Is there better? +Our Day.

Just a 35 week pregnant woman running around the streets with a child’s bright pink backpack on…

Running with Brooke’s backpack kind of reminded me of ultra training and all of the long runs with my hydration vest on.

I did my run early and then Brooke wanted to run to school together which I was more than happy to do.   What is Brooke going to do without her running partner when I have to take some time off after I have the baby?

IMG 1382

Is there a better sound than running on top of leaves in October and hearing them crunch?  I guess there are two sounds better than that IMO—> the sound of your people laughing and the sound of your waiter/waitress walking towards your table with the meal that you ordered and you’ve been thinking about all day (food is a BIG priority to me right now… my appetite was gone for way too long).

5.55 miles @ 9:25 average pace.

IMG 1400

Before my run with Brooke we had a hot chocolate party which was fun.

IMG 1372

Skye was suddenly obsessed with Christmas yesterday and brought me every Christmas book that we had.  PS who had a Topsy Tail growing up?  I love using it on Brooke and Skye’s hair.

IMG 1412

Did I ever tell you about how Knox met his best friend through the blog?  Sevenish years ago I connected with a girl through my blog and we became friends fast.   A few years later I got married and then her little boy met Knox and they became best friends.  These friends of ours recently moved (there were a lot of tears!) and came back for a few days and the boys were reunited yesterday.

IMG 1406

It was so good to see them.

IMG 1417

My next nesting project was going through all of the kid’s drawers and sorting through what does and doesn’t fit them anymore and then storing things.  It was quite the endeavor and I finally put away Skye’s 18 months clothing ha… took me long enough!

IMG 1416

There was a lot of cuddling that happened before bed…

IMG 1422

What Andrew has to deal with most nights of the week… Decisions are hard and bless his heart for offering to get me both options:)

Screenshot 2020 10 07 at 6 40 21 PM

Pita Pit won for our late night secondish dinner.

IMG 1421

Andrew and I watched the 6 episode documentary about Serena Williams and LOVED. EVERY. SECOND.  She is such an incredible athlete and I loved learning about how she balances tennis and being a new mom.  Definitely worth the watch!

IMG 1363


Tell me one of your favorite sounds?

What was the last documentary that you watched and did you like it?

What was your last organizational project?!

Do you have a hard time deciding on what you want eat for dinner or is it pretty easy for you?

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I love how much Brooke loves to run! She looks soooo happy.

I watched the Michael Jordan docu-series and loved! Want to watch the Social Dilemma next.


The Last Dance was AMAZING! I kind of want to watch it all over again:) Let me know what you think about the Social Dilemma. Have a great day, Mariah.


The crisp of fresh snow ! And crackling fire. Best sounds.


I am definitely going to have to agree with you on both of those! Excited to hear them this winter. Have a beautiful day Catherine!


What an awesome day, Knox and his friend are so cute together.

I actually love organizing my kids’ clothes but it breaks my heart when they grow out of something I love.

My favorite sound to run near is water (ocean or stream) if there is a path near water I am in heaven!


I was thinking that yesterday, Skye grew out of a few things that I absolutely love that Brooke used to wear too and the tears started going. You win on that one, running next to somewhere you can hear the water is the best. Happy Thursday Beth!


The story of Knox and his bestie melted my heart! The internet can be an amazing place.

Obviously when baby comes, Andrew will have to take over as Brooke’s running partner. It seems fair – you birth a baby, he runs with Brooke.

If I’m not that hungry yet then I can make a decision fairly easily. If I’m hangry then it’s nearly impossible to decide what I want lol. Have a wonderful Friday Eve :)


Hahaha so true… or maybe she will just do more mountain biking with him;) YES, that is the problem, when we get to the hangry point it’s just too hard to decide. Friday Eve–> I LOVE THAT. Happy Friday Eve to you too Maureen!


Omg Janae I had pho Monday and chicken souvlaki Tuesday So I totally get your decision dilemma… 12 weeks pregnant over here so my husband has been having to run all over town for takeout.

Love crispy fall leaves!! I’m not running right now due to hip issues but I heard them under my bike tires yesterday and it was a good substitute :)


JULIE!! CONGRATS on your pregnancy and please keep me updated on how you are doing. Hahaha too bad we aren’t neighbors so our husbands could do the ‘run all over town for takeout’ thing together. I am already looking forward to my pho today. SO glad you are able to get on your bike and I hope your hip is happy soon. Thanks Julie.


The sound of the ocean will never get old to me ♥️
I too just organized the whole family’s clothes. I donated so much and the boys finally have just clothes that fit them in their drawers!
We order takeout on the weekends and it usually takes us until 8 at night to decide what to order and then we are starving and can’t wait for our food to arrive… we keep saying that we need to start thinking about it at lunchtime so we order at a normal time. Ha but every weekend it’s the same thing…

Have a great day!!


Oh you are so so right, the ocean sounds are pure heaven. YAY, such a good feeling to have just the things that fit in their drawers. Hahaha I love your weekend tradition and today I will start thinking about it at lunchtime and see if that helps. Thanks, you too Melissa.


Janae, I just moved to a new city and on my run this morning I was thinking about how I don’t have any names for my routes yet! My siblings and I always had names for our running routes (usually based on street names) and would refer to our runs that way (i.e. “I’m going to run a Concord” or “whoa nice job running Tank Hill in this heat!”). Is that something you do?


YAY for your move! You are going to have to let me know what you think of your new city. NAMING ROUTES… I love that idea. With my running group they already had most of the routes named but now I need to do this with my sister… starting today! Thanks for the idea. Hope you have a great day Katie.


I don’t know how you do mornings and your kids do them so well too. My girls and I are not morning people, so most of the time they are rushing to get their shoes on before the bus comes – there is no way they would ever want to run to school. Plus, my girls would be sweaty and stinky – they got the “fast to start sweating” gene from me lol, they would need to shower off at the school. Brooke seems other-worldly to me because of all this :)


Hahaha but you guys are probably fun at night! Andrew laughs all of the time at me and Brooke because we are the same person at night… we just want to go to bed and sleep even if that means we are missing out on fun things ha. Knox is much more like your girls though and would rather run after school than before. I hope you have a beautiful day!


I have to ask – where did you get the green top you are wearing in that top photo? I love it, and need one for myself!


Hey Erin!! I got it at Fabletics about 1.5 years ago! They don’t have the same one anymore but this one is kind of similar. Good luck and I hope you have a great day.


Hi Janae! The way you described the sounds you love made me laugh. For my past few runs I’ve run down the same streets in a loop so I get to repeatedly crunch leaves, greatest feeling ever. I hate deciding where to eat.. I’d rather just go along with someone else’s decision. Have a great day!


Oh that loop sounds PERFECT right now. Hahah I’m normally the same way and will just eat wherever everyone else wants to.. I can’t wait to get back to that. I hope you have a great night!


I love the sound of rain! Living in a place where we don’t get much, it’s always such a great sound to me.

Les was on a cycling trip with his brother a couple of weeks ago so I cleaned out our office closet. It was in desperate need!

I try to have a menu planned for the week, once that’s done (which usually takes a while) I’ve got several choices to work with. Going out to eat is a different matter.


I need you to menu plan for us each week haha. I hope you get to hear that sound soon… it is so so peaceful. Have a great evening Kathy!


Rustling water in mountain stream.

I hear you girl, you have your love of food back, you can’t decide cause it has to be perfect while it!


That is exactly what is happening… I know how this love might change again on me so each meal has to just be the best. And that sound= the best.


I LOVE the sound of leaves crunching under my feet when I run! That is typically one of the first real signs of fall for me. Plus I love enjoying the changing colors on some of the trails I run :)


YES… I hope you get some of those runs soon. Nothing better than seeing all of the changing colors. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday, Ali.


Do you think Andrew could take your place running with Brooke for a few weeks? Or maybe one of your nieces?

I love a good thunderstorm! And also the sound of a knife scraping butter onto warm toast (weird, right)?


Very true… She will have a blast running with them. SO GOOD to hear that I’m not alone in loving that sound… it is so satisfying. Have a great day Tracy!


Omg I love that you watched the Serena Williams documentary! I love her so much. Such an inspiration to moms.


25 weeks pregnant here and nothing sounds good a lot of the time, especially for dinner. Id be happy eating tuna a pita chips most nights, ha! I love a good documentary, especially crime documentaries. The last one I watched was The Vow on HBO, it was pretty good. I also loved the recent Michael Jordan Documentary. Ill need to see the Serena Williams one!

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