Deserved It + Friday Favorites!!

Yep, the run/walk method is just what my body is starting to need at this point in pregnancy.  I just took a walking break as often as I wanted throughout my run and felt much better the entire time!  6 miles of running at 9:31 average pace.

Grandma School was pushed back until today this week because my mom was gone visiting one of my brothers so we started our morning of remote learning with recess (because once it hits 90 degrees, I’m not going outside:).

FullSizeRender 2

They also competed in some races while we were at the park.

IMG 9309

Then we started school.  I am finding that delicious snack breaks are needed for everyone that is involved on these days at home.


What reading time started out looking like…

IMG 9311

And what it looked like by the end…

IMG 9313

Skye thoroughly enjoys having Brooke and Knox home all day.


We definitely gave each other a high-five at the end of the school day… I feel like we deserved it.



Let’s talk about some of my favorite things this week!

*CLK recommended that I try these e-cloth window cleaning packs when I was talking about how I couldn’t find window cleaner anywhere!  They leave zero streaks on the windows and I never have to buy window cleaner again or waste paper towels.  These are amazing and I wish I had started using them a long time ago.

IMG 9081

*I don’t know why but new water bottles make me feel like I’ve won the lottery.  I love a good water bottle (and thankfully I love water again). Andrew and I bought the Stanley cups and we are obsessed.  This is the one Andrew got and this is the one I got (40 oz).  I love having a big handle on mine.  I’m not sure I know how to drink water without a big straw anymore ha… I’m addicted.   It keeps our drinks really cold all day and they fit perfectly in my car’s cupholders.  My nieces are always happy when I get a new water bottle because then they inherit my old ones:)

IMG 9241

*Julie posted about this Water Drawing Doodling Mat and so I got one for Skye to help keep her entertained while we work with the older kids on school.  She isn’t quite old enough to understand the stencils etc yet but she has a blast coloring all over the mat with all of the different tools that it comes with… and I get to enjoy the fact that it doesn’t create a mess because all you need is water!


*Another beauty product from my sister.  Her self-tanning lotion always looks so good so I decided to get what she has and I’m loving it.  Of course it is a good deal for what you get (my sister is the best bargain shopper on the planet) and it does a great job lasting a few days before I have to reapply it.  My sister uses it on her face and body!

IMG 9314

*A few of you told me to not give up yet on Skye napping and I wish I could give you a hug right now because I am so happy… She napped yesterday!

Screenshot 2020 08 27 at 2 27 06 PM


Tell me about your favorite beauty product lately!!

What type of water bottle do you use the most and love?!

I always ask what your least favorite thing/room is to clean… but what is your favorite thing to clean?

-I kind of find cleaning my kitchen (wiping counters/appliances and mopping) at night to feel kind of relaxing which sounds strange.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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Oh my gosh! I just recently ordered the window and the stainless steel (also amazing) ECloth cleaning cloths. I love them! I’m so happy to never have to buy the spray cleaners again.
Busy weekend watching the kids play sports….finally! 2 football games Saturday and 2 baseball games on Sunday.
Have a great day!


Now I need to get the stainless steel cloths! I’m so excited that you love them. Yay for sports happening, enjoy watching your kids. Thanks Sharon, you too!


Can you share recipe for your muffins? They look delicious


Hey Christina! So these were actually from a box but when I make them from scratch this is my favorite recipe:

Have a great weekend!


Your sister should totally do a post on bargain shopping. I feel like I wouldn’t be the only one interested in that!

This weekend I’m looking forward to cooler temps! I mean below 90 doesn’t seem cool but after feels like that were close to or over 100 this week it will feel amazing! Have a wonderful Friday, Janae!


That is a fabulous idea… she really is so good at it too! Those temps are going to feel so much better, ENJOY! Thanks Maureen!


This is totally random but you should totally post more pictures of Beretta ? I miss seeing doggy pictures! Mainly because I had to give my kitty away a few weeks ago ? so I love to see everyone’s pets ?


Oh Brooke, I am SO sorry about that. It breaks my heart that you had to say goodbye. I will totally include some more:) Have a great weekend!


My roommate got a Dyson vacuum and now I love vacuuming the whole house!

I’m looking forward to a cookout with friends and a long run!


The right vacuum makes vacuuming so much more fun! Enjoy the cookout and long run Mariah!


The secret to streak free, clean windows: White Vinegar. No fancy cleaners needs. Also I use rubbing alcohol but that’s much harder to find nowadays.


Really?! I had no idea! I’ll have to try those out. Thanks Julia and enjoy your weekend.


I have such a thing for new water bottles or cups… I’m so glad you are the same way so I know I’m not the only “weirdo” about them! :) I have a couple of Simple Modern ones – I think they may be due for replacing as they’re getting kind of sad looking, even with regular cleaning.
Favorite thing to clean – definitely the kitchen. The kitchen is my happy place, and also I have everything organized for where it goes, so it’s the easiest to put back in place when I need to.
I am looking forward to this weekend being the last of the super hot weather (I hope) – it’s been between 90-100 all week with super high humidity… I got up and ran in the dark this week a few times and it was still like 75 with 70% humidity at 5am. GROSS. I love summer, don’t get me wrong, but I am SO ready for fall weather.


Waterbottle weirdos UNITE! I hear ya on the kitchen cleaning! Hallelujah for the temperatures to start dropping and you are incredible for running in those conditions this summer (and even at 5am?!?!). Have a great weekend Rhiannon!


That shirt couldn’t be more fitting for Skye. haha. I love it.
I love vacuuming. Those lines?! ooooh baby
Will I be seeing you Saturday evening? If so, that will be the best part of my weekend.


SEE YOU SOON!!! And every time I have ever been to your house I have seen those gorgeous vacuum lines, you are a pro.


Definitely keep up the high fives at the end of the school day–you guys rock!!!

My favorite beauty product right now is Bare Minerals toner–it makes my face so “bright” looking.

My husband and I both have a 3 day weekend (today off). I accepted a job as a preschool teacher for the year. I accepted the job last Wednesday and started work on Monday;-). Nothing like last minute! I am very excited. I thought I had 3 weeks left of summer so we are soaking up summer the best we can. There is a new ice cream shop in the next town so we are going to try that out. Our town also celebrates Oktoberfest this weekend so we have been medallion hunting and there is a parade on Sunday.

Happy, happy Friday Janae!


I want something to make my face bright looking.. off to google that toner:) SO SO happy for you! You are going to be an incredible preschool teacher and I wish Skye could join your glass. Sounds like the perfect weekend… enjoy! Thanks Becky.


Lipstick! It makes me feel like millions bucks even when I’m worn out.

I use the Miir- keeps it cold.

My favorite thing to clean is the glass door from living room to front porch and windows on backdoor to back porch. But so many streaks and they drive me crazy! Ordering your recommended towels now!!

Looking forward to no homeschool “virtual learning” this weekend. I have to check 39 virtual folders for my son’s 10 different teachers and he logs into 4 different sessions a day (8-11:35) and still has several hours of asynchronous work to do where he needs assistance – it is too much! 45 days till schools plan to open for K-2 in Nashville : hoping that happens!!!


Can you teach me how to use lipstick?! Let me know what you think of the towels. It sounds like you have a lot of glass to clean at your house! 39 virtual folders… WOWZERS! I hope the next 45 days go by very quickly. Good luck Tonya, I’m cheering both of you on!


Hi Janae! I will have to check out those glass cleaning cloths. This weekend I’m going on a trail run! Super excited it’s been forever. Also I have a Friday favorite too! My friend sent me leggings that have pockets! Oh my goodness I am late to the game but how cool is this! I think I might just use it for a key not sure how much it will hold up when running. But at the very least it changes running errands! Happy Friday!


TRAIL RUN TIME! I am so happy for you… I hope you have a blast. YES to the leggings with pockets, they are dreamy. So sweet of your friend to gift you with those. Thanks Amy, you too!


I’m totally going to try those glass cloths. Awesome!

My husband and I also have those Stanley mugs and I LOVE mine so much. Other bonuses: dishwasher safe and I also love having the handle.


Let me know what you think about the glass clothes. YES, the dishwasher safe thing sold me too and now I don’t drop it all of the time because I have a handle haha. Have the best weekend Karin!


As always thank you for your Friday favourites post! I just ordered that doodle mat. I have a 2.5 yr old and with the older kids going back to school next week I need something to keep him busy during the days again lol. This looks fantastic :). Also I might just try out that self tanner the price is definitely affordable compared to some! Enjoy the weekend!


Oh I hope that he loves it too! Wish our littles could get together with their mats:) Let me know if you try the self tanner too. Good luck to your older kids going back to school and I hope you have a great weekend!


Okay wow I HATE cleaning, can I say my favourite thing to clean are my floors – because all that means is I pressed go on my roomba app. Hah!


Skye is just so fun! We have the water mat too, pretty fun but my kids have no attention span.

I am glad you are still feeling good enough to run, hang in there mama, almost there =)

Also really hoping to run St. George next year, I fell in love with the area when my hubby did the Ironman there and now I want my turn to race there ;) Hopefully we will get to see you guys there.


Hi Janae!
What shorts are you wearing in the first picture? I’m looking into shorts like this for running while pregnant :)


Hey Chelsey! Congrats on your pregnancy wahoo, keep me updated. They are from here and I am obsessed with them:

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