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After a few weeks of running in the 70s, my Monday run felt like heaven because it was 57 degrees out.   I met my sister for the run so between keeping up with her and the cooler temperatures, I was a bit faster than normal—> 6 miles @ 8:57 average.

After my run I did 3 x 12 squats with what felt like two medicine balls and I was pretty proud about that.

IMG 9552

After Brooke went to school I picked up one of my nephews and we went to the park!


I’m thankful for the few hours each week that we are getting of one-on-one time (Brooke had hers after school while Skye napped!) before the baby comes.  These Highlights books take me way back… they are Skye’s favorite right now.


For dinner we made Mindy’s homemade tomato soup.  Tomatoes are still a big deal to me right now and when I saw her soup, I knew I had to have it.  I’ll be making this again and again!


This french bread happened too and it was so good and easy to make too.



I have a few tangents for today!

*Skye is all about attacking me with the most slobbery kisses ever.  It makes her giggle so hard.

IMG 9537

*Last week Jen gave me the tip to try mixing a laughing cow wedge into my scrambled eggs and WOW.  The flavor, the creaminess… it makes scrambled eggs even better! Try it!


*This was my lunch yesterday with a laughing cow/scrambled eggs breakfast sandwich, leftover veggies and a brownie because it was the perfect addition to the meal.


*Brooke asked Andrew to help her to learn how to make an apple pie on Sunday.


They used this recipe and my mom, sister and dad all said it was the best apple pie they have ever had.  Get ready for Brooke’s bakery to open up in the next little while.


*Feel good short clips like this one make me so happy…

*Have you seen what elites will be racing the London Marathon in early October?!  I am already counting down the days to watch this race… it is going to be so good.

Screen Shot 2020 08 31 at 2 51 50 PM


Who has a birthday or anniversary or anything really exciting in the month of September?

Growing up In your home did you have a lot of sweets around?

Who is running virtual Boston this month?  What day are you going to do it and how do you have a route picked out?  Any other virtual races this month?

What should Brooke bake next?  She is looking for ideas!

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WOW, your lunch looks amazing—I need to the laughing cow in my eggs very soon!

I love how much Brooke likes to bake—I just made some oatmeal M&M cookies, so I vote for those. :-) Learning to make a cheesecake would be another awesome skill!

Our weather has cooled down a little, too, and I’ve had two great runs the last few days. Love this time of year!


Try the egg/laughing cow combo, it is amazing! She would love those oatmeal M&M cookies very much, thank you! Great idea with the cheesecake too… that is Andrew’s favorite so we could surprise him. Enjoy those cooler runs, they feel like heaven. Have a great day Kristin!


I have yet to try Laugh Cow cheese on my eggs/breakfast sandwich/breakfast burrito but I’ve yet to hear of anyone not liking it.

Thank you for sharing that video clip! It’s exactly what I needed after watching part of the news and just getting so blah over it all. The news should do one bad story then a feel good story instead of just the bad stuff. I think the best part of the video is not just that the one little boy used it but so many kids, teens and adults!

Brooke should bake these cookies ( They might be my favorite since it’s easy but just a little something extra instead of your classic chocolate chips. Or she should make some chocolate cupcakes because you can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate cupcake (ideally with chocolate frosting or whipped cream frosting but I won’t judge). I use a recipe from the Taste of Home cookbook but I believe it’s this one, and I just use whatever milk I have on hand since I don’t typically plan ahead my baking ha! ( Also tell Brooke to always add in a little coffee, it elevates any chocolate dessert


Well, now I must try the egg combo in a burrito, great idea Maureen. I totally agree with you about the news, I’ve honestly just stopped reading it! We 100% need to make both of those… THANKS Maureen and have a beautiful Tuesday!


Brooke should make her namesake dessert – Brookies! Half chocolate chip cookie/half brownie…can’t go wrong with that combo! (


SO SO TRUE!!! Thank you for the recipe… it’s the perfect combo of happiness! Have a really great day Isabelle!


I’m so glad you shared that video–a little embarrassed that it made me weepy, LOL!
We’re going to the beach for a week, and we’ll celebrate my daughter’s 22nd birthday while we’re there :) I’m very excited about that.
I don’t remember having a ton of sweets around when I was a kid. My mom refused to buy sweetened cereals, but with the amount of sugar my brother and I piled onto Rice Krispies or plain Cheerios, maybe it wasn’t the best strategy ~ha~ I do remember we would sometimes have Morton’s brand frozen jelly donuts with granulated sugar. Some nights after dinner, we would make a big deal of baking the donuts in the oven, and now I’m craving a warm sugar/jelly donut (I’m sad to say Morton’s doesn’t exist anymore).
Has Brooke made brownies recently? My daughter made them for a friend’s birthday, and she layered in thin oreos. Delicious!


I’m glad it hit you… there is so much kindness out there and we need to see more of that! Oh I did the same thing with my Rice Krispies and sometimes would do sugar and honey:) I wish I could send you one of those donuts. Brooke would love to do the brownies with a thin layer of oreos, great idea. Wish our girls could bake together. Have a great Tuesday, Corey!


That video is so cute!! Love that people of all ages used the track too haha.

Brooke could make ice cream cake! I made this one this weekend, perfect end of summer dessert.


I am 100% voting for this ice cream cake… My mouth watered big time when I saw that! THANKS Mariah and happy Tuesday.


Brooke should make some rice krispy treats! I add a tad of peanut butter to mine- yum! Growing up we didn’t have a lot of sweetened cereals. Lucky Charms were a rare treat. My Dad would eat what looked like a hay bale to me lol. I thought that was pretty gross- now I appreciate the tastiness if shredded wheat!


She would love to make those and the pb tip is awesome! Hahaha isn’t it amazing how shredded wheat magically changes from disgusting to amazing with age? I hope your Tuesday is a great one Kimberly!


We always had baked treats around growing up, and my mom still usually has a fresh bread or cookies waiting for us when we come to visit now. She was big on making everything from scratch, so we had a running joke of “that cake came from a box!?” if she happened to use a mix every once in a while. All the baking and cooking skills were passed down to all us kids though, so it worked out well. So keep encouraging her cooking! You should let her watch some of the kids’ cooking shows and see if she gets inspired.

I had to laugh at Skye’s slobbery kisses. My 2.5 year old is doing the same thing right now! She loves to give “wet” kisses, and I have to specifically tell her I want a dry kiss, haha.


I love that your mom still has fresh bread or cookies for you guys when you come over. Hahaha my kids just know that our cakes come from mixes;). That is awesome that your mom’s cooking/baking passed down to you all, it’s such an amazing skill to have. Enjoy those wet kisses today haha and I’ll try to tell Skye I want a dry kiss today. Thanks Sara.


I’m so impressed by the top crust on Brooke’s pie!! She is so crafty!

It’s my wedding anniversary and birthday this month :)

I’m in my first trimester and tomatoes sound TERRIBLE!!!


You have a big month up ahead of you! I hope you are able to celebrate a bunch. I need to stop posting pictures of tomatoes for you haha. They sounded awful to me in the first trimester too so don’t worry, yummy foods will taste good again:). Have a great day Julie and keep me updated on your pregnancy!


I just loved that video! What a sweet thing to do ! That’s the kind of people we need more of in this world!
And it’s so wonderful that you’re teaching/letting Brooke learn how to bake and explore new things. Baking is one of my greatest joys and creative outlets. My husband asked me this last spring to learn how to make Spudnuts (potato donuts). They were his childhood happy memory from his hometown. Lots of recipe testing/tweaking later, they have become a regular and popular part of my little home bakery. Since you all love donuts so much, that might be a fun project to make together. :) You can find pictures on my Instagram. @Chickybellas
Have a beautiful day!


Hey Christina, I totally agree… and I just think we need to see a lot more of these kinds of people online too:) Now I am drooling over the Spudnuts and will absolutely have to make them especially after I saw your IG pictures. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Every picture is making me drool. Have a great day.


That video made me tear up! I need more sleep haha.

Brooke should definitely make blueberry pie and mail it to me :) It’s great that she loves baking. I have really fond memories of doing the same with my Mum.


Send us your address, YUM! That sounds so good right now. I love that we are building memories like the ones you have with your Mum! Have a beautiful day Christine!


Growing up we had sweets, but not these delicious homemade ymmmies of Brooke’s. We had ice cream in the freezer at all times, and oreos, cause my dad dunked like 6 in milk every night.

For Brooke: Pumpkin bread, apple crisp (compare and contract to apple pie recipe and taste), zucchini bread or muffins.


I think that ice cream and oreos are very important pantry/freezer staples:). YES for those ideas and I can’t wait for the smells that they will bring to our house:). Have a beautiful day Erica and give Hope a hug for us.


Cooler running temps are the best! I thought I had gotten so slow over the summer so it was refreshing to see my paces this morning when the temps were in the 50’s!

My daughter loved making a flourless chocolate cake–I think it also known as a chocolate torte. However, only make it if you like rich, chocolate desserts;-) Also, when your chickens start laying eggs, she can try an Angel food cake. It’s a little advanced, but you will probably have an abundance of eggs. The cake always tastes good, but we have only gotten it “fluffy” once out of the 3 times we have tried.

Also, get the creamy basil soup at Costco–it comes in a pack with 2 tubs and mix it with a wheel of Boursin cheese (also sold at Costco 3 boxes in a pack). It makes a super easy, fast supper!

Happy, happy Tuesday Janae!


YES YES YES.. it’s the best surprise when the temps drop and we see how fit we really are. Okay, that is such a great idea for when our chickens start laying eggs. Angel food cake is one of my absolute favorite desserts too. Thanks Becky. I love that soup and I’m going to try grabbing the cheese for it too, thank you Becky and have a great day!


HEY JANAE!!! It’s Jen! I haven’t commented in forever!!!! I’ve been reading off and on though still! We all remained healthy in my household during the pandemic, but our routines definitely changed!!!!

I’m back to teaching again as of last week—students in person with a hybrid schedule, and now I can read your blog when my students read their choice books again. It’s good to be back working WITH kids again!!!!!!

It’s not baking, but my youngest daughter started making homemade peanut butter cups for us over the summer. It’s turned into making them FOR ME because I hoard them. I need to eat one after every run now. ha ha She went back to school today though, so my habit might need to be toned down.

Another good recipe for younger kids to make that is easy is Wacky Cake!

Yep, my mom baked something EVERY WEEK for my family growing up, so I love sweets. Cake with a ton of frosting (buttercream!) is my favorite food!!!!! I used to bake every week before we had kids :)

I hope you guys are all doing well! Skye is looking SO different/older!!!!! Oh, and I predicted boy on Instagram yesterday for this baby :)


JEN JEN JEN! It is so good to see you again and I was wondering what your teaching looked like this year. I am so happy that get to see your students again, I bet the end of last year was nuts for you. I need Brooke to start making those for Andrew, he would be in heaven. Off to google Wacky Cake, thank you. I hope you get some cake with a ton of frosting soon. I am predicting a boy too! I hope your youngest has a great day of school today and it made me smile so big to hear you are doing well!


I saw a vegan chocolate mint cheesecake by downshiftology. Would love to see Brooke take it on! There’s also Japanese cotton cheesecake.

You squatted, with a ball! #Strong Are you doing goodfortheswole? Her moves are effective + she is looking good (6 weeks out?). I’m so glad you mentioned her in your blog!

Between your food and the two noted above, I see a lot of people rocking #covid19. Rock the lock down.

Since SWA is slow, is your brother still dancing??? I’m not sure if pilot brother runs (he’s not like lawyer brother), but he could do some cairocas!! We all can. Cairoca-2-3-4, everyone!


Yum, that cheesecake sounds amazing! Becky really is amazing and I love following her! Haha he is definitely still dancing and actually working plenty which is so nice for them but I’ll let him know he needs to send me another video to post:). Have a great day Lee!


That video made me cry! How sweet of that man. We didn’t grow up with a lot of sweets but my kids sure have them now as my husband and I are super sweet tooth eaters! You all like donuts a lot – maybe Brooke can make donuts?


I’m impressed – I’ve never even baked a pie! She could try the blog Sally’s Baking Addiction – right now she’s doing a Cinnamon Swirl bread contest.

We had sweets in our house growing up and I don’t remember them ever being an issue. The only time I remember really taking advantage of it was when my brother and I decided to have ice cream for breakfast after my parents left for work and we loaded it up with everything we could find.


My mom was the queen of baking! We always had sweets around the house.

I have a ton of baking recipes on my blog, I’d be honored if Brooke tried any of them.
Here are a bunch of fun ones from my Christmas bake fest:


That video!!! Love love love it.


that soup looks awesome- it’s funny, with both my pregnancies, tomatoes were one of my biggest aversions. My husband is from Italy, and his parents were like “what do you mean you don’t want sauce????” I just couldn’t stomach tomatoes!!


8 year wedding anniversary at the end of September! And wow Brooke’s pie is so impressive!! I’ve alsways loved baking but I’ve never had the patience for pie (unless you count savory ones like pot pies and shepherds pie hah).


That video made my day, thanks for sharing! And Brooke, your pie looks amazing! I’ve never seen such a cool top crust. I recently made these chocolate zucchini muffins and I think they might be fun to make. Baking is one of my favorite de-stressors, partly because I have a sweet tooth, but also because it brings others joy. There’s nothing like sharing freshly baked goods with others!


Loving the cooler weather too! feels like fall might actually be coming. Andrew and Brooke are very cute together, you have built a beautiful family.

Now I want to start doing some fall baking, my son keeps asking for pumpkin pie. It’s fun to make mini-pies!


Brooke is very amazing for making a pie!!! Way to go! I vote for cinnamon rolls or a quick bread (like banana or pumpkin), or a no-bake cookie.

That medicine ball by the baby bump is funny, great job with the lunges after a run!


Brooke’s pie looks great!! Does she like oatmeal creme pies? These homemade ones are amazing!


I am so impressed by Brooke and her baking skills! I vote for cinnamon buns. There is always something so fun about playing with the dough (or eating it lol) and sprinkling the sugar and spreading the butter and rolling them up . Fun fun :)


Yes doing the virtual Boston!! Still trying to decide on a good route. It’s hard not being able to run down any canyons ha.

We always had sweets growing up. My Dad lives off sweets. And I have the biggest sweet tooth ever ?


I’m glad you loved the soup! So good huh! It’s my fave. Wish we could’ve chatted at Meg’s wedding! Someday we’ll all make it to lunch ?

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