Silentish Saturday!!

MY NIECE JOINED me and my sister for our run.

She rocked it and her Brooks and Garmin just made me very happy.   7.5 miles @ 9:33 average.

IMG 7113

Later on we rode our bikes to my sister’s house.

IMG 7126

And hung out with cousins, my brother and sis-in-law before they left.

IMG 7119

IMG 7116

The love of activewear/running clothes starts very young in our family.

IMG 7137

These two went mountain biking and they are both so excited to have this to do together.

FullSizeRender 1

FullSizeRender 2

Andrew brought home a delicious panini from Great Harvest for me.

IMG 7145

You guys give me the best ideas….

IMG 7140

A fancy tea party.

IMG 7143

I spent my evening organizing random places in my house… is the nesting kicking in already?

IMG 7151

Hope your weekend is a great one.

IMG 7149


Tell me three things you are doing today!

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Love those shorts your niece has on! 1. We were going to take a bike ride, but looks like we are getting a big heat advisory for today and tomorrow so maybe we’ll be swimming instead. 2. Painting my closet ! Our bathroom and bedroom is done. After the closet, we have my daughters room to paint and update. Then come the first week of August we are DIY’ing our kitchen. Just a little make over and freshening up. 3. ?? I’m not sure on 3 yet…


Hey Michele! I agree, you guys should swim today and eat ice cream in that heat. So so excited that your room and bathroom is done and you have to send me before and after pics of your kitchen! Have a beautiful day.


Brooke and her cousin look so alike! I love it. Allie has 8 cousins who all live within 5 mins to a half hour of us so we’re constantly doing cousin things too, it’s so fun, especially with an only child!!

3 things – 1) going to meet my brand new nephew who was born at 1 am today!! So flippin excited. 2) Having some friends over for dinner, including once who lives in Vancouver that I almost never see 3) buying some stuff for my new puppy we’re getting next weekend! He’s a French mastiff and going to be around 150 lbs full grown !!


Ahhhh Congraulations on your new nephew and I’m so happy you get to see him today. A new puppy, you guys are going to have a blast and he is going to be so huge! Enjoy your time with friends tonight and I love that you live so close to so much family! Thanks Andrea!


Breakfast and coffee with the fam.
Chris organized a cal-de -sac happy hour from 3-5. One of those by the way……..;)

Have a great weekend!


That sounds like so much fun! Go Chris. I hope your run was a great one!


Happy Saturday! Today I am playing with my infant grandson, eating takeout pizza and getting my jewelry cleaned. It’s way too hot here in the midwest to do much outdoors today. So inside we stay. Hope your weekend is good.


I am SO glad that you are having time with your grandson and now I need some takeout pizza. Enjoy that AC and thank you so much Kimberly.


Hi Janae! Love the tea party idea looks like so much fun! I don’t have anything exciting really to look forward to this weekend (going to be lots of studying and chores) but I do have cotton candy grapes! I have yet to try frozen grapes because I always eat them pretty much right away. Happy weekend!


Cotton candy grapes are the absolute best! Now I need to go get those:). Good luck with the studying and chores and happy weekend to you too Amy.


Omg where is that couch from?! I need storage like that!


Hey Elissa. We love the couch so much for the storage and the middle section pulls out and makes it a big bed:). It is from the Sofa Mart! Here is their phone number: (801) 307-2299
Caruso 3 piece sectional


1. HIIT workout and some speed walking – felt so good after two days of no workouts!
2. Putting in a bit of over-time – working at home, so not too bad.
3. Shopping and then doing something relaxing inside – temps are above 90 and the humidity percentage is the same, not a fan.
Enjoy your weekend Janae!


HIIT workouts are so so hard for me, you are amazing and I bet it felt good after a few days off. Way to get in the over-time and enjoy that air conditioning, that sounds hot. Thanks Leslie, you too!


Visiting my grandma
Tending to the garden
Baking cinnamon quick bread with my 2 year old

Maybe a nap in there too lol. Have a great weekend!


I really really really hope that the nap happens and you have to share the recipe with me for that cinnamon quick bread. Enjoy and thanks Gillian!


1. Supermarket trip first thing. I like to get there before 8, before it gets busy, so I don’t have to queue. Some shops here in London limit the numbers of people inside to enable social distancing, so the queues can build up, although they are much better than there were a couple of months ago.
2. Started a new book. The libraries reopened a couple of weeks ago, and I’m so excited to have lots of books to choose from!
3. Weeded the veggie patch, everything is growing, which is wonderful, but I wish the weeds would slow down a bit!
How are your veggies going? Hope you have a great weekend!


I need this couch!!!! The storage is the in the bottom????? Toddler toys are taking over my life and my living room! :) I am trying to catch up on my km’s for the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee that is put on by Lazarus Lake (The Barkley Marathons). I am just about half way, I have 500km left to go and until August 31st to complete!

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