Silentish Saturday!!

A good morning for a good sweat.

IMG 5894

Came home to these two telling me they wanted to eat outside so they could have breakfast with a view.

IMG 5898

And then they jumped on the tramp with Beretta in the winter pajamas they insist on wearing even though it was already 75 degrees outside.

IMG 5900

Then we were off to Mona Pond for some time outside.

IMG 5904

My sister and her kids came too.

IMG 5920

I eat a ridiculous amount of sandwiches each day.

Andrew will try everything…

IMG 1596

Knox will too.

IMG 5935

Skye was just happy to not get in the pond and wear her goggles the entire time.

IMG 5924

A panini a day….  Avocado, turkey, sautéed onions, peppers & pepperjack cheese.

IMG 5942

Felt the baby kicking around like crazy.

Finished watching Remember the Titans with the kids.

I have a normal run and Andrew has a long run on the schedule for today!

Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Skye’s picture with her goggles is priceless! Love her grin!
I’m up early today to make Spudnuts. And later I have a fridge full of strawberries and cherries that needs to turn into jam. It’s going to be a busy day, but so fun! My kitchen is my happy place. :)
Have a beautiful weekend!


I am SO glad you get to spend time in the kitchen today! You might need to send me some spudnuts;). Thanks so much Christina and I hope you do too!


1) family walk
2) lake swimming and ice cream on the dock
3) crafting birthday cards with Leila for my husband:)

(And washing sheets and vacuuming the rooms but let’s not focus on those things;) ha)

Have a super day!!


‘Lake swimming and ice cream on the dock’ sounds like the perfect summer day! Happy birthday to your husband soon and I hope you have a super day too Nadya!


Hi Janae !
I loved the story you posted yesterday about the kenyan and the spanish runner. It is really something to meditate !
Breakfast outside is the best. Tomorrow morning i’ll copy your kids !
But i won’t jump just after ! Haha !
Your day at the pond seemed perfect (and the baby seemed to appreciate it too !)
Today, i did so much more than three things
– Cleaning the house, and so many things too in the garden.
Household chores seem to never end… When do you do it ? Do you have a day for that ? Or do you do little by little.
When i have to clean all the house, i can’t run. I don’t have energy for both ! Haha !
– Time spent in the nature and a hug to a tree because i love our planet and maybe to say sorry for what humans are doing to it :)
– Drawing. I’m not very good but it is so relaxing.
– and just now i’m on the couch with a cat purring next to me :)
Have a nice day Janae !


Ingrid! I’m so glad you loved the story yesterday, so inspiring. You have been so so productive today! I can see why you can’t do both in one day… cleaning all of the house is SO much work. Every two weeks Andrew and I do a big house cleaning day (next one in on Monday) and then just try to keep up with whatever we can in between. I loved that you hugged a tree, I will copy you with that. Enjoy some couch time, you deserve it and that is so cool that you draw (teach me)! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Your niece looks so much like you and your sister! So pretty.
We have so much to get done in the next few days, but working on the house is very rewarding.
Today, after a quick run (still being cautious with the achilles), I need to get yard work done, clean the kitchen, and then working a shift at the pool (I check in members as they enter). Not a very exciting day, but that’s ok.
The pond looks like so much fun! And Knox is very brave.
Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday. ?
Have a great weekend!


Hi Janae!
That rope swing looks amazing! It made me go look up if we have a rope swing in our area!

Three things…
My 15 miler turned into an 8 miler today, but I might pick up another 3 with the hubs later.

Going to a backyard birthday party for my daughter’s bestie. I also really like the mom, so it’ll be a good hang.

Hubs and I had our 15 year anniversary Thursday. How we celebrate? Sushi and buying new dinnerware and glassware (we are still using our chipped wedding gift set, ha!).

I hope you have a really great weekend!


HAPPY FIFTEEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! What a beautiful accomplishment and I love how you celebrated… sounds perfect to me. Enjoy the bday party! Oh I hope you have a rope swing in your area! Way to go listening to your body and switching up what you needed to run today and I hope if you feel good that you can go out with your husband for a run too. Thanks Jenny, you too!


I live in Mona, I’m happy people enjoy the pond so much, it’s one of our favorite places. Although I’ve never done the rope swings myself.
Not a lot going on today, just cleaning my floors which needed it last week :) and taking my dog to the dog wash. The sun us shining so I’m happy to do chores though!


Bike ride
Seeing a childhood friend that is back in town.

Doing the sauteed onions and peppers for a sandwich tonight. That sounds incredible!!


Happy Saturday! Three things I’m trying today: 1.Get 2. Baby 3. Out. Hahahah! My due date is Tuesday, and I am more than ready! I’m not super uncomfortable or anything though, and am still feeling pretty good, which makes me think it will still be a while. :) My birthday is tomorrow, so it would be neat to share a birthday with my little boy!!

I did a 45 minute incline walk on my treadmill this morning (running stopped for me last week!) and am planning to lightly clean and relax today. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Water days are the best (lake, pond, ocean, pool…:)! Looks like everyone had a great time. Andrew & Knox are brave!
My kids and I are working on longer treks in the double jogger(we have a Thule). We do a little bit with the 3 year old on his strider bike & the 1 year old in the stroller, then he hops back in for a longer stretch and his bike sits on top of the jogger so I get to push it too. Man pushing all of that slows me down! And their patience is limited so we are trying any different ideas to help with that…
Later we have a birthday party & then supper and a treat (either some cookie bars or ice cream..).
Hope you enjoy(ed) your run today!!


Try some fresh basil in your paninis! It makes them taste fancy.


Hi Janae! Today I slept in so that was great. I am going for a run with my fiance and making pizza! And then I am going to watch some videos about chess so I can beat him haha. Happy weekend to you and your family!


I went to the high school that Remember the Titans was about!!! I graduated in the 1980s, long after the events depicted in the movie, but Coach Boone was still there teaching driver’s ed when I attended.
Hope you enjoyed the movie!


We are moving so my three things are
And Packing.
Your paninnis all look so good.


Hi! ?

What were Andrew & Knox doing? Climbing up a tree and jumping off? ?

Yay on baby kicks ?

Have a fantastic weekend! ?

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