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Asked my sister to join me for a hike so we did an amazing 4 miles together and the mountains brought us so much happiness.

IMG 4070

I might need her to do this with me every day now…

IMG 4067

Did a little stretching with Brooke too.

IMG 4059 2

Tried a new flavor of hot chocolate when I got home and it was delicious.

IMG 4084

I tried to match with Beck.

IMG 4078

Andrew told Skye what he bought me for Christmas so it’s only a matter of days before I find out.

IMG 3767

Went to Sundance to pick up our Ski passes and there was some snow there.

IMG 4087

Picked up some Trader Joe’s treats on the way home too.

IMG 4095

BBQed some burgers and had TJ’s sweet potato fries too.

IMG 4096

Started decorating for Christmas.

IMG 4100

Finished up the night with some Christmas movie watching.

IMG 4103

Keira D’Amato is ON FIRE this year!  Yesterday she finished ten miles in 51:23 (5:08 average mile pace) and set a new American 10-Mile Record!  I loved learning more about her on Ali’s podcast here… she has quite the story.

*So much truth:

IMG 3922


Give me your sentence of the day?

What is your favorite race distance to do?

-I have never done a 10 mile race but now I want to because that sounds like a really great race distance!

When do you start decorating for Christmas?

What is your #1 favorite pie in honor of Thanksgiving week?

-Banana cream pie.  

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Peanut Butter pie with hot fudge and PB cups is our favorite! We never start Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. My Mom’s birthday is Dec. 18, so as a child, we never got a tree until after that. Sometimes the tree came on Christmas Eve.


Hey Sara! I need to make that pie right now. You’ll have to let me know if you have a recipe you love for it. Enjoy decorating, happy almost bday to your mom and have a wonderful day!


Keira is a friend, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching her journey the past few years. It all started when she beat me at a local 10k (I was second place by minutes haha) a little over 3 years ago, just before her first marathon back. Such an inspiration :-)


This is so so cool! She really is such an inspiration and if you took second to her… you are crazy fast too. Have a beautiful day, Jen!


That’s so funny about never doing a 10 mile race-maybe they’re a regional thing? I live right outside of DC, and I feel like there are a lot in the area in addition to the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. It’s such a fun distance to race!! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


OK that 10-mile race time is making my head spin… how?!? My fave race distance is probably the half marathon – I love doing one a few weeks before a full marathon, because I love the confidence boost it gives me heading into that 26.2! As far as Christmas decorations, my fiancé and I have had our apartment decorated (sans tree) for two weeks now, because that’s what 2020 calls for! And for pies, my favorite is a really ooey gooey pecan pie (with ice cream, duh) but I’m switching things up for Thanksgiving this week and making a Derby pie (chocolate, walnuts, Kentucky bourbon). So excited!


Right?!? Holding that pace for a very short time sounds crazy to me let alone 10 miles! I totally agree with you about doing a half a few weeks before a full, it’s the best way to sharpen up mentally and physically before the full! I am so glad you two have enjoyed your Christmas decorations up for a bit already. Enjoy that Derby pie, it sounds incredible. PS when are you getting married Madeline? Have a great Wednesday.


We were supposed to get married in May 2021, but we actually just pushed it back to May 2022. It’s a bummer, but we believe it’s what is safest — we want there to be a widely available COVID vaccine for our family and friends by the time we get married, and we felt our original date was cutting it too close. We’ll just have to enjoy that engagement bliss for a little (a lot) longer!


Yes! Keep enjoying that engagement bliss and I think you guys made the best decision! Keep me updated on it all and Happy Thanksgiving!


Decorating this weekend. We always wait until after Thanksgiving.
I love banana cream pie but it’s not a favorite in my family so I’ll have to get my own :)
This year we’re having raspberry peach!


Enjoy decorating this weekend Samantha and yes, you need to get your own banana cream pie! Raspberry peach, yeah I need to try that ASAP. Have a great day!


We’re doing something new this year- we got our Christmas tree yesterday but are waiting to decorate it until after Thanksgiving. It’s up in our living room and the house smells amazing!!! I wrapped a Thanksgiving tablecloth around the
base for now and we’re calling it the “Thanksgiving tree.”
This year we’re making two pies, pumpkin and apple-cranberry. Pumpkin will always be my favorite!
Have a great day Janae- I hope someone else is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for you this year!


Thanksgiving tree… I love that idea! Oh and I cannot wait for the smell in our house too. That Apple-cranberry pie is making me drool and I want it for breakfast now. Thank you friend and yep, I’m definitely not cooking ha. Have the best day, Jenny.


It’s 19 degrees in Flagstaff! Driving to the Grand Canyon today. Haven’t been there in over 20 years.

We’re always gone for Thanksgiving, so I start decorating for Christmas right after we get home.

Favorite pie – cherry.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Janae!


Finally we are in similar weather haha! Have the best time at the Grand Canyon❤️ I hope you get some cherry pie tomorrow. Thank you, you too!


That hike looks amazing! And such a fun thing to do with your sister.
Ok, I can’t believe how old Brooke is starting to look… Like a teenager almost! Beautiful family Janae ?
I’m typically not a pie person, but I do like pumpkin pie, and usually I make a pumpkin swirl cheesecake for Thanksgiving that is super yummy! This year we are sticking with the “classics”… Apple and pumpkin pies.
Today will start with a run on my favorite trail, then prepping for tomorrow. Then tommorow morning I’m meeting with my running friends to do our own little turkey trot. It will be fun!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Right? Brooke just suddenly seems to be growing up so quickly. Andrew would be so so happy to have that cheesecake! I’m so happy you will be getting in a turkey trot! Have a beautiful day and enjoy all of the classics tomorrow!


Sentence for the day: Hope and I are having a girls day because we are off school and Chris still has work.
(So far we have had waaaaaay too much sugar for breakfast and did our nails for Thanksgiving.)


Sounds like you guys started the day absolutely perfect. Brooke, Skye and I want to join❤️! Have the best day with Chris and Hope tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, Erica!


That picture of you and Brooke….you seriously look about 16! I bet you hear stuff like that all the time….and you will love it when you are 50 plus. ;-)


Hahaha yes for sure! Thank you Kathy and I hope you are having a fabulous day so far!


I’ve never met a pie thus far that I haven’t loved lol. For Thanksgiving I must have pumpkin pie. It’s the law ? Apple and cherry pie are certainly welcome for the holiday as well. Christmas decorating is under way at my house today. It just feels right and necessary. I hope you and your family have a truly blessed Thanksgiving, Janae.


I agree… pumpkin pie should be a requirement for Thanksgiving! I hope you get a slice of all three tomorrow! Enjoy the decorating and thank you so much Kimberly, the same to you!


We have ordered a Banana Cream Pie from a local (new business) bakery, trying to support small businesses.
Have a peaceful Thanksgiving!
Ps you make beautiful babies ❣️ And Beck looks like his brother!


Oh I love that you did that! I bet it is going to taste AMAZING! Thank you so much Connie and I just told Knox what you said about Beck looking like him and it made his day!


My sentence of the day is: Raining so probably going to do some swimming in the bathtub with my 10 month old (an activity we invented yesterday because it was raining)!
I love a good French silk pie slice! But also pumpkin and apple. And I think I will start decorating for Christmas on Friday. I normally wait until later but this year we probably need a lot more joy sooner it seems.


Hahaha I’ll have to go swimming with Skye in our tub sometime soon! You are such a fun mom! I hope you get that french silk pie (yum!!) and enjoy the decorating! Thanks Emily!


Hi Janae! I don’t like fruit pies as much but cream pies are great, fruit tarts are great, and chicken pot pie is unbeatable. When do you go ski? Our season here won’t start for a few weeks. Happy almost turkey day!


Hey Amy! I hope you get all of the cream pies tomorrow! Sundance opens on December 4th and I cannot wait. Wish we could ski together. Happy thanksgiving with your fiancée tomorrow!


I love 10Ks! I am not a fast runner so to me that is slightly over an hour (on a good day!) which is what I have time for these days. But in terms of casual running I do want to build back up to 10 miles. I like double digits :)

We don’t usually decorate until after December 1st. For the first year me and the kids have today off so part of me was tempted to do it today but we are going to wait until after Thanksgiving. But we will still wait until next week/end to get our real trees. Yes, multiple real trees this year – we need as much joy as possible this year. My 14 has been asking for one for a few years so I am giving in. And I want to be able to see a tree from my work-from-home space so the dining room is getting one too!

I know your family loves pie having a pii Birthday, but we aren’t huge fans. Or I guess most of us aren’t – my husband does like a good Boston cream pie. For Thanksgiving he requests pumpkin, and I’ve always wanted apple. We like both but we don’t love them – ie we aren’t fighting for leftovers like we do with chocolate desserts.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


I have done one 10 mile race and it was the best! However, since they aren’t very common, it was hard to find what pace to go. I would love to try an 18 mile race–do they even have those? I think at my age marathons are too taxing for my body, but I would like something a little longer than a half.

Haha, I have to laugh at your favorite pie being banana cream–we were watching a cooking channel when I was in labor (after the epidural) with my daughter and they were making a banana cream pie and it looked delicious! I have been dying to try some for almost 7 years!

Sentence of the day: I am stressed, overly stressed, frustrated, clueless and tired of crying.
However, I am trying to reframe my thinking to: I have a job, I am learning new skills and have a wonderful supportive family that will help me in any way they can. So thankful and blessed.

Have a wonderful Wednesday Janae!


Your hike looks awesome, and your sister was available!!

Sentence for the day: The pandemic will be over in April 2022, 18 months from Sept-20! What? Well, I guess it’s real now.

Also, this is probably super low on your radar, but did anyone comment about the likes/ hearts for the posts? Notice they are 0 since about 11.5.20. It’s a good way to get more comments :-)


My favorite race distance changes every now and then but I really enjoy the half. I don’t feel like it’s overly hard in terms of pacing but at the same time if it’s a bad day then that’s a long way to go haha!

I have already decorated for Christmas. My stuff has been up for a week and a half now. I try to wait til Thanksgiving week but it’s 2020 and I’m going to do what makes me happy!

I’m a sucker for a pumpkin pie or a chocolate pie. But I also love apple. Basically I’ll eat a piece of pie if it’s there haha!


I’m making green bean casserole from scratch tomorrow! I’m so pumped!!! and I’m hoping to get in a cold and hilly run in to really get my appetite high for the meal :) Favorite pie: Pecan!!! <3


How is it possible to have JUST ONE kind of Thanksgiving week pie?!?!?!?!? Give me almost all of them–maybe not coconut cream pie or some sort of strawberry rhubarb pie, but I have deep affection for all other kinds of pie I have enjoyed. However, a boozy pumpkin pie (imagine all the alcohol cooked off and the deep caramelized flavors of the rum or whatever Scott, who was my dissertation director in PhD-land, would put in…), or a bourbon pecan pie that Scott would also make, or–the absolute best–my yiayia’s apple pies made with the granny smith apples from her tree in the backyard I knew throughout my childhood. (And on the years my grandparents would come to my childhood home instead, she would bring those peanut butter cookies with the ginormous hersheys kiss plopped in the middle, and I would live for those a bit more than any pie imaginable…).

And if savory pie is an option, when I was in PhD-land and went to Scott’s house for Thanksgiving with his family and with some other students from my program, I would always bring a spanakopita or two. When I had the time and patience, I made a pretty killer spanakopita!!!

10 miles would be a dream to run, but even right now a 5K sounds like a dream. My knee is shot, and I need to be able to afford a specialist, and I remember my “one 5K/month” throughout 2018 that I miss quite desperately. I really would love to be able to get even to just that–one 5K/month–in 2021. I’d even pay for a virtual race from one of those running swag websites if that’s what I had to do, if my knee would let me…

PLEASE give us reviews of your TJs goodies!!!!!!!! I want to try EVERYTHINGGGGGG chocolate & peppermint. :) Yummmm…



— My favorite distance is probably Half Marathon, followed by 10k.
— No Christmas decorating at my house until at least December 1! (Except sometimes the outside lights go up Thanksgiving weekend if the weather is nice.)
— Favorite pie is a tie between pecan (which we never have because I’m the only one who will eat it) and chocolate (which we all fight over so I have to make two of them).
— Happy Thanksgiving with all your little cuddle bugs!

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