Haven’t Done That in Months + Friday Favorites!

My sister had our kids over for a cousin sleepover which meant Andrew and I were able to go on a run together.  He had trails scheduled on his plan so we went for it (even though we both woke up with zero motivation ha).  I haven’t done trails in MONTHS and I was expecting to be hiking a lot of the way but I was able to run more than I thought and we did 4 miles on the trails w/ 679 ft of elevation gain.  Running with Andrew must be my good luck charm.

I was definitely reminded during this run that trail running puts me in the best mood and makes me so happy… I really think it was a big part of getting me my 10 minute marathon pr last year too.  I’ll be on them a lot in 2021.

Random story but I woke up in the middle of Thursday night to Andrew snapping over and over again and he was dead asleep.  He told me later that in his dream he was snapping at people ha and he was doing it in real life too.

IMG 6657

Andrew went to a work training and I did  3 more miles on the streets before picking up the kids.  They had the best time ever and my sister even sent them home with new Cosmo stuffed animals.

IMG 6702

Then we had different cousins over and Skye is positive that she is no different than the 7-12 year old girls that she was hanging out with most of the morning.

IMG 6710

I can’t stop eating sticky finger salads.

IMG 6711

And Andrew and Knox went out on a date together.  We have started doing 2 week uninterrupted parent time this summer with Knox so he will be gone for the next 2 weeks and then we will have him for 2 weeks straight in August.  We are going to miss him a lot but he is going to have a blast.

Of course they had pepperoni pizza.

IMG 6715

The twins hung out too.

IMG 9225

Then we just all hung out together at home.

IMG 6724


I have some Friday Favorites to share today!

*I’m all about the Amazon fashion now.  I got these new joggers and they feel like butter on my body.  I saw my sister and sister-in-law the other night and as soon as they saw my joggers and felt them they had me send them the link right that second.  They are only $15 and I want to live in them.  They have a ton of colors too!  My shirt and shoes are also Amazon loves.

IMG 6062

*Our family’s current favorite game—>  Bananagrams.  We can’t stop playing it.

IMG 6472

*I decided it was time to get a new Thread Wallet (my last one was a few years old and getting pretty dirty).  I love this thing so much because it holds my cards in there so perfectly and makes it so I always have my cards and keys together.   Before I had one = I lost my cards all of the time but I never lose them anymore.

IMG 6526

*Brooke loves crafts and I am not good at crafts so when I see one online that I think I can handle, I go for it ha.  These girls were showing how their kids paint rocks with this paint set and I bought it right away.  It is perfect and Skye loves doing it too.  Brooke is creating a little ‘painted rocks garden’ in our yard and it’s pretty adorable.  This set comes with 18 colors and will last us a very long time (now I need to find some other projects for them to do using them too).

IMG 6489

*Uplift Crossback.  My chest is needing major support right now and the Uplift Crossback is giving me all of the support that I need.  This bra will be getting me through pregnancy and Brooks has a great run bra finder to help you figure out the right run bra for you.   Oh and the Juno is another favorite for me right now!

IMG 6542


Have a favorite run bra lately!?

Do you ever sleep talk or sleep walk etc?

Favorite board game type of game to play these days?

Would you rather run on the trails or the roads?

-I think my perfect combo is 4 days on the roads and 2 days on the trails per week.

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Good morning to you and your beautiful family! I’m definitely going to try the Uplift Crossback. Funny, my husband was having a whole conversation in his sleep the other night. I don’t think it does that normally…but then maybe I’m just too sound asleep to hear it. We like to play Yahtzee, and I prefer running on paved trails along the parkway. You get the pretty scenery, but the stable (relatively flat) running surface. I do love hiking mountain trails though. Enjoy your weekend!


Hi Janae !
Finding the perfect bra was a big deal for me, because it is the most important (with shoes) for running.
My favorite is Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra. I have several of it, and love it to run. I don’t feel it, no pain, and nothing moves ! Haha !
I often speak while sleeping, and my husband, who is grumpy when his sleep is disturbed, grumbles me to be quiet :)
So Andrew ran in the morning ? Wasn’t it too hard for him who prefers running in the evening / night ?
Have a great friday !


I totally agree with you, the right run bra makes the biggest difference. Just looked up that bra and it looks AMAZING! I wonder what you talk about when you are sleeping. YES, it was a big sacrifice for him especially because we started EARLY. It was the first time he has done that in probably a year but he did it. Thanks Ingrid, hope your day is a beautiful one.


Hey Christie! Thank you so much and I hope you like the Uplift Crossback. Hahah who knows… maybe he is talking all of the time;) I forgot about Yahtzee, I love that game. That parkway trail sounds perfect. Thank you so much Christie, you too!


In England kids are painting rocks and hiding them in parks. There are Facebook pages dedicated to this. The idea is if you find any you can take it but you should also re- hide them or paint and hide your own. Rocks that have been found are posted on the area’s Facebook page. There are some talented rock painters around! It’s good fun ? I bet your kids would love it ?


Cousin sleepover how fun! ?

We love ? grams at our house too ?

Those joggers looks super cute and comfy! Are the pockets deep? I have a hard time finding joggers with pockets I can fit my phone into. ?

Oh my goodness Andrew was snapping? That’s too funny! My husband has had sleep issues for years. Sometimes it’s funny like he will sing a made up song in his sleep. However it’s gotten scary at times with sleepwalking. Once he left our bedroom at night and went outside into our hot tub! We figured this out because he called and left me a voicemail ( I was dead asleep) AND his bathing suit & towel were sitting on a chair. I know this must sound so odd! ??‍♀️ I have many stories I could share ?… with help things have gotten better now ?

Have a wonderful weekend! ☀️


Hey Sydney!! I definitely am able to keep my phone in my jogger pockets but the pockets don’t feel crazy deep! SING in his sleep and he sleepwalked to the hot tub?! Oh that is scary. I am so glad things have gotten better! One of my brother’s used to sleep run when he was little and one time he ran out the door and down the street before my dad caught him. Crazy things can happen in our sleep! Thanks Sydney, you too.


I am going to have to try that bra finder out. I finally found one from Athleta that I love. I have bought no less than 15 in the past year and none of them worked.

Love, love all the cousin time! How fun for your kids. I am horrible at crafts at well. My daughter could craft all day. Thankfully she can figure out most crafts without my help!

I always run road. We don’t have any trails near our house. Are trails by your house busy?

Happy Friday!!!


Athleta has some amazing pieces! So glad you found one that you love. I am so glad your daughter can come up with and do crafts on her own… Brooke is almost to that I think. The trails near us are not busy… I think we saw two other people the whole time. Thanks Becky, you too!


Love those joggers and shirt on you!!! So cute ?

Inside games: In addition to Zigity card game, we have been playing Twister inside on really hot afternoons this past week. It is fun to watch a 6 year old and a 76 year old (My dad:)) play at the same time!

I don’t sleep talk or walk but My husband says I sometimes sleep with my eyes half open and it freaks him out…it would freak me out too if I could see myself!


Thanks Nadya, they are so comfy! I forgot about Twister… I need to get that out and I bet that is a blast to watch them play it together. Half open… haha that would freak me out too if Andrew did that! I hope you have a great weekend.


**Happy Anniversary – looks like you guys had a fun day planned! I need to be better about planning an eventful day for our anniversary this year (ours is in September).
**Have a favorite run bra lately!? – I just buy mine from Target and they (the C9 brand maybe?) work pretty well. When I was pregnant, I did the double-up on bras technique. :)
**Favorite board game type of game to play these days? – I am going to look through the comments you get on this question, because I have been looking to buy one! We only have a few!
**Running on trails for SURE, but only if it is light out. If it’s dark, then well-lit roads are


Hey Katie! You’ll have to let me know what you guys end up doing for your anniversary coming up. C9 brand is awesome and I’ve definitely done the double technique too. I hope you have a great weekend with some time on the trails in the light. Thanks Katie!


I had to try your whole outfit including shoes! Very cute and comfy (plus 2 pairs of the joggers And I may go back for more colors)!


That makes me so so happy! Amazon fashion is where it is at right now! Have a great day Sara and let me know what you think.


Hi Janae! I love the Juno! Sadly I think they are discontinuing it? I got the Date from my running store which is supposed to be an update of it and it’s nice but I like the Juno better. The Date does have softer straps though. Happy Friday!!


YES… It is a bummer! Good to hear about the softer straps, I’ll have to try those. Thanks Amy, you too!


Ha, ha, Andrew snapping. My husband will sleepwalk from time to time, and it can be very entertaining. And our youngest son talks in his sleep occasionally, also very funny.
Oh how I love trail running. I need to get back to that. I have been in such a rut with my running routes. But the achilles is feeling better, so that is making me happy.
I am very lucky that I am very small chested, so finding a good running bra is not difficult at all. Someone else said they get some at Target, and that’s what I do too. I have a running friend that wears 2 running bras together for enough support, but that’s what works for her.
We love a card game called Exploding Kittens. It’s hilarious! And when we’re with my family in Colorado, we love Pit, very entertaining for sure.
Off for a few miles before it gets hot! Have a great Friday Janae ?


It must be so so crazy to see your husband sleepwalk every now and then! I am thrilled that your achilles is doing better and I hope that you are able to get on some trails sometime soon. I totally did that when I was pregnant with Brooke… 2 at a time. I am totally going to pick up Exploding Kittens, thank you so much! Thanks and you too Wendy!


I was just looking at those joggers LAST NIGHT. I’m Jumping all in now. ?


You are going to LOVE them. Let me know what you think! Have a great day Jenn.


Love all of your Amazon recommendations! I bought the birkenstock-like sandals you recommended and they are amazing. I want these joggers now too, although I’m going back into the office full time, so gone are my days of wearing sweats every day haha.

I’d rather run on the roads, especially if it’s early and there is nobody out. Something about being on the open road with tons of space is so freeing!


That makes me SO happy that you love the sandals, they are so comfy. I hope the change back to the office full time goes smoothly. I love the open roads too early in the morning! Hope you have a great weekend.


I’ve been on the lookout for a new running bra ever since Brooks changed the Juno design a few years ago, and I finally found one I love! I got sucked in by the instagram ads for a SHEFIT Ultimate bra and loved it so much I quickly ordered several more. The support is unreal (zero bounce) and they are highly adjustable so you can find the perfect fit. They are also easy on/off as they zip in the front. They are definitely an investment, but they have held up super well after a ton of washings and are really high quality. Highly recommend for bigger busted women!


We love bananagrams too!

I can’t wear any bras that have cross back or racer backs anymore after I had a neck problem. I ordered a Brooks Jubralee and within one run I ordered two more identical ones. You know a running bra is working when you forget it even exists while you are running! So comfortable!


Good old fashioned Bingo! Good for a group like your family!


I haven’t been known to sleep anything but my husband talks a lot in his sleep. He always falls asleep first and at least once a week asks me if we ate dinner. He rarely remembers doing it! A few nights ago he turned over and told me it smelled like French fries and asked if I ordered French fries. I said “yes?” He then followed up by asking “from where?” I don’t even like French fries so I honestly didn’t have an answer! I responded “the French fry store?” The sleep version of himself was totally content with that answer ?

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