Weekend Happenings + Her Big Goal + Training Logs!

Good morning! It still feels weird to me to not have a blog post going up on Sundays but I make sure to take pictures all weekend because heaven forbid I don’t fill you in on a day of our life;).  I wonder what my great grandkids will think someday when they read my online journal ha…

Saturday morning I did 8 miles @ 9:08 average.  During pregnancy I swear I wake up so much more grumpy than I normally do so it’s harder than ever to get out the door.  I reminded myself that some work outside for as long as my body wants to go will give me 15 hours of feeling good.  I came home feeling so much better and I’m sure my family is very grateful for my running habit.

After my run we went to the splash pad.  The girls have gotten really good at keeping their distance from others in public spaces.

IMG 7169

Later on in the day we picked up an amazing bag of peaches that we’ve already made a big dent in.

IMG 1882

The other highlight of our Saturday was going with Andrew to a place called Brick Oven (another restaurant I used to work at).  My manager would always tell us when I worked there, ‘If you have time to lean, you have time to clean’ ha and that phrase has stuck with me 12 years later.

PS all restaurants here include social distancing procedures and we wear masks etc until we are at our tables.

IMG 7185

This is the picture that Brooke got of Andrew and me when I asked her to take a picture.

IMG 7186

The below picture is why I wanted to go to this restaurant so so badly.  Salad with all of the dressings and a big bowl of pasta with garlic bread.  It was just what I needed.

IMG 7180

On Sunday morning we woke up and went on a hike.

Brooke has set a goal for herself that is a pretty big one.  She wants to hike Mt. Timpanogos.  The full hike is about 14.5 miles but I’m not comfortable with her going above the saddle because it is too steep so we will go closer to 12 miles!   We went to the Timp trail yesterday for a training hike to see what we need to do to prepare for the full hike.  I have run to the top of Timp before but haven’t hiked it with kids so we wanted to get a better idea of what we would need.

IMG 7211

The waterfalls were definitely the highlight for Brooke.

IMG 7220

Skye was happy to be in her carrier pack the whole time outside of the waterfall stops.

IMG 7232

We went 5 miles total and climbed about 1,300 ft and Brooke loved it (she asked if we could do it on her birthday too).

We learned we need to bring 4 times as much water as we did yesterday, we need to bring Gatorade and we need to start at 5 or 6 in the morning (we started at 10 yesterday and it was already 85 degrees).

IMG 7226

We also learned that fresh peaches taste very very good along the way.

IMG 7239

Brooke said at the end that the most tired part of her body were her eyeballs and I totally know what she means… When I’m hiking or trail running I am constantly searching for things to not trip over which makes my eyes very tired by the end.  Hopefully the next time we go we will  see some bighorn sheep along the way because that would make Brooke’s life.

Dirty legs/shoes are a sign of a good day.

IMG 7244

Random story of the day:

The other night Skye was screaming like crazy in her crib at 11 pm which never happens.  We went in to her room to comfort her and nothing was working until we realized she was saying ‘sound’ over and over again.  We went to her sound machine and it was on the setting ‘rain’ when she usually sleeps to the ‘ocean’ setting.  I switched it to ‘ocean’ and she told us thank you and went right back to bed.  My very particular bedtime needs have rubbed off on her.

IMG 1897


The St. George Marathon is still planning on happening which makes me very happy.  Andrew’s friend won a VIP spot for the race which means he can take Andrew with him for that so they are going to get special treatment at the race.  He got in 2 runs and a hike carrying a 2.5 year old;)

*5 miles on trails @ 10:19 average pace and 720 ft ascent.

*He meant to do his speed workout one night after I fell asleep but he accidentally fell asleep when I did too… he worked overtime this last week and his body needed sleep more than a wave tempo.  It’s so important to remember this when we are training, sometimes sleep > a workout.

*14 miles @ 8:50 average with his training partner.

Here is how my week looked!  I didn’t feel like doing any speed or any trail running but the flat miles at an easy pace felt really good.

IMG 7158


I saw this on Facebook the other day and had to know from you….  What have you seen every episode of?

IMG 7107

-For me: The Office, Friends, Parenthood and Gilmore Girls.

Do you have any white noise on while you sleep?  Anything that wakes you up when you are sleeping if it is different than normal?

Do you have any goals that you are hoping to accomplish in the rest of this year?  I’m excited to see Brooke hit hers!

Question from Andrew:  If you could pack up and go on a road trip today… where would you go?

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Mermaid dolls at the splash pad! Love it.

Brooke is growing up so fast, setting athletic goals and everything. Good for her.


Right?! She is inspiring me to dream bigger and try new things. I hope work is going well today, Victoria!


Ha, I’ve watched the same minus Parenthood.

I love hiking, especially with the kids! We found some waterfalls that we could slide down yesterday and it was sooo much fun and only about 1 1/2 hrs away from our house.

I leave my fan on year round and that’s the perfect amount of white noise for me :)

I just got back from a road trip from So Cal to MT (see nephews) & through Yellowstone. It was the greatest! Next, I want to go through Glacier National Park and Mt. Rushmore. My sister lives in Ontario, Canada and one of these days we’ll make it all the way there. I have a major love for road trips! Also, we took my 9 year old niece (& our 3 kids) to Yellowstone and the last day we made it home from WY in 16 hours and she never complained, the kids were rockstars!


I must have white noise on to sleep. Also I wear ear plugs. I make zero sense lol. I have watched every episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, The Waltons and Little House On The Prairie. I’m so basic?. If I could go anywhere right now it would be Montana. Also I think Ireland would be a lovely place to visit.


Hahaha whatever helps us to sleep our best makes complete sense to me:). Thank you for reminding me of Everybody Loves Raymond, that show is the best. I hope you get to go to some of these places soon. Have a great Monday.


Marissa, I think you need to watch Parenthood asap! Waterfalls that you can slide down… can we come with you guys to do that?! I use a fan too in my room for white noise. That trip sounds amazing and I’m so glad you guys were able to go! 16 hours without complaints, she needs to give me a lesson on how to do that ha. Have a great day!


Same shows and Parks & Rec!

I would take a road trip to Canada! I normally travel internationally every year and sad I won’t be able to this year with restrictions flying into other countries. But trying to plan a road trip to Canada from Maryland! See a new city, spend some time outside, get a fun/safe trip in.


That is a bummer you won’t be able to travel internationally this year! We were wanting to go to Canada on a roadtrip this year too as soon as it opens up. Meet us there:). Hope you have a great day Mariah and I need to watch Parks & Rec!


If I could go on a road trip, I would either drive down a section of Route 66 or visit my aunt in St Louis (six hour drive for me).


I hope that both of those things happen soon and safely! Have a beautiful day


I’ve seen every episode of Quantum Leap – it’s still my all-time favorite TV show.
My whole family sleeps with fans on year-round. One drawback to that is when the power goes out, we all instantly wake up.
One of my goals is to keep up with training for these virtual races. It’s so weird to be training for a “race” that we’ll be running at home.
If I could pack up and go on a road trip, it would be to your neck of the woods. I would love to see Utah, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, etc. Buying a camper and hitting the road is a goal my husband and I are working towards. Need to pay off a few things first, and I would like my girls to be just a little bit older…I want them to remember the trip and (hopefully) appreciate it! :)


I hadn’t even thought about what will happen if the power ever goes out… time for battery powered sound machines. I am a big fan of fans too. You are amazing for training for these virtual races and keeping up with it all. I hope that you guys are able to get a camper soon and I’ll. show you around Utah when you come:) What a great goal that you guys have. Have a beautiful day Amanda.


Lol at the white noise machine. Sounds just like my 3 year old! At one point we all, including the dogs, had to say goodnight to her in a specific order.

Shows I’ve seen all of: friends, Seinfeld, the mindy project, parks and Rec. you guys should watch parks and rec if you haven’t! Season 1 starts out slow but by the last season I was crying so hard at the little Sebastian tribute concert (if any readers are reading this comment and know what I’m talking about lol).


Timp looks amazing!!
I’ve seen every episode of: Gilmore Girls, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Dead to Me, Ozark, Grace & Frankie
Goal: run a backyard ultra. I’m not really sure how many hours to aim for, as I don’t really have a solid base of miles yet…still in the pondering stage :)
If I could go on a day trip today, most likely would be to the sunflower field that’s nearby; a longer road trip would be to the beach (about 3.5 hours each way).


Can Andrew share how he trains around 12 hr shifts? I work 12 hrs shifts to and I’m so exhausted afterwards I can hardly get dinner eaten before I go to bed, much less exercise!
Also does he have any tips for nutrition at work or favorite meals he likes to take ? I find it hard to eat healthy at the hospital (ironically!)


Melly… I don’t know how you guys do it! 12 hour shifts are no joke! I’ll definitely have him write about this and his nutrition there. We were literally talking about that yesterday… his group was talking about how the majority of nurses become more and more unhealthy the longer they work there. It must be from the stress and long hours but you are doing amazing and I will have him write about this! Have a beautiful day Melly!


I just started watching Parenthood for the second time from beginning to end. I watched it when it was originally on! I’ve seen every episode also of Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Golden Girls, The Brady Bunch, The Good Wife… too many to name :)

I’d go to Colorado right now on a road trip. Great question, Andrew! How about you?


Wow, I’m so proud of Brooke! There is no way I could have hiked that far at her age or even wanted to! I always have goals, but most of my running goals are on hold now because I am just trying to heal from shin splints :( Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated. Do you know if you can run through shin splints? I really want to just tough it out, but I hear mixed opinions on that….

I have watched every episode of Hanna on Amazon Prime, and if you havent, you really should too. Be sure to tell me who your favorite character is – I won’t tell you mine so you’ll be unbiased :)


That means you haven’t watched Friday Night Lights! You need to make that part of the maternity leave plan while the bigger kids are in school ?


Thank you so much for reminding me of that show! I think I only saw the first season and you are 100% right… maternity leave + Friday Night Lights + all of the naps possible:). Have a wonderful day Pamela!


Friends, parenthood, Gilmore girls, parks & rec, mindy project, dexter, heroes, I’m almost done with the office….I watch WAY TOO MANY SHOWS ??. (Ps-if you haven’t watched Hanna on amazon I just finished season two and it’s REALLY GOOD!!!). If I could I would pack my family in the car and drive up to cape cod. I’m on vacation all week this week, but my husband can’t travel because of the military restrictions. So I’ll probably get a good book and beach chair down to the beach on base one do these days. Goal is to see no one (not even because of the virus, I just want some peace and quiet ?). Have a great week!


It’s so interesting to hear about Skye and her sound machine. Our daughters are around the same age (Elliana is also 2.5) and also loves her sound machine (Me… no so much – I have to turn the monitor down because even the sound machine coming through there is too much for me). We used to be able to do the 20 minutes and auto shut off on it for her but now it’s on all night. And if it shuts off for any reason, same thing – completely unhappy till it’s back on again.

If I could travel again (safely) – I’d be on a road to to a dog show. I’ve had two races cancelled this year – was suppose to be my first FULL marathon at Eau Claire in May. When that got postponed till end of September, I ran the virtual in May as a half. And they just called the September one off, so I’ll do that as a half again too. BUT, I miss dog shows so much. This time last year I was traveling down in Ohio with my dogs and having a great time. With the border closed, there will be none of that for a while… and all Canadian shows have been cancelled since March and will likely be cancelled for the rest of 2020. It’s sad but it’s for the best. But I miss my dog show community and just hanging out at the shows – and showing my dogs, of course!!


My white noise is a fairly loud fan. In hotels or at other houses, I cannot sleep to plain quiet. I have started to carry around a small old rickety fan after staying several nights years ago at my MIL’s house and went on barely any sleep. I get you guys very much. I have a few bedtime things that have to be just right. And so does my daughter now, haha. I have no big goals this year and it doesn’t feel right. I usually have a mileage goal I want to hit, but nothing this year. Just nothing.
I have so many places on my ‘want to visit’ list but now that Andrew asks the questions of packing up and taking a road trip where would it be, it’s like I”m at a loss. I guess first place is.. Lake Powell in Utah, just for fun because I want to go there. Badly. Otherwise, it would be to get out our list of ‘places to retire down south’ and road trip through them all to see which one we like best. 2 choices are Table Rock Lake area in MO and Bull Shoals Lake in AR. Many choices to make a nice road trip out of.


Shows: The Office, Roseanne, The Wonder Years and I Love Lucy.


We love our white noise machine! It is a must for everyone in the family, plus fans too!

I have seen every episode of: Murder She Wrote, Matlock, and Golden Girls. I know these are “old lady” shows but they make me so happy. We don’t have a tv in our bedroom but some nights I pop a bag of popcorn and I turn on the portable car DVD player and watch an old episode. It is so relaxing I have all seasons of all those shows on DVD!!!


Friday Night Lights, Alias, Major Crimes, Gilmore Girls :-)

I would roadtrip to Maine in a heartbeat! That’s where I’m from and typically go back every summer for a visit for a week and this year we haven’t because corona ruins everything :-(


What years did you work at Brick Oven? I worked there back in 2007 to 2008!


Tiare! I left right before you started there! That would have been so fun to work together. I hope you are having a great day. PS was Paul your manager? I still see him at Magelby’s and he still remembers my employee number haha!


Yes! I haven’t seen him in a long time but everytime I saw him after working there he would proudly tell me my number. pretty impressive! I can’t even remember my employee number haha


I’m still training for my 100k bike ride – less than a month to go! I’m excited for Brooke to accomplish her goal. Question about Brooke – does she wear sunglasses? Her eyeball comment may have meant that she was squinting a lot in the bright sun. Lighter colored eyes are more sensitive to sunlight.

I would love to take a trip to the beach… any beach! We still can’t go back to Hawaii and I’m really missing running near the ocean.


Kathy, I didn’t even think about that! Off to get her a new pair of. shades for the next hike. Any idea when you will be able to go back? I know they moved the travel date back but you guys have a house there?! Have a beautiful day!


Things are really up in the air as far as travel to Hawaii. The 14 day mandatory quarantine has been extended until at least the end of August now. We lease a condo there and our lease ends on September 30th. We don’t know if we’ll try to go over late September and move out or if we’ll try to renew the lease for another year. Like so many, we’re just waiting to see what happens next!


I watch all the tv shows on DVD. Full House, Golden Girls, Reba, NCIS, Friends, Psych, it goes on and on!

I want to run a half or full marathon on Dec 30 or 31. I had a half on 1.1.20, and I thought since I rang in 2020 with a race, I should end it with one. There aren’t any real races, but I will run the distance myself!

We live downtown, so there’s sirens, loud people, construction…………our sound machine saves us!

I would roadtrip back to Texas in a heartbeat. We loved our trip last year, and I want more time in San Antonio, Austin, and maybe west Texas, too. Seriously, go if you get the chance!


Hi Janae! I have seen every episode of the office multiple times and I love listening to the office Ladies with the actresses that play Pam and Angela. I heard an ad the other day for a new office podcast by the actor that plays Kevin! I am intrigued. Happy Monday!


My daughter was like that too with her sound machine. If it wasn’t on heartbeat or changed in the middle of the night like if the power went out, we had issues.


We haven’t had to deal with the power going out… I didn’t even think of that. Maybe I need a battery powered one too! Hahah thanks for sharing to know Skye isn’t alone. Enjoy your day Rachel!


Hey Janae,

I have both of these and have used them both for travel. I like the noise much better on the Lectrofan micro (richer sound) – plus you can use it as a bluetooth speaker. The Homedics one is cheaper, easier to use (bigger-more visible buttons), and you can just get new batteries if they run out (don’t need to worry if you forget to charge it).



I love your questions today! I’ve seen every episode of The Office, and for sure Gilmore Girls and Parks and Rec! During the summer I sleep with a fan on, and I don’t seem to mind the noise, but man, ANY other noise and it drives me nuts. If I could pack up and go on a road trip today it would for sure be Southern CA. I need a CA beach trip bad! I should have a goal like Brooke’s because I’ve never hiked Timp either, and I’m a Utah County girl!


I love road-trips, sadly this summer will be limited in holidays, hard to take more time off after losing so much with COVID. But if I could, I would without a doubt head to Banff, it’s only 5-6 hours from here and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Hopefully, I will make it out there before the summer is up even if it’s only a quick weekend :)


Jenni, that is definitely somewhere we REALLY want to go to too. Let’s meet up there before the end of the summer! Have a beautiful day.


That would be so FUN!!! Let’s see how the whole border situation goes haha


I don’t know if I should be happy or ashamed that I probably have too many series that I have seen every episode of! Netflix and Hulu make it too easy to be sure an catch every one – whereas before if you weren’t home you just missed it. All your shows would be on my list too along with: Brothers and Sisters, 90210 (the original), and How I Met Your Mother.

I always love Andrew’s questions! Hmm… today I would go to Wyoming or Colorado. My son has been eager to take a vacation to the mountains but we have put it off for this year – hopefully next summer!

We have a pretty cool bike trail about an hour from us and I have been talking about going for so long – this is the year I’m really going to do it! It’s about 30 miles worth of trail if you do it all.


My nine year old summited timp last year, he loved it! The hardest part was the last 3 miles. It got long and hot. I would recommend starting at like 4-4:30 am. The sooner you can get down the better. Also, a little caffeine gum for a kid goes a long way ;)


BEST TIPS EVER!! Thank you so much for sharing these with me. If you have a second could you tell me about the last mile or so with him… did it freak him out or you? Brooke wants to summit it but I feel like I’m so nervous. Thank you so much for the help!


It was a little scary but he was determined. I don’t think he was as scared as the parents, but I’ve seen kids up there a lot younger so he went for it. Just slow and steady. That last mile to the shack takes a while, and they’re tired. Have a big treat for her at the top and let her rest for like 30 min:) She’ll be great!


I have seen every episode of Beverly Hills 90210, Felicity, The Tudors, Dexter, and Shameless!

Your hike looks gorgeous–I’ve never been to Utah and hope to go in the future. We just hiked Brokeoff Mountain in Lassen Volcanic National Park–it was a day trip as we live close–absolutely beautiful!


**I have seen every episode of Friends!
**I can sleep ANYwhere, but my kiddos both have music that plays on low all night long (one is disney lullabies), and my husband sometimes sleeps with ocean sounds, so I get to enjoy that sometimes!
**Goals: so many goal ideas & so little time! Brooke has inspired me to find a MN trail to hike with my family next weekend, as my next goal. Now if I could only get my almost-2 year old used to her carrier… we have a very similar one that she is never super thrilled about. Maybe we just need to do more short trials?
**Funny I just asked my husband the roadtrip question yesterday, and he said Austin, TX. He would say whatever food-related-place based on what he is currently craving. :) I think I want to go road trip to somewhere cool to hike.


So, I’m old. Every episode of Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld (probably at least 3 times), 90210 (the original) and of course, Brady Bunch and Gilligans Island. Then again, those were the years where series didn’t last a decade.

I like to fall asleep to either a “sleep story” or sleep music with those delta waves. I think ocean sounds or rain would be super nice.

If I could pack up and go on a road trip somewhere I’d pick Chamonix. What’s Andrews answer? Yours and the kids? (I love kid answers, they’re usually so hilarious and spot on!)


Hi Janae! I am a (very) longtime reader of your blog and love keeping up with your adventures :) I’ve also noticed that for a lot of people the momentum of the Black Lives Matter/anti-racist movement is slowing down, and we can’t let that happen. I’m hoping you’ll continue to bring it up and use your platform to demand justice. I think it would be great if you could encourage your readers to make calls for Breonna, Elijah, and so many more.

And this continually-updated list of things we can be doing to keep educating ourselves and supporting BIPOC.

Hope you’re having a good afternoon :)


The Office ?
F•R•I •E•N•D•S ☂
Parenthood ?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?
Parks and Recreation ?
Kimmy Schmidt ?‍?
30 Rock ?
Shameless, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Bates Motel, Six Feet Under, How I Met Your Mother, Curb Your Enthusiasm,
Seinfeld and probably more I can’t recall ?

I ❤️ Brooke’s goal! Please keep us posted! Way to go Andrew on the training! And awww Skye! I’m the same way if I don’t hear a fan!

Happy Monday!

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