Friday Favorites & Popular?

Trying to get a selfie in with Andrew’s creepy guy in front of our house:

Surprisingly, running is feeling easier this week than it has in a while.  I’m not sure why but I’m just going to go with it.

6 miles @ 9:11 average and I even ran up some small hills in my area that I haven’t run up in months.

To go along with feeling better running… food is also starting to taste better than it has in a while.  I woke up thinking about Thai food and couldn’t get it out of my mind until I ate it for lunch.  Andrew is more than happy to go with me to get my cravings in… but I’m sure he wishes I craved in-n-out;)

IMG 1080

Skye is all about the massaman curry and fortune cookies.

IMG 1085

You know my sister has had a VERY productive day on her home renovations when she is wearing these pants;)  She just finished her range hood so we went over to see it.  Her kitchen is almost complete and then she will show you the before and after.

IMG 1089

Brooke is off to spend the weekend with her dad here in Utah this weekend so I took her on a date before she leaves today and she requested two activities..

A walk.

IMG 1090

And froyo.

IMG 1092

For dinner I was really feeling like some soup so I made this Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Chowder.  It is too good.

IMG 1100

It’s a recipe that the kids love too (especially if we have crescent rolls to dip them into:)

IMG 1098

We finished off the night with a walk and a surprise visit from my parents and then Andrew came back home after another training once the kids were asleep and we watched our 8,302nd episode of the office together (we will never get sick of that show).

IMG 1102


I have just a few favorite things to share today:

*I’m going on 8 years of being a Brooks running shoes purist (aka the only shoes I will wear to run in).  I have a deep love for their running shoes and I cannot wait to try out the Levitate 4.  I’ve used each version of the Levitate and loved them for the spring they give each step… they energize me when I’m feeling flat.  I’ll give a full review of them as soon as I get about 100 miles on them!

PS their fall gear/colors are so cute right now and I can’t get enough of the reds in the Stealth Tank and the Distance Graphic Tank.

IMG 1077

*My brother sent this to our family and you can enter in your name and see how popular your name was at the time!  You can do it here.

Screen Shot 2020 09 25 at 11 14 30 AM

*Music that I cannot stop listening to this week—> Sara Baraeilles- Songs from Little Voice!

*Cheesy Netflix love story movie (that Andrew loved too and we both laughed multiples times throughout the movie): Love, Guaranteed.

Screen Shot 2020 09 25 at 10 49 38 AM

*(An old photo) Whenever I wear THIS SWEATSHIRT I always get a lot of questions about it so I thought I would include it in a Friday favorite.  I’ve had it for a few years now (in three colors) and wear them all of the time (bonus, they work for pregnancy too).  They are so thick and warm, LONG and just as cozy as it gets.

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 5381

*(Another old photo:) but now that it’s getting cooler, we are all transitioning over to leggings for our running (ehhhh rest of the day for me too:) and these are awesome.  They don’t move when you are running, they have pockets on both legs, they come in about 20 different colors and they wash excellent (and seem like they should be way more than $26).

You can get them HERE!

IMG 1265


Tell me one thing you are looking forward to this weekend?

Is your name a popular name, somewhere in between or not very popular?   

What were the last pair of running shoes you wore?

Thai food… do you like it and if yes, what’s your favorite dish?

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That name thing is fun! Technically Laura is my name, it was the 14th most common in 1985, and my name today would be Mila. However, Loribeth was the 795th most popular in 1985, and my name would be Eisley? Weird. Loribeth came from a nurse at the hospital who liked “Happy Days” (Richie’s wife). So a stranger named me, ha!

I wear Brooks 90% of the time, love them! Ghosts and Launches, currently.

This weekend I start petsitting on the mountain and I CANNOT WAIT for cool mountain runs, coffee on the deck, fresh apples and bread from the orchard and bakery, and all the Halloween decorations…………like Andrew, I think it’s the best time of year!

Have a great weekend!!


I didn’t know Laura was technically your name and that a stranger named you Loribeth! What a fun story. I am so in love with the Ghosts right now! Your weekend sounds perfect… ENJOY!


Fun fact! My name was so popular in the 70s that there were FOUR “Jenny”s in my second grade class, and three of us had the same last initial (I’m sure the teacher was thrilled). Strangely it didn’t bother me that I had such a common name- I guess kids just like to fit in.
Have a great day Janae!


Okay, that is amazing… four! I love your name and have two good friends with your name. I hope you have a great day too, thanks Jenny!


Ahhh I’ll never ever get sick of the office!! I too have watched each episode what feels like hundreds of times … have you listened to the office ladies podcast?! It’s SO GOOD!! I feel like Angela and Pam are my best friends while I listen.

I loveee peanut coconut curry with shrimp, yum.

My name was very popular in the 80s – in fact once on my soccer team there were 3 Andreas and we were
all starting defenders! We all had nicknames of course. I’ve actually never heard of your name before I came across your blog.


YES… best podcast ever! I love listening to them, and I want to just go hang out with them and be best friends too. I need Andrew to listen to it too. Now I need to go back for the peanut coconut curry with shrimp. Oh that would have been tricky to figure out who the coach was talking to! I don’t think I met anyone with my name until I was in high school. Have a beautiful day Andrea!


Skye looks so much like Brooke in that Thai picture :)Impressive that she eats curry!!!

My name was 36th most popular in 1973. Today I would be Aubrey.

The running shoes I wore yesterday were Altra Line Peak 4.5 (they are red and I love that about them).

I do like Thai food. Pineapple curry is delicious, anything with coconut, and sticky rice with mango for dessert. Pad Thai used to be my hubby’s favorite, but now he loves shrimp with bean sprouts.

Happy weekend! And YES fall break for Baxton! And my hubby comes home from D.C. tomorrow! Yahoo!

Enjoy something pumpkin!!


Oh she really does in that picture, you are so right. ALTRA! Have I told you about how my coach’s son started Altra?! I am so glad you love them. Now I need some sticky rice with mango… now. Enjoy your time all together tomorrow! Thanks friend!


I need a project this weekend–that soup might be it!

I had just gotten a new pair of Brooks pre-injury–I LOVED running in them, and I’m so bummed not to get to wear them more right now!

I didn’t discover Thai food til college, and it is just the best. I love a good pad thai, or pad see ew, with those really wide noodles!


Let me know what you think of the soup, I’m already looking forward to the leftovers. YAY for your new Brooks and I can’t wait for you to be able to run pain free in them again:) I hope you have some pad thai soon. Have a beautiful day!


I’m going to call you marina from now on ?
My name was 21st most popular in 1983. I hate my name for that reason. Lol. There were 20 girls on drill team with me and 4 of us were Megan. I’ve never had a job without there being another Megan. I was the 3rd Megan my husband had dated ?


20% of your team had the same name haha. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT ABOUT ROSS? I feel like he dated a lot of different people. Have the best day and for Evan’s sake… no rice tonight.


This may sound crazy but I’ve been running in Brooks Ravenna’s for almost 10 years! Granted I just buy the new revision every time lol but I haven’t changed styles. I went to confirm that it was still the right fit a few years ago and after trying on a few other brands and styles, I stuck with them.

Thank you for sharing the soup recipe!! I forgot to screenshot it on your stories when I saw it and this is the perfect reminder to bookmark it.

My name is not very popular! It was 605th in 1995 and I’m fine with that, it’s fun having a unique name to me.


This makes me so happy… you aren’t crazy at all. I LOVE the Ravenna and can see why you have stuck with them for ten years. I run in them a few times a week too. ENJOY the soup and let me know what you think! Have the best day Maureen!


THAI FOOD YUM. We live 3 blocks from a Thai restaurant and I always get drunken noodle. I love the spice.


3 blocks away… I would be there at least once a week! Fedex some of that drunken noodle to me please. Have a great day friend!


That was a fun little name game! My name was the 29th most popular when I was born, and I would be named Zoey today… Funny.
I discovered Brooks a few years ago, thank you, and love them. I have somewhat of a high arch and prontate a little, so I do need a little more of a stability shoe. But I have added Asics back into the mix too. I can’t remember where I learned this, but it’s best to not run in the same pair of shoes day after day…. I’ll have to see if I can find the actual source for that.
Oh I love Thai food. That may need to happen this weekend.
This weekend does not have much planned, except for getting together with family tomorrow to celebrate my husband’s and father-in-law’s birthdays. ?
Have a great Friday!


It’s so fun to find these things out! I am just so happy you love Brooks and that you switch around, I need to do that to keep my feet happy too. You better get some Thai food this weekend and enjoy your time with family. Thanks Wendy and I hope your group run was awesome.


Hi Janae! I haven’t seen froyo on your blog for a while! I am actually getting Thai food today too! There is only one dish I like (pad see ew) because the other dishes are just too sweet for me. Thanks for the reminder about those leggings as I will start wearing long leggings soon! I woke up extra early and now I will get a run in, yay!!


It really has been months since the last froyo date. Oh enjoy the pad see ew today, I’ll try that next time. I hope your run was a great one and that your day at work is fabulous!


My name was the 74th most popular name in 1992?! I’ve only met 2 other Mariah’s before! I feel like I’m missing all of them haha. My name today would be Eva.

I only run in Brooks too. I love them! The launch are my favorite.


That is interesting! Oh the launch, they are just so great and all of the fun colors they come in… LOVE! Happy Friday and I hope your day is off to a great start!


I am so excited I found your blog! You recommended some Nike casual boots/ shoes and I ordered a pair. They are my favorite shoes ever- they go with everything and are comfy and casual but not too casual. Thanks for the fun finds!


This makes me so happy! They are the best. Keep enjoying them and I hope you have a really great weekend Karen.


My name is not popular, I have only every met one other Corrinne growing up but then I have met a few little girls recently with my name so maybe its gaining in popularity. But I remember hating my name growing up because I could never get the name bracelets at stores or keychains.

Random but yesterday I was near a Trader Joes so I stopped. I picked up some pancake bread and OMG its amazing. Also the maple popcorn is sooooo good.

I do love Thai food. I always go for dishes with glass noodles.


I think it is getting more popular now, I know a few little girls named Corrinne now too. Haha I totally remember being so mad that my name was never included there too! That pancake bread is heavenly. I will grab the maple popcorn next, thanks! Have a beautiful day and get some glass noodles asap!


I love how loyal you are to Brooks. I’ve wanted to find my forever brand too, and thought I did until Altra discontinued my favorite shoe (I’ve complained to so many employees about it, I’m sure they’re sick of me). Since then, I’m a Hoka One One girl through and through. The new Clifton 7’s are a dream come true for me! It’s like running on clouds.


John was 2nd in 1965 and today I would be Noah? Is Noah really that popular these days?

Looking forward to a long bike ride tomorrow (and watching football of course); it will be a few more weeks of no running to heal up this MCL strain.

Don’t even mention shoes to me, lol. I loved my Brooks Ghost’s but with the Hallux Limitus I have tried some Hokas, New Balance, and even Altra’s and have not found anything that feels right. Not only that but I can’t experiment more since I can’t run for a while. I would much prefer a more minimal shoe but the docs now want me to run in rocker soled shoes plus my orthotics. It feels like bricks on my feet with rocks under my arch (orthotics). First world problems :)

I have not tried much Thai food, I need to though!


Love all your favorites, going to scoop up some new leggings from Amazon =)

My name now would be Melanie, so odd LOL.

We are celebrating my birthday this weekend so we are headed to the pumpkin patch, hiking in the mountains and eating lots of cake! =)


Just stumbled across your post and love your style! Congrats on your upcoming baby! Questions answered –
My daughter has a soccer game this weekend and I can’t wait to watching her play. Just watched my son in his first halftime marching band show last night and I loved how much he loved it!

Jenny is my name. So yes, about a hundred Jenny’s in my school years! But I married a Chris and we named our kids Andrew, Jack, and Emily. Sticking with the classics.

Am running in my first pair of Brooks EVER and LOVE them. But I feel like I’m between 7.5 and 8. Can’t decide if I should size up or down!

And Thai food is always a yes from me. Thank goodness our kids love it too..

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