Silentish Saturday!!

Another day at Yellowstone!

We left at 5ish in the morning (so I definitely did not run the last two days!) because we were on a mission to see a grizzly (from a safe distance).

IMG 8333

Success… we saw a grizzly bear and her cub from a few miles away and that is the exact distance I wanted to be from the bears:)  It was amazing.

IMG 8331

Somehow she handled the lack of sleep really well.

IMG 8332

This felt a little uncomfortably close.

IMG 8339

Did some more exploring.

IMG 8338

A bunch of you recommended that we should go to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center and it was amazing.

IMG 8357

I think we need to take the next few days a bit more low key:)

IMG 8361

Went to the river by where we are staying to skip rocks for a while.

IMG 8367

We’ve been doing lots of meals at the Airbnb which is my new favorite way to vacation with kids.

IMG 8320

And loving watching the sunsets together at night.

IMG 8325

Our current show that we are loving on Netflix.

IMG 8360

Off for a run this morning (most likely) but definitely going to sleep in (until kids wake up:) first.


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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Love Yellowstone! We went as a family in 2011. Have you been to the Grand Prismatic Springs yet? I could not believe the colors, it is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy your vacation! Today I am running, making some jam and probably spend some time by the lake.


Yes! Grand Prismatic Springs was unreal and Andrew’s favorite part. We couldn’t believe the colors. Sounds like you had a great day and enjoy your Sunday Tammie!


Yellowstone was one of our family favorites. Only my two youngest were home, so we did the camping route. It was amazing, but I have never seen so many mosquitoes!!! Air bnb is a much smarter way to go!! I have a question for you. I do some heavy duty hiking, no running with a knee replacement….have you ever needed the sports compression socks? I’m looking for a decent brand and fit….


Hey Machelle! Oh I bet there were a million mosquitos, one day we will have to try camping there though. The two compression socks that I’ve used and loved are Copper Joint and Procompression! I hope you love them too and let me know what you think! You’ll have to share with me someday about your favorite hikes.


I’ve never thought to go to Yellowstone so thank you for enlightening me as to what there is to see and do there! It’s stunning.
We went to Canmore (just outside Banff) yesterday and so today will be more of a mundane grocery shopping, working out and chilling at home kind of day. I saw Elk yesterday and they are so big compared to deer. Love seeing wildlife up close.


leaving on a road trip! ?


Hi Janae! Love those pics, that rainbow sure is amazing! I like Airbnbs on trips too it just feels more relaxing. You’ll have to let us know how the running is around Yellowstone, sounds gorgeous!


It looks like you guys are having so much fun! That is awesome! I laughed out loud seeing that pic of Andrew passed out. I remember the days of traveling with little humans and I remember the exhaustion vividly! You guys are making life long memories for your kids which is priceless. Today I am grocery shopping, cleaning the house and packing for a trip to Montana that my husband and I are taking. We leave tomorrow. Talking about going to Yellowstone! I’m so excited, yet worried at the same time. We will take precautions.


That buffalo had a major hair cut! Great vacay!!


Where did you get that retro gap logo tee? I love it!


LOVED “Down to Earth”-so good!!

Top 3 things today…mow grass (done-counts as my workout since it is a non-Self propelled push mower), get groceries (on way now) and help daughter (age 13) prep for first day of 8th grade tomorrow (in person classes)


You have the cutest little family ?


You guys are the cutest. I hope you’re having a wonderful time – it looks like you are!! Question – when did you get the gap tee, and where did you get the white hoodie? I love them and they look so comfy!


Hey Amy! Thank you so much! I got the Gap T 2 summers ago! I wish they still had it because mine has a lot of stains on it now ha. The sweatshirt is also a few years old but I found a similar one and I hope you are having a beautiful day!

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