Weekend Happenings + Our Training Logs!

This was definitely a first for me.  I picked up my sister for our run and at about .2 miles in we saw a garage sale and I saw a Sven that I knew the kids would love.  They were selling it for pretty cheap so I pulled out my phone and paid them on Venmo and asked if I could pick it up after we were done running.   Score!

7 miles @ 9:04 average and .2 miles of walking with a bump and a Sven back to my sister’s house.  I received some interesting looks during the walk home.

The girls were thrilled when they saw me walk in with it (it even makes noises and moves it’s head around ha).  I need to go to more garage sales… you can find some awesome stuff there.

IMG 6421

Definitely a 4th of July tradition—> DONUTS.

IMG 6415

The girls had breakfast and then we were off for the day.

IMG 6434

Our area still had a small parade (that we found out about that morning) so we went to that…

IMG 6427

And then joined my sister and her family at the gymnastics gym.  We had the place to ourselves and my sister came up with all sorts of obstacle courses with games and prizes.  Being inside during the heat of the day was definitely a win for us all.

IMG 6476

We went back to my house and put Skye down for her nap and then ate watermelon and sheet pan nachos.  I cooked chicken with salsa in the crockpot and then layered chips, cheese, chicken, jalepneos, this corn and beans and then cooked it in the oven at 350 degrees until everything was melted.  Once it was out we added some fresh tomatoes, salsa, guac and sour cream.  We made three cookie trays of nachos and it fed a lot of people.  I love it when nachos have so many toppings that you have to use a fork to help you to eat them.

IMG 6463

This fruit pizza that Brooke decorated was delicious and eaten after we weren’t so stuffed from above nachos.

IMG 6466

Then we went to a huge grass area to get spots for a fireworks show.  The entire valley had fireworks going off for hours!

IMG 6473

The latest we have stayed up together since last 7/4/19.

IMG 6475

Our Sunday was spent recovering from the 4th so I don’t have much to say about Sunday besides… My current fresh fruits addiction is getting expensive compared to when I just wanted to eat 10 oranges a day a few months ago;). I cannot get enough fruit right now.

IMG 6493


Lots of stretching happening over here with all of the running going on between Andrew and me.

IMG 6324

We found out that a marathon in Utah that is scheduled to happen the week before the St. George Marathon was cancelled due to Covid but Andrew has decided to keep on training and just hope there is a chance that his marathon will still happen.  He had a cutback week and only ended up doing one of his three scheduled runs (a busy holiday/work week + family staying with us) but he rocked it:

*1.5 mile w/u, 4 miles at marathon pace (8:08 average!!), 1 mile c/d.

I reminded Andrew that with each training cycle I have done over the years there have definitely been times where I didn’t do every single workout/training run and still hit my goals.  No training cycle is perfect and consistency DEFINITELY is key to reaching our goals but we are also humans and some weeks life is just crazy/we have hot spots that need us to take some time off/mentally we need to reset etc.  Onward and upward!

Here is what this week will look like for him and the focus of his long run will be practicing taking in nutrition which is KEY for the marathon!

IMG 6477

This is what my week looked like.  46.31 miles with runs ranging from 9:01-9:13 average paces.  Didn’t feel like doing any speed work this last week but got in some good stretching/yoga each day to help keep my body happy with this mileage at this point in pregnancy.

IMG 6419


What are some of your favorite meal ideas to make when you are cooking for a large group of people?

What was the highlight from your weekend?

Do you ever go to yard sales?  Find anything good?

Question from Andrew—> What is a food that you will never try again?

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Oooo his training schedule looks good! When will you be training others? I am constantly amazed by your speed. Even pregnant you are faster than me! But, I think I could keep up with pregnant you if I tried, so please come visit Nashville :).

I like to make chili or soups when it’s not hot; they feed a lot of people. When it is hot, likely wings or gigantic fruit salads.

We visited my sister’s and both of her 20-something boys were there! It was fun to hang out in the pool with almost the whole fam (her hubby is an ER nurse and was there most of the time).

Yard sales rock! Haven’t been since the pandemic but when it is all over I’m all over it! I’ve gotten my large antique post office desk and my antique Singer sewing machine stand. My Dad says if you want what’s good you’ve got to go early!

I’ll never eat Cool-Whip again. After I found out it has a lubricant that is also used to lubricate Co come, I was like. Ewwwwwwww.


Hey Tonya! Thank you, it’s been fun to come up with his training! So now I’ve been leaning more towards working with schools and coaching their teams rather than online coaching! Did I tell you I was supposed to be coming to Nashville in March or April? One of my best friends lives there so I’ll let you know when I do come out. I would love to run together! So happy you were able to spend time with your family. Fun fact…. I didn’t know that and now I’ll avoid it too hahah! Have a great day.


I love the flag cake. My granddaughter made one that looks just like it! We had a quiet holiday, but I was just so happy to have at least one of my daughter’s and some of the grandchildren over for a BBQ. I am registered for a race at Sand Hollow in September. I haven’t heard that it is cancelled yet, but I am half expecting it and trying to decide if I will train anyway. I haven’t run much lately. I could probably use the motivation. I haven’t been to a yard sale in a long time. I’m trying my best to declutter! Enjoy your week!


I am so happy you were able to spend time with your daughter and some of your grandkids this last weekend! You’ll have to keep me up on what happens with your race, I really hope you are able to do it! Thanks Christie, you too.


I got donuts this weekend too! My family was driving to my grandparents house for the night on Friday and of course my dog and I were ready before everyone else. I thought “It’s my birthday and I want a donut” then because I’m a kind person, brought home a dozen for the rest of my family. No one complained about it!

Have an amazing day xoxo


Happy happy happy birthday and you are very kind to share your bday donuts. Thanks so much Maureen, you too!


Highlights of the weekend were spending a lot of time outside, watching Hamilton and finding this new snow cone place near by that was amazing.


Your weekend sounds perfect to me! Enjoy the new snow cone place, wish we could meet you there today. Have a beautiful day and Hamilton was just so so good!


BAHAHAHA OMG that’s an amazing story from your run, I love it.

I also love those nachos, yum.


You need some nachos today! Hahah almost as cool as the stops you used to make on your crazy long bike rides! Have the best day Victoria!


Your nachos look amazing !!! Love the cookie cake too! One that my family loves is the bacon wrapped weenies but one food I will never ever, ever… I mean ever try again is…oysters! I gag just typing that word out. Glad you guys had a great 4th celebration. All fireworks and fun activities in my area and state were cancelled. So we bought some kid friendly smoke fireworks, sparklers and pop its and swam in our pool and had hot dogs and smores over the fire. Then, several neighbors and people in our small town lit off their own fireworks so we did see a mini show.


Ahhh Michele, I am right there with you! I’ll never try oysters again! They are the worst. So cool that you guys created your own show! Love that you guys have a pool, we want to come swim with you:) Have a great day!


The highlight from my weekend was spending time with my oldest daughter and just relaxing. I love your patriotic shoes! Those nachos and fruit pizza look absolutely divine! Your posts make me happy. Hope you and your family have a great Monday.


I am so happy you got time with your daughter this weekend and all of the relaxing. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! Have the best day Kimberly!


LOL, just taking Sven for a walk!
My weekend highlight was reminding myself that each day was one day earlier than it felt because I was off work on Friday…so that felt like Saturday (until I realized it was only Friday), etc. That’s always a great feeling :)
For Andrew’s question: there is no reason I ever need to taste liver again. Phew! However, I’m sure I need some nachos soon!


Hahah I should have put a leash on Sven! Oh that is the best feeling! I hope you get more 3 day weekends in your near future. I fully agree with you, you should never try liver again! Have a great day Corey and hopefully you have nachos soon.


Oooo… We love sheet pan nachos too! So easy and everyone loves them.
Your 4th of July looked great. We had fireworks going on for hours too! It made me so happy since the “organized” shows were all cancelled. But a lot of people had huge fireworks and it was fun. We spent lots of time at the pool too, which was also great.
I keep thinking of Andrew each time I hear of another race being cancelled. The Long Beach marathon and half is the same weekend as St. George, and they haven’t cancelled it yet…which is surprising. But on their Facebook page, there have been hints of it becoming a virtual race.
I love that you randomly bought a Sven. I never see good stuff like that at garage sales.
Hope your Monday is great! I’m late getting out the door for my run, so it’s going to be hot and slow ?


Hey Wendy! I am so so glad that you guys still had plenty of fireworks to see! Oh I didn’t know Long Beach was still on… I just hope if these races do cancel, they do it soon so people know! I hope your run wasn’t too hot today and that your Achilles felt amazing. Have a great day Wendy and thank you!


Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Garage sales are the best. My partner is so thrifty! He has found dog backpacks for free for our pupoy. And yes she will definitely be able to run when she is older. He also scored a free doggy trailer..kinda like the ones you hitch your kids to on bike. We couldn’t believe it because usually those things are a few hundred dollars but this guy just wanted to get rid of his. We have found free dining chairs which my partner restored to brand new. The chairs are actually valuable lol but the people couldn’t be bothered to fix it. We find stuff on markeplace on Facebook and Craigslist. Some stuff he resells.

Best part of the weekend running every day and hanging out at the beach/park becaue Sunday was perfect. We had our Canada Day holiday last wed so just a regular weekend for us.

Have a super day Janae!


Oh I am so glad you will be able to run with your pup when she gets older. Your partner has rocked it with saving so much money on everything and that doggy trailer sounds awesome. So happy you were able to celebrate Canada Day last week and enjoy the beach over the weekend. Thanks Kristine, you too!


Hi Janae! I’m so glad it’s summer and there’s lots of fresh fruit for you! Peaches have finally hit our farmers markets and I am delighted. I think my favorite food to make that feeds a lot of people is sheet pan pizza. Always a crowd pleaser! Happy Monday!


I am so happy that you guys are enjoying amazing peaches now… I just ate a really good one too. You are so right about pizza for a big group. Thanks Amy and I hope you have a great day!


we like oven nachos, too!!
this weekend we finally got a mini getaway to visit my husbands family and our 3 nieces (2 yrs, 1 yr, and 1 month!). it was fun seeing the cousins interact. we stayed outside ALL day saturday between running, stroller rides, badminton, wiffleball, and football. so much fun! even though the trip was only 48 hrs long, we still managed to get our favorite tacos, donuts, and Tennessee molasses (a cold brew/dr pepper coffee drink at a Nashville coffeehouse). then i saw my family yesterday and the youngest (my nephew, River) figured out the water hose and chased us with the nozzle…..he was so proud of himself!

Once our race ran by a yard sale…..not sure the woman realized no one running would buy her stuff, ha!

I cant do cottage cheese. nope, sorry.


I am so so happy you got to get away this weekend and spend time with family! Your weekend sounds like it was perfect and I’m glad you had all of the good food too! I’ll eat cottage cheese for the both of us:) Hope you have a really great day Loribeth!


Hi there, would you remind me where you got your rug?
I believe you mentioned it quite a while back but I was reminded how pretty it is and that a smaller one would fit perfectly in my new office space.
You know how to have a fun holiday with your family!


Thank you so much Christina. I hope you love it as much as we do and I’m excited about your new office space:



Hah, I thought you were going to say you did the rest of your run with Sven! I don’t usually hit up garage sales (I’m the one trying to get rid of stuff) but my husband is a sucker for a sale and comes home with the funniest stuff.

Your nachos look divine, perfect idea for a crowd. We like to make pulled pork in the crockpot and do a taco bar when we have a big crowd. Or grill chicken and do a big salad bar. And Brooke, your cake turned out beautiful!


Bahaha I should have tried because I would have made a lot of people laugh along the way;). I would love to hear about the things your husband comes home with so next time you have to tell me. Those are great idea for big crowds. I can’t wait to tell Brooke what you said, thanks so much Michelle and enjoy the rest of your Monday.


I never find good things at yard sales! That find of yours is awesome!
Your nachos look so good! I love making Our Best Bites chicken tacquitos whenever I’m feeding a big group.
I will not ever try mushrooms again. I can’t stand eating fungus. I wished I liked them, though, because they’re supposed to be good for you.


I have tried that recipe too and LOVED it… thanks for reminding me about it because I will have to try it again. I think that is a great food to choose never to eat again… they are very strange. Have a great rest of your day Liz.


Loved so much on this blog. The food ! Yum! I, too, thought you were going to say you finished your run with Sven! HA! I just love Skye’s red dress. Do you remember where you got it?


Hey Anne! Thank you so so much! Yes, I got it at Target! I hope you have a great day.


Love that yard sale caper! When my mom and I would run together on the weekends we’d often come home with random stuff. I almost made her help me carry a high chair back home but she suggested we pay and come back. Instead we just rand with the baby gate.

Favorite thing this weekend was a long bike ride with my son! AND, he didn’t complain and did compliment the cool route.

Organ meats scare and gross me out. Same with blood sausage and head cheese. When I was in Romania in a rural farming community the kids would eat the pigs ear after slaughter. The men would smoke them. I really hope that didn’t make you gag-that was a daring question to ask while pregnant!

Did you make sheets of nachos on repeat or put two in at a time? I like to make a taco or baked potato bar for crowds, or crockpots of pulled pork. Or pregrill a gob of bratwurst, make a big salad, and have crusty rolls.


Hey Kelly! I love that you ran with your mom and stopped to pick up things too… what fun memories. So glad you guys had a great bike ride together. Bahaah luckily, my stomach is strong during the day but I won’t be thinking about these answers at night;). That is so cool you were in Romania. I have an aunt from there, I will have to ask her about the pig ears. We have two ovens so I put one in the top and two in the bottom. Oh good call on the baked potato bar… and that sounds so good right now (along with those crusty rolls). Have the best day.


Hi! I think it is so amazing that your husband and you both love running! I’m wondering how you guys plan out your runs separately? Do you set a schedule for who will stay home with the kids, etc? I think that is one of the biggest challenges I face with children and exercise…
And that is so cool you guys have so many fun things to do right now. We entered into more strict guidelines recently in Arizona and that’s a bit brutal because public pools aren’t open and it is blistering hot right now.


Hey Erica! That is a tough thing to figure out! We are lucky because we actually prefer very opposite times of the day to exercise and both of them are during times that the kids are mostly asleep… I love the early morning and he loves the late night. I also have a babysitter that will come over some days to help too! I just heard about the stricter guidelines there and I bet you are missing the pools so much! You should go swim at my brothers house:). Good luck Erica!


For Andrew’s question: VEGEMITE – Ugh. “It’s just like jam” the Aussies said. No, it’s not, not unless jam is a savoury yeast spread (gagging).


Good to know! I’ll officially never try it! Have a great night Jenni.

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