Life with a Newborn–> Andrew’s 14 Insights of a Newborn Life

MORNING!! Today’s post is from Andrew and I hope you love it!  I also posted yesterday (haven’t posted on Sunday in a while!) too in case you want to catch up.


Happy Monday everyone!!  One of only reasons I know what day it is right now is because it says it on the top of my computer screen.   Janae asked that I let you know what my experience is like having a new baby in our life so I thought there was no better way than to write a list for y’all.

Here are 14 Insights of newborn life!!

1- I wish I would have done arm measurements before and after Beck.  I think I hold him 90% of the time in my left arm and I’m starting to think its bigger than my right.

IMG 3622

2 – No matter how prepared you THINK you are, you aren’t.  Just roll with the punches and plan on a few sporadic Target runs and don’t go home unless you have the right thing….

3 – Choosing a name is a high-stress situation.  You have to get two people to agree on what to name the baby for the rest of its life, family has to approve or not and/or you change the name two days before he comes.  So beyond stoked for the name Beck, it fits him well.

4- Sometimes its important to make errands into little adventures to get the other little ones out of the house to give mom and baby time to rest.

IMG 3610

5-  This is my designated Beck and dad chair.  This is where the magic happens.  What magic you say… When I hold him like this he actually sleeps without trying to find, and disapprovingly cry when he doesn’t find it, a food source on my body.

IMG 3685

6- This one is very related to #5, with all the dad and son time in the magic chair, I need to indoctrinate him with the most important things in life.  #harrypottermoviemarathonsforlife

IMG 3435

7- Sneak in the workouts when you can, even if it’s time to put the kids to sleep.  It’s bedtime but everyone is more stoked to be in a cold garage and watch dad workout than to be in bed forced to sleep.

IMG 3664

8 – This was supposed to be a picture of all of us doing grocery shopping together.  I only had 3 of the 4 kids, but I found myself trying to keep everyone alive in Costco more important than thinking about the picture and of course I forgot two important things on the list I wrote down.  Yes – I actually wrote my list by hand and I still forgot.   Anyone still make paper shopping list??

IMG 3667

9- Covid has definitely put a damper on how many people can visit so FaceTime has been a lifesaver.  But, it has also been nice to have people call to talk to Skye/Brooke/Knox first to let them know they miss them first and they aren’t left out with all the new changes.  Side note – I need to find a giant unicorn for Skye’s birthday now… please let me know where to get one.

10- When the two year old requests quiet time,  you know there has been some loud changes in the house.  Skye is reminding us daily that we all need to take a break and have some quiet time.

11- The topic of our texts have turned into 98% Beck and kids.  Yes, my battery level represents my energy level at the moment.

12- We definitely need a bigger bed…  I think I’m leaning on the nightstand.

13- I can’t imagine being pregnant, especially in the 9th month of it all.  The closest thing I can relate it to is on Thanksgiving night after my 5th dinner X 100.  We all survived by giving mom space and comfort – no touching hahah.  Now that baby is out I was reminded that I can hold hands with my wife again.

14- All joking aside, I am so happy to add another little guy to our family.  I am stoked to have Beck in our life.  I am already planning the trouble we are all going to get in with all the crazy stuff we are going to be doing.

Thanks for letting me ramble a bit!!  I hope you are all having a fantastic day out there.  Stay safe and do something for you and someone else today!!!


Any insights you would like to add about adding a new one to the family?

What is the funniest thing you have done because you are sleep deprived?

-I claim to have fallen asleep while walking.  This was when I was in high school:  I got up early to workout, went to school, soccer practice, work for 6 hours, did homework and stayed out late with my cousin and the last thing I remember was walking to my room.  My dad found me laying in the hallway asleep in the middle of the night and told me to go to bed.  I don’t know if it is possible but it sure seemed like I did it.

What is something you have done or are doing today for someone else?

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I still use paper lists! So much easier to cross things off that way


100% AGREE! I hope you have a great day, Maureen!


Nice post Andrew! You sure have some crazy times coming up.
To answer your question, i’m a massage therapist and I once fell asleep while I was giving someone a massage. I was standing up too. Not sure if the client noticed, but I had a short dream before suddenly waking up and wondering what in the world was going on!
Enjoy your day!


Thanks Jenny! Seriously, January is going to be quite intense with everything going on! No way! So you were even standing up, you must have been so tired! Thanks so much Jenny and you too.


My husband fell asleep at a stop light once. Thank goodness we were all in the car and only 4 blocks from home!


No way!! So glad you were all safe and so close to home. Hope you have a fabulous Monday and thanks for sharing Jackie!


Congratulations Andrew! (an the rest of the family!)

I haven’t fallen asleep anywhere weird, but prior to our first child being born I had an irrational fear of falling down the stairs while sleep deprived. We were living in a townhouse at the time. Walking out of our bedroom, the stairs were right there and you had to take a turn to get to the nursery. Luckily we could also go into the bathroom from our bedroom and then out the other door that came out in the hallway right next to the nursery, so that is what I would do in the middle of the night for a long time. But while pregnant I would have nightmares about it.

Be safe!


I’ve totally had that fear too Jessey! SO so glad it never happened to you though! Thank you and I hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Excellent post, Andrew! I enjoy reading your take on things. Today I am making chili for my Mom and step-dad. All four of your kids are so adorable! What a sweet family you have. You have alot to be proud of. Hope your Monday is awesome!


Thank you so so much Kimberly! I love it when he shares his take on things too. I hope you are making some chili for you too… that sounds delicious! Have a great day.


Making a paper list, bringing it to the store, and then losing the pen and paper happens to me just about every trip. My tip is to take a photo of the list before you leave the house just in case you get distracted and forget it.

Congrats again :)


Hahaha Lauren, I have totally done that! Such a great tip! Thank you, we will be using that. Have a wonderful day!


Andrew you are a great Dad and husband.


I fully agree. I think he and Chris would be great friends too. Have a beautiful day, Erica!


Oh so cute! I always write down paper lists. I have a notebook for work too, and everything is written down, and checked off. It helps keeping my mind in check :)


Hi Andrew! What a great post! I used to use Google keep on my phone so I can make a digital checklist and cross things off at the store. But now with the pandemic I am trying to not touch my phone so much so I use paper lists too. I am super impressed you are still working out with all that’s going on, way to take care of yourself and set good example for the kids!
Happy Monday!


You guys are doing such a great job of making sure all your kids are taken care of! Such a beautiful family.

I switched to the Out of Milk app last year and haven’t looked back. It lets you check things off your list and moves them out of the way so that you only see what you haven’t put in your basket yet. I haven’t forgotten anything in a long time ;)

My funniest sleep deprived moment happened when Les and I were dating (over 30 years ago!!!) He lived about 200 miles away and would visit on weekends. He’d always call when he got home, which was usually super late night/early morning. One of those times when the phone rang , I quickly grabbed it in my sleep. About 15 seconds later I came fully awake and realized I had the phone in my hand. I had no idea if it had actually rung. I sleepily said “hello?” and Les was on the other end wondering what was going on! He still teases me about it.


That list was too fun!! Always enjoy your write ups! I got a good laugh out of Skye needing quiet time. Times change!


While in newborn sleepiness as my husband was holding our crying baby and talking to me I tried to put the pacifier in my husband’s mouth – several times. He finally batted my hand away and asked what I was doing.


My first son had colic and cried almost 20 out of 24 hours for the first few months. It was one of the worst cases of colic the pediatrician had ever seen. One day a co-worker came up to me and asked me if I realized I had shaven off one of my sideburns and not the other?? :)

I shaved the other one off the next morning to even things out.

You guys are doing a great job, enjoy these days!


This is a great post, Andrew and I’m so glad you found the magic chair position with Beck. Also, how cool that you can work out at crazy late hours, I feel like that’s a superpower.

I’m big on paper lists and yes, still forget things that are written down. And I’ve driven home more than once during tax season and parked in my garage only to ask myself how I just got there (yikes, and that’s nothing compared to the tired of having a newborn!)

Congrats on a new addition to your mountain biking club, he’s a real cutie!


Hi Andrew! Great post! When I worked nightshift in intensive care and we did paper charting (wayyyyy back when!), I would fall asleep charting. I would start to write what I was doing in my dream, crazy and embarassing when I had to draw a line through and correct when I woke up!! Your little family is so sweet! Thanks for sharing with us.


The unicorn is from Walmart $20! Ours sold out of them fast!

Congratulations! Beck is adorable!


You are the best! I was able to just buy the last one online from our Walmart! Skye will be so happy!


I came here to say I just saw that Unicorn for $20 at Walmart.. go quickly!

I have a nearly 5 month old and am constantly falling asleep while pumping since she sleeps thru the night but I still have to pump.


Yay for your 5 month old sleeping through the night! Oh I bet it is so hard to stay awake while pumping. Thank you so much for telling me where it is from… I was able to buy it online wahoo! Thanks for the help!


I am 100% a fan of paper lists. I walk around the store with a pen, crossing things off as I go. I briefly tried a shopping list app on my phone, but it just wasn’t the same!
When our third kiddo was an infant, I was trying to be productive during middle-of-the-night nursing. I figured I could use my phone to pay some bills. Unfortunately, I was so tired that I kept nodding off while trying to enter my banking password. I tried several times, but kept falling asleep, and I ended up getting locked out of our account. I had to call the bank the next day to explain. So much for productivity during newborn exhaustion!


I love my paper shopping lists but there was once occasion where my husband lost the list that had not only the shopping list but also the meals list for the fortnight on it…..I was not a happy camper! I should probably take a photo of my lists like one of the above commenters suggested ;).
I think the silliest thing I have ever done when sleep-deprived was when I was in high school and had loads of school work and wasn’t sleeping well because of stress. So one day I woke up, had a shower, got dressed for school, made my bed, before looking at the clock and realising that it was only 2am….oops!
I hope it is all going well for you guys and you manage to get some sleep :)

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