Silentish Saturday!

Planned on 4 miles but felt good so I kept on going…

IMG 0650

Brooke got her mile in.

IMG 0652

Still loving her Halloween socks.

IMG 0661 2

After Brooke’s schoolwork was done we went to the place all three of us crave the most (Zao’s for rice bowls).

IMG 0669

Followed by Runner’s Corner… they were getting ready for their race.

IMG 0670

A new tank for next year… combining my two loves of Brooks + Runner’s Corner:)

IMG 0677

All of the prepping for Knox’s bday tomorrow.

IMG 0694

When your neighbor pulls up with one of these….

IMG 0697

And makes the best pizza for all of his neighbors to eat outside for free…

IMG 0701

Along with heavenly peach cobbler.

IMG 0703

We spent the night outside.

IMG 0700

She insists on wearing Brooke’s ‘soccer game’ to bed…

IMG 0704

Happy weekend running and eating!


Tell me three things that you are up to today!!

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That peach cobbler—yum! Friday evenings outside are the best.

Today—taking it easy, catching up on work, and hopefully baking something! I just have to decide what I’ll bake! Have a great weekend!


I hope whatever you baked up tasted AMAZING and that you were able to get some rest and catch up on work. Enjoy your Sunday and thanks Kristin!


Girl, so impressed you are still rocking the running! My little guy is 5 months and o don’t think I’ve made it 6 miles in almost a year?‍♀️


BECCA!! 5 months old… I am so happy for you guys! I hope you are getting sleep and feeling good. You are doing amazing and keep me updated on it all:) That 6 miles is yours when your body/season of life/brain is ready for it! Cheering for you.


Oh wow, any houses for sale in your neighborhood? I want that mobile pizza oven as my neighbor!!! ? That’s so awesome!!
Today is soccer, groceries, cleaning. I switched my long run to tomorrow because I’m driving up north with a friend to run some hills. Feels weird not to run on a Saturday (and to run on a a Sunday, those are my rest days too!), but I did strength + run yesterday and I’m sore!!! So it’s probably good. Haha.
You’re doing so amazing with the pregnancy running! I also can’t wait to see what your running plans are down the road!! Have a great weekend!


Come move here and we can run together. I am glad that it worked out that you took today off and get to run tomorrow with a friend (and hills)… I hope you aren’t sore in the morning. Thank you so much Mollie and I am excited about what’s up ahead too. Sleep well!


Hi Janae! That is so awesome you can rent a pizza oven!! I definitely need to look into that. Today I’m going wine tasting for my friends birthday (I don’t drink which makes me the perfect DD). Yesterday the most magical thing happened. There is this super friendly kitty in my fiance’s neighborhood and yesterday it kept meowing at the door until we let it in and after it came in it napped on me for a few hours while we watched TV! I was super impressed I had no idea cats could be this cuddly and friendly. So hopefully we see that cat again.
Anyways happy birthday to Knox and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Three things are going for a solo non stroller pushing run (don’t get me wrong, I love running with my daughter but sometimes it just feels good to go alone), going to see my family for my niece’s birthday party, and maybe laundry later if I’m feeling motivated. Hope you continue to feel great with your running, I ran up until about 4 days before I delivered and I really think it made my recovery from giving birth a lot smoother. Have a good weekend!


I am so glad you were able to get out for a solo run ! I bet you felt so speedy after all of the stroller pushing runs. I hope you had a blast at the birthday party and I love what you said about running helping you to recover better. Thanks Tara, you too!


Hey Amy!! I hope your time with your friends today was perfect!! Okay, I love that story and I bet it felt so nice to get in that cuddling with the cat, I hope it comes back again soon. Thank you Amy, you too!


Ross wants one of those ovens so bad! But I think we should just move to to neighborhood Instead.

We had zao on Wednesday for our anniversary lunch. I love that place.

Cleaning and studying today…cause that’s every day. But perhaps another anniversary date night tonight cause we like to drag things out as long as possible ?


Meet me at Zao’s this week? HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! You keep the celebrations going! And if you guys moved to our neighborhood I would actually die of happiness.


Looks like you all had a great day! That peach cobbler looks amazing!!! Now I need to go make some haha!

Today, I ran 20 miles this morning (peak week, yeah baby!), took a nap afterward, and then we renewed our wedding vows to celebrate 10 years :) Couldn’t have asked for a better day!


First, congrats on 10 years and I love that you renewed your wedding vows!
AND 20 MILES! Elizabeth, you are amazing and way to finish off peak week SO strong.
So happy for you and when is your marathon?! Recover well friend.


Thank you! Time flew!
My marathon is October 11th, and I’m trying to qualify for Boston. Praying the Lord gets me there!


I am so so so excited for you. THAT BQ IS YOURS!! Please tell me all about it afterwards, I am so excited for you!


Kind of unrelated to your current post – but my family discovered this pumpkin pancake recipe and now we make them year-round. We never make regular pancakes anymore, and I feel good getting the kids some extra veggies! They are even delicious plain. I thought your family might enjoy them too so thought I’d share:

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