Made Me Cry + How Did I Forget + Tangents!

I haven’t written a Friend to Friend post in a very long time but I have a new one about my experience with my dad’s cancer.


6 miles @ 9:12 average with my sister and some cool temperatures that felt so so good.

My sister and I have different versions of dressing for cold weather… I was in shorts, she was in leggings and I had thick gloves on and she didn’t have gloves on at all.  It’s always fun for me to see how everyone views different temperatures and what they are going to wear while on the run.

IMG 0787

Brooke had school and Skye and I went to a few baby stores to check out a few things.  Skye was positive that we were there for her to get all new baby items.

IMG 0817

We spent our night with Andrew’s grandparents.  We got back so late (my definition of late, not Andrew’s definition of late ha) that I’ll blog about what we did in the next post

IMG 0844

Let’s go over some tangents to talk about today.

*Andrew gave quite the tip to the waiter that actually brought him enough ranch to dip his breadstick and pizza into… A FULL BOWL OF RANCH.  Usually people will bring him a small cup of ranch so when the bowl showed up, he was very appreciative.

IMG 0565

*Brooke stops to pick up trash along the way on our runs… Once again, the 8 year old is a good example to me.

IMG 0546

*When it takes two adults to figure out our 3rd grader’s math homework…

IMG 0591 2

*On yesterday’s post, Jessica asked for a picture of a toy that my dad made for grandkids when they come over.  It is a big hit with the younger crew.

IMG 0814

*The other night I was putting lip gloss on and dropped the lid… it landed on the top of my stomach and just stayed there!  I carry my babies pretty high (hello rib cage kicks) and it always creates a nice shelf for food/objects that I drop.

IMG 0632

*This story in Utah made me cry.  People are awesome.  Holladay man spends pandemic revitalizing old junior high track, just because.

Screen Shot 2020 09 28 at 8 49 03 AM

*HOW HAVE I FORGOTTEN ABOUT THESE COOKIES?!  Andrew made them the other day to take to a family party and I was reminded again why they are my favorite—> peanut butter no-bakes.

IMG 0726

*Now that the long sleeves are back for runs, it’s time for me to remember to take my watch off first before the long sleeve top off… I get caught like this way too often.

IMG 0810

*If you need a fun little gift for kids then grab the Miracle Melting Witch.  It’s just like the melting snowman and the kids rebuild it a million times!

IMG 0832


Just another reminder about my new Friend to Friend post (and if you have any ideas for other ones then I would love to hear them).


Are there any tracks close to you that are open to the public to use?  Is your area pretty running friendly with trails etc?

Least favorite part of your body to be cold during a run?  

-My fingers (which happens anytime the temps are below 50 degrees if I don’t have gloves on) and I’m not sure if my legs have ever actually felt cold during a run:)

When wearing long sleeves and a GPS watch while running… do you wear the watch over or under the sleeve?

Share a tangent with me please!

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Thanks for the pic of toy your dad made!


Of course! I want to see what your husband ends up making. Have a beautiful day Jessica!


If you’re able to I’d love a friend to friend post on what you’ve learned over your years being a step mom :)


That is a fabulous idea… I totally will! THANK YOU Sage and I hope you have a wonderful day.


Thank you for sharing on the friend to friend post Janae. I’m so sorry for what you have all been through with your dads cancer.
I am a new mum and would love it if you could write a post about how you deal with mum guilt?! I find it so tough to deal with!


Thank you so much Jessica, that means a lot to me. I will absolutely write a post about that and I am so sorry you are experiencing that. It is SO hard. I will give you a little hope that I had it the worst I’ve ever had it when Brooke was little and over time it has gotten less and less. I’m here if you ever need to talk!


I will also wear gloves looooong before it’s time to put on long running pants. My fingers get so cold, and it really affects my run!

Tangent: I read a funny picture book today called Butts are Everywhere. It was adorable and started my day off with a smile!

I’m so sorry about your dad’s illness–sending love and prayers to all of you!


Hahaha well, now I need to find that book and read it! Thank you so much Kristin, that sure means a lot. Have a beautiful rest of your day!


It depends on the type of run I’m doing. If it’s a workout and I have pace goals, then my watch is over my long sleeve. If it’s an easy run then it’s under. Today I wished I had gloves on my run at first but then I was glad I didn’t have them on since my hands got hot. I feel like that happens a lot to me. When it’s super cold then my least favorite part is probably my nose since you can’t really cover it ha.

Also I keep hearing about “new” math. Like what?! Why are teachers/textbook writers/school district changing math? I need to be able to help my future children and they will definitely be learning math the way I did if they want my help lol


Oh that’s a good way to go about the watch/sleeve thing… I like that Maureen! I HATE a cold nose too! Yes, the new math is so challenging for me to understand but the teachers do an amazing job teaching it… I’m the one that is not figuring it out ha. You’ll do great:). Hope you have a beautiful day Maureen!


Oh the watch in the sleeve dilemma…. A year or so I started putting my watch on under my sleeve, and it was better. But then if you have to stop for a light, especially if it’s still dark out, that’s kind of a pain too. I’m just jealous you have weather that warrants long sleeves and gloves! We’re up in the 100’s again for a few days. Booooo
I can’t wait for the college track to open again. It’s almost exactly a half mile from my house, and maybe just 4 years old. I miss it! I’m missing my favorite treadmill at my gym too. The college has said that they will continue with distance learning for 2nd semester, but I’m hopeful they open the track up again by January. Thankfully, with everyone doing school at home and/or partially at school, the trails aren’t crowded! Ya! So I’m on those a couple times a week.
It’s funny, sometimes life feels normal, then other times it still feels like we’re in a never ending movie. Oh well, just take one day at a time…
Have a good Tuesday ?


It really is a dilemma. 100’s again for a few days?!! When will it cool down? That is awesome that you have such a nice track so close to you and I am really hoping that it will open up next year for everyone. I’m with you on taking it one day at a time, it feels so much much more normal than a few months ago but then again so so weird. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Thank you so much for sharing that story about the track—it is gold, and it made my day to read something so positive!!!!!!!

The school I teach at has a nice track, but I prefer using the one closer to where I live. BUT, it wasn’t in the greatest shape–it has bubbles, and at the beginning of the school year they closed it to the public due to being unsafe. I understand, but it made me sad. So, now I will have to use my own school’s track. Just not during football practice. Yep, I’ve had to do that when training for a race before. AWKWARD. lol

Tangent–my students are about to debate the wearing of masks (they chose the topic). Should be interesting!!!! School has been weird this year for sure—I’m teaching in the hybrid model, but my students have been so good and so nice. :)


Seriously, I think I need a positive story like that one to start off each day with. HAHAHA that would be awkward but everyone was probably just so impressed by how fast you are. You’ll have to let me know their points for both sides. So glad the kids have been so great… they are the luckiest to have you!


Your weather is so wild — I feel like it was just yesterday you were posting pictures of your kids at the pool — haha :)


It really is! You never know what you are going to get here… this morning I need hot chocolate and by the afternoon I’ll need shorts on ha. Hope you are having a great day Betsy with your twin boys!


Hi Janae! Yesterday I was supposed to go running with a friend and she canceled last minute because she wasn’t feeling well. I was a bit bummed but she came over later and told me it’s because she’s pregnant! So we are all very excited for her. In other fun news the friendly neighbor cat came back and then slept on me for a good hour or so. I was really happy until I realized it was the blanket I had on me that it was attracted to, and not necessarily me :(. Happy Tuesday! Hope it’s a great one!


Oh I am so thrilled for your friend, that is great news! The cat came back over wahoo and I’m sure it was the blank and YOU that it wanted:). Thank you friend, you too!


I loved clicking for that recipe and being taken back in time to that old post.


YES!! Those were my favorite cookies when I was pregnant with Brooke:). Have the best day Erica!


Hi Janae! Right now, I’m busy rebuilding my base mileage after an injury, so my watch will stay under my shirt while I’m only tracking distance. It’s not cool enough here for long sleeves yet, but I expect it’s right around the corner. Least favorite part to be cold is my stomach. Even with long shirts & jackets, the cold air seems to creep in underneath. Everything else warms up pretty quick though. The tracks at the local public schools are available to the public after school hours. There are also dirt trails & rail trails available, though they can get a little crowded. I wish they would plow the tracks & rail trails in the winter. It would make winter running so much safer! My town and the next town over do not plow their sidewalks- it is up to the homeowners to clear the walks in front of their houses. Not everyone does and trying to run, or even walk, can get pretty dangerous. Does your area clear the sidewalks? Have a great day!


I’m not sure how I missed that story on the news! That’s my old junior high (Go Vikings!), and seeing the pics brought back many memories of running on that track, etc. I also found out the principal is an old classmate too! Crazy! I love feel good stories like that!


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