Friday Favorites!!

Another day, another hike.  We decided to drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to go do a hike called ‘Donut Falls.’

She can’t help but run when she is on the trails.  Maybe I’ll be her crew one day for her trail adventure races.

IMG 7435

We are going to have to get another backpack for next summer for the new baby to use too:)

IMG 7448

Donut Falls is VERY family friendly and the waterfall was beautiful BUT it was way more crowded (luckily, we could still social distance the whole time) than what we prefer for hikes.  Also, you have to hike up the waterfall to see the donut portion of the falls which a lot of people were doing but we didn’t because I was worried about somebody falling.  Roundtrip it was about 1.9 miles!

Brooke’s reaction when she saw a chipmunk… I really hope we see some amazing animals in Yellowstone because they make our kids very happy.

IMG 7431

We also did another short hike up Mill B which is a paved trail that is also in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

IMG 7439

After being in the heat I made sure to pick up one of the most refreshing treats on the planet—> A frosted lemonade from chick-fil-a and then we all took a nap when we got home ha.

IMG 7455

Oh and in the morning 5 miles happened!

Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 8 05 19 AM

Flashback to one year ago when I ran one of the hardest races of my life… I couldn’t even keep my eyes open towards the end because I was so tired.

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Just a few Friday Favorites!

*WE PICK UP KNOX TODAY!  It has been 2 weeks since we last saw him and it’s going to be the greatest reunion.  Today is a holiday in Utah so we will be watching fireworks again (Skye cannot wait) and enjoying every second with him.

*My sister-in-law sent us the most fun ‘Thank You’ box of vintage candy (they also have Happy Birthday boxes etc).  It was fun to go through everything and remember them from childhood etc.   Our movie night treats are covered now for a very long time!

IMG 7174

*A $6 tank top!!  This tank comes in so many different colors and it is long (I’m just 5’8.75”).  I’ve needed to buy tank tops that fit me better for workouts and hikes etc but I have not wanted to pay the price tag of maternity items for them (I swear maternity items are just so much more expensive).  I have been getting these tanks in a bigger size and they work perfectly! They wash well, they are the racerback fit and I just love that they are so cheap.

Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 8 05 38 AM

*My bike!  I’ve had a few people ask me about what bike I have and this is the one that Andrew got me because he says it’s a great beginner bike for a really great price (for bikes… I guess anything under 1k is a great price which was news to me;).  I personally love it and have been using it a ton lately.  We are going to take our bikes on our trip to Yellowstone and I’m excited for trails that we are going to find along the way there and back to break up the hours on the road.  PS the extra seat and handlebars do not come with it, those are from Shotgun.

IMG 7366

*My sister had me watch Happy Face with Ryan Hamilton on Netflix the other day and we laughed so so hard.  He is hilarious and his stand-up is very clean!

IMG 7152

*A new Taylor Swift album is out!!!!!

FullSizeRender 5

*This tip from Brooks!  Store your running shoes in a cool place so that the materials don’t break down faster than they should!

FullSizeRender 6


Do you have a favorite comedian? 

What are your weekend plans?!

What would you say is the MOST refreshing treat/drink/food to have after a hot day/activity outside?!

If you could choose any artist or band (dead or alive) to come out with a new album… Who would you choose?

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I love Sebastian Maniscalco! He has a few specials on Netflix. I believe he does curse a bit but he’s not crude in anyway. He’s Italian American and will talk about what it was like growing up and staying with his grandparents (who didn’t speak English) after school and some of the funny things his Dad would do. I crack up at his specials. Aside from potentially some curse words, there’s nothing crude about it or anything sexual involved. Highly recommend if cursing is something you and Andrew would be okay with after the kids go to sleep.

My weekend plans include nothing haha. I laugh because it’s just rolling with the punches right now.

But life update (kinda?), I’m looking at apartments finally!! I emailed you a bit about the end of a long relationship and after staying with my parents for a few months to save money and figure out what I wanted to do/where I wanted to live, I’m ready to move out again and go back to Philly! I’m so excited and need all of the furniture recommendations for quality but affordable since I have a bar cart (so good for entertaining since I can put snacks and drinks on it) and a dog bed lol.


I have never heard of him, I cannot wait to watch him on Netflix. Thank you Maureen, this will be a fun date night for us! I am so grateful you gave me an update. You have been through so much this year and now look at your future. SO excited you are going back to Philly! So so happy for you!


Jim Gaffigan is so funny! A few years ago I gifted my husband his book, Food: A Love Story and it was a riot ?

School Updates: By the way, after reviewing school options for the fall- Leila will be 100% at virtual learning at home using an education program called Edgenuity. It is not considered homeschool because the curriculum is approved by our town (outside of Boston- at about mile 11 on the marathon course;)), the town pays for the program license for us to use, and the work is graded by a teacher (but the teacher doesn’t instruct). There are progressive learning modules in math, reading, writing etc. It’s not what I had dreamed first grade would be like for her but I have made the choice to go half time next year to be mama, teacher, and to support her. I feel very fortunate we could make this choice as a family. I do like that the program allows for the kids to work at their preferred time schedule (we wake at 5am most days so we can do school early) then use then remainder of the day being active outside, crafting,naps:) etc! There are progress checks/tests to keep her on track with state standards and if she starts to lag then the town steps up for reading intervention or whatever. I am hoping we can sign her up for tennis lessons so she gets some scheduled sports and that community outdoor soccer leagues don’t get canceled!! We have a neighbor who has a daughter in first grade and we plan to let them be playmates :) It feels daunting but I am staying upbeat and embracing the opportunity to be present in her life. We can do this!!


Hey Nadya! I LOVE Jim Gaffigan… he is so funny and I need to read that book. Thank you for keeping me updated with what Leila will be doing. PS I didn’t know you lived along the Boston Marathon course.. that is so so cool. You are one amazing mom. I am so glad that you are able to move to half time in order to help support her during this time. I think you are providing an amazing environment and education for her and those sports lessons and playdates will be so so great for her too. ‘We can do this’ –> I love your attitude and how you are making the absolute best of this situation. So many fun memories with Leila this summer and up ahead. Have a beautiful day Nadya!


Oh man…ice water and a frozen banana post run! I put almond butter on yogurt on my bananas and freeze them. It so SO good in the summer.

Taylor Swift would be my number 1 choice…I can’t tell you how happy that made me!

SO many cool animals and other things in Yellowstone…I kept thinking of the word “marvel” when I was there. It will be a great trip!


I NEED THAT BANANA COMBO right now. That sounds so so good right now! I hope you enjoy every song on her new album. So good to hear about Yellowstone, thank you SO much. I hope you are having a great morning!


Dave Chappelle – would love to see him live someday.
Plan to finish painting the exterior of our house this weekend. It’s going to be another hot one (yuck). We need rain & cooler temps!
Most refreshing for me is an ice cold can of Coke from the cooler. Pair that with burgers on the grill…mmmm.
The Beatles!


I am so excited for you guys that you are finishing up your house painting… I hope you love how the exterior has turned out. Yep, that combo wins for a post-run deliciousness. The Beatles would be amazing. I hope you have a really great day Amanda!


I know Brooke will be 8 soon. My son turns 8 tomorrow. It’s weird because he all the sudden looks like a big kid now. I noticed that in the pics you’ve been posting of Brooke. Is eight when they cross over to big kid status?
I don’t have a favorite comedian. The band I would love to see put out a new album is My Chemical Romance. I tried so hard to get tickets for their concert thus summer. I tried all day. I was so sad. So were my kids. We did get Hella Mega tickets. Don’t know the new date yet.
My favorite treats on a hot day are cold watermelon and iced tea.
Are the tanks you linked to good for working out?
Have a great weekend!


I totally agree with you Lee, it feels like this stage of life is when they really start looking like they are getting closer to the teen years. I LOVED My Chemical Romance, I’m going to listen to them during my next run… thanks for the reminder. I’ve been running in the tanks and they have worked really well for me! They would be great for strength training and yoga too. Definitely not the same material as a lululemon tank but for the price… I just can’t say no. Thanks Lee, you too!


Enjoy your time with Knox! You will have so much fun in Yellowstone! We are looking at going next year. I went as a kid and it is one of my favorite family trips!

We are headed to my father-in-laws house (on the lake). However, the weather looks rainy. I also should get in some triathlon training…it is next weekend, yikes! I thought I had so much time. I am used to signing up for races months in advance, but they just figured out how to put the triathlons together with it being safe for everyone so registration only opened 3 weeks ago.

I have had 3 similar conversations about bikes lately. I don’t know anything about bikes except I need to ride one for a triathlon. I have had some issues with my road bike (shifting gears). I keep telling my husband that I need a new bike because I have had it tuned up 3x’s. I have talked to some people that bike all the time. They always ask how much I spent–when I tell them the price (over 1k) they always tell me, “you spent enough on a bike. It should be a good one” So now I am headed over to my mother in laws to have her brother in law look at my bike. He bikes non-stop so I am hoping he can figure out the issue!

Happy Friday!!! Enjoy the fireworks!


Thank you so so much Becky and that is so good to hear about Yellowstone. I hope that the weather this weekend on the lake is better than expected and AHHH next weekend. I wish I could come cheer you on there. I am so excited that you are able to do this safely and I want to hear all about it. I hope that your brother in law can figure out your bike. That must be so frustrating! Thanks Becky and happy Friday to you too!


Is that a candy necklace I see in the box – what a fun surprise! We watch Jim Gaffigan once in a while, and I think he’s my favorite comedian.

Love that top you found! I lived in Target maternity tops when I was pregnant – bought them whenever they were on sale 2 for $16. I still wear a few of my smaller ones and they fit fine even though I am not pregnant. Your find is even cheaper – gotta love Amazon!

We are doing kiddie-pool night today, testing out a birthday cupcakes recipe tomorrow, and checking out a new state park for a bit on Sunday afternoon.

If you ever need a new cold treat to try, I made this orange sorbet several times last summer: 2c OJ+ 3 bananas. Freeze bananas as coin-slices & OJ as ice cubes (about 1 tray). Food-process/blend half of both ingredients & then add what’s left gradually until it starts to turn creamy. Extras: a little lime, other fruit, OR splash of milk with vanilla. I let my frozen cubes and bananas get just a little bit melty first, so they blend easier.


Yes, it is a candy necklace… so many fun memories. I need to find those Target tops… 2 for $16 is an awesome deal! Your weekend sounds absolutely fabulous to me… enjoy and let me know how the cupcakes turn out. Yep, I will 10000% be making that orange sorbet, that sounds heavenly. THANK YOU Katie and have a great day.


So excited about the Taylor Swift album!! I love the 1 so far, plus invisible string and exile. What are your favorites? Also bought a too expensive pullover when I bought the album… but it made me happy and I love Taylor Swift, so want to support her!


Thanks for the comedian recommendations. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places but it seems hard to find a clean comedian that is actually funny – I’m not a prude but sometimes all the cursing and crudeness gets old. We will have to check him out!

We plan on taking the kids out on the lake. Our son, he’s 8, is just starting to tube and it’s been fun to see him out there.

I love a good, cold iced tea on a hot day (not sweet!).


Jim gaffigan and Nate Bargatze (sp??) are some of our favorites for clean comedy! Both can be found on Netflix.

Weekend plans—bbq tonight with the in-laws and then my husband is helping his sister move to Idaho and we may go along for a chance to go somewhere (anywhere!) this summer.

Right now I’m digging the new 100% juice otter pops for a cold treat. They get really slushy and it’s just so delish.


Love that pic of your lemonade. My mouth seriously filled with saliva lol.
I love having watermelon in my fridge after a hard workout and I also dream about an icy cold red Gatorade after a long run.

When did you start using the shotgun seat and handlebars for Skye? I have a bucket for my 2.5 year old and I hate it so I am looking forward to when I can swap!


Brian Regan. Clean and hilarious. I laugh so so hard at him! Esp the bit about guessing if someone’s pregnant and you guess they are and they’re not……..


So regarding the shoes- apparently my emergency running kit in my car trunk was a bad idea. Huh. Oh well. Totally worth it.

Best summer drink- a strawberry shrub. Seriously the best. I just use my soda stream to make fizzy water, and a little shrub, and some ice. Yum!


I love Ryan Hamilton! We have tickets to see him in September in Salt Lake. His “stay-at-home mothers, unhinged” bit is one of my favorite and I use his unhinged move all the time. I love comedians and it really depends on my mood on who is my favorite. Al Madrigal has some pretty funny stuff and talks about raising kids that is so funny. Chad Daniels is the same way but he isn’t as clean. John Mulaney is pretty clean. Brooke is looking so tall! Yeah for tall girls! (I’m 5’10”.).

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