Brookester joined me for the last mile of my 5 mile run (9:15 average pace) yesterday before she went to school.

The weather felt great while we were moving but once we were done we felt cold and hot chocolate was needed.

The first of many many cups over the next 8 months.

IMG 9591

Rewind to the beginning of the day—> Skye has been waking up randomly in the middle of the night the last few days (how sweet of her to prepare us for waking up when the new baby comes;) so when I woke up to get ready for a run, I was a little out of it.  I went to put on my deodorant without taking off this piece on the top and it was quite the unpleasant feeling because it took me a second to realize what I was doing ha.  Anybody else ever done this?

IMG 9587

Now that the days aren’t getting so hot we are able to go on more walks!

IMG 9596

And the two most delicious parts of our day were this After-School Banana Bread from Magnolia Table (it’s the best banana bread we’ve ever had).

And this Hearty Minestrone with Spicy Sausage and Beans from Run Fast, Eat Slow.

The soup deserves another picture because that is how good it is.   I don’t know what it is about soups lately but they have been sounding amazing at all times.

I’m very thankful for the leftovers of this soup that I will be eating for breakfast today:)

We finished off our day with Brooke’s soccer game.


I could watch her run all day!


And just a few Thursday Things to talk about before I let you go:

*At the age of two she has decided that no one will help her to get her clothes on and no one will brush her hair besides herself.  She did not learn her independence from me;)

IMG 9602

*Molly sent this to me haha….

IMG 9598

*My friend’s wife has been practicing drawing the finish line for the virtual Boston Marathon that he is doing on Labor Day.  Isn’t that the sweetest?!

IMG 9607

*Cafe Rio made a pretty hilarious commercial and I hope it makes you laugh too…


A question from Andrew’s IG and I’d love to hear your answer…

IMG 9609

 Favorite recipe from either the Run Fast, Eat Slow or Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow cookbooks if you have them?

How often do you need music when you run?  Do you race with music?

Have a favorite type of soup?

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Yummmmm hot chocolate season!

I think Halloween decorations can go up anytime after November 1! I’ve been so excited to see Halloween candy out at the stores.


By November 1st I am really hoping you mean September 1st;). HOW HAS YOUR TRIP BEEN?!


the minestrone looks good except for the sausage? would regular stew beef work? i found a recipe for easy chicken tortilla soup that I’m going to try soon. my family loves the chicken tortilla mixes but they are soooo high in sodium that i don’t like to get them.
I don’t think you can decorate for Halloween until 10/1; you have to allow time for regular fall decorations which you can’t put up until 9/1. after Halloween, you go back to the general fall/harvest stuff until Thanksgiving. Christmas decorations MUST NOT go up until the day after Thanksgiving. Each time of year deserves an appropriate time for its decorations.
Have a good Thursday!


I think regular stew beef would work great and next time I think I am going to use ground turkey and season it really well before. Please let me know what you think of the soup you make and share the recipe if you love it. I’m in your boat… I don’t want to get sick of any of the decorations! I hope you have a great Thursday Lee.


In my humble opinion September 1st is a perfectly acceptable day to start decorating for Halloween ? My favorite soup lately is Olive Garden copycat zappa Toscana soup. So easy and sooo delicious


I LOVE that soup… off to find the copycat. Thanks Kimberly and Andrew is going to love your answer.


That commercial is good! Whoever came up with it has a sense of humor.

I got Run Fast, Eat Slow and have yet to make a recipe. I think the peanut sauce soba noodle salad (or whatever it’s called ha) looks good!

Now everyone can do what they want with decoration because it’s their home so not going to tell them what to do. Personally I wouldn’t decorate until October. It seems like retailers push our holiday decor (for all holidays) earlier every year and try to rush through the seasons. It sucks, let’s just chill and enjoy the season we are all currently in!

I love a good spicy black bean soup. Give me some bread on the side and I’m one happy gal. Have a wonderful Wednesday Janae :)


Hey you! I keep seeing that recipe too and I’ve been wanting to make it. I’m all about October 1st too so we shall see what he wants to do ha. I hope you get some spicy black bean soup asap! Thanks Maureen, you too.


You can start decorating for Halloween now! Gives you more time to enjoy the decorations and anything to cheer up people during a tough year.

I love the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbooks! I make the smoothies and juices the most probably, but also love the power bowls, Flu-Fighter Chicken Stew and Ginger Molasses quick bread. Obviously I can’t pick just one favorite :p


Andrew will love your opinion on the decorations! How have I never tried her smoothies and juices and that stew sounds perfect right now… thanks Mariah and I hope your Thursday is a beautiful one!


Sometimes your posts really make me laugh. Hot chocolate! I’m in Mississippi and the heat index was over 100 yesterday. It’s too hot to do anything here! Haha!


HAHAH I bet it feels like we are living in two different worlds when I am posting about soup/chilly runs/hot chocolate. I hope you guys start cooling down soon! Have a beautiful day Jennifer.


I like the spicy black bean recipe Shalane has in her cookbook!!

And Halloween should be celebrated all year. It’s my favorite. I want to decorate now, but I guess we’ll wait a few more weeks….


I have to try that recipe still! Let me know when you decorate and I am so happy it is coming up on your favorite holiday. Have a fabulous day, Loribeth!


Ha!! Great commercial. We HAVE to keep laughing to get through this! :) Thanks for sharing. And since I was a day late to yesterday’s post – I absolutely have the most vivid dreams and I definitely believe in their messages.


HEY YOU! It really is so true, finding some humor through this all is necessary! Good to know about your dreams and what you think… maybe that means I should start buying some boy items!? Have a great day Amanda!


Hey, you’re on your way to freezing for post-partum as you prep these items. You already know what you want. I get it, figuring out the right way to freeze them is a hurdle, a hurdle to get over and past! I bet you could prep and freeze hot chocolate – to consume hot, but faster and on-demand from the new mama. Can’t wait to see your blogging of all this, you will help us all!!

Halloween decor, I’m thinking back to the 12 seasons (thank you, MeganD). Seems like we really need to be in Fall to me. Is Andrew bored with the summertime blues? Kids really love seasonal decor, this could be kid-motivated. You know, there are Greeks known for keeping up their Xmas decor for many, many months. It’s a Greek thing? So, is Halloween decor an LDS thing? Ways of finding common ground: nationality and religion. Stream of thought: Gilmore Girls and Paris. Paris was passionate about the religion beat at the paper. One might wonder why? Then we can start to realize the impact of religion in our world. There are Christians who seriously downplay Halloween altogether based on their common ground. So, the bottom line is, as usual, do you! Skye is, and she’s 2!! Ok, now I’m rhyming like Seuss. Oh, and tasteful decor is always more widely embraced. I’m not concerned about Andrew’s approach, just a thought in this stream.


Hahaha yeah I’m not sure Halloween decor is an LDS thing but I love hearing your thoughts on this all! Yes, I’m so excited to start freezing meals, it’s going to be so helpful. Have a great day Lee!


I mean…this year it seems like none of the regular “rules” apply so decorate whenever you want, but I don’t usually put Halloween stuff out until after Oct 1.

I run most of my training runs with music but never race with it.

I LOVE chicken noodle soup. Year round. Even when it’s a billion degrees out. And similar variations like chicken tortilla soup, won ton or egg drop soup…basically anything in a chicken broth.


Hahah that is so true… all of the rules are out the door in 2020! If you ever have a favorite recipe for chicken noodle soup you have to send it to me, I’m a big fan of it too. Have the best day Laura!


My favorite recipe (so far) from the book is the quinoa recovery salad – yum!
I usually always run to music or a podcast, but one race I forgot my ipod and was so upset but it ended up not being that bad. Still prefer to have music though.
My family loves soup…2 of our favorites are the copycat Zuppa Toscana from Olive Garden and I have a really good ham chowder recipe.


Hey Amanda, I agree with you… her recovery salad is HEAVEN and probably what I have made the most of. I am going to have to try both of those soups, thank you so much for sharing! Have a really great day friend!


I have one of her cookbooks and I havent really made anything. I need to get on my game and look through it soon and start!! I love ALL soups. Fall and winter are my favorite and making a big batch of soup on sundays is what I love to do = leftovers for the week!!!

I LOVE a good homemade chicken noodle soup always. Also you can google winter lentil soup! It is so healthy and nourishing. I also have my own “mexican chicken soup” that I kind of made up. I use bone in chicken (breasts or thighs) and boil them with the skin on about 20-30 min which makes the broth. You can use store bought broth and make your own shredded chicken or get a rotisserie if wanting a short cut. Then I remove the chicken and boil bell peppers, poblanos, jalapenos (can be left out if not a fan), onions, garlic, tomatillos (quartered or halved). I add in mexican spices and sometimes a chipotle pepper. Once veggies are cooked down I add in the chicken and some hominy (its amazing). I serve it typically with brown or white rice and cheese and avocado. Sometimes I will crisp up corn tortillas and put on top too!!!

Have a great day. Love your blog posts each morning!


HEY STEPHANIE! Seriously, soup leftovers are the best and they really do last forever. Time to find that winter lentil soup, yum… and I must make your mexican chicken soup. THANK YOU! Andrew will absolutely love that one too! Thank you friend and I hope you have a fabulous day!


I make the high altitude meatballs almost once a week. They are delicious!!!!


Superhero Muffins!!!! however I also like the granola too… it’s all so good! Also, definitely still not in fall mode over here! Trying to soak up and embrace as much of summer as possible before it goes away!


Day after Labor Day… there are those that might say that it has to be the first official day of fall, but I whole heartedly disagree.


That commercial was fantastic. I needed that brightness this morning!

I put Halloween decorations up Oct 1. But I mean you could consider them “fall” decorations and start in September!

I love her quinoa salad! I don’t buy many cookbooks, i normally check them out from the library and cook like mad from them for a week or two and write down my favourite recipes, but that is one I might have to go back and buy.


That soup is my fave from the cookbook. Cannot wait to make it this fall.


That Cafe Rio spot is amazing. So so good. Also please let me know what the conclusion is for Andrew’s question! I was asking people the same thing yesterday ;)


I would say… you can decorate for fall in September, pumpkins etc. But then all the scary Halloween stuff… October :)

I have the Run Fast East Slow cookbook, and really do need to cook from it!

I also almost always run with music, unless I’m in the zone. I find it helps keep me at pace, and I play mind games, like running faster when the chorus gets more upbeat etc.


I don’t decorate for Halloween, but I usually put up Fall/harvest decor sometime in September. It’s suppose to be 111 on Sunday, so I have to pretend that we actually have Fall here!

I always wear my Revvez glasses with bone conduction tech when I run so I can have music if I’m in the mood. I love that they sit nicely on my head if it’s dark/overcast out but I can still hear music.

We’re not to soup weather yet! I like just about any kind of soup – tomato soup with grilled cheese is one of my favorites.


I like to put up fall decorations before Halloween and then bring out the Halloween stuff around October 1st. I couldn’t believe it a few weeks ago when I saw Halloween candy in the stores already but I suppose it will be here before we know it. Related note: I’ve already started Christmas shopping :)

I love cheesy potato soup but I don’t really have a recipe and just wing it: boil potatoes, broccoli and carrots, drain some of the water, add milk, seasonings and shredded cheddar cheese and return to heat.


I don’t race with music but lately have been listening to music on my solo long runs. I bought wireless ear buds and love them.

Also the minestrone soup sounds so good. Starting to feel like fall here too..alsk I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season which to me always signals the start of fall haha.

It is so thoughtful of Skye to wake up randomly lol. It will be so exciting for you to have a new baby in the house! Seems that covid has brought a lot of new life! lots of babies and puppies that I am learning of:). Have a great day Janae!


I love so many recipes from the Run Fast books but some of my favorites are the Sweet Potato waffles – I add a little peanut butter and syrup and they’re SO good! I also like the fish and mango salsa. I double the salsa recipe and my husband it’s the leftovers with a chicken wrap the next day. And of course the superhero muffins. Have a great day Janae!


Hi Janae!
I love soup too! I make a big batch and put the leftovers in Solo-type cups and freeze, then once frozen, put the frozen soup in a freezer bag. Pre-portioned and ready to eat after a quick 5-6 minutes in the microwave! My current favorite is Deconstructed Stuffed Pepper.

I stick to the first of the month for holiday decor. Oct 1 for Halloween, Nov 1 for Thanksgiving, Dec 1 for Christmas, etc…

I don’t usually run with music, but I have it available for those runs when I need a push. Like yesterday…got halfway through a rainy run and lost all motivation. I put on some music and made it home wanting to go keep going. I would have, but, work.

Anyway, have a great day!


My favorite recipe from the Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow cookbook is probably the Honey Balsamic Grilled Chicken. I’ve been making it all summer – in fact, I whipped up the marinade for dinner before I made my lunch today! I also love the pumpkin super hero muffins. For soups, I love the flu-fighter chicken stew, which I think is from the first cookbook. I will definitely try the soup you just made too!


One of my favorite recipes is the bison chili. My husband loves it so much that I make it almost weekly! My kids love it too , scooped up with chips of course :)


I feel like pumpkins/general fall can go up Sept. 1 but Halloween specific should wait until late Sept. tell Andrew Sept. 26th, that’s my birthday ;)


I think my favorite from Shalanes cookbooks are the sweet potato breakfast cookies mine always crumble but so yummy.


You start decorating for Halloween anytime after..

September 1st ?

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