Tangents and Hope.

This tank top worked for about .001 miles of my run before it sprung up over my belly and rolled up to my sports bra ha.  I changed tank tops and then set out for 7.5 miles @ 9:31 average.  It was 70 degrees outside but for some reason it felt cooler than it normally is out so that felt like a miracle.

Victoria uses Swedish Fish during her run for fuel so I figured that it must be awesome pre-run fuel too.  It was.

IMG 8028

Another delicious part of the day included Frosted Flakes and fruit.

Screen Shot 2020 08 03 at 1 54 23 PM

The rest of our day was pretty uneventful so let’s just move on to some tangents!

*A friend (an incredible athlete!!) that I trained with a bit last year wrote up an awesome recap about a recent race that he did and it really stuck with me.  Isn’t it crazy how our feelings can change SO much throughout a race or a run?  We can go from feeling like we are about to die to then feel like we are on top of the world (and then maybe back to that first feeling again ha) over the course of a few miles.  I think it is so important that we remember that these feelings can change so quickly throughout a race or run and to hold on because things will improve if we just keeping ‘chipping away.’
That cramp can go away, some more fuel can help us to feel energized again, we will eventually be going down the hill rather than up, the pace will feel more natural again etc… and it’s just like life.  Things will get better.  They always do.  The sun always comes up and during those really hard times we can have hope for a change in the way we feel over the course of time.  I remember after my divorce that hope of knowing I wasn’t going to feel that way forever was what got me out of bed in the mornings.  I knew that at some point, the pain would disappear, that my heart would be complete again and even better than ever and it happened, just like it always does.

Screen Shot 2020 08 02 at 7 20 52 PM

*After wearing masks along with make-up, my At-Home Microdermabrasion Machine at night feels like heaven.  This thing is magic to me and exfoliates everything so nicely so my products really sink in.  I’ll love it forever and ever.

IMG 8023

*Skye has two different colored eyes!  I can’t find a good picture where you can see it but in real life people notice it all of the time.

*Thank you Megan for the shoutout.  I’ve pulled 2 all dayers lately and I’m really proud.

IMG 8041

*My friend was working out in the St. George rec center and sent me a picture of my sister and I running a race together 8 years ago that was on the wall there ha.

IMG 8047

*I found a book that Knox does not want to put down.  PS we have two weeks straight with him right now and we are so excited.

IMG 8045

*This is my current Garmin race predictor (those scratches on my screen drive me crazy!!).  There is no way I could come close to running any of those times.  It doesn’t matter where I am at in my fitness, the race predictor is always WAY off from what I race.

IMG 7964

*Just because our back to school is different than ever doesn’t mean we are going to skip out on awesome new school shoes.  Brooke saw these and fell in love fast.

IMG 7939

*Every time I paint Skye’s nails, she acts as though it is the best day of her life.

IMG 7936

*While I was at my parents’ house, this photo popped up on my mom’s Aura frame (<— aka my mom’s favorite gift EVER if you need something for grandparents etc)… Brooke and Knox sure love each other but they definitely have normal fights like all siblings do too.

IMG 8013


What color are your eyes?  Anybody have two different colored eyes?

Has your watch race predictor ever been correct for you?

Who has tried candy before or during a run?  What are your favorites to use?

I’d love to hear any tangents from your life right now!

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it’s funny you mention that about the race predictor. i didn’t know that existed on my garmin and it popped up one day last week. i posted it to facebook saying that someone was a little optimistic. the funny thing is that it predicted my 5k time to be 22:11; i did a time trial 5k on sunday and did 23:48. it’s only 1:37 overly optimistic. my goal was sub 24 which i didn’t think would happen. i think i might make the 22:11 my new goal.
i think my son might like Knox’s book. thanks for posting a picture of it.
i don’t have two different colored eyes and i don’t know anybody who does except for my sister’s two dogs who are mother and son. they each have one brown eye and one blue eye. what color are skye’s eyes? i think that’s a pretty cool trait to have. what will they put on her driver’s license? i think in MD, we can only put on one color.
i hope you have a great day! enjoy your two weeks with Knox.


LEE! Huge huge huge congrats on your 5k time trial and hitting your goal. I think the 22:11 is the perfect goal, keep me updated on how that is going. I hope your son loves it too, it also teaches them how to code in the book too. So they are still pretty similar but one is more of a green/brown and the other is a green/blue… it’s so pretty! Thank you so much Lee and I hope your day is off to a great start!


Swedish fish and gummy bears or worms for running fuel are great!

That’s so interesting her eyes are different colors! Is that hereditary? My eyes are green.


Now I need some gummy worms for my next run:). I don’t know anyone in either of our families that have different colored eyes so I wonder where it comes from! Hope your day is off to a great start Mariah!


Yessssssssss Swedish fish for fuel. The best. They’re like magic. I mean they make you happy and happiness helps you run better.

One of my good friends from elementary school/middle school had one brown eye and one eye that was half brown-half blue! Like split down the center. Everybody thought she was so beautiful for it (she was!).


Hahaha now to just stop along my runs for ice cream, you are a great role model for me. Okay, that is SO cool. Our bodies are amazing and I love finding these unique characteristics of each. Hope your day is a beautiful one Victoria!


Hi Janae !
I read about your parents yesterday but didn’t have the time to answer. I was shocked, it is so scary but really nice to see they feel better.
I always have difficulties to say what color are my eyes. Dark blue / grey blue… something like that ! Haha !
Have a nice day :)


That picture!:)

I have green eyes. I actually always told everyone they were light brown, but when I was in college I actually realized they were green with brown flecks, ha! I felt dumb for not even knowing my eye color! I don’t wear makeup and never really looked at them daily in the mirror until I started wearing contacts. Now I am currently obsessed with wearing colors that make them pop because green is my favorite color. Olive green and light purples and navy bring them out best:)

My sister in law has bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. It’s a pretty striking combo.

I like swedish fish, but the concept of chewing while running seems like wasting energy, ha!

Tangent: we get a short trip to Nashville this weekend and I CANNOT WAIT. We have 3 little nieces under 2 1/2 there, and it’ll be a blast. And then my sister is in town from Idaho for a whole month for another sister’s wedding later this month, so that means all nieces and nephews on my side are in the same town!! Can’t wait to see them all. Combined there are 7 nieces and nephews……the oldest turns 3 in November and the youngest is 2 months. CRAZY!

Have a great week!


I love hearing about your eye story and keep wearing those olive green and light purple/navy outfits to make them pop! Hahah it definitely is hard to chew while you run… eating anything is hard while running. I am SO thrilled that you are going to be with your family this weekend. You are going to have the best time EVER seeing them all. Have the best time and I want to hear all about it. Thanks Loribeth, you too!


My eyes are hazel and change colors anywhere along the green with brown and blue shading spectrum depending on what I’m wearing and the lighting.
It was fun when I was dating to compliment a guy’s eyes and have him be like “and you have beautiful…wait, what color IS that?” ?


NO WAY! Oh that is so cool that your eyes change, I love it! Hahah I bet that was fun! Have a beautiful day Kristen.


I can swear you did the Swedish fish thing (or something similar) in the past


YES, many many years ago until I had a coach that made me switch over to gels ha:). But Victoria is convincing me that it’s time to go back;). Have a great day Tracy!


Press Start is another video game comic/early reader series about video games and my son LOVES them. The Hilo series (no video games) was also a huge hit here this summer. Hilo was a higher reading level then Press Start, but over summer I just care they read.

My camp “boyfriend” had two different color eyes in middle school. He’s the only person I have ever know to have them

Have a great day!


Awesome Mary, I will have to get those books next for Knox, thank you so much. for the help! You too Mary!


That is cool about Skye’s eyes–what color are they? I have blue eyes, but one of them has a red streak running through it. I kind of forget it is there, but people comment on it frequently–especially little kids at school.

I used gummy bears before my triathlon on Saturday. I have never used candy before, but it was all we had laying around for quick fuel. I was worried they would get stuck in my teeth, but they worked out well!

My parents are taking the younger 2 kids for a couple nights–I am treating it as a mini vacation! My oldest and I are going to the cities for a night and shopping at the Mall of America on Thursday.

Happy Tuesday!!!


So one eye is green/brown and the other is green/blue so not super different but enough to tell! Oh that is so cool about the red streak! Looks like the gummy bears are a success. CONGRATS on your tri, I am so happy you were able to do that. Have the best time ever with your oldest, that is so great that your parents are doing that! Thanks Becky, you too!


My eyes are brown! I’ve always thought that different colored eyes are so cool and unique!

Do you still run soon after getting out of bed in the morning? I used to have an hour or so to eat, drink coffee and water, etc, but am now having to get up and run within 15-20 mins. Any suggestions on what to eat?! I’ve tried not eating and struggled so I need something but don’t have time for anything that takes a lot of preparation or takes longer to digest!


That switch is HARD to figure out. Somedays I have more time than others but when I am short on time then I just grab a banana or make some toast with jam really quickly. It might take your stomach a few weeks to get used to eating so soon before you run but it will adjust. GOOD LUCK and keep me updated on how it goes Megan.


Looks like you’re having a great few last weeks before school starts!

I give the Garmin race predictor way too much credit! When you were in heavy marathon training, did you find that the predictions were over or under?

Have a great day!


No more giving it so much credit;) Last year it predicted my times to be way slower than they were which is so interesting because now they are predicted to be way faster than they would be. I just need to stop looking at it because it bugs me ha. Thanks Katie, you too!


“We will eventually be going down the hill rather than up”—I think I read that three times because it applies so perfectly to running and life. I have been struggling a little lately with some personal stuff and I just need to remember that.

That is so cool about Skye’s eyes! I have a friend who has one eye that’s two different colors; those little quirks in our appearance are so fun and unique!

My tangent: reading Chris McDougall’s book Natural-Born Heroes, and it is fascinating. I’ve read his other two books and I can’t put any of them down.


Kristin, I am so glad that was able to help. I am so sorry about what you have been going through lately and don’t forget, I’m always here if you need someone! Can’t wait for your downhill to come! Oh that is awesome about your friend and I agree, those quirks make life so interesting. Well now I need that book, thanks so much for sharing. Have the best day Kristin!


My long run candy go-to is jolly ranchers! 1 jolly rancher can last me 3 miles. I don’t like them nearly as much if I am not running, which is weird!

I scratched up my Garmin too – was always bumping it into walls while carrying little kids, laundry baskets, etc. I found a tempered glass screen protector (on Amazon) and that has helped a ton!

I love Knox and his fave outfit – so great!

I also read your post from yesterday & wanted to say how happy I was to hear your parents made it through a ’bout with Covid successfully. I bet it was a little scary while they had it – I am so nervous about my own parents, so it’s always nice to hear positive stories!


Okay, that is awesome about the jolly ranchers! How do you not choke though?! Off to get a glass screen protector, thanks for the tip. Thank you SO much and we are so grateful they are doing so well now. Hope your day is a beautiful one Katie!


That is really cool about Skye’s eyes! I have blue-green eyes. They look mostly green, but when I wear anything close to blue, they look really blue.
Ok, that picture of Brooke and Knox is way cute and funny! And they’re so little!
I believe I have the same watch you do ( hubby have it to me for Christmas), and I haven’t had the race predictor pop up…. Hmmmm, I will have to check it out.
I am getting a super late start to the day, but thankfully it’s overcast and shouldn’t be too hot for my run. Have a good day!


Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for so long but today is my first comment! Thank you so much for your posts I love them so much!!

My sister and I were just talking about how off our race predicters are! Mine is actually so similar to yours right now – somehow it thinks I can do a 3:46.25 marathon (my fastest is 4:27!). It is very optimistic!! Whenever I show my husband he always tells me that I can do it – haha he is sweet.

My eyes are a blue/green – but people always comment on them because the circle around the color is much darker. I remember in school one girl told me I had yellow eyes lol!


I’ve definitely eaten gummy bears and stolen the kids’ fruit snacks for pre- or mid-run fuel before.

My eyes are gray. People always want to say that gray eyes don’t exist and they must actually be green or really light hazel but no, definitely gray! Though sometimes they do seem to pick up whatever color I’m wearing and appear greenish or hazelish I suppose.

I did go to HS with someone who had 2 different color eyes though!


Oh that race predictor is pretty funny on my Garmin! Mine have always been way off. I just caught up on the last post. So happy to hear your parents are feeling better and can interact with the family again! The upcoming school plans sound fun for them.


I have different color eyes—one is brown and my parents always told me it was my birthmark, because it’s just a part of my eye that’s brown. Either way, it’s going to be fun for her to have that as people still notice it, mostly as we’re in a long conversation. It’s funny how it takes people a while to actually realize it! So, that’s fun for Skye.

Also, do they make Brooke’s shoes in adult sizes? I’m obsessed, as they are cuter than ever!

By the way, I also have to have my nails painted all the time, so it’s fun to see yours are too and that Skye gets so excited!


Swedish Fish are good any time – even if you aren’t running!

Love seeing kids read – my son’s (he’s 8) current favorites are Big Nate, Frankie Pickle, Stick Dog, Dog Man, and Knights of the Lunch Table. We order a lot from thriftbooks.com (can buy new or used).

I should start thinking about school shopping – new shoes are always needed!


Brooke’s sneakers are so cute. I love converse on kids?. Did you get the kids school clothes too? I need to start buying school clothes too. What are your favourite stores for Brooke’s clothes? Thanks


First time to ever comment but just wanted to say I love your blog. I read it everyday. It brightens my day. Thank you for sharing your sweet family with us. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day?.


My husband has 2 different color eyes, and our little nephew does too. Skye’s personality is so cute, she will keep your family laughing for sure. And that picture of Brooke and Knox is hilarious, I’m super close with my siblings and we definitely had those moments! Brooke, nice find with those shoes!


Oh look at you with that pregnancy glow! ?

I am all on board with anything that makes back to school seem more normal for the kids. What a strange time this is for the little ones. I ❤️ her new shoes! ? I would totally wear those shoes myself if they came in adult sizes.

My tangent today is that I wish Great Harvest made brownies every single day. Because they are SO good ?

I am in desperate need of long looser fitting running tanks or even tees. I can’t remember what you recommend. If you have time can you help a girl out? ?

Have a wonderful Tuesday! ?


Sky is just how I am after I get a new manicure :)

Even a few days later, I am still stopping to admire my new nails!


I have two different colored eyes! They are both hazel but one is a green/brown hazel and one is a light amber/green hazel. It’s pretty subtle but depending on what I’m wearing or the light it’s more noticeable.
It was much more pronounced when I was very little like Skye, it’ll be interesting to see if she grows out of it.


That picture of Knox!!! So good!

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