when you get to a Timmie’s one day!! They also have a chocolate version.. and timbits, which are the little donut hole thingies. That way you can try a bunch of different flavours!
And yeah, I guess it’s been that long since I’ve had a donut! Crazy..

Actually I tried something recently and it was so, so good and I remember thinking I need to tell Janae about these, she’d love them! haha… Not sure if it’s an English thing, I meant to look it up. It was called a ‘yum-yum’ from a grocery store bakery, LIDL’s. I think they might be Germany-based, like ALDI’s.. not sure. Anyway, it was just this soft gooey bread bar-like deliciousness, shaped kinda like your maple bar, but just glazed bread, and inside was this sort of toffee caramel.. and it was amazing! haha.. Definitely fulfilled my sweet-tooth dreams for like the whole season!

Anyway, thanks dear Janae.. we’re all really excited and happy for you! xo


Janae!!! I keep hoping that when I check in on your blog that you’ll have a “we had a baby!” title lol!! I am so excited for your family. Did you guys do a name guess on the blog? I remember you doing that with Skye.

Haha I am so ready to put up Christmas decor already but I don’t think my family is on board so I will wait until mid November;).

I seriously want that donut. Oh my it looks amazing. I usually go for coconut flaked donuts or maple. Have a great Tuesday!


Oh I keep hoping I will get to publish that blog post soon. Thank you SO MUCH! I haven’t done that… I was actually thinking of doing that on IG this time, you are inspiring me to do that today! I hope you get a coconut flaked donut soon and I say you go for the Christmas decor now:) Have a great Tuesday, Gillian.


I rarely cross train (oops) but you have been inspiring me with your garage gym! I know you mentioned this in a previous post, but what type of rower did you guys get? Exciting to (virtually) meet the newest little one!!!


Hey Anna! We have a Concept 2! Andrew did the research on them all and everything he read pointed towards this one. So far we are both loving it. Let me know if you get one and thank you so much, I can’t wait. Have a great Tuesday.


They do NOT have maple bars in North Carolina (or the southeast at all) for what I can tell. I miss growing up in Idaho with Albertson’s maple bars.

I try to do 4 races a year (on each quarter) to see if I LIKE racing. All different distances. After at least ten years of asking that question, I still have no idea if I even like running. Guess I’ll just keep going until I find out.

Day 99 of my running streak. I have no idea what will happen after day 100…. probably just keep going


I need to send you some maple bars, how in the world do they not have them there?! Oh Albertson’s… you just brought back some good memories for me. Hahaha some days I ask myself that question too but then I finish the run and realize… oh that’s why I run (for how I feel the rest of the day:). HAPPY DAY 99! That is amazing Sage and you better celebrate with some donuts tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday, Sage.


You are the cutest pregnant lady and I love that you’re still running!!! Way to go!

I cannot say my ABC’s backwards…that’s amazing!

I try to run 2-3 races a year – I have completed one virtual race this year (my first time doing one) & am about to run a live trail race in December, which I could not be more excited/thankful for.

I’ve never done back to back marathons, but I would love to do back to back half’s if I could!

I LOVE hot yoga and hot barre/boot camp classes for cross training and try to get them in 2-3 times a week. They’ve been so helpful for my back.

If I could pick any donut it would either be an Oreo cookie one or a chocolate peanut butter one!

Have a great day!!


Thank you so much Niki, I’m pretty surprised that I’m able to continue running still! A LIVE TRAIL RACE… I am so excited for you. You will have to let me know how it goes and I wish I could come join you. I have never heard of hot barre classes… that sounds so hard! I’m so glad you have found the things that help your back out so much, that is key! Go get one of those donuts today and I hope you have a great day too.


My son just asked me the other day if I could say the ABCs backwards and I totally surprised myself that I could! It was a lot slower than 3 seconds though! Impressive. Though, how do you really know they did it correctly?!?!?

I’ve never been much of a donut fan (I know!) but I remember my senior year of high school my friends and I would stop at the Caseys gas station and get either a Raspberry Flip or Cream Cheese Danish. There is no way I could eat them now as I find them way too sweet.


That is AMAZING that you could just pull that out of nowhere! Haha true… I’ll have to film it next time so that we can really see if they do it correctly. I have found that gas stations really do have some of the best treats like those sometimes. I hope you have a great day Erika!


Donuts: chocolate or blueberry!
I hate cross training. I know I need to do it, but I just like running more! I cross trained way more often before Covid. But during Covid I’ve just looked for every reason to get outside and running makes it that much easier! I’m glad you asked the cross training question because it’s reminded me how important it is and that I need to do better.
But not until tomorrow.
Because today I’m heading out on a run. ?


I haven’t had a blueberry donut in AGES, that needs to change. Hahah I’m with you, I love running so much more than cross training and I am so glad you have had running during this crazy year. I hope your run this morning was a beautiful one… and grab a donut soon! Thanks Liz!


Concept 2 will send you daily workouts if you subscribe to them.

I love Maple Bars, nothing like them here in VA but mom grew up in Northern California and we always make sure to grab some when we visit.


I am pretty basic lol. I choose glazed donuts most of the time. Sometimes I go for cake donuts too. Sadly, I cannot say the alphabet backwards ?. That is a true talent! Have a blessed Tuesday, Janae!


I choose glazed most of the time too, there is just something so good about their simplicity. Thanks Kimberly, you too!


They will!? Okay, that is awesome! I will have to try that. I might have to send you some maple bars if you aren’t able to get back to Northern California anytime soon. Have a great day, Amy!


I can’t believe how long Skye’s hair is! I’m envious of the hair genes in your family.
Chocolate donut with chocolate frosting, please. Bonus for s’mores stuff on top like graham cracker and marshmallow bits.


She really does have such long hair already! I hope you get that double chocolate donut with s’mores toppings asap… that sounds like heaven right now. Have a great day, Allison!


Hi Janae! I’m all about those old fashioned cake donuts. I noticed that the more I run, the more yoga I just feel like doing to balance out all the running. Still can’t touch my toes though after all this time, but you posted that article once about how many runners can’t so I don’t feel too bad about that. Your sister and nephew really have a talent. I just tried and said z x y and realized that wasn’t right and gave up. Happy Tuesday!


Now you have me needing an old fashioned cake donut, that sounds so good right now. YES, don’t feel bad… you aren’t alone in that. I’m not sure I will ever touch my toes ha. Happy Tuesday to you too friend!


First things first, chocolate old fashioned (priorities!!). Maple old fashioned is a close second.

And I agree, I love this time change for the extra light in the morning, even though I know it doesn’t last long. Maybe that’s because by 5:00pm I’m already thinking of bed so I don’t care if it’s dark.

And I definitely can’t say (or sing) the ABC’s backward. BUT, I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago (boo) and have been doing lots of ABC’s with my left (injured) foot. My PT told me to start doing them with both feet at the same time and I realized that I’m doing a backward ABC with my right foot so they mirror each other. Every letter except the Z, somehow I can’t quite get that one.

You look gorgeous and still have so much energy (probably from all the running). I’m so excited for you all to meet this new little one!


I haven’t had a chocolate old fashioned it WAY too long. I need to change that and I hope you have one soon too. Bahaha we sound a lot alike with our schedules, I love it. I am so sorry about your ankle, I really hope you are able to get back to running asap. I just tried to do the letter Z with both feet at the same time and that is TOUGH! Keep me updated on your recovery, I’m cheering for you. Thank you so much Michelle, I can’t wait for you all to meet him/her!


I am so happy that it’s light outside in the mornings again! I really struggled getting out the door the past few weeks.

I am all about cross training these days. I went for a bike ride this morning then came home and did 20 minutes of yoga. Last week I went on a hike, a road run, a trail run, did a session on the bike trainer, yoga, and rode my bike outside! We’re going to Flagstaff for Thanksgiving – we’re taking our bikes and also plan on a day at the Grand Canyon, so I’m trying to get my legs ready for whatever we do that week.

If I walk into a Krispy Kreme, it’s going to be one of their classic rings, as long as it’s hot. Otherwise, I’m going for a chocolate or maple bar.


Yes! Saying the alphabet backwards is my hidden talent also! Including the song at the end….”Me with sing you won’t time next, C’sBA my know I now.” ;)

And my donut answer is simple but perfect – apple fritter every time.


I NEED that maple bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Update — put in an order for donuts to be delivered this afternoon :)


Ugh, the time change is not kind to me. My kids are just getting up at 5am instead of 6am. Also I teach at night (and I am not a night person) so I am trying not to fall asleep while teaching. The light in the morning is nice so I guess there is that =)

I have not been cross training and I REALLY need to. I won’t go to gym because of Covid and I just haven’t gotten into anything other than running. I used to love to go to body pump. I just need to do some strength videos and out my bike back on the trainer.

I have done s few marathons back-to-back but I wasn’t racing them all out I was using them as training for ultras so I don’t think that really counts.

Have a wonderful day, I hope you are feeling well and get to meet what baby soon!


ABC’s backward.. whaaaat? That’s awesome! ?

I would grab a
powdered sugar donut
Chocolate eclair
Boston creme
Apple fritter


Maybe eat a quarter of each donut if I can control myself!

Good job on the rowing machine! ?

I started mixing body weight exercises I learned from old Jillian Michaels videos and some dumbbell workouts in with my walk & runs. ?‍♀️

I am having trouble adjusting to daylight savings this time. I often find myself saying what? It’s only 6pm?! ?

Have a terrific Tuesday! ??


I am super excited too about the Marathon Project. It definitely has been a rough year for elite runners….I can’t imagine! Good luck. I am praying we meet your new baby soon!


You must get a video of your nephew and sister doing the abc backwards! I’d love to see that. Could be Guinness book of records worthy I think! All the best today Janae xx

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