Thursday Things, Cranky and Frosting All Day.

I have a new baby post up with probably TMI if you want to check it out HERE!


Now that it is so cold here I do not want to risk running in the dark (ICE!) so it was another treadmill morning for me.

Baby, WE ARE READY TO MEET YOU (I’ve arrived to the cranky part of pregnancy—> just ask Andrew;).

Four miles for my Wednesday morning and I switched around my incline from .5%-1% during the run.  For some reason I’ve always put the treadmill on a bit of an incline and I probably always will.

IMG 2426

Halloween week at school is pretty much the best thing ever to Brooke so she sprinted inside as soon as she left my car.  PS Brooke told me that she is grateful for masks at school because she keeps hers on at recess and it keeps her face nice and toasty.

IMG 2443

Skye has been joining me in the bagel/cream cheese obsession and she told me, ‘Mom, this frosting is so good.’  Maybe that’s why I love cream cheese so much right now, I get to eat frosting multiple times a day!

IMG 2446

I have a feeling a lot of time this winter will be spent by the fire.  Also, below Skye was making a wish that her toy horse would turn into a binky.

IMG 2450

After school we did some more raking.  These are from our walnut tree and it’s probably only dropped 30% of it’s leaves so far.

IMG 3334

IMG 3344

Brinner was a huge hit for dinner last night.

IMG 2467


A few random things to talk about…

I’m working with NOW Foods on my Instagram feed but I thought I would share the recipe I posted on IG here too just in case you need a snack idea… I am currently obsessed with their caramel cashew butter and so is Skye.

1/2 cup Nutty Infusions Salted Caramel Cashew Butter

1/3 cup NOW Real Food Manuka Honey

1.5 cups old fashioned oats

1/2 cup coconut

1/2 cup flax seed

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1 T chia seeds

1.5 tsp vanilla


Hoping to get a run done in the sunlight today and I’m REALLY hoping I can convince my sister to join me too in our twinner jackets.

IMG 2334

*A quick flashback to Halloween 2017 when I was pregnant with Skye… I MISS RACES and maybe I should get that mask out to use to go to the grocery store today;)

IMG 0026

*YESSSSSSSSSS I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this show back….

IMG 2456

*ABSOLUTELY AMAZING….. full article here!

Screen Shot 2020 10 28 at 5 54 40 PM


Just one more reminder about a new baby post!


Do you put the treadmill on an incline when you use it?

Have you ever done a race or a run in a costume?  What did you dress up as?

What is something that you have been snacking on often lately?

Tell me what your run is today!

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One snack I’ve been having lately is granola! The Kirkland Ancient Grains from Costco is delicious.

Could you imagine walking around the grocery store in that Spider-Man mask right now?! 2019 people would think you’re crazy but on 2020 people will just think you’re being safe and festive!


I will have to pick that granola up at Costco next time I am there, yum! Bahaha right? Now it would totally work! Have a great day Maureen!


I would love to do a race in costume. One day. One day I also want to do one of the Disney races! I can’t wait to run again, and then I can’t wait to get back to racing!

This cold weather makes wearing a mask so much easier! Normally I have a scarf wrapped around my face anyway, and the mask stays up better!

I can’t wait to see your baby! You look so strong right now. Fingers crossed for that Halloween baby. :-)


Can I come join you for the Disney race? That is on my bucket list also. I hope you are back running again so so soon. You’ve got this! Thank you so much Kristin, it would just be so so so great to meet this little one on Halloween!


I rarely use an incline but I know I should!
I’ve been snacking on boom chicka pop all the seasonal ones!
Yes! I’ve ran as Wonder Woman, the golden girls, and running late (won a prize for that one) the funny thing was I thought I was hung over that race from a few drinks the night before and here I was pregnant ?
Where are your twinning jackets from I think I have that jacket!


I FORGOT all about the seasonal boom chicka pop… I must get the peppermint/white chocolate one as soon as it comes out. Thanks for the reminder. You have had so many great running costumes! The running late one–> you need to send me a picture of that! The jacket is from Brooks a few years ago and I am trying to convince them to make it again because it is the best. Have a great day Trish!


Probably no run for me today, thinking indoor bike because it’s cold and rainy (I can do one or the other, but really trying to avoid getting any type of sick right now!). But tomorrow the weather is supposed to be beautiful, so outdoor run :)


GOOD CALL on using the indoor bike Mariah, I hope you had a great ride today and that your run tomorrow is perfect.


I’ve never done a race in costume, but when I did XC in high school, I dressed up as a girl from the 80s & Rosie the Riveter (two separate years ?) to help out at a costume run our team assisted with as a fundraiser!

My snack of choice recently has been vanilla frosting with pretzels — SO good & the perfect sweet/salty combo :)


That is absolutely the perfect snack and I am going to eat that with Brooke after school today:). Those are awesome costumes! Hope your Thursday is off to a great start, Liz.


Good morning! I’ve always put my treadmill at an incline. My motto was “life is not flat!” I love snacking on tortilla chips with melted cheese, my kryptonite! So excited for your baby to get here! Have a fantastic day today!


“Life is not flat”… I love that so so much and I’m totally going to use that. Off to go make some homemade nachos… that sounds delicious! Thanks and you too Martha.


Hi Janae! This is us is back!!!! I need to watch it. My friends have already watched it and they said it was really good and they are nicely not talking about it on the group chat til I watch it. Cream cheese as frosting, that’s great! I wonder what you could use for sprinkles. Enjoy your sunlight run! I’m kind of sad daylight savings time will come next week and take sunlight away from me.


I wish we could all watch This Is Us together! Let me know what you think after you watch it! Enjoy these last few days before daylight savings! Happy Thursday Amy.


What am I snacking on? All the carbs!! Help me stop this craving madness…lol. Any and all advice accepted. Here’s to hoping you and Andrew are busy bonding with your new little one on Halloween. :-)


Thank you so much Leslie, we sure hope we get to meet it this weekend:). KEEP loving the carbs… our bodies need them!! Have the best weekend friend.


Brooke with a high pony looks so much like you!!!

I always vary the incline on my treadmill while running, sometimes even a negative incline to keep things interesting.

I have done a race in a full gorilla costume. It was the Denver Gorilla Run where everyone runs in gorilla costumes around downtown Denver, it’s a sight to see! It was probably the hardest 5k I have ever done, I was so hot, but it was fun! The proceeds went to Mountain Gorilla Conservation so it was for a great cause too.

I am missing races too so much, I can’t wait until it’s safe for us to all get together again.
Have a wonderful day!


Oh really!? That makes me so happy! Seriously the incline change really does make the treadmill so much more interesting. Okay, those pictures of you in your full gorilla costume (ballerina gorilla haha) made me SO happy! I do not know how you did a full 5k in that but that is amazing! I can’t wait for races to happen again too… let’s hope for 2021?! Have the best day, Beth.


Oh, I’m so glad you posted about ‘This is Us’! I don’t watch a lot of TV, but that is the ONE show I’ve missed seeing. I dressed up as a snowman for a holiday race last year- snowflake printed leggings, white tutu, white shirt with big black buttons, a red scarf, and a hat on a headband. Chex mix is my snack of choice these days. Just breathe & relax. Baby will be here in his/her own time.


Oh YAY, I am so glad that it started back up again. We should do a group discussion about this season in the comments:). Okay, your snowman costume sounds so so cute. Your last two sentences are exactly what I needed to read, thank you… my whole body just loosened up. Have a beautiful day, Jennifer.


I always run with an incline when I’m on a treadmill. I think it makes it easier and I’ve heard it makes it a more accurate distance. I’m not a huge treadmill fan, but it is a necessary evil during the winter sometimes!
My go to snack tends to be popcorn but I bought a box of Cheez-Its this week :)


Yes, I’ve read that about treadmill running too. I am so glad you bought the Cheez-Its… after four years of marriage I finally convinced Andrew that Cheez-Its are better than goldfish. Have a great day, Ali.


I agree with Brooke about the masks – it keeps my face warmer too!

I always out the treadmill on a bit of an incline too. I figure the ground outside isn’t flat so I should try to emulate that on the treadmill too.


So so so true about the ground outside not being flat! I hope you are having a great day so far! Thanks Fiona.


My friend’s cousin is Maggie Guterl. she won Big’s backyard last year so it was fun to follow her journey this year. I’m sad she didn’t get as far she did last year but cool to see she still got in about 40 laps with her Tailwind teammates, Courtney and Harvey. That race takes incredible strength mentally and physically!


You’re adorable, it’s 100% okay to be cranky, and I had brinner last night too!! I had an itch to run today (super rare these days) and I accidentally ran at 2.0 incline! Lol good thing I didn’t know – if I did, I would have psyched myself out that it was “too hard”. Funny how that works!!


I usually run at 1% incline. I figure it makes up for not having drag (wind)! I also love doing those NordicTrac city runs that adjust elevation for the course! (I have the same treadmill…)

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