Silentish Saturday!!!

Definitely didn’t run 21 miles but I’m definitely 21 weeks along.

Haven’t worn the Ravenna in a while until yesterday and they felt smooth.

IMG 6359

Yogurt is still her favorite thing ever.

IMG 6362

Went to the water park.

IMG 6366

Skye tried to take a nap there.

IMG 6372

Found another chance to sneak out on a date together.

IMG 6376

Sticky fingers were what my body was wanting.

IMG 6373

And then I definitely took a nap on the couch.

IMG 6380

Needing some stretching each night (or just hanging out in child’s pose for a while).

IMG 6393

So so good.

IMG 6397

Excited for a 4th of July run!

IMG 6383

Happy 4th of July!  Today is my second favorite holiday and while most of our normal traditions are canceled, I’m excited to create some new ones.

Just a few memories from our last 6 years of 4th of July activities:)

IMG 6333


Tell me three things you are up to today?!

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Happy 4th of July! I already finished my 9 miles for the day – its been oppressively humid in upstate NY this week so I got out before the sun came up. I took a picture on one of the streets I run – totally fogged in!
Headed to a small BBQ later (NY is allowing small groups of up to 25 people) and hopefully relaxing afterwards! Have a wonderful day!!


Happy 4th to you! Way to go on 9 miles in humidity! Crazy that you guys are gettin so much more humidity than normal even. Enjoy that BBQ and relaxing! Thanks laura, you too!


Hi Janae !
The child’s pose is my favorite one :)
Today, i had breakfast in the garden. Thanks to your kids for the idea !
Now it’s too hot for my dog to run, so we walked and that was nice. We tried to found some shade and play/run in shaded areas.
And now i’m thinking about what to do with my life ! Haha ! Those last month made me realize my job is not something i love to do. (And my employer doesn’t mind about people.)
I would like to work for my own and do something that makes sense for me. But it’s not easy to find something that i love and that could make me live at the same time :)
Working from home would be the best.
If anybody has good ideas … ! Haha !
I wish you a happy 4th of july and a nice week end !


Oh I am so happy you ate breakfast in the garden. It really does feel like a treat. Glad you got out and enjoyed some fresh air and shade! You have to keep me updated with your thoughts on what you are wanting to do career wise. I support you and I am excited for you! Thank you so much Ingrid, you too!


I won a 5k this morning! Or, more accurately, I beat my husband who was the only other “contestant,” ha ha. Our normal race was canceled to we just ran it on our own. Then made 4th of July waffles (with whipped cream and berries) and for the rest of the day, hanging out, eating and napping. Hope you enjoy your 2nd favorite holiday Janae!


WAY TO GO ON THE W (hey, that is a big deal to beat your husband)! I’m glad you guys made your own race and your waffles sound perfect. Keep enjoying and thank you so much!


I’m heading out for 4 mile 4th of July run ?
Then we’ll be going to the pool, BBQ, and seeing some neighbors. Not quite the usual way we do the 4th, but some of the same things just differently.
Our grocery store put together S’mores packs, including the roasting sticks, so that is definitely happening tonight!
Oooo…. We also watched Hamilton last night. It was sooooo good! Thank you Disney+!!
Have a wonderful 4th of July, and a very restful Sunday.


Oh today sounds so so great! I hope all is going well with the girlfriend too! Thank you Wendy, you too and eat a s’more for me!


I love this holiday too! It was always my favorite growing up because of the FOOD! ? I started off the day with 17 HOT miles (for what reason, with no race yet, not sure haha) and now we’re going to brunch then making burgers and a flag cake later. It’s also the 9th anniversary of when I met my husband and our 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow! ??? Happy fourth!!!


17 HOT MILES… you are killing it! Sounds like the perfect day and happy anniversaries today and tomorrow! I can definitely see why you love this holiday (for the food and amazing memories)! Thanks Mollie, you too.


Hi Janae! Happy 4th!! I love this holiday too and this year already feels so different but we will just have to make new traditions. Random question- does Beretta get scared of fireworks? My parents’ retriever gets super scared and hides in the bathroom all night despite my parents closing all windows and turning the tv on really loud.
Have a great weekend!


You look so beautiful, Janae!
I typically love the 4th of July, but all the fireworks and 5ks are cancelled here in Western, NY. So, we’ll stay home and have some hot dogs instead.
Three things 1. Hot dogs 2. Nice long walk with the kiddos in the stroller 3. Watching my baby roll over for the first time!


Those 4th of July pictures are just so cute!!!

Three things:
+Short run
+Bike ride (I took my son on one of my favorite routes today. 60km of single track/packed gravel/paved path. I’ve been nervous about going on a ride without another adult along and today decided to just go for it) We had so much fun!

Enjoy your 4th of July run! Cute outfit!


Family hike! We love hiking on Independence Day morning, so we went up Mueller Park trail in Bountiful, Utah, and it was gorgeous! So much uphill, but it was almost all shaded. We’re doing a barbeque tonight and playing board games (fireworks were last night for us). Enjoy your your fourth, Janae!


Janae, I finished 15 miles today for a total of 100 miles this week! Team PHenomenal Hope raises money for Pulmonary Hypertension, one of the diseases Madi had. I ran 47 miles and walked 53 to honor her. I really miss my girl!


You. Are. My. Hero. 100 miles. I’m sure Madi was right there with you. Thank you for sharing this with me, best way to start my morning❤️❤️

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