Zero FOMO + Save the Best for Last.

Good morning!  I have a new HRG Baby post—> 18 Weeks and Breastfeeding Round #3



The Runner’s Corner crew.  I saw that they were going to do a workout at a track so I decided to join them there because even though they are way faster than me now, at the track I got to see them a lot and feel like I was working out with them:)

IMG 4704

They are all so fast right now and I am so impressed with how they have continued their training when so many of their races were all cancelled.  

IMG 4707 2

Turns out my team makes me run faster even when I’m pregnant because I haven’t seen an average pace of 8:12 in in a while (watch stopped for uphills and for any walking/standing/talking to my friends breaks after each 400m interval:).  My watch even told me I was productive afterwards so that is saying A LOT about yesterday’s workout.  

My average for each 400m was around a 7:25 pace= a pace I could still talk and breathe well in but felt like I was still pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I’ve talked to my doctor about these types of workouts and she has given me two thumbs up for them.  Most days my body prefers a steady and easy pace but it was really fun to get moving yesterday and feel my leg muscles work!

IMG 4724

I’ve had a bit of FOMO over some of my team’s workouts over the last few months but not yesterday ha… they did 20 x 400m FAST which was definitely not my favorite workout last year.  I was more than happy to do my workout.

IMG 4709

I came home from my run to Brooke rollerblading in her Christmas pjs while Andrew was shooting hoops and Skye was snoozing in her crib.  With how much Skye loves sleeping in now, I am worried about her as a teenager already ha.

PS Andrew rocked his first run of this training cycle with 5.25 miles on the trails.

IMG 4727

Just eating the crusts of my sandwich first like a child to save the best for last.  With the amount of AB/jam sandwiches I have eaten during pregnancy… I wonder if I will ever be able to eat them again in the future.

IMG 4738

We picked up Knox and then hit up the pool!

IMG 4741

Skye and I hung out in the pool while she showed me her tricks while the others went and did the slides.  

IMG 4756

As much as Skye is adventurous and daring in her life… I am very grateful she is actually extremely cautious with the water.

IMG 4759

I did the wash my hair thing (it was time) and just telling you one last time how obsessed I am with this Olaplex Smoother.  

The smell + the way it makes my hair feel + I swear it makes it so my hair dries faster + tames any frizz + you just use a tiny bit each time.

IMG 4760

And now we have two rollerbladers over here.  I can’t wait to strap my rollerblades on with them after I have this baby:)

IMG 4762

Another night, another breakfast taco thing.

IMG 8457

Switched out the oranges for peaches (and I’m not sure I will ever be able to eat another orange after how many I ate over the last few months).

IMG 4771


Just one more reminder that I have a new HRG Baby update!


Do you ever eat part of your meal first to save the best for last?  Are you okay with your different foods touching on the plate?  Does anybody eat a Kit-Kat like Des Linden does (she just bites into it all and doesn’t break off one piece at a time;)?

Have you ever eaten something too many times and now you never want to eat it again?

What is your run or workout or rest day today?

Question from Andrew:  What’s the most fun date you’ve ever been on (I told him I need a date so I’m guessing he needs ideas ha;)?

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I have a few weird food order rules. When we go for sushi, I always save a piece of tuna for last. When I eat jelly beans, I have to eat them one at a time. It amazes me that my husband pops a bunch in his mouth at once- how does he enjoy the individual flavors? I love Des, but her kit-kat eating style would stress me out to watch!

I don’t often obsessively eat one thing. The closest I come is certain fruits when they are in season, like cherries or peaches. But the good thing is by the time I am tired of them, the season is over and by the next year I am ready to eat them again. In contrast, my husband will eat certain foods for a few months, like triscuits or certain cereals, and then one day stop eating them altogether.

I started the week feeling run down, so I am cutting back on the mileage this week to give my body a break. Today was 3 miler before the storms rolled in. The temperatures haven’t been terrible, but it has been really humid. I hope that after the storms it is drier- it feels 1000% harder running in high humidity.

My favorites dates have all involved driving an hour or so away from where we live to do something outside our normal routine, like visiting an orchard or going for a hike in a park we’ve never visited. Experiencing a new place together, even if it isn’t very far away, always feels special.


I loved hearing your food order rules! I see Andrew do that with his jelly beans too and I just cannot understand. Hahaha it would stress me out to see someone eat a kit kat like that too. I want you to come over and eat from our cherry tree! I hope you are loving the current fruit season! You are so smart to listen to your body and cut back a bit on your mileage and humidity sucks all of my energy out of me. You are amazing for running through that. Those dates sound perfect… I think we are going to do something similar. Hope you have a great day, Alma!


Amazing job doing speedwork!! The humidity and heat lately makes me want to stay at more comfortable speeds, but pushing ourselves once in a while is good :)

I love Des, but that’s a weird way to eat a Kit Kat haha! There are just some things that are meant to be eaten in parts- Kit Kats, Hershey bars, Oreos, string cheese.


Hahah right?!?! Brooke will bite her string cheese sometimes and I just don’t know what to say. Oreos though… do you mean you have to eat each part of the cookie separate because I definitely bite into those. Hope you have a great day Mariah!


I have occasionally eaten a Kit-Kat like that, more for the shock effect than anything else :p


Hahaha now I have to do it for the shock effect for my kids… great idea! Hope you are having a beautiful morning, Nina!


I eat the toppings off my pizza first to save the crust for last. This causes my family to look at me like I am a monster. :) I’ve just always ate pizza this way – I think you can enjoy the cheese and toppings more without the crust getting in the way. I too eat kit kats like Des, just bite right in.

How about an art museum for a date? Not sure if art is your thing, but I find it very relaxing. My husband just tolerates it for my sake lol, but he will say “that wasn’t that bad,” which I chalk up as a win.


Now I feel dumb, I was thinking for the kit kats you meant she separates each layer from each piece. I most definitely break them apart before eating. Like Mariah said, there are some things meant to be eaten in parts.


Hahaha I have definitely done that too with my pizza, you are not a monster! Oh and don’t feel dumb, I did not explain it well! Seriously, I wonder what the ratio is of people that break each stick off vs just bite into it? LOVE LOVE LOVE art museums and Andrew tolerates them too haha. As soon as they open again we are there, thank you so much for the idea and have a fabulous day!


Hi Janae! I polished off one of those large bags of dried mangoes from Costco all by myself during quarantine, and now I don’t feel like eating any anymore. I’m sure I’ll get back to it later but for now I’m enjoying fresh fruit instead.
I don’t know how much stuff is open where you are but what my most fun dates have in common are that they’re the ones where we talk a lot! We used to just wander around downtown talking and looking at things. I think it’s because just having time to talk and not work seems like a luxury. Or a hike or run where we get lots of endorphins is pretty great too. If it’s a hike I like to pack a big picnic to eat.
I’m so excited to see what you end up doing!


Skye’s expressions are hilarious!

And yes to eating part of anything first to save the best for last. But, so many times that has backfired (dropping the best part of the cookie, or spilling something onto the best part, etc). My youngest used to eat croissants the WEIRDEST way ever: he’d slowly eat the outside of it, peeling the crispy outer layer and then eat the inside which he called Croissant fuzz. (which sounds horrible!) He was 3 years old at the time and took amazing delight in his croissants and method of eating it. He still is judgey about croissants and eats them rather methodically. (we live in Europe, croissants are a mainstay)

Kit Kats are better when eaten the normal, non-Des way! Plus they’re easy to share.

I go through phases with foods and get tired of something but usually return back to them.

Nice late morning 7.25 mile run-it’s a holiday here so it was quiet and not too humid yet. The bakery is making some new breads so I grabbed a round for my kiddo. Oh, and I got my new shoes yesterday so that was exciting!

Happy Thursday! I keep having to remind myself what day it is now that we are done with school.


I am pretty sure that I would cry if I dropped the best part of the cookie or spilled something on the best part. CROISSANT FUZZ… hahaha that made my morning. I love his method ha and I need him to help find the best ones for me to try! Enjoy your holiday and what a great run. I hope your area is doing well and is so good to hear that you could grab some new breads for the kids. I bet your new shoes felt amazing and you are not alone in forgetting the days of the week (the only think that keeps me on track is remembering Knox’s parent schedule)! Thanks Kelly!


ALWAYS eat the crust before the middle part of the sandwich (when on traditional loaf bread) and I eat the crust of my pizza first.


No I need to start eating my pizza crust first, BRILLIANT! Enjoy your day, Melissa.


Will you share your dress again? I remember you saying how comfortable it is and it’s adorable. So glad you got to be with your track crew. I did 20 one minute pick ups on Tuesday and about died in the 81 degrees and 90% humidity. Hello Louisiana. Luckily, today the temp was in the high 70’s which made my 9 miles feel like a dream!


Sometimes I just totally bite into a kit kat without breaking it apart. If I need to share I will lol. But not very often

Well I once ate instant noodles for a week straight as a student. I haven’t really looked at them the same since lol.

Fun dates.. my partner took me slacklining on our first date and climbing in an indoor gym for another. But one of our favourites lately has been going to our local food truck or store getting takeout and having a beach or park picnic. Or we will exercise together.. ie bike skateboard or run and skateboard for him.

I love that you came home to Brooke rollerblading in her Christmas pjs! I Have a wonderful day Janae!


Haha I’m not one to share my candy either! Oh instant noodles… definitely a part of college life because they are just so cheap. SLACKLINING on your first date, that must have built a lot of trust quickly. There is just something so great about exercising together. Thanks Kristine, you too!


Hey Avery! Yes, you are going to love this dress! Here is the link…
WAY to go on your track workout and in those conditions, you are my hero! I bet today felt a million times better (even though the high 70’s would have killed me ha)! Hope you have a beautiful day.


One of my favorite dates with my husband was when our kids were young, they are grown up now. We went out as a family to celebrate husband’s birthday. On our way home we saw a horse and carriage. We had exact change plus tip to do this! The kids loved it and I discovered romance doesn’t end after kids. That was one of the most romantic and relaxing dates we had in earlier days. I’m sure Andrew will come up with something fun!


Okay, that sounds so dreamy… I love it! It really is so true, romance with kids still exists. Thanks for sharing Martha and I hope you have a beautiful day!


I eat my salad/veggies first–partly so I make sure I eat them, and partly because I read once that it’s healthier. Now it’s just habit and I barely notice it!

I did a pilates/barre at-home workout today. I was dripping sweat and it felt SO good. I am trying not to be grumpy about not running while I rest my hamstring, so it was great to work hard today like that.

I’ve gotten really obsessed with movie nights lately . . . especially when it’s a movie we keep discussing later! I like having something not real-life to think about, and it’s fun to have a new conversation topic. I watched Knives Out recently and thought it was SO good (not a kid-friendly movie–some language and innuendo, but not raunchy or anything) and so well-done. I love a good mystery!


I usually eat my salad and veggies first too and maybe doing that makes it so we absorb more of the vitamins (or maybe it just makes sure we aren’t too full by the time we get to them ha). Way to go getting in the pilates/barre during this time. I am so hoping your hamstring is happier than ever in just a few days. We will have to watch that together, thank you so much… I love mysteries too. Happy Wednesday, Kristin!


I’ve tried just biting into KitKats and will never do so again. Eating them that way just feels wrong.
I love dates that are outside. Hiking, a walk, biking, croquet, anything outside makes the date fun. Oh, and the company you’re with. I’m pretty sure you two like each other, so your date will be a blast!


Hahah well now I have to try it just to say I did to see the way it makes me feel. I’m with you, outside dates are the best day. Hahah yes, thank you so much! Have a great day, Liz.


Love Skye’s face in your posts. She’s so funny and sweet.

Weird question, awhile back you mentioned a treatment you’ve done for your gums?? What was that? I have a problem with recession and wondered what your treatment was, and couldn’t pinpoint the post. Thanks!


Hahaha her facial expressions are so intense lately! YES, I had the gum treatment and it worked but sadly because of pregnancy they are getting bad again. Any chance you are in Utah? Email me back so I can hook you up with info! THANKS!


I ordered the Olaplex based on your recommendation–so awesome! Also, your posts brighten my morning every day! :)


This makes me so happy!! Thank you for telling me that, it means a lot. Have a great day!


You broke a bone rollerblading and you still rollerblade?! I had one bad spill because I don’t know how to stop and I sold them the next day;-).

It is fabulous when kids are cautious of the water! My son was not and I am sure we lost a few years off of our life watching him–even with his lifejacket it was scary.

I have a hard time eating bagels and apples. I ate so many when I was pregnant with my son. It’s funny though because I think I have eaten oatmeal every day at least once for the past 15 years of my life and I still love it.

It was a rest day. I am running a virtual half with my sister on Saturday:-)

Happy Thursday Janae and family!


Watching my oldest eat Klondike bars is torture… She eats the chocolate off of it and saves the icrecream part of last. My youngest eats ice cream painfully slowly (her favorite food so she savors it) and by the end half is melted to the wrapper so she licks the whole thing… so gross. At one point my youngest would eat everything out of the inside of her almond butter and jelly sandwiches, put the bread back together and eat that!!

Just a heads up to anyone with kids. Another runner mother is having Love the Run Your In Junior for kids. My 12 year old is doing it and I am actually doing it with her with a goal to hit my 15 mile long run by the time she has to do her long run. It starts Monday but it’s flexible, and at $16 is a great price in my opinion!! It would be great for younger kids but I like it for her age because it’s so hard to get her motivated lately (she’s a competitive swimmer and I think a little depressed over the complete halt of that sport- she went from 90 min practices 5x a week to NOTHING).


I’m confused on why as a pregnant person you are being so careless with social distancing? I realize Utah has “opened up” but they also have had a huge increase in cases since Mother’s Day. No masks–group runs/ It just seems a bit premature since the disease has not magically been eradicated.


Hi! Mom of three and childbirth educator here! (and super longtime reader – like, wayyyy pre-Brooke haha). I just wanted to say 1. I’m sorry you receive such ridiculous comments over your breastfeeding choices, and COMPLETELY agree that mom’s mental health is far and away the number 1 priority. And 2. I’m not a doc but maybe talk to yours or a lactation consultant about supplementing omega 3s (they’re great during pregnancy too, but I can attest hard to get down haha), but I’m more thinking about them for while breastfeeding. Nursing depletes omega 3s (breastmilk needs alllll those good fats) and low omega-3s are associated with anxiety and/or depression. Some quick links for ya below (not affiliated in any way). Anyways, might be something to talk to your doc about. I always get anxiety postpartum (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, it ebbs and flows) and whether it’s placebo or not, I always start swigging it from the bottle once a day in an attempt to feel better (100% do not recommend, take the listed dose or what your doc says!! haha) and it seems to help. And if you do take it, look for a brand that does 3rd party testing to show what they say is in that bottle, is in that bottle, and that it’s free from contaminants, since FDA doesn’t monitor supplements. :)'s,development%20continues%20through%20this%20time.


Oh yes! I always eat the edges of pancakes, sandwiches, pizza, etc. to save the very best bites for last.
Some fun dates my hubby and I have been on…disc golf, indoor shooting range (this was WAY out of my comfort zone, but he loved it because he was able to show me something he really enjoys:)), kayaking, trail running (and this one was WAY out of his comfort zone, but I loved every second of it!), The Melting Pot (fondue restaurant), drive-in theater. Summer is the best for fun outdoor dates!


I always save the best part of the meal for last! Especially with sushi. That last bite forms a wonderful memory! Isn’t that why dessert is so good? LOL


I alway save dessert for last. Everything else gets eaten together, and I don’t mind if my food touches.

I get bored with the same food, so I’ve never eaten anything so much that I can’t eat it anymore.

I have a new training goal for this summer since we won’t be traveling. I want to ride 50 miles on my bike and hopefully finish the summer with a metric century. We rode 36 miles today! Les is going to go on my long rides with me and I’ll ride a couple other times a week, plus do a little running.

Andrew’s question took me down a rabbit hole! I looked up the word “date” on my blog. Most of our dates revolve around doing something active – cycling, hiking, or kayaking – or traveling somewhere. We spent a day at Disney’s California Adventure a few years ago and I think we spent as much time people watch as we did going on rides. I think just being together – whatever we’re doing – it what makes a great date.


Can’t wait to read the baby post! I’ve been following your blog since before Brooke was born, so it’s been so fun to watch your family grow!

I had a major salmon craving when I was pregnant and totally burned myself out on it, lol! So sad about that!

I need to check out that hair product because my hair is f r i z z y !


I’m embarrassed to admit this but I have no idea what FOMO means ? I took my best guess based on content though! Woohoo on the run! ?

Brooke and Knox look like teenagers! Geez! So cute ?

I’m gonna have to try that hair magic! My hair is frizzy all the time lately. I spray water on it and carry on. Do you have to blow dry after you use the product?

I love ANY kind of date that involves nature and some good food. I love a good hike at a state park and some delicious food and of course ice cream ? or any other treat!

Have a great day!


I’m so confused by these pictures. Are people no longer social distancing where you live?

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