Are we brainwashed and FIRST day tears.

While I was out for my 7 miles @ 9:24 average pace, I ran into the group I used to train with last year.  They were out doing a 3 x 2 mile workout (they amaze me having motivation to do really hard workouts without a race on the calendar) and it got me very excited to join in next year with them!

During my run I saw at least 10 different school busses and it felt SO weird to me.  I swear I haven’t seen a school bus driving since mid-March so it definitely surprised me to keep seeing them on the roads.

IMG 9017

The other weird part of the morning was having a routine!  I feel like it has been forever since we had a routine other than to eat breakfast and get our swimsuits on.

Brooke also told me a few times that jeans just feel so strange now and that’s because she has been in activewear or comfy shorts for the last 6 months.

IMG 9018

Brooke was then off for her first day of 3rd grade!  She only has 7 kids in her class during this phase of learning and when we got there we realized her best friend was in her class too.  It put Brooke in the best mood.

IMG 9020

And even though she will only be gone for a few hours each week, I came home and cried because it felt so weird to say goodbye to her.  We’ve been connected at the hip for the last 6 months.

IMG 9025

Skye wanted in on a first day of school picture too.  Preschool at home lasted a total of 22 minutes but I’m calling that a huge success.

IMG 9028

Later on these two went on a few errands and the house was very quiet which also felt so strange!

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Before the kids got home from school, Skye and I made some snickerdoodles for them to eat while they told us about their day.  Luckily they didn’t notice that I accidentally added 1.5 TBS of cinnamon instead of the 1.5 TSP I was supposed to do;)

IMG 9031

For dinner we made Easy Coconut Shrimp Curry!   We used chicken instead of shrimp and added peppers and cooked potatoes.  It was a win for everyone in the family (even though the kids picked around the mushrooms and onions like they were performing surgery on the meal).

IMG 9033

You know you are living on the edge when your new steam mop arrived and made your entire week.  I’ll use it for a while and give you a review of it but so far, I’m in love.

IMG 9035

Courtney had an awesome question the other day and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject too!

Screen Shot 2020 08 19 at 10 46 02 AM

The other day my niece was telling me about how she just does not enjoy running.  She hates how it feels and just does not understand how in the world I could love it so much.  First, I told her that there is nothing wrong with hating running.  She has found her love for movement with volleyball and that is amazing.  Second, I told her that I really don’t LOVE the act of running as I am doing it.  Yes, there are magical days where my body feels great and I have a pep in my step, it definitely wakes me up and makes me feel alive and there are days that are 1 in a million like the St. George Marathon in 2019 where I truly loved the actual motion of running BUT most of the time the movement of running is anything but comfortable.  She was shocked that I didn’t just love the feeling of my legs burning and sweat dropping into my eyeballs because she thought that people that love running just love the way it feels the whole time.

IMG 13082

For me, I run because I LOVE the challenge.  I love that the hard makes me stronger and a whole lot more growth happens during the run than if I didn’t go out and run that day.  I love that it gives me a chance to see what I’m made of each day and to prove to myself that I won’t quit.   I love how I feel for the next 15 hours of my day because I went out and ran.  But the pain (not injury pain) I feel during the run is not fun and no matter how many years I train, that pain still accompanies me whenever it wants to pop in and say hello.

I think with consistency in our training we learn how to deal with the discomfort that we feel during running a bit better.  The discomfort is there but we are better able to cope with it.  Over time we prove mile after mile to ourselves that we are not actually going to die or have our legs fall off even though our brains tell us that they might because we are so tired.  We learn what things work for us (For me—> repeating a mantra like ‘I can do hard things’, counting steps, turning on music, changing our perspective to focus on doing our best in the NOW rather than thinking about how we are going to feel in the future, focusing on the parts of our bodies that do not hurt ((usually, that is just my elbows ha)), taking in fuel/fluids, chopping up the run into mini goals ((just get to the next stop sign)) focusing on pumping your arms when your legs get tired, we learn to welcome/expect the discomfort etc).

And when I am in great shape, then those easy paced days with friends where we laugh 70% of the run do feel better (unless I’m sore from a hard day the day before) but it never feels as good as sitting on the couch does ha.  I do remember when I first started really getting into running that I started enjoying the entire process a bit more once I could run 5 miles without needing to stop.  At that point, it felt a bit more fluid and my body felt more efficient with the movement….

BUT if it still feels hard even though you are progressing, I think you are right on track and feeling the same way we all do.  It never gets easier, we just get faster.   You are doing amazing Courtney and I can’t wait to hear about your progression!!


What are your answers to Courtney’s questions?  How do you deal with discomfort in running?  How long did it take you to enjoy running more?

What is something simple that has brought you a lot of joy recently?

What are you making for dinner tonight?  Im on a roll right now with cooking three times already this week and need some ideas for tonight!

Last recipe you messed up on?!  Or is it just me that keeps forgetting things or doing the wrong measurements.

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Happy first day Brooke! Allie is starting kindergarten in a few weeks!
Running discomfort – I actually hate it, which is why I’m more of a walker , ha ha… I’ll run once every 2 weeks or so when the mood hits but I’ll take walk Breaks when I start to feel uncomfortable. I used to feel bad about it but now I don’t :D it works for me!!
I forgot to add eggs to my banana bread but realized just as I was about to pop it in the oven, then I had To try and mix the eggs into the loaf pans… eye eye eye. You are most definitely Not the only one!!


I hope Allie absolutely loves kindergarten! I bet she is so so excited! YES, yes yes… finding the type of movement that we like is all that matters and I’m glad you have figured out your favorite way! I have totally done that too with eggs and a cake… I tried to mix it just into the pan! Haha glad I’m not alone. I hope you are having a great day friend.


My answer kind of applies to Courtney’s question now but also with races since it’s easy to see what you’re working towards ha. But, I remind myself that in order to meet my goals (example is breaking 4 in the marathon) I have to get uncomfortable. My legs and lungs may absolutely burn while I’m in the middle of a workout but when it gets tough I remind myself to picture a finish line and crossing with a 3 on the clock. That helps me visualize the uncomfortable feeling paying off. Although right now it’s definitely harder to enjoy the uncomfortable part of running and that’s okay! It’s just the phase of life I’m in right now.

My Dad is the cook lol but he’s keeping it simple! Italian sausage, some green beans and potatoes. Simple meals are sometimes the BEST! I’m crossing my fingers I can get him to make the grilled foil pack potatoes. Par boil the potatoes on the stove then slice up and put in aluminum foil with butter, salt, pepper and whatever other spice you want. Then grill it until the potatoes are fully cooked, maybe 10 minutes? They’re delicious and buttery and a family favorite side dish!


Maureen! I love this so so much and I cannot wait to hear about your marathon with the 3 in the beginning. Learning to embrace the uncomfortable is awesome and you are rocking it! I totally agree, I love simple meals and maybe we’ll come over for those foil potato dinners… YUM!


I have done the tablespoon and teaspoon mix up also!! I did it with cinnamon too but I’ve also done it with baking soda or baking powder.
I haven’t worn anything other than comfy clothes either – I don’t think I could wear jeans now. Ugh. And I’m glad your kids don’t mind wearing them to school. I had to give up that battle last year with my boys and let them wear their sporty play clothes they love to school because it was becoming such a fit to get dressed for school and I decided it wasn’t worth the fuss.


I’m going to have to google what happens when too much baking soda or powder are added because I’m sure I’ve done it without even realizing ha. Good call on letting the jeans go… they really are just not very comfortable ha. I hope you are having a beautiful day Mary!


Hahahaha that’s so much cinnamon! I made Skinnytaste’s (I had completely forgotten how tasty her recipes are !) greek pasta salad last night and it was SO good! It would be even better with some chicken added. Perfect, refreshing summer dinner. :)
I totally relate to what your reader is saying and your response–it never gets easier, but it does get more doable and you learn to adapt better to pain, even if that’s just pacing yourself better or learning how to breathe through the tough spots. You also learn to listen to your body more. I had an interval workout yesterday and I’ve just been getting more and more depressed with my workout times (because of the heat) so I didn’t lap my watch and just did it by time. It was still REALLY hard, but I walked away feeling like I had run a better workout than if I was obsessing that I’m 20 seconds slower per mile than I was a few months ago. Sometimes a mental win helps! I also focus on picturing myself running when I’m feeling like I can’t make it through a workout. I visualize that I look like I’m super fast and in control and it helps me adjust my form, lift my knees and relax my shoulders. It’s a weird way to do it but it works for me haha.


That greek pasta salad sounds amazing right now! I AM SO glad that you didn’t lap your watch for the workout. 20 seconds slower per mile in that crazy heat is actually REALLY amazing. When I run in the heat I take much bigger steps backwards, I’m amazed by you! I am going to copy you with picturing myself running when I need to adjust my form! Hope you are having a great day.


That really is a different kind of day for your family, but it sounds like everyone made it work! And extra cinnamon is a bonus, not a mistake ;)
It’s so great that Brooke’s bestie is in her class.
LOL about the surgical precision dinner-picking–I would do that with the onions, too!
For running through discomfort, I’m pretty sure I learned to rename that feeling or something. If I start off and feel like the ground is pounding my feet or my muscles or lungs are working “too” hard, that feels uncomfortable. But usually it starts to just feel more like movement and rhythm as I go on, after warming up. I guess I perceive it as progress, making my muscles stronger, ramping up my cardio capacity, etc. Hard training efforts are different, like yesterday’s 10x100m sprints. But focusing on the finish point or pushing for that feeling of success (i.e., being done) usually gets me through.
My dinner options for tonight (I’ll pick based on how I feel about cooking them): burgers, sheet pan pork tenderloin w/veggies, shrimp pesto pasta, or grilled chicken breasts and salad.
Happy it’s-really-close-to-Friday :)


I really like the way you think… the more cinnamon the better! I love love love what you said about the way you perceive the hard. That is amazing and so beneficial. “Perceive it as progress”… thank you for that tidbit of wisdom. You can’t go wrong with any of those choices, enjoy Corey!


I’ve never been a “fast” runner – I’ve won my age group a few times at local 5ks, but that’s IT. It seemed like everything I read about running was encouraging you to go faster, farther, harder. I got discouraged because I wasn’t seeing much progression, and when I was, I was pushing myself hard and not really enjoying the process. So, a few years ago, I had a good discussion with myself about WHY I run. I decided it’s not because I want to get faster, or go farther. I love how it makes me feel about myself and my body, and I love the health benefits (physical and mental) and endorphin highs. I want to keep running as long as I can, and I want to enjoy it, so I let go of what so many other people seem to be striving for…and there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to go faster, etc. I have respect for people who are able to do’s just not my thing and I am now 100% ok with that. :)
Something simple that has brought me joy – finding good float frames from Target that are easy to change the picture on display. I get The Met calendar every year and save the artwork pages I like to use in picture frames in my office. My old frames were 2 panes of glass and extremely hard to change. The new frames are 1 pane of glass with a plastic insert (that looks like glass) and I can change them in a fraction of the time. Whew I lead an exciting life lol. :p


Amanda, thank you thank you thank you for sharing this with us all. I LOVE what you learned about yourself and the reasons you run while letting go what is talked about the most with running. You are amazing. Off to find that float frame and it sounds like you and I are excited by the same things. Enjoy the rest of your day!


I feel you mama! My little guy is supposed to go back next week and I am already feeling sad. He is only going 3 hrs a day twice a week but still we have been together so much I will miss him! I just hope the only tears are mine!!!


Thanks for sharing Beth! It really is so strange after so many months all together every day! I hope that his first day back is a wonderful one and that you are the only one crying…. I’m here if you need to email! Have a beautiful day Beth!


I love Knox’s hair in the snickerdoodle picture. He looks like a little gentleman :) All the kids look happy on the first day of school. Well done!


Right?!?! SO handsome! Thanks Amanda and I hope you are doing really well!


I don’t like to run just to run but I love high intensity sports! I play a lot of ultimate frisbee (not much this year..), basketball and soccer. Otherwise I go for long walks with my dog. My dog agrees with me about the running, she will not go on runs just to run. She will run while playing with other dogs but if she’s on a leash she will pull back if I try to pick up the pace. She definitely bring me a lot of joy. I’m only 9 weeks pregnant but I think these long walks will increase! I will have to say goodbye to sports :(

We’ve had a good cooking week so far. Chicken cacciatore, korean bibimbap (Hello Fresh’s recipe is really good, we omit the mushrooms) and steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli!


If those are real hardwood floors don’t use steam mop! It’ll ruin them !


Amazing description of discomfort while running!! I have a lot of friends that don’t understand why I love running, because they think it’s hard and boring. But I get to see so much running, it’s one of my ways to sightsee and get to know the city I live in! Also, running helps me get to know people, the conversations you have on long runs make your friendships deeper. Running also makes me feel STRONG. If I can get through a tough run, I can do anything.


It’s funny, it took the cancellation of races to make me realize I am actually a runner. I’ve been consistently running for the past 6 months, with no races on the calendar. I used to tell myself that I only had the discipline to train/run consistently IF there was a goal race and that’s apparently not the case.
I’d say, stick with it, keep showing up and make sure the easy days are easy! Also, find a running friend or group if you can – the accountability is fantastic and the runs go by so much faster with company.


I made a full on Southern meal last night. I did a rack of ribs in the instant pot and they came out perfectly. Then I realized I had collard greens in my fridge so I sautéed those and made some creamy grits. Just missing some sweet tea to complete it all. My 5 year old ate half of the rack of ribs i made so I call that a success.


Would any of you agree that there are different kinds of discomfort in running? Some days, “hard” is a challenge that can be overcome and that just feels amazing – other times, it’s a challenge that defeats me (e.g. no matter how hard I push myself, I end up walking up that last bit of the hill…), but learning how to deal with those times makes me stronger in a different way (or so I like to think, anyway ;-)).
I do think with a certain level of fitness, it’s possible – at least for easier runs over shorter distances – to get into a “flow” or a (comfort) “zone” where nothing is hurting and you’re just flying and that’s an amazing feeling, too.


YES YES YES, I absolutely agree that there are different types of discomfort in running! And each run brings a new surprise of what type of discomfort I will feel. I definitely agree with you too that about those times when we are really fit with our running and the miles just seem to tick by without even realizing it because we feel so good. I wonder when you will be wearing real shoes again? So interesting that jeans aren’t even allowed to school in the UK! Hope your day has been a great one Silke!


I guess I’m answering two questions in one here: I recently started to rediscover my joy in the simple thing of cooking! Just putting on some music and making dinner is making me smile. Last night I made my daughter something she had heard a celebrity say he made for a girl he wanted to impress. It sounded easy so I made it and it made her night! (maybe week?) Chicken stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in prosciutto. Served with mashed potatoes and salad.


P.S.: The comments about jeans as the “dressy” option for school made me smile. I live in the UK, where kids have to wear school uniform and jeans are definitely on the list of non-approved items that would probably get you sent home. (I haven’t even worn shoes – other than running shoes – since March, so I can just imagine how strange it must feel for Brooke to be back in jeans!)


Unfortunately I do not think that running hits the pleasure center for all people the same way. For those people that “love” running, I am not sure they ever went seeking the love. But regardless, keep getting out there. It always is a great accomplishment and deposit into your health bank account.


Hi Courtney! Lots of good answers for you here, and I also think it helps to focus on what you know you can do. When you run more you can think of different runs you did to motivate you when you’re tired. You can tell yourself you can do it because you’ve done just as hard or harder runs. Also don’t be afraid to run slow! Even the fastest runners in the world do easy runs at 8 or 9 minute pace when their marathon race pace is in the 4 min mile range.
Have a great day!


Haha to Brooke’s comment on wearing jeans. This morning on my run I was thinking which leggings should I wear?.Still.working at-home these days.

I think it helps to have a goal in mind. This mornings run was a slog. But I remind myself my goal was to get put there..And collecting more badges lol. When there are races that is a huge motivation.

It must be so strange for the kiddos going back to school! Hope it’s a good transition. Have a great day Janae!


where is your dining table from and what is your review on it? looking for a similar one but want to know how to is with children!


Hey Erika! It is from RC Willey and we have had it for over 4 years now. We love it! The kids sit on the bench and not the chairs (hence why they are still clean ha) but it has worked perfect for our family! I don’t see it on their website anymore but we have a lot of furniture from them and it has all been amazing.


How fun for Brooke that she has her friend in class, and that seems great that she can go in person to a small group even if just a few hours a week. And Skye’s t-shirt is so perfect for her haha, she sure is looking a lot like Curly these days.

I made a double batch of cookies the other day and after everything was mixed in I realized i forgot to double the butter. I made some desperate moves to whip the remaining butter and incorporate it in to the other batter, but it only half worked. Oops, luckily it was a triple chocolate cookie and all that chocolate helped hide my mistake.

Dinner tonight is either coconut lime chicken or corn & zucchini pie, both from Pinch of Yum. I’m also inspired by the greek pitas you had earlier this week.

Something that brought joy was watching the sun come up over the lake on our run this past weekend. We started early to avoid crowds and were rewarded with a beautiful pink sunrise.


Yeah, running is rarely a simple easy thing, and there are plenty of runs where I dont enjoy it. But I always find moments in each run that are perfection. It might be when “Tennessee River” by Alabama comes on my ipod and I am running along the Tennessee River and it’s beautiful and perfect and I just tear up. It might be when a runner waves at me and I get a little boost of energy. Maybe it’s when a great blue heron lands next to me and I just stop and stare for a second. Or that one time that a college football player corrected his coach and said “That’s not a jogger, that’s a runner” (omg, that guy doesn’t know how much I love him for that!). Maybe it makes the rest of the run ease by, or maybe 10 seconds later I feel so over it, but no matter what, my day is made better by running. I love identifying as a runner, and I get jealous when I am not running and I pass someone who is, ha!

Dinner tonight: breakfast tacos. Cook a big pan of scrambled eggs, bell peppers, onion. serve in small (street taco size) tortillas, top with shredded cheese, avocado, sour cream, and salsa. tater tots make a good side:)


I made a pasta sauce a couple nights ago and I hit “2x” when I printed the recipe, thinking I was increasing the font size. I couldn’t figure out how the recipe called for 4 28 oz. cans of tomatoes when is was for a pound of pasta. When I was ranting about it my daughter pointed out that I doubled the recipe! Good thing we liked it and it freezes well:)


janaeeeeeee- omg i literally have to leave a comment that the girls are so big & beautiful & i’m dying over how grown & cute they are. anyways- happy that brooke gets to see her friends at school! LOVE YOU! miss you!!

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