Run-On Sentence Per Picture!

Monday night Brooke asked if she could come run with me in the morning and so I started off with a few miles on my own and then did a 2 mile run/walk with Brooke.

Skye even joined us for a little bit too once she was awake.


Not the best iPhone picture but it shows how our leaves are all changing!

IMG 0094

We had breakfast before but Brooke has seen me pack gels/snacks for runs often over the years so she wanted to bring some fruit snacks for fuel.

IMG 0102

I love seeing this girl run.

IMG 0148

Finally deleted the ‘training status’ part on my watch… It has told me I am unproductive way too many times.

IMG 0174

I’ve started adding blueberries to my favorite cottage cheese/grape combo and it is an excellent addition.


Some weeks during pregnancy I want try new recipes and cook and some weeks I want Costco to make all of my meals…. The guessing game keeps things interesting.


Had some time with my nieces and nephews.

IMG 0161

Still no eggs but they love running around our backyard.

IMG 0170

It’s a good thing Andrew felt like cooking.

IMG 0183

FYI if you see these at TJs, go for the strawberry variation instead.

IMG 0186

It’s normal that a game show from 30 years ago (Supermarket Sweep) is stressful for all of us to watch.

IMG 0165

Matching pajamas are definitely one of my very favorite things.

IMG 0188


Give me a sentence of the day?!

In your opinion, what is the best game show that has ever been on?

Does your mood for cooking change often or are you like me?

We always talk about the best things at Trader Joe’s but are there any items there that you do not like at all?

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I love to cook 99.9% of the time. But that .01% can feel like the end of the world!

Sentence of the day: I can do hard things. Just started taking my son to new babysitter and we’re both adjusting. (tears from both of us!)

I LOVE Family Feud!


Colleen. I am so incredibly sorry. That is a very very hard change. I can’t wait for your reunion back together again at the end of the day.

I need to get that feeling down to .01% like you but I can totally relate to what that feels like:).

Family Feud is the best! One of my best friends was on it too one episode:)


I used to love, love cooking. Then came the busy, stressful, feeling unappreciated years and cooking became a definite chore. There were occasions when I would enjoy cooking again but not very often. Lately though I’ve really been finding the joy in it again.


I am so happy that you are finding joy in cooking again! You’ll have to share with me what things you are finding and loving to make. I hope you are having a beautiful morning and thanks Kristen!


Sentence of the day – Let’s just make it to Friday. It’s been one of those weeks but we’re at the midpoint of the week!
Most of the time I feel like cooking- for me it’s therapeutic and how I relax at the end of the day! On days that I don’t, that’s what leftovers are for :)
I’m with you on Supermarket Sweep and can’t wait for the revival to start!! It’s going to be SOO GOOOOD


Gretchen, I am sorry that it is one of those weeks… I hope Friday speeds right to you. Wait, they are starting the show again… how did I not know this?! Off to google all about it. I cannot wait! Have a wonderful day!


The watch training status is fickle, if your heart rate monitor and/or GPS malfunction on one run, it’s entirely off. I disabled all that stuff on my watch, it’s what I have a coach and a training plan for! Technology can help us, it shouldn’t run us.


I didn’t know that about our watches… time to turn off my HR monitor too and I agree, I like having a coach telling me whether I’m being productive or not:). Have the best day friend.


Best ever, present, and future – definitely Jeopardy!


I’m with you… I think Jeopardy is a classic that will continue to be a classic forever! Have a wonderful day John.


I could not sleep, but for no reason last night.

I am pretty consistent with cooking, but it does flux between 4 courses and recipes to grill cheese and soup.


I do not like it when those types of nights show up! I hope you don’t feel too tired today and I like your cooking range… both types of meals are equally delicious in my opinion. Have a great day Erica!


Hello! Love seeing that you have some running buddies to join you! Just this week I switched my runs from 8:45 pm at night, to 3:30 in the afternoon so I can see those pretty leaves changing too (and feel safer running outside). I don’t usually love cooking, but love homemade food so… I compromise by searching for easy things to make.

Trader Joe’s.. I mostly like everything, but we dislike their honey wheat pretzel sticks & some of their frozen meals have not been quite as good as I hoped. Wow it is tough to think of things I don’t love there! Happy Wednesday!


I love that you are able to run in the afternoon now and in the light. The leaves are just so gorgeous right now, keep enjoying. Okay, I love homemade food too so I need to look at it like you do and just do the easiest thing to get my reward. I’m with you with a few of their frozen meals, but you are right… it’s hard to find anything that isn’t amazing. Have a great day katie!


Didn’t you use to think you were allergic to grapes? Is that better?


Yes! They used to make my throat super itchy but they don’t anymore and I have no idea why! It’s the strangest thing. Have a great day Mary!


Have you tried the “blue” grapes that are out right now? They are a bit pricey compared to the normal red and green but oh the flavour is amazing! I just picked up a container and I’m eating through it way too fast. I eat them with my turkey/cheese roll ups and it’s the perfect combo of salty sweet :)


Where did you find blue grapes!? I am super intrigued… Cotton candy ones are a big hit in our house right now


How have I not had the blue grapes?! I must find them asap and have them with a roll up too. Thanks for sharing Gillian, I can’t wait to try it!


Hi Janae! I love peanut m&Ms but the trader joes version are just not that good at all! I repeat, the trader joes peanut m&Ms are not good at all! I feel super strongly about this and am very happy I finally got to tell someone. Thanks!!


Good to know, I’ve always wondered about them so you saved us! THANK YOU and I hope you are having a great day Amy!


Sentence of the day: My daughter gets to go to school full time in 2 weeks. No more hybrid!


AHHHH this is such good news! I bet you are all thrilled. Enjoy and I hope the rest of your Wednesday is a great one.


I also watched all of the supermarket sweep. I love that they put that on there! As kids, over lunch we used to watch that and then shop til you drop, where they ran around the fake mall. Loved those!

Trader Joe’s product… we just tried in the frozen section the honey walnut shrimp… my husband and I each ate one and then called it quits… not nearly as good as the mandarin chicken!

My cooking mood also changes.. some weeks i’ve got it all planned out, others i just want Chipotle and Chinese takeout..


I forgot all about shop til you drop… we need that show back! Good to know about the shrimp, thanks for sharing and I’m glad I’m not alone on the cooking mood swings. Hope your Wednesday has been great so far, Alyssa.


I miss Hollywood sqaures with Gilbert Gottfried and Whoopi Goldberg and Caroline Rhea……it was hilarious!
Also, whose line is is anyway, especially when it had Chip and Wayne Brady, and Colin and Ryan!


I forgot all about both of those shows… CLASSICS! Have a great rest of your day, Loribeth!


Your girls are SO cute running with you, I can’t wait for the day!!!

Where did you get Skye’s running shorts? I can’t find any for my two year old.

My cooking and eating habits swing wildly pregnant or not :/

What chuckwagon did you take in Tetons? we are going next week and that looked so fun =)


You are going to have a blast running together:) Her shorts are actually from a gift that somebody gave Brooke when she was a baby! They are nike and I love the Target athletic clothes for girls. I am so so happy you are going on a trip, it seriously was a blast. We did this one in Jackson Hole:

Let me know what you think!


Double Dare! I remember loving that game show as a kid! :)

I never want to cook (but I LOVE to eat). So, usually my husband does the cooking, but he sometimes doesn’t want to which means we usually eat out a little more often than what we’d want. But either way, I get delicious food in me that I didn’t have to cook so I’m happy. :) Plus, not sure anyone would want to eat my cooking! I tried to cook for him once when we first started dating and made him mac-n-cheese from a box and accidentally put vanilla soy milk in it. Didn’t realize it until we started eating and it was so gross!


Hahah vanilla soy milk… that just made me so happy! Yay for husbands that enjoy cooking… it’s the best! And now I need to watch Double Dare. Hope you are having a great day, Katie.


Sentence: Tomorrow is my husband’s 40th birthday!
I don’t love cooking, but do like to bake.
I used to love Rock’n’Roll Jeopardy. It was on in the late 90s when I was in college (and obsessed with rock music) and I used to amaze my dorm-mates with my Rock’n’Roll knowledge ;)

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