It’s REALLY Starting to Get Harder + 2 Year Old Drama.

I have a new pregnancy update—> 29 Weeks + An Emotional One


Yesterday on my run I realized that things are starting to get harder when it comes to running…. Not the ‘oh it was an off day of running’ kind of hard but the kind of hard from the fact that I’m getting closer to having the baby and my body is starting to feel all of the changes.  And when I say ‘closer’ it’s almost like when someone says at mile 18 of a marathon that you are almost there ha… you are closer but you still have quite a lot of work left to do!

I think I’ll be going back to my first trimester running a bit more and doing a run/walk plan and just play it by ear week by week and listen closely to what my body tells me!

Another half-day of school for Brooke and while she was excited to go, she did tell me that she wishes she could just go to Grandma School every day:)

If Skye knew how to undo her carseat seat belt then I am pretty sure she would have jumped out the door and ran inside the school when we got there to drop Brooke off.   I’m guessing I was the same way growing up as I watched my four older siblings going to school each day.

After the drop off we stopped at my sister’s house for a few minutes.  My sister was doing her workout so I pretended to do weights with her while wearing the PJ Masks cape Skye required me to wear.

Somehow whatever I am eating shortly becomes what Skye is currently eating.

Andrew spent his morning out in the mountains with his friend (this is a picture that his friend took of him).

I am very thankful that Andrew and I both definitely agree, we are never moving away from the mountains.

I love it when Andrew is home for the day for a lot of reasons but the delicious lunches that he makes is definitely one of them.  He made this stir fry and topped ours with a fried egg instead of chicken and we put it over rice and I definitely went back for seconds.  It was amazing and packed with veggies.

Skye’s drama yesterday=  She was very upset with Andrew and me that she could not ride her little push bike on the ceiling.  In her brain we were saying no because we don’t want her to have any fun, not because it is impossible to do ha.

Last week Olivia told me that I needed to try the Chobani key lime flip and she was very right.  It was the perfect snack an hour after eating lunch when I was hungry again ha.

After school we spent some time outside and this is Knox’s current favorite activity.


Skye calls this her backflip.


For dinner we had one of the kid’s favorite meals—>  A Bountiful Kitchen’s Sloppy Joes.   The kids love these so much and they know that I can’t handle soggy bread (unless it is a french dip sandwich for some reason) so I put mine on a sweet potato.




One more reminder about a new pregnancy update HERE!


Tell me about some of your goto snacks lately?!

Favorite way to eat sweet potatoes or favorite things to eat with a sweet potato?

In a marathon or half-marathon… at what point is it okay for you to start hearing “YOU ARE ALMOST THERE”!?

-The last 5k:)

Weird food thing that you can’t handle (ie my soggy bread dilemma)?

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I want to hear I’m almost there at mile 26 ;) There’s too much time otherwise lol.

Go to snacks lately – chips & salsa (forever a favorite!), green grapes, granola


Hahah yes and isn’t it crazy how even that last .2 feels like a lifetime?! Knox just started really being into chips & salsa and it makes me really happy. I hope you have plenty today and enjoy your Thursday, Maureen!


Wouldn’t it be funny if the universe really followed the ‘rules’ of toddlers? Everyone would wear capes, or stickers on their noses, and we would ride bikes on ceilings and walk up tree trunks to eat the stars, and we would NEVER be tired ~haha~
In pretty much any race, if someone tells me I’m “almost there,” I should be 5 steps from the finish line, LOL!
Have a great day!


Hahah funny and really scary at points too:). I love the one about walking up the tree trunks to eat the stars, I wonder if Skye has thought of that one too. FIVE STEPS… yes, I like the way you think. Thanks Corey and have a great day!


My current favorite way to enjoy a sweet potato is to top it with sour cream, wilted kale, black beans and a sprinkling of pepper. So delicious! Keeps me full for a long time. A go to snack for me lately is reeses peanut butter cups. I could eat those all day every day.


I’m going to try your sweet potato combo asap! Thanks so much for sharing. Andrew is totally with you on that being the best snack ever! Have a great Thursday!


My go-to snack lately is mandarin oranges – I was eating like 5 at a time there for a while.
I can only speak for the half marathon, but I’m with you on the last 5k for being “almost there”!
My weird food thing is not about eating, but when I’m cleaning up…I can’t stand dried ketchup/honey mustard/whatever dipping sauce on a plate – it’s so gross how it gets that film on top and then when you wash it off it just smells horrible to me. Ugh. Ok, I thought of one about eating – chicken dinners – I can only eat so far and then I’m done. My husband will clean it down to the bone but I just can’t do it!


Mandarin oranges are insanely good… I need to go find some now. Yes… and if someone told me about mile 9.9 of a half-marathon that I was almost there I would be bugged ha. Something about the last 5k! I fully agree with you about the sauces during clean up and it’s part of the reason I want to do dishes the second we finish eating. I’m also with you on the chicken thing and Andrew does the same as your husband. Turns out we think a lot alike. Thanks for sharing and I hope your Thursday is off to a great start Amanda!


So glad you are still able to run and that you are listening to your body so closely! That’s awesome.

Ooh, I have this recipe with quinoa, roasted rosemary sweet potato and carrots, goat cheese, etc. . . . it is my favorite meal. I need to make that again!

Love the pictures of your girls–they look so happy and like such great sisters.


This recipe sounds amazing… can you please share what’s in it/how you make it?


I would LOVE this recipe too… it’s making me drool just reading about it. Thank you so much Kristin and I hope you have a great Thursday!


Try putting that exact Chobani in the freezer—-for like an hour!! It’s SOO SOO SOO GOOD!!



Hey Lauren… I cannot wait to try this! THANK YOU and I hope you have a great day.


Favorite snack lately…I sauté a chopped up apple in a bit of coconut oil spray. When is to my liking, I add a little maple syrup and cinnamon to coat it all. Then top it with sliced almonds. If I’m feeling fancy I put hemp hearts on there too. So, so delicious.


Yep, I need to try this asap. That sounds SO good right now! Thanks for sharing Jaime.


Hi Janae! I just made homemade pretzels yesterday! I had no idea you could make them at home and they were pretty much like the ones my mom used to get me at the mall to bribe me to go shopping with her when I was really young. So great! I will definitely make them again ( I used the King Arthur flour recipe).
I think it’s been said but the halfway point of a half marathon is definitely around the ten mile point.. I never understood that until I ran my first half!
Have a wonderful day!


I like baked beans on baked sweet potatoes. Also good on sweet potatoes is almond butter. Gosh, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a sweet potato – need to change that ASAP!

Go-to snacks at the moment has been bananas for the kids and turkey pepperoni with string cheese for me.


Go to snack: I’m moving soon and need to clean out the freezer etc so this week’s snack is a quick bread with some apples and cinnamon from the freezer.
I dislike sweet potatoes as desert.
The last 0.25 miles. I don’t even want to hear it otherwise ha!
Also soggy bread, overripe bananas…. I do not like to waste food but I will have a hard time not wasting those two things.


Does yogurt fill you up? Even Greek yogurt when I eat it doesn’t fill me up it seems.
I like leftover muffins we make for snacks.


Hi Janae:mainly popping in to say THANK YOU for recommending Senita shorts. I had no idea it was possible to run w a phone in your pocket and not feel it! Revolutionary.

While I’m here: favorite sweet potato recipe is a sweet potato and brussel sprouts hash w an over easy eggs on top. Yum! Weird food thing: I love buttery foods (like croissants) or foods cooked in butter but HATE butter on things (popcorn, toast, if it has butter on it I can’t do it!). Have a great day!


I don’t really like hearing you’re almost there at any point of a race but I find myself saying that to other people :)

So today is my 27th birthday and I took your lead from your birthday and ran 27 miles this morning! It was definitely difficult but I’m thankful for a ran that stuck with me for 15 miles and my mom that helped me finish at the end. I couldn’t have done it without them!


snacks….so many. Pretzel sticks swiped into PB, granola mixed with PB then dapped onto sliced banana, chocolate chips+oyster crackers (sweet and salty!), frozen grapes.

Sweet potatoes are yum. Most often I steam them and the first night I eat them warm, the 2nd night I put them ontop of salad greens with avocado. sauteed mushrooms and pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. It’s weird, I know.

Almost there literally should mean less than a kilometer. Maybe if you’re doing a hundred miler “almost there” could be 10k. That sounds so tiring.

I can not stand orange and red food mixed or cooked together. That would be anything cheddar and tomato. I know that goes well together but looking at it just grosses me out. It goes wayyyy back to when I was a kiddo!


I don’t think Ross has ever made me lunch. Rude.

Put avocado and caramelized onions on top of the sweet potato/sloppy joe. It’s so good.

You can’t say I’m almost there unless I can SEE the finish line. Lol.


– “You’re almost there” should mean I can see the finish line. ;)
– And I can’t stand soggy bread, either. Probably why my sloppy joe mix is not very sloppy, and I put it on the bun right before I eat it. =)
– I usually do my sweet potatoes in the oven, then top with black beans, bacon bits, and sometimes kernel corn. Maybe add a dab of sour cream.


Snacks: apple, crackers w cheese and granola w milk
Sweet potato: in yellow curry (SO GOOD) or as chips (obviously!)
Almost there: with 2km to go – in my mind “less than 10 min” of racing is “almost there” ;)
Weird food thing: I used to HATE soft boiled eggs and mushrooms – the texture creeped me out. Now I can’t stand fatty bits on meat – texture thing again..


I put my sloppy jo’s on a sweet potato too! Also anytime we have pulled pork sandwiches it’s a sweet potato instead for me. Yogurt has also been one of my go-to snacks lately, especially the new Fage blends (always been partial to Fage). I randomly had some cottage cheese the other day and had forgotten how good it is, so it may be in the rotation soon. I’m surprised we haven’t seen your cottage cheese and grapes combo around lately! :)

As for weird food things, I eat a salad practically every day but I CANNOT handle fruit in a salad. On the side , sure. But definitely not in. LOL


omg i HATE soggy bread! nothing is so gross to me. in high school, a few guys used to pour their milk over their slice of bread just to make me die. still gag thinking about it!
i eat sweet potatoes basically every night for dinner. i roast a 9×11 filled with them every week in chunks, with coconut oil and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, and just pull some out of the fridge and reheat; easy and delicious! (hello terrible run-on sentence, oy.)

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