It was going so well until…

Monday morning I got on my treadmill and I was so excited about my new setup because the garage was the perfect temperature, I had Hulu on my iPad to watch, my water bottle was full of crushed ice and water and I loved being a few steps away from my bathroom.

IMG 2327

But the biggest reason I was just so thrilled to be on my treadmill was because of this… HOW UTAH?!

IMG 2330

1.16 miles into my run and I heard a crazy sound and boom, the treadmill belt went nuts.  There was a little rip that happened and the belt folded over.  We have put a lot of miles on this treadmill (Andrew even ran a marathon on it once during ultra training… PS why did we train for ultras during the winter in Utah?) so I’ll forgive the belt for doing this to me.  

IMG 2320

Luckily, I was able to go out a bit later on when it was 22 degrees for 3 miles.   By the way, when I updated my Garmin it now gives me a suggestion for what I should do that day… Ummm yeah, the below workout was not on my radar.

IMG 2333

Sitting by my fire afterwards felt so so good.

IMG 2358

Eating leftover soup for second breakfast helped to warm me up again fast too.

IMG 2362

Brooke was really excited to be wearing four layers again to school ha.

IMG 2331

We are REALLY into the ‘pretending she is a dog’ thing right now.  We spent a good chunk of the morning going on a walk around the house with her leash on.  For most of the day she only responded to us calling her Max.

IMG 2360

Brooke and Skye have both been way more into dogs than dolls when they are little.

IMG 2364

After-school randomness.

IMG 2366

Free dinner… one of my favorite things ever.   Our church group offered a ‘drive-thru’ for all of the families in the area to come pick-up dinner.  Andrew was thrilled because it was from one of his favorite restaurants, J-Dawgs.  

IMG 2371

Along with some dense chocolate cake.

IMG 2372

Brooke’s first ever 26.2 item… Her school gave her this for completing her marathon in a month.  She asked if she can put it up on the wall by the treadmill and that was the easiest yes I’ve ever said!

IMG 2369


Those of you that have had treadmills or have one now, have you ever had the belt break?  What problems has your treadmill had?

Can you eat non-breakfast type foods/leftovers in the morning?  Or do you stick to the classics for breakfast?

Tell me a toy or two or three that remind you most of your childhood?

-Pogs, Polly Pockets and Beanie Babies.

Tell me the temperature for your run today!  It’s so interesting to me how different it is for everyone right now!

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This just happened to my treadmill. My husband got on ebay and found a new belt. Took some time but it was only $99 for belt and better then purchasing a new treadmill!


NO WAY! What are the odds. We will check out ebay and grab a new belt (somehow Andrew fixed it for now but I’m guessing that won’t last long)! Thanks for sharing and yes… wayyyyy cheaper than a new treadmill. Have the best day Teresa!


I channeled my inner Janae yesterday when I had two lunches haha. My dad made a butternut squash soup and chili that are both delicious and I couldn’t decide which leftover to have. So I started with a small bowl of soup then had a small bowl of chili a little later. Perfect!

Usually I’m a breakfast food person (I love breakfast haha) but sometimes I will eat non breakfast foods if there’s leftovers I want and don’t want someone else to eat. One family tradition is having pumpkin pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving! My mom will make an extra pie just to make sure there’s enough haha. Best non breakfast food ever


Two lunches… YES! That makes me so happy. Why choose one when we can have both?! Okay, that is such a fun family tradition. I want to do that over here too! Have an amazing day Maureen!


Our treadmill is going on 6 years old now – so we are on borrowed time. I honestly can’t believe it’s lasted this long. I’m probably jinxing it by leaving this comment.

Childhood toys: Lite Brite, Strawberry Shortcake doll, and Barbies.


SIX YEARS… okay, that is awesome. You guys are taking great care of it. Oh yes, all of those toys were the best and my kids love playing with the Lite Brite now too. Have a beautiful day, Amanda.


Ugh, it was 77 with 90% humidity at 6:30 am! I am so ready for cooler temps!


Kaleena do you live in Florida too? Same with my run this morning, upper 70s and humid. But it’s better than 16 degrees, right?


Yes-Florida! It does not want to quit Summer yet. And yes- I cant wrap my head around 16!


77 with 90% humidity before the sun comes up?! That is HOT! I hope you guys start getting some cooler weather soon. I can’t even imagine how much I would sweat while running there, you two are TOUGH. Have a beautiful day!


Oh my gosh! I feel like you should earn a medal or something if you manage to wear out a treadmill. :-) My family has this old NordicTrack that’s older than I am (bought used when I was a baby)–it has wooden skis so you’re basically skiing in place. It is a GREAT workout, and so far, nothing major has broken on it, which is pretty amazing.

I’m more of a “breakfast for dinner/breakfast food all day” kind of person . . . but I will often eat Perfect bars for breakfast now! So easy and they keep me really full.

Have a great Tuesday!


Hahaha that is so true! I’ll tell Andrew that. Okay, I totally know what machine you are talking about from Nordictrack with the wooden skis. That one is a classic and I love how durable it is! I need to grab some Perfect bars, I know so many people that love those. I hope you have brinner tonight. Thanks Kristin, you too!


My first treadmill lasted five of six years. When I finally replaced it, I discovered that I could move the belt without the treadmill being on and it had started ripping. I think I paid $800 for and decided that I had gotten my monies worth from it and got a new one. This one, I had it for two years maybe and had to have the computer replaced. The incline wasn’t working; it got stuck in the highest incline (15) and wouldn’t budge. I called a repair company who looked at it. He opened it up and it was full of soot. Turns out when my husband emptied the chimney, he did something dumb and the soot go all over the basement and everything in it. It killed the computer. I had to pay $700 for that to be fixed. I wasn’t happy but it was cheaper than buying a new treadmill. My husband has been warned about that. The treadmill gets covered with a tarp when that chore is done to protect it.
I like breakfast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if I have non-breakfast food for breakfast, it’s usually a baked good of some sort and usually because I want to eat it before somebody else does.
it was in the 50’s when i ran this morning but it was dark so hit up the treadmill. it was probably 70 degrees. I was dripping sweat when i was done…………the sign of a great workout.
have a great day!


OH NOOOOOO! I am so glad they figured out the problem and you didn’t have to buy a new treadmill. I would have never even thought of that being an issue. Hahah I can completely relate with you on the baked good item. Way to get in a killer workout today and thank goodness treadmills can save us when we don’t want to run in the dark. Thanks Lee, you too!


My treadmill is erratic when I start it. But once it warms up, it is fine. I do a lot of hopping on and off to do sets of weights during the run and it is always fine after that first warm-up. My husband always used to eat leftovers for breakfast but we mainly eat leftovers for lunch so that was getting to be too much of the same. And we don’t have enough leftovers for breakfast and lunch. So we’ve switched back to mainly “breakfast” food. My daughter loves fried rice for breakfast! Legos and toy tractors are the toys that I remember! It is 25 degrees now and it will probably be a few degrees warmer when I go on my run. We have had 3 measurable snows this October. The previous record for first measurable snow was November 6 so you can bet a lot of people are not happy. It is supposed to be 60 by this weekend but that is the average so we really shouldn’t be that excited! But I cannot believe that I’ve already done two runs in my winter apparel. Yuck!


I am totally going to copy you on my next treadmill run and throw in some sets of strength moves… great idea. I’m glad you are able to get the treadmill running smoothly after it warms up. Fried rice sounds SO good right about now. I can’t believe how much snow you have already gotten, this year has been something else? I hope this weekend feels amazing and good luck with this winter! Have a beautiful day, Jackie.


It must be something in the air, my Nordictrack broke recently too! one of the front bolts sheered off. It was heartbreaking, I need that thing. We were able to fix it in a couple days luckily. Hopefully you can get a new belt ASAP, or will you just buy a new treadmill?

I ran on the treadmill at 4:45 AM this morning because it was 8 degrees, icy and dark =) this is why we need a treadmill. Although it’s tempting to run again this afternoon outside because the snow is so pretty.

I can eat any kind of food any time of day but breakfast for dinner is best.

Have a wonderful day!!!


What is going on with treadmills lately?! Luckily Andrew was able to fix the belt (not sure how!!) but he said he is going to buy a replacement belt for when it happens again… I am so grateful we won’t need a new treadmill and I am SO SO glad that you were able to fix your treadmill too. 8 degrees, icy and dark… thank goodness for treadmills. I hope you have brinner soon and a run in the snow (when it isn’t dark and crazy cold:). Thanks Beth, you too!


A friend “gifted” me a treadmill but when we got it set up it would just randomly shut off in the middle of a workout. I trouble shot it even to the extent of buying a meter that measured amperage pull and could never figure out what was wrong with it. Must have been some sort of short triggering the overheat warning or something. We ended up buying a True M50 on sale for $1999. I have only walked on it so far but it seems pretty solid and from what I have read they are a fairly reputable brand.

Toys from childhood…Lincoln Logs, Lite Brite, etch-a-sketch.

I have to have breakfast food for breakfast.

It is going to be in the low-mid 50’s here today. I am waiting until Saturday to officially start back into running again – that will be 8 weeks since I strained my MCL That way no doctors can yell at me and say I should have taken off longer, lol. However, I will probably take a 4 mile fast walk today and throw in a few jogs anyway ;) The MCL still hurts a bit but I can do plenty of strength exercises on it so I think it is more of a tendonitis issue at this point vs a muscle strain.

Have a great day and tell Max I said howdy.


That was sure nice of your friend to give you that treadmill. You’ll have to let me know what you think about running on the True M50! LINCOLN LOGS–> my grandma has those at her house and my kids love them! I am SO hoping that your run on Saturday (and your fast walk/run today) is pain free and filled with smiles. You have been so patient. Hahaha thank you and I totally will, she will love that. Enjoy your Tuesday, John!


Wow that’s crazy about the treadmill belt! I’m glad you didn’t get hurt from that happening. And that you got out to run in the crazy (but tolerable) cold later. I would have just said the universe is telling me to not run that day and gone to eat donuts.


BAHAHA I should have done that… next time I’ll text you and ask you what to do because that option sounds a whole lot better. Luckily the belt just kept going while it was folded over so it didn’t abruptly stop… that would have freaked me out. I hope you are having the best day friend!


Hi Janae! I am currently procrastinating my run because it is 30 F outside.. I will wait til lunchtime for it to get to 47. I’ve never had any treadmill issues because I try to stay far away from them but my fiance was running on one once when the power went out! I am so happy you have a fire pit, stay cozy!!


I think that is a fabulous idea to wait until lunchtime. The more sun and warm weather we can get in the winter, the better. Oh that would have been a weird feeling to have your treadmill just turn off midrun! Thanks Amy, you too!


Hi! What pants are wearing to run outside? I’m 33 weeks and can’t find any cold weather athletic pants that fit around my belly. It’s about the same temperature in New Mexico but I need to get outside. Thanks!


Hey Tamlin! You guys are having the same temps there?! For some reason I assumed it would be warmer there… I hope you have some hot chocolate today!
The ones I am wearing in that picture are from here:
They aren’t maternity but I bought them a bit bigger and they work great. They are fleece lined and so so soft. 33 weeks wahoo, I am so happy for you. Have a great day and I hope you are feeling well.


Thankfully I haven’t had any issues with my treadmill. My fingers are crossed that I won’t though I’ve had it for years now.

Pogs were super popular at my elementary school one year. I remember wanting a Lite Brite so badly as a kid!


I haven’t owned a treadmill in forever! I do remember mine coming unplugged once – that was an abrupt ending.

No can do on non-breakfast foods in the morning.

My childhood toys are now “classics” – Baby Tender Love and Zip the monkey. I got them both for Christmas 1971, the year I was seven!

It was super cold here – 49!! Hahaha! Actually, I loved it. I wished for gloves for the first 5 minutes, but then I was fine.


I can eat all the things for breakfast. There is joy in eating whatever sounds best, right?

Sorry about your TM. Must be a sign baby is ready to arrive and you won’t be needing it for a few weeks. :)


I had the power go out once when on a treadmill and I overcorrected and flew off the back. I need time to deal with change.
Childhood doll was one my mom created: Tattoo-dle. It was a naked bald baby doll that lived under the bathroom sink (with the plastic grocery bags) that we could draw on, cut her hair, and destroy . She lived through all three siblings, but she was not pretty.


That is crazy that the belt did that on your treadmill! I’ve had a treadmill short out on me. Once I would hit a certain speed, it would just stop. But, we also bought a used treadmill and put a lot of miles on it!

Today was 46 degrees and it felt amazing!


— Our first treadmill was a hand me down, many years old, and lasted us two years until it just wore out…the shocks started struggling with my husband’s size and the motor struggled to keep up with my fast high schooler. So we bought a new one…that lasted 13 months before the exact same belt thing as yours happened. We were pretty unhappy with other things about that treadmill anyway so we took advantage of the Costco return policy and got a semi-commercial LifeFitness treadmill last Christmas. Soooo much better…no issues at all yet.
— I don’t stick to just breakfast foods…anything goes, particularly when pregnant. Today it was leftover sloppy joes, then trail mix.
— It was 20ish degrees at 6am this morning – warm enough to run outside – but it was still dark and we still have a lot of snow and ice to avoid so I ran on the treadmill. No falling on ice for me…too old, too wise to try that in the dark anymore.


I ran my first treadmill until the motor started smoking and melted into slag (seriously—it was crazy!) and my current one is on its second belt. Ironically the smoking motor one was when i was eight months pregnant and it was snowing outside, so i did a four-mile run inside my house just looping living room, kitchen, family room, etc. That was a real low point, haha. e just ordered another one from the company and put it on ourselves. Hope you can find one quickly bc that weather is no fun for running when you’re pregnant! (I’m secretly hoping my current treadmill dies so I can get a Peloton tread—I have the bike and LOVE it!)


Had sudden Janae will have a boy thoughts tonight – I have no idea why. Hope it means you are in labor!
Childhood toys: slate. Slate pencil. Trees. Creek. Sticks. (48 yo now!)


Oh no! My treadmill belt broke recently too and now I have to wait til the kids are done with virtual school to run. We’re not buying a new one anytime soon. I’ll run in the high 20s but 2 degrees is not ok!


Congrats to Brooke on completing her marathon! She must be so proud (you, too)!

Today is a cross-training spin day, bur it was 59° in Virginia yesterday morning at 5 AM when I ran.

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