Silentish Saturday!!

Happy weekend!

First frost of the season!

IMG 2123

4 miles @ 9:38 average and then weights for 7 minutes in the garage afterwards.

IMG 2125

Knox joined us when he woke up and came up with some new strength moves.

IMG 2128

My photographer and I went up to the mountains to get a cool running picture…

IMG 2143

And this photo most accurately describes my current running form/awkwardness at this stage in life.

IMG 2150

Brooke is like Andrew and wants to wear shorts year round.

IMG 2176

Had my eyebrows tinted and waxed.

IMG 2182

Our rower came!!

IMG 2185 1

Skye cheered Andrew on.

IMG 2189

I learned a valuable lesson… pull-ups should never go through a wash (luckily it was a clean one:).

IMG 2190

My parents had us over for my mom’s stew, rolls and salad… it hit the spot.  PS Skye has been skipping naps again, hence her expression.

IMG 2193

My best friend again.

IMG 2196


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Ha, the awkward picture of you running is SO FUNNY! That’s one to save forever. Hope the baby comes soon (preferably one week from today!). Have a great day Janae!


Thanks Jenny! I hope I provide entertainment for all of my neighbors that see me out running every day hahaha. THANK YOU, Andrew would be so so happy. I hope your day is a beautiful one Jenny.


we recently found a cross country track (didn’t know that was a thing) and I ran there last weekend and had a BLAST on the trails. Planning to go back today. Day 89 of running streak!


I didn’t know that was a thing either, I want to come try it with you! Way to go on your streak, you are crushing it. Have a beautiful weekend, Sage.


Oh the skipped nap face!
I have a 1st date today that I’m kinda (ok, not kinda, definitely not kinda) excited about. So… doing the getting dressed up etc for a daytime date then going to do outdoor yet public things like check out botanical gardens and a pier with outdoor dining.


FIRST DATE TODAY! AHHHH please let me know how it goes. Have the best time!


I love the napless Skye face. Since I don’t get to nap much that’s pretty much face all the time. Well not all but often.

Seriously save that running picture forever! There is a lot of joy in that picture that you might not recognize at the present.

I think there is a big healthy baby boy waiting to meet you in about 10 days. (I know you haven’t asked for predictions so I hope I didn’t cross the line here).

Three things with a mask:

1. Visiting my mom
2. Selling back books at Half Price Books
3. Going to the Mall of America with my kiddo.


Hahaha you just made me laugh… I guess that is my face too at around 4 pm if I don’t get a nap. I WANT ALL OF THE PREDICTIONS! Reading that sentence gave me the biggest smile, thank you. I am thinking it is a boy again too. Those three things sound perfect… enjoy Belle.


I’m baking peanut butter cookies and ginger snaps with my 2 year old today. We got a huge dump of snow last night so we are hibernating today :).

I have done the diaper in the wash and dryer before! What a disaster!!! Lol.

Enjoy your weekend :)


That running picture made me laugh so hard!!! ? I feel like any pregnant runner with an instagram has a few of those on their phone!
I’m one week post 50k and already back in marathon training! Aka, active recovery. Haha. So today I have strength training and tomorrow an easy hour. It’s basically a similar time frame with you did last year with St George & CIM. And I’m going for that sub 3!! ?? I need to go back through some of your old posts to see your experience and get some advice. I’m a little nervous about the short recovery but I’m also so excited to take advantage of any races I can!!
Have a great weekend!


Hahaha yep! In my brain I sure thought I looked a bit more smooth than that picture told me. CONGRATS ON YOUR 50K!! I feel like we didn’t discuss this at all… I NEED DETAILS! Congratulations Mollie, you are amazing. I cannot wait for you to hit that sub 3! I’m cheering for you big time and let’s talk whenever you want about it all. That 50k is going to help so much for your marathon!


Running pics are always giving us some hard truths, LOL.

Skye’s no nap face is hilarious but I remember when my son started to drop his nap at 2.5 and I wanted to cry. I also had a 6 month old at the time so I can relate to what you are going through!

We are keeping it pretty quiet this weekend, lots of house projects, cleaning and then visiting my parents. I will get in a few runs and make some pumpkin pancakes this morning (I think you would love them!) .


Bahaha ‘HARD TRUTHS’ YESSSSS. I definitely thought beforehand that I looked a bit more graceful;). Oh that is rough… 2.5 yo and a 6 mo at the same time. That makes me sleepy thinking about. Enjoy your time with your parents and I think I’ll join you in making some pumpkin pancakes. Thanks Beth!


The trails are so beautiful! Definitely fall time. You are gonna get some gorgeous pics!

I am doing homework this morning, hoping to relax a bit, and then a murder mystery party tonight with a few friends!


Come run trails with me… wouldn’t that be fun. I LOVE those parties… maybe I should put one together. Enjoy and good luck with the homework this morning, Mariah.


FYI: The Rower and my pelvic floor are not friends. The do not play nicely together.

Dance class
Leftovers for lunch I am already dreaming about.


Oh no! That is a bummer. I’m tempted to try out the rower now ha but I think I’m going to have to wait a few months. Enjoy those leftovers… I might come over to eat them with you. Happy weekend, E H & C!


Oh that look on Skye’s face!! Ahahahaha
I am wanting to try the rowing machine so bad! Can’t wait for my gym to open again so I can.
I love your Run Happy shirt. Really cute.
3 things this weekend…. Run, clean the house, and enjoy the cooler temps… Finally!
Have a great weekend Janae ?


I think you will love the rowing machine! Such a good workout. I wonder when your gyms will open again. Thank you so much Wendy and enjoy the cooler temperatures (hallelujah)!


Hi Janae! I’m so happy you live near the mountains. It makes me happy just seeing your pictures so it must bring you lots of joy too. Your running picture cracked me up and reminds me of the last half I did where I was just running for fun and so I dressed super warm and then managed to stuff all of my layers and accessories into my jacket pockets. Then I tried to so some sort of jump while passing the photographer completely forgetting that to get one good jump shot they take a bunch and then pick one. So my race picture ended up looking awkward and kind of terrifying.
Happy weekend! Hope it’s a good one!


14 weeks pregnant and chilling on my couch :)

Had to comment because I thought Skye was Brooke in one of those photos! Had to double-take. She’s getting so big!


Hope you’re having a great Sunday, Janae! I’m excited for you to meet the new addition to your family :)

Three things for me today:
1. Running the last event (15K) for a virtual “stack it up” weekend I’m doing – 5K, 10K, and soon 15K.
2. Helping my son with a college app essay
3. Making a vegetarian version of chicken pot pie with biscuits for dinner.


I love your garage gym. That’s what I have too. I find it hilarious that there are 96 antacid tablets. Not 95 or 100 but 9″6″. Seems odd and funny to me. Oh boy, today I am cleaning carpets, getting chores caught up and going for a walk/run.


Did you tint your eyebrows at home? I’m intrigued! You are getting so big – and you look amazing :) That running picture is so funny. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend!

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