Gift Guide for Runners, Women and Kids + Weekend Highlights!

I seriously cannot believe we are already to the last day of November.  I am so excited for this next month and all of the traditions that we get to do with Beck now too.

Beck seemed to be much more awake and alert yesterday!

IMG 4202

Skye barked at me for a good chunk of the day.

IMG 4208

And the biggest highlight was going out for a hike together.

IMG 4216

Beck does really well in the carrier and I’m thinking that I might be using the carrier to attempt to get laundry done in the future.

IMG 4218

IMG 4219

Brooke and Knox got in a little trail running too:)

IMG 4221

My food highlight yesterday—> these peppermint pretzels.  They taste way too good.

IMG 4237

The only thing that would have made the weekend any better than it was would have just been a few more minutes of sleep;)

IMG 4248


I have a bunch of gift ideas for you today if you need some and would love to hear any of your recommendations in the comments.  And maybe these items can make their way onto your Christmas list.  PS you can’t go wrong with Oprah’s list either.

Happy shopping!

For the RUNNER in your life:

IMG 4176

*Give them some tools for their mental training!  My favorite running books for this are:  The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train and Thrive, Strong, Let Your Mind Run, and How Bad Do You Want ItROAR is also an incredible book to help women understand our bodies as athletes!

*Sarah Marie Design Studio—> She has everything from the perfect clothing items for the running obsessed person to nail wraps, jewelry, mugs and more.  I love supporting her and the amazing work that she does!  I want everything she sells.

*My favorite winter gear is all on this post… help them to stay warm on their runs this winter!

*The Racin’ Grayson Training journal… This is on my list:)

*Twas The Night Before The Race Mug (my aunt got this for me one year)!

*These and these are the best running socks in my opinion:)  *This hat that also has ear warmers is AMAZING.

*Koala Clip (HRG10 gets you 10% off!)!  The absolute best way to take your phone on the run and she personalizes them too if you want.

*If they run with their dog, I love this leash to use while running with Beretta!

*I will forever love my water bottles—> The StanleyThe Simple Modern Bottle or Hydro Flask are my favorites.  Oh and this Tumbler is awesome too.

*These little massage balls are awesome!

*Roll Recovery to help them recover from all of the work they are doing on the roads.

*My Hydration Vest is AMAZING and I used it for all of my trail/ultra training and race.

*My favorite handheld water bottle to keep your runner hydrated:)

*Or this flip belt with the water bottle that fits perfectly inside of it.

*The leggings that I am obsessed with that are only $26… the colors, the materials, the pockets and the fit are just awesome.

*The long sleeve $24 top that I love!  It’s awesome and they have so many colors to choose from too.

*Awesome Resistance Loop bands for them to get their strength training on at home! ($10)

*goodr Sunglasses!  The original ones are my favorite and they are amazing running sunglasses for $30 or less!

*Andrew bought me this run necklace a few years ago for Christmas!

*The best ponytail holders for runners… they never leave a mark on my hair!

*Of course a pair of Brooks running shoes because who wouldn’t love to open up a pair of running shoes on Christmas?

*My spin bike usually goes on sale this time of year and we have put thousands of miles on it (I used to use it all of the time and now Andrew uses it all of the time).

*A foot massager (I LOVE MINE) for their tired feet.

*If I listen to anything while I’m running then I use my AirPods and they are on sale at Amazon right now HERE!


Any women that you are shopping for (or for gift ideas to put on your wish list):

*An Erin Condren planner… they are amazing!

*My sunglasses that I use every day that I always get a lot of questions about!

*My absolute favorite cookbooks: Two Peas & Their Pod, Cooke Once, Eat All WeekRun Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. and Run Fast. Eat Slow. Oh and THIS is the best cookbook holder ever!

*My Sorel Slippers are just heavenly.

*I am a huge fan of snow boots and these and these are my favorites that I have.

*One Line A Day journals!

*This cast iron dutch oven is something I use all of the time.

*The comfiest (cheapest) joggers you will ever find.

*These Thread Wallets are just the best.

*My favorite hair product to use… it’s a smoother that just makes my hair feel amazing.

*Saranoni blankets are my absolute favorites and then of course my weighted blanket helps me to sleep so much better!

*Everything is 40% off online at Madewell today… pretty much everything over there is on my list!


Let’s talk about gift ideas for KIDS!  I am not an expert on this at all but I’ll just share the top things that we have bought for our kids that get played with the most!

*The Melissa & Doug food sets.  The ice cream set is our kids (and any kid that comes over to visit) very favorite but this one, this one and this one are their other favorites.

*Harry Potter Illustrated books… Brooke and Knox are in love with these and they are helping them to love reading more and more.

*Skye LOVES this Elmo letters kit!

*Lite Brite is used very often over here!

*Skye uses her water mat multiple times each week!

*This Diamond Painting Kit is one of Brooke’s favorites.

*These Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets (you can color them and then wash them off and color them again) are a huge hit with Brooke and Skye.

*Our kids are obsessed with this Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone!

*Paint by Sticker for the big kids (and for me haha) and Water Wow! or Skye.

*Brooke’s favorite crafts—>This Fleece Quilt Set, this Eraser KitThis Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit, this Art Case Coloring Set, this Ultimate Scrapbook and this Knitting Kit.

*A Gumball Coin Bank!

*Skye loves her Little Tikes Car so so much (and the big kids love pushing her in it as fast as they can).

*Brooke LOVES this digital kids camera.

*These bow and arrows (Andrew enjoys them just as much as the kids and they chase each other around the yard with them)

*Dog sleeping bags (sometimes I find Knox sleeping in his on the ground in the middle of the night rather than his bed ha).

*For a few years now the kids have LOVED this Floor Mat to practice gymnastics, slide down the stairs when they have a babysitter haha or to wrestle Andrew on.

*They LOVE our projector and screen for family movie nights outside.

*Kid Headlamps and Kid Walkie Talkies are there favorites for camping/trips/night games.

*We probably should have bought three of the Bouncy Horse’s because our kids love it so much and want to bounce around on it all day.


When do you get your shopping for the holidays done??

WOULD LOVE to hear anything that you would add to the list for awesome gift ideas!

What was the best part of your weekend… best thing you ate over the weekend… best thing you did over the weekend?

Favorite treat to make for this time of year?  Would love to try them out over here!

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So many great ideas on this list! Thank you for sharing.
How fun that ALL of you got out for a hike! Sounds like a perfect day. And I love seeing pictures of Beck, he changes every day!
I love making breads this time of year: pumpkin chocolate chip bread, banana bread, etc. In a couple weeks I will be all about making cookies!! Gingersnaps, Andes mint cookies, sugar cookies… Mmmmm LOVE this time of year.
I hope your Monday is great! I just read that Utah got quite a bit of snow, so stay warm!


I must make those Andes mint cookies! I cannot wait for all of the treats this time of year. Thank you so much, Wendy! I hope your thanksgiving was perfect at home! Have a great Monday!


Ooh, I’ve been looking for a new hands-free leash. Thanks!


You are so welcome! Let me know what you think. Have a beautiful day Christine!


You always have the best kid lists!! I’ve gotten my kids so many of your suggestions and they’re always a huge hit (the ice cream shoppe….that thing gets so much use!).
My best part of the weekend was I totally cheated on my running plan….haha. Two weeks ago I had a GMP workout and it didn’t go well. I feel really undertrained right now and just nowhere near what shape I was in when I got my marathon PR last year. So on Sunday I had an easy long run, but I was feeling good, the weather was better…so I redid the workout and nailed it. I still don’t think I’m anywhere near PR shape, but it was nice to have one good workout before my race coming up! haha. Oops.
Beck’s surprised alert eyes made me laugh. He’s already growing so fast!! I hope you have a great week!


That makes me so happy! It really is such a fun toy. Mollie, I am SO happy about how your run went yesterday. I’m so glad you got to have that run and that weather for your run! I am cheering for you and your next race. You are going to FLY! Have a great Monday!


I recently got the mobility ball from Emma Coburn’s website–I already love it! I usually use tennis balls to roll out my feet, glutes, etc., but this is already making such a big difference. It would be a good stocking stuffer for any runner/athlete nerds!

Sending a lot of my friends things like face masks, good foot lotion, etc. this year, because I decided we all deserve to relax and take care of ourselves a bit after this year! I also have friends who are giving their kids online classes this year, like watercoloring for kids (and the supplies, of course)–I think that sounds SO fun and like something I would have loved!

Beck is adorable! So glad he is already going on hikes and seeing nature!


Hey Kristin! Thank you so much for sharing, I didn’t even know about that mobility ball from Emma Coburn! I can’t wait to check it out. What a great idea of what to do for your friends, you are so thoughtful! Thank you so much and have a great Monday!


Awe, I miss carrying my babes around in the Ergo; although, I do not miss having to do all the things while doing so! Ha!
I love how many adventures Beck has already had in his short life!
My husband used the divide and conquer method on our boys; I bought for my youngest and he for our oldest and they are DONE! My husband is super picky and hasn’t given me a list yet so who knows when I’ll be done with him. As for the rest of the fam; we usually draw names at Thanksgiving but were still under quarantine(ish) so we didn’t get to see them this year so it might be a while still.
My list to my husband includes: Bosu stability ball, massage gun (similar to Thera Gun), a muscle scraper tool & oodos workout shorts.
Because of quarantine we stayed home and my favorite things were spending time outside with my youngest, going for walks at night to check out the Christmas lights & hanging Christmas lights in my little gym area.
Best thing I ate was sweet potato pie! so so so good!
Have a great day!


That is a great plan… I think we will join you in the divide and conquer idea with our kids. Thank you! Your list sounds perfect and I might at a Bosu ball to my list:) I’m so glad you guys were able to get outside and that sweet potato pie is calling my name. Thanks Jenny, you too!


Hi Janae! I’m loving the list! The one thing I would add is that Costco had some great headlamps that are awesome for people who run at night like Andrew or just for hiking or camping. They are super bright and were really cheap! And the costco running gloves that I think we both have are great and people always ask me where I got them. Happy Monday!


SUCH A GREAT IDEA! Thank you so much Amy… I need to go get one for us too:) Have the best day and thank you!


Thanks for all the great gift ideas! I especially love those items for kiddos.
I have a question…can you provide the link to your red flannel you are wearing? I love it!


Hey Amy! Thank you so much! I got it at JCREW a few years ago… this one is kind of similar! Have a fabulous day:)


Thank you for the ideas. This is great.
On my run this morning I was going to contact you about what you were getting for Knox because I am not coming up with a good idea for my Nephew.


HEY YOU! Yay! So we haven’t gotten Knox’s gifts yet but as soon as we do, I’ll text them over to you! Have the best day:)


Thanks for all the GOOD ideas! Appreciate you!


Such a great list! Love all the fun things you had on the list. It reminded me that I wanted to get headlamps for the kids stockings (we camp a lot)!

The hiked looked so good, love these sunny late fall days. Hope you are feeling good and sleep is getting better.


Hi – best recommendation for gloves to wear while running – thank you!


Hey Sheila! These are the ones I use the most and I love them. Have a great evening!


Hi Janae, do you recommend the belt or chain version of that spin bike? Thanks!

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