What was once hard for 2 minutes + MY fail.

Good morning good morning.  I am going to celebrate big time today because I am now officially in the 3rd trimester.  I don’t know about you but this has felt like a 2 year long pregnancy but I’m guessing that is because it has been going on at the same time as the pandemic so time has really just slowed down.   Here’s to hoping this 3rd trimester flies by.

6.07 miles @ 9:26 average pace with a total of 38.11 miles for the week with even a short speed workout on Thursday!

Brooke started off her birthday morning by eating a donut and adding her own personal sprinkle collection that my parents gave her to the donut.

IMG 8838

And then we went straight to presents.  Knox and Skye even got a present from Brooke’s grandma on her dad’s side which I thought was so sweet because she always includes them in things even though she isn’t actually their grandma too:).

IMG 8841

The majority of our day was spent playing with new presents (these two take their Elsa singing very seriously)….

IMG 8845

Along with playing outside and then eating Brooke’s dream meal of Panda Express and cotton candy (she wanted cotton candy instead of a cake:).   My mom met us there and it has just been so nice to be able to see her so much again.

IMG 8864

And then Brooke got dressed in some of her new school clothes and it made me realize that she really is growing up way too fast!

IMG 8860

Our Sunday started off with a walk for Andrew and me and a run for the kids:)

IMG 8879

I slept 9.5 hours on Saturday night and then took a nap after our walk yesterday and still felt tired so I think that means the fatigue has hit hard again.

IMG 8882

This week is a big week for our kids… They have a half-day of school and a full day of grandma school to look forward to.

IMG 8893

I cannot get enough garden tomatoes right now.  My feelings towards tomatoes right now are almost equivalent to how I felt about oranges a few months ago where I found myself thinking about them all of the time.  This was an amazing combo of Dave’s Killer Bread + avocado + eggs + tomatoes + salt and pepper.   Just looking at this picture is sending me to the kitchen to make another round.

IMG 8755

PS welcome to $40 tomatoes… I failed my garden big time and these were the best things that I got from it and the $40 we spent on creating a garden;). Luckily, my sister has been our supply source of lbs and lbs of her garden tomatoes.

IMG 8867

Random running talk of the day but I was going through my old workouts from after I had Skye and it made me REALLY excited.  I have been going through my old postpartum workouts so I can remind myself that I really need to start out small and be patient with the process if I want to come back safely.  The workout below is from when Skye was 6 months old (so after running again for about 4 months) and I remember it being very hard…. The thing that made me excited was thinking about how my pace for these 2 and 1 minute intervals became my marathon pace 1.5 years later.   What was once hard for 2 minutes at a time turned into my 26.2 mile pace and that just gets me fired up and excited to do the work again!  So much can change with our running.

Stick with it and get excited to see where your running can go… even though racing isn’t really happening this year, every mile you run right now is invested into your running bank account and the interest adds up;)

Screen Shot 2020 08 09 at 8 51 43 PM


What is your ‘dream meal’ that you would have on your birthday?

When is school (online or in person) starting where you are?

Tell me something to make with all of these amazing tomatoes right now!

Project, recipe, new hobby that you just did NOT rock so far this year?

-Gardening and me helping to keep up with yard work in general.

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Brook’s grandma sounds like a wonderful women who loves all the kids despite genetics. I just love reading about mixed families who get along so well.


Agree with this! God bless those who love and accept all in a blended family. It just makes things so much easier all around.


She really is amazing and I feel so lucky that we have such a great relationship still! It sure made Skye and Knox feel special. Thanks and have the best day!


Looks like Brooke had a great bday. You are right, she is looking so grown up. My daughter got the same shirt from Zara for school too but in pink:) Did you get Brooke any other clothes there? What are your favourite stores to shop for her? School starts for us in September (we are in Canada)
Love making Brushetta with tomato’s
Have an awesome day!


Oh I wanted to get it in pink too! I love Zara so much for kid clothes. The other place we bought her school clothes from was Cotton On Kids (they have it online too) and also Old Navy! You’ll have to keep me updated with how school goes for you guys this year and now I need some bruschetta! Hope you have a great day too, thanks Ashley!


First time commenter and have to say I LOVED tomatoes through pregnancy. I made bruschetta for lunch nearly every day!
I’m in Australia and so my daughter has been back at school now since May. It’s been so nice to have her be able to get back in routine and back to school as my husband and I run a business also. My son is in preschool/childcare which never closed here but we voluntarily withdrew him when things were at their worst. He’s back now also 3 days a week.


I got this meal from Hello Fresh and keep making it on my own too. The tomato topping is SO GOOD. https://www.hellofresh.com/recipes/margherita-chicken-5ef104e749b60e71dd01ce22


And now I am drooling over the picture of this recipe… YUM!! Thanks Mariah, I have to try it. Have the best day.


The exact same thing happened to me with gardening! We tried to grow tomatoes and several got pretty close to ripeness and then squirrels ate them. We didn’t get a SINGLE ONE. I did get a few zucchinis though, which I was really proud of, but then all the wet weather in the DC area killed the plant. It was a huge fail!! And yeah, we definitely did not save any money growing our own veggies, haha.
I’m obsessed with tomatoes right now, and last week I made a caprese salad with cherry tomatoes cut in half, cubes of fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, salt, pepper, and a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. *chef’s kiss* DELICIOUS!


I am so bummed that you didn’t get any tomatoes! Happy that you got the zucchinis before the plant died. Gardening is sure an art! And now I am officially having caprese salad for lunch, thank you so much for the idea! I cannot wait for lunch now. Have the best day Anna!


Haha, I’m very familiar with the $40 tomato. After a few summers of trying so hard to get one cherry tomato, I now rely on the farmer’s market to get my fix. Here’s a great simple recipe to have as a side dish, add to pasta, grain bowls, etc https://pinchofyum.com/5-ingredient-marinated-tomatoes. I’m also a big fan of a caprese salad. Your avocado/egg toast looks perfect though!


Good to know I am not alone on the $40 tomato. I think I am going to join you and just rely on the farmers market and my sister ha:) I love Pinch of Yum so I need to make that recipe… the pictures of it made me drool. Thank you so much Michelle and have a great day!


Oh my gosh… This year, right before my zucchini and tomatoes were ripe enough to pick, some critter would eat them! I think I was able to pick 3 cherry tomatoes and that was it. I definitely need to invest in some wire mesh or something. But, I love to make fresh bruschetta with tomatoes.
I LOVE sushi for my birthday dinner! That has been, and probably will be, my go to for a very long time. We usually go out for sushi for our anniversary too.
It looked like Brooke’s birthday was perfect!
Our schools started last week, all online, and our college son starts next week, also online ?. We’re all hoping everyone can get back on campus soon. But the 1st week for my hubby (high school teacher) and our younger son, went really well! And, it felt so good to have a “normal” schedule again, since they both start at 7am. Very grateful for that!
Have a wonderful Monday ?


Oh that must have been so so frustrating! The quail keep trying to get into my sister’s garden! NOW I NEED SUSHI! I love that you always have that on your birthday. I am so glad the first week went so well and 7 seems early to me! Keep me updated with how their school year goes, such an interesting time in the world! Thanks Wendy, you too!


I totally relate to the gardening! I love homegrown tomatoes but I am bad at watering my plants. I now just grow berries that won’t die on me because they do well in this climate. And then tell myself it’s cheaper to just buy my tomatoes from the farmers market.
Brooke looks like she had an awesome birthday, I am so happy for her to continue with birthday month! Happy Monday!


Good to know I’m not alone with the gardening struggle. Hahah I’m learning it is much cheaper that way too! Thank you so much Amy and I hope you are celebrating your birthday month all month long too. Thanks Amy!


That is SO sweet of Brooke’s grandma on her dad’s side to include your other 2 kids!!!

Dream birthday meal, hmm, probably thin-crust pizza with vegetables and goat cheese and maybe cookies n’ creme ice cream for dessert.


Happy birthday, Brooke!! Also, your $40 garden produced more than mine – I also spent $40 on heirloom seeds, seedling supplies, etc. only to have them all wiped out from a few consecutive 100 degree days after dutifully caring for them for 2 months!


Hi Janae !
It seems that Brooke birthday was great !
I’ll have to seriously think about my dream meal, as my birthday is next week ! (August 25). I’ll have just 30 years more than Brooke , 38 :)
I planted some seeds this spring, but really too late, so that was not a great success !
I only succeed with parsley, and tomatoes (it is not ready to eat, but growing well). But failed with celery and spinach.
I love tomatoes, with mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, rosemary, thyme
Have a great monday and enjoy the first day of your 3rd trimester ! :)


Happy birthday, Brooke! It sounds like a wonderful day ? It’s my birthday in a few days and I’ve chosen a picnic lunch, and Wagamama takeaway for dinner because my seven year old wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t ? School goes back for us the first week in September (UK) – full time. I failed utterly in having any new worthwhile hobbies in lockdown!


I try gardening again every year and definitely haven’t mastered it yet! So far all my tomatoes are green but I have high hopes for September ? I also have picked 3 green beans and a good amount of yellow squash. Our best crop is going to be 5 big pumpkins that are already turning orange— and the funny thing is I didn’t even plant them! I think they just grew from last year’s jack-o-lanterns. Haha.
Glad you have tomatoes from your sister. My favorite thing to make with garden tomatoes is fresh tomato soup with carrots. So good!

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