NINE More & Tangents!

Morning!  We have just 9 more days of home school work until summer starts and Brooke (and I;) are beyond thrilled with that number.

I cannot believe that the next time she will be going back to school she will be in third grade!

My Monday started off with a run with my sister.  I have never been happier in my life to be running with somebody else after so many solo runs and I hope that before we know it, everyone will be able to do the same again.  Utah’s numbers have been very very low compared to the rest of the world which is why restrictions have been lifted a bit.  I am very lucky now too that I can hire my niece again to babysit when we need her… and my kids are probably even more grateful for this fact than I am.

7 miles for my sis and 8.2 miles for me with some time on the dirt which is always refreshing.  The miles go by so much faster for me when I have somebody next to me.

IMG 2482

I’ve run by this particular house at least 100 times and either I just noticed this for the first time or they just added them but they have cute painted rocks along their entire fence right now.

IMG 2484

She prefers to hand feed her chicks.  These chickens are definitely not afraid of people.

IMG 2497

And Beretta is learning slowly but surely that she needs to give them their space.

IMG 2519

And the only other picture I took from the day was of dinner.  Brooke is loving these salmon bowls that I’m making just as much as I am.  We just put in some brown rice, salmon, avocado, whatever roasted veggies we have and then topped it with some olive oil and lemon.

IMG 2535


I have a few tangents to go over so here they are:

*Brooke has started making vlogs with her camera…. She is preparing to take over this blog someday;)

IMG 2467

*I caught this on Skye’s camera the other night.  Knox snuck into Skye’s room to give her a kiss.

IMG 2426

*The hot tub is still happening over here and I made some cookies to go along with it.

IMG 2420

*Our peas are definitely taking off so at least we will have those to eat:)  I’m not sure about our tomatoes and a few of the other veggies making an appearance but hopefully we will just get better and better at gardening with each year.

IMG 2515

*One terrace done and just about 6 more to do;)  What was once covered completely in weeds now has a weed barrier and mulch.

IMG 2516

*Is it weird that this news made my eyes tear up?  I am just so happy for them.

IMG 2418

*The other night we made pizza for dinner which meant Skye had ranch to dip her pizza into and then I realized that she was DIPPING HER BANANA IN RANCH.  That step was even too far for Andrew and he is ranch’s #1 fan.

IMG 2423

*Gwen Jorgensen posted what her training is looking like during Covid which I loved watching because I’m very interested to see how people are handling the current situation.


What is the strangest food or combo of foods that you’ve seen a child eat before?  

Are you going to be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with any delicious Mexican food today?

When will school work be done where you are? 

Tell me any GOOD NEWS you’ve heard/had lately!?

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Skye a banana in ranch?!?! I’m from the Midwest which is ranch central and I don’t know anyone who would do that.

I saw that about Shalene’s new addition to her and it made me so happy! It seems like anything that good just hits differently right now.

After I made enchiladas on a whim a few weeks ago and they were good, I decided that they needed to be made again so that’s on the menu tonight.

Have a great day, Janae!!


Hahaha who knows though, maybe she will start a ranch/banana trend;). Enjoy those enchiladas and share the recipe with us if you get a chance. Thanks and you too, Maureen!


Here’s what I do but I don’t measure anything! Cook ground turkey and add taco seasoning. Add in a can of green chilis (or omit if you think they’d be too spicy for the kids). Then mix in some refried beans (a big scoop should be good), cheese (a handful or so) and a bit on enchilada sauce. Mix it all together until it’s a bit of a creamy texture. Add some refried beans to a taco then put the meat mixture on top with a little more cheese. Roll it up and place seam side down in a pan. Repeat until the pan is full or you used all of the meat. Pour enchilada sauce over the top so that each tortilla is covered then add more cheese. Bake in the oven at 350 until the cheese is all melted. Viola! Enchiladas! I usually put two on a plate with a bunch of romaine and make an enchilada salad if you will.


You are THE BEST! Thank you so much… I have to try this!


How do you cook your brown rice? I usually use an instant pot. :)


Hey Brooke! When I am cooking it for our entire meal then I use the rice cooker but when I’m just making it for 2ish people I use the frozen bags of brown rice from TJ’s. You just stick them in the microwave for 3 minutes and they taste SO so good. Each box comes with three. I hope you have a wonderful day and I really need an instant pot!


That’s so gross with the banana in ranch. I love bananas but I hate ranch. My son will dip fruit in ketchup. I don’t know that he really likes it as much as I think he does it for shock value. I hate ketchup so I think it’s nasty.

My husband and I will eat chicken tacos for dinner. It’s just a way to get the delicious guacamole in my belly. that stuff is good.

Your salmon bowls sound yummy. i wish the rest of my family liked salmon or any type of fish. every once in a while, i can get my husband to grill mahi mahi for fish tacos. He doesn’t like the smell in the house. If you ever do fish tacos, mango salsa is delicious.

have a great day!


Hahaha I’ve seen Skye do it with fruit and ketchup too;). I hope your son stops doing that asap so you don’t have to see it anymore ha. YES… tacos are just the best way to shovel in pico and guac into our bodies. Enjoy! Now I need a mahi mahi taco with mango salsa! Thanks Lee, you too!


I’ll take any excuse to eat Mexican food haha. Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m going to have taquitos with chips and salsa and guacamole for dinner.

Loved seeing the news about Shalane!! So happy for her :)


I hope you enjoy every bite of those taquitos… that sounds SO good right now! Isn’t it crazy how invested we feel with these elite athletes and how much their happiness makes us happy?! I hope you have a wonderful day, Mariah!


My daughter like Hardee’s French fries dipped in chocolate shakes.
A warning about chickens: they love vegetable gardens. We free range 19 hens (during the day). They fly into to my garden to help themselves to blossoms, ripe veggies or pull out young plants. They do do good in the garden too, their poop is great fertilizer, the scratch the soil and eat bugs.
We are having enchiladas tonight. My daughter is excited for homemade ones tonight. I had hoped to order them from a restaurant but I forgot to preorder.


I think I would enjoy those fries dipped in the shake too! THANK YOU for the warning… my garden needs all of the help it can get so we have to keep an eye on them near the garden but awesome they do some good too. Enjoy those homemade enchiladas, I should make some too! Have a beautiful day, Heidi.


I have to laugh at Skye’s dipping. My similarly aged two year old has been dipping everything in her milk lately…salmon, bread, etc. She also dipped her apple slices in tomato soup last week. Whatever it takes to get her to eat :)


Good to know we aren’t alone over here ha… I agree! Whatever it takes her to eat! I hope you and your little one have a beautiful day, Sara.


Your chickens are growing so fast!

We will definitely be having Mexican food today…it’s a must with Cinco de Mayo & Taco Tuesday falling on the same day!


They really are… they are like teenagers these days! It really is a beautiful thing that the two days came together so perfectly. I hope you have a great day, Toni!


I was SO happy about Shalane’s new baby! Just thrilled for them and of course I don’t even know them. :-)

Kids have the funniest taste buds! I saw someone eating baby carrots with peanut butter once . . . interesting. I need to do some salmon bowls like that. YUM.

Side note: I am reading a great book right now called Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run. I love it SO much and needed to share about it with other runners!


I think social media just really makes us feel so connected to them and like we really do know them! You aren’t alone in how happy it made you:). Baby carrots with peanut butter?! Hahaha I bet my kids would like that a lot. Oh I love that book so much! I highlighted almost every page of that book… keep loving it and I need to read it again. Thanks Kristin and have a great day.


Dip is somewhat irresistible to some kiddos :)
A girl in my elementary school class used to bring ketchup and sugar sandwiches for lunch every day.
I might hit up a local restaurant that’s advertising a taco special for Cinco de Mayo today.
Our school calendar still says the last day is June 15. The last update about online school said it’s until at least May 15; still expecting to hear that the buildings will remain closed until the end of the school year, but it’s not official yet.
Shalane’s news also made me tear up–so joyful!


Crazy Skye! Ha.

I think we’re picking up tacos for tonight! My son is in a bbq phase, it goes on everything.

School is done the last week of May for us.

Good news: California might be moving to phase 2 by Friday. I’m in a city that has not be nearly as affected as some larger ones here so people are becoming extremely anxious about reopening.


ENJOY those tacos! Hahaha sounds like your son and I are in the same stage. THIS IS FABULOUS NEWS! Please keep me updated and I hope you are all continuing to do well! Thanks Marissa!


Hahah you are so right, Corey! It’s irresistible for me many times too. KETCHUP AND SUGAR SANDWICHES?! I have never even heard of that. I hope those tacos are absolutely delicious. Keep me updated on what your schools end up doing and have a wonderful day.


A friend’s daughter dipped her fish sticks in her milk. Her face was not pleased when she tried drinking her milk afterwards.?

I live in NYC so it’s different quarantine wise. I would love to see family a bit more but we do visit my in-laws. We sit on their porch and they sit in the kitchen and we talk. It’s not ideal but it’s better than nothing.

My cousin was very sick and we weren’t sure he was going to make it but after 2.5 weeks he is home from the hospital!


I am SO thankful that your cousin is doing okay and that he is home. What a huge blessing. Nina, I am heartbroken about what you are all going through in NYC. I can’t even imagine. I am glad you can do those porch visits and I’ll be doing those with my parents until there is a vaccine too.

About the fish sticks…
I CANNOT even imagine what that milk tasted like afterwards haha. That is bad!!


Oh boy, ranch and a banana–what a combo! Although I am pretty sure my 6 year old would put ketchup on a banana;-)

I am so jealous of your restrictions being lifted. It just came out in the past few days that the county next to ours (where we do all our big shopping–Costco, Target, etc) is becoming a hotspot. They have had extremely high numbers. It seems bonkers to me because it still is relatively small city, especially since all the college kids are not at school. Plus we have been social distancing for 2 months!

Great job on your garden! My husband has been gardening for 20 years and some years a still a dud.

The kids are done with school on May 21st here. They only have new schoolwork M-TH and starting this week, they reduced to only religion, math and reading:-)

Happy Tuesday, Janae!


Hahaha I bet Skye would join him with the ketchup and banana creation! Becky, that is so so hard. I am SO sorry that your area is going through this right now and please keep me updated on what they end up deciding. Good to know we won’t be the only ones with dud years too ha. SO happy that things are slowing down there with schooling. Ours seems to be too. Thank you Becky!


Hahah oh man, the banana and ranch made me lol! What a sweet little weirdo! ;) I don’t have any kiddos and I don’t think I ate anything really disgusting…Haha. But my mom to this day will still eat a peanut butter and yellow mustard sandwich which sends shivers down my spine!

And we’re making fajitas tonight! If you haven’t, try (Angela Kinsey from The Office and her husband’s cooking site) They have such an easy one-sheet fajita recipe and a few other easy delicious meals!


Sweet little weirdo hahaha… that is a fabulous description of Skye! PB AND MUSTARD?! I have never heard of that combo before ha. I will absolutely be making those fajitas, I’m drooling already! I was just listening to Angela’s podcast today so I can’t wait to try her recipes. Have a beautiful day, Annie!


My son has been known to dip his strawberries in ketchup. I try to make sure we don’t have ketchup and strawberries at the same meal because it is too gross to even watch. School is mostly done the end of next week. The following week is just wrapping things up. This video by For King and Country came out last night and it is SO good! For anyone who could use a boost today.


Hahaha good call to just keep those foods separated so you don’t have to risk seeing it happen. You guys are very close to school being done wahoo.
Thank you for sharing that video so much. It was just what I needed and I still have goosebumps after listening/watching.


We are making fajita’s over here! Restaurants are carryout only but I figured there is no reason we can’t make them at home today!

School is only 3 days a week for us right now (thank goodness) but we wrap up May 22nd. I’m so ready to be done! I would never survive as a teacher! lol.

I cried when I saw Shalene too!! I have been loving that she is sharing pieces of the experience on her instagram too!

Good news just meant good weather for me this weekend!


I found a new item that you MUST get from Trader Joes… BROOKIES!! Its chocolate chip cookies made into brownie form…. but you know, the NAME makes it a necessary buy for Miss Brooke :-)


We have 10 days left of school as of today. Although I am excited, I am also sad that time just goes too quickly (I will have a 3rd grader, a 7th grader and an 8th grader).

My 2 year old is obsessed with ketchup. She would eat it by the spoonfuls if we would let her!
Salmon bowl looks amazing! Will definitely have to try this.

My sister and I haven’t run together for months! Super jealous! Our numbers are still continuing to climb in South Dakota and since I work in healthcare I am trying to avoid everyone as much as I can!


Made Hope an PB and J and put a slice of salami on the side. Went right on her sandwich. She said it was delish! Hmmmm.

Done with school, both Hope and I, June 5.

How are you playing it with your parents? I am always going round and round about when it lifts how to best handle that??


Everyone gets grossed out when I dip carrots into ketchup. I don’t know where I learned it other than me and my friends used to eat carrots that way as kids, so one of them taught me? Or we just tried it and liked it?
Personally I have never been a ranch fan.

For cinco de mayo today we are planning to make some chicken burritos with cilantro lime rice and guac. I am looking forward to it for dinner.


Qdoba tonight for Cinco and Taco Tuesday. We have a local place in town called Jack Taco that is the best but literally every time we have ordered for pick up during Covid they forget some part of our order ( my daughters entire order) and we are just sort of done!!
5 weeks to go for school but my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher told me not to view that as the end and to keep working through June. My daughter needs a lot of support to attend and i am a teacher too so I work during her online learning time…. Her teacher is amazing but I am sorry, at least for the online learning we are DONE in 5 weeks!! I will have her do other things!! I teach year round (Federal law dictates preschool special ed meet every month so I do have short breaks in the summer) so I am in it for the long haul I guess…

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