Silentish Sunday!!

Good morning everyone!  We haven’t talked in a few days and I hope your holiday was a wonderful one.   I thought I would share some pictures from our last few days and then I’ll be back tomorrow with my holiday gift guide!

Date night at our counter.

IMG 4145

IMG 4120

This taste test of caramels from TJ’s is really fun.

IMG 4121

IMG 4112

When Knox came to our house from his mom’s house we were matching which I loved.

IMG 4125

IMG 4107

I have eaten more pie this week than ever before…

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We picked up our Christmas tree.

IMG 4142

IMG 4141

IMG 4155

And another night we went up to the mountains.

IMG 4026

Lots of naps = a successful holiday.

IMG 4164


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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Hiking, making turkey rice soup with leftovers, and decorating our Christmas tree (our first artificial tree-not sure how I feel about it!) Love the twinning with you and Knox, and Brook and Skye!


I want to come on a hike and eat that soup with you! So fun! Thank you Amanda and I hope you love your tree once it’s all decorated!


Looks like a great few days. Can’t wait for your gift guide post tomorrow!!!


Thank you so much Ashley! I hope you are having a great Sunday!


Twinning is winning! Beck always looks so snuggly warm I just want to reach right into the blog and hug him!

Today: making a batch of sourdough pancakes for the next two weeks, making Ninja Gingerbread Christmas cookies, and taking down the Thanksgiving decorations while putting up the Christmas ones!


He really is the best snuggled! I hope your multiple days of thanksgiving dinners during quarantine went fabulous! Sounds like the perfect day and send me some of those pancakes? Thanks Tonya!


Happy Sunday to you.
Every night since Thanksgiving, after Hope goes to bed, we eat pie. I think tonight will be the last of it. I will miss this………and with you in the fact I cannot tell you the last time I have had this much pie.


Pie dates every night… that sounds perfect to me and I think it should be a yearly tradition! Enjoy tonight, Erica!


Hi Janae! How nice to catch up! Today I am going on a run and testing out my new wireless earbuds! I’ve never had wireless earbuds before but I got them since I’m using the koala clip now and with my wired earbuds the case won’t close. Btw I love the koala clip thanks for the rec! Looking forward to your gift guide tomorrow!


Hey Amy! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the wireless headphones! I hope your run was great and I’m so happy you love the koala clip! It’s amazing! Enjoy the rest of your weekend friend.


Today- make and decorate ginger people with the kiddo, use the last(!) of the turkey to make soup, and battle the wind on a recovery run.

I am 100% impressed you managed a kitchen date with a newborn. You two are great at prioritizing each other.


Motherhood is a sacred duty.

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