Run-On Sentence Per Picture!!

My first post on HRG Baby for this pregnancy is HERE and I (over) share all of my first trimester thoughts.


My sister couldn’t make it so I did the normal 8 mile loop on my own… it was 46 degrees out and while I was hot, everybody else out running was wearing a bit more clothing.

8:46 average pace for the run and felt really good.

IMG 3371

As much as I hate water right now, I force myself to bring it and drink it while I run… this handheld waterbottle is my favorite.

IMG 3368

I picked up Knox and then attempted to get some of the kid’s energy out.

IMG 3391

The more bandaids you wear, the faster you will run according to Skye.

IMG 3396

Because I NEEDED a Chic-fil-A combo meal with their lemonade and fries.

IMG 3401

Our roses are here!!

IMG 3357 2

The chickens are outside running around as much as they are in their coop.

IMG 1021

Never not wrestling:)

IMG 3413

I had a lot of leftover shredded chicken to use and it was raining outside for a few minutes so this Chicken Tortilla Soup was perfect for dinner.

IMG 3417

Christmas year-round over here… PS how do we predict Skye is going to handle a new baby around here?

IMG 3419

Another one of Andrew’s grocery store scores.

IMG 3422

Okay, this one deserves a few sentences and I should have taken the picture when he wasn’t blinking but Andrew and I have loved watching The Last Dance.  One time when I was a little girl my family was at the airport late at night and the entire Jazz team was there too waiting for a flight.  John Stockton and Karl Malone played hide and go seek with me (in the rows next to my family) so watching them in the documentary made me happy, they were really good to my family that night!

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Another reminder that I have a new pregnancy post here!


Share your sentence of the day with me!

Ever met any famous athletes?  Those of you that watched The Last Dance, what did you think of it?   Favorite NBA team?

Last place you drove thru or got take-out from?

Do you eat soup during the warmer months or just during winter?

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“Doing nothing is more tiring.” ~Beck, age 15. (as he so insightfully noted at 2pm while laying on the floor doing a whole lot of nothing)

Soup-year ’round (hello Pho!)

Last take out was in April sometime. I can’t even remember but it was a reward to my kiddo for turning in a gob of assignments. We got sushi-it was short of an ordeal but worth it. (ordered at 5 for an 8pm pick up. It’s a 25min drive). BUT, a few times a week I pop into the bakery on my way home from a run and pick up semmel or baguette sandwiches for the kiddo. Last week we also got rhubarb crumble and now inspired to make it ourselves.

We will have to watch The Last Dance! Last November in NYC I met Joan Benoit on the street and she obliged to a photo and quick chat.

When I was pregnant with #3, water was HORRIBLE! I feel you on that one. Maybe try to have a peppermint candy before hand or something to soothe your stomach first? I also tried to eat dry stuff first so it wouldn’t hit an empty tummy.


We git donairs a few nights ago. soo good.

I met..ok saw Courtney DeWaulter who is an amazing trail runner at the start of one of my races. She went on to win and set a course record. I think in one race she beat all the guys too and took the overall win.

We eat soup a lot!

So exciting that another new baby is on the way! I predict maybe a little jealousy but they will also love each other deeply :). Fun fact when the youngest niece was born..the older who was 2 ar the time put on ummm mamas cream and then tried to nurse the baby. Sis stopped the kid just in time ?.

Have a fantastic day Janae!


Oh that is so so cool that you saw Courtney DeWaulter, she is just incredible and overall win… she is so tough! Hahahah that story about your niece just made my morning. Thanks for sharing Kristine and I hope you have a beautiful day.


Beck is SO right and I completely agree with him haha! And now you just made me start craving Pho! I love that you stop at the bakery after your run and I want to join you in that tradition. Let me know how the crumble turns out. Joan Benoit, I would LOVE to meet her! That’s a great idea to start with a peppermint candy first. I hope you are having a beautiful morning, Kelly!


Sentence of the day – “I have Friday off.” 4 day weekend!

I can’t say I have ever met any famous athletes. Seen, yes – attended KU when Danny Manning played and Larry Brown coached. 2 of the best at their trade. I can’t say I am a big NBA fan growing up in Kansas, but I do love watching college basketball.

Not a big soup fan but my our last drive through meal was Chik-Fil-A, ha!


FOUR DAY WEEKEND! John, I am so happy for you! I hope you have some fun plans and that you sleep in a bit:). Glad you had some deliciousness from Chik-fil-A too… those fries are just life changing:) Have a wonderful day!



I’m a little jealous of your chick-fil-a! We got Thai food recently . . . wow, that was really good.

My sentence of the day is . . . working on my zen. Semi-stressful work meeting today! But I went on a nice easy run and felt so refreshed after. Your chickens look so grown up!!!


I hope you get some Chick-fil-A soon and now I need some Thai food asap! SO glad that you were able to get out for a run after the meeting and I hope things go better today with the rest of work. Have a beautiful day, Kristin!


I’m not really a basketball fan, but I LOVED the mj documentary! I’m sad it’s over- ESPN does such great documentaries.

We get takeout pizza every weekend. Where we live is still in lockdown (shelter in place with very minimal restrictions lifted), and getting pizza once a week has been one way to keep a little bit of normalcy during all this craziness.


Andrew and I are so sad it is over too! Do you have any other ESPN documentaries that you recommend. I am so sorry that you guys are still in lockdown and keep me updated on how things are going where you are at. So glad you are still able to get pizza, I hope this weekend it tastes extra good. Thanks Jessica!


Thank you!! Obvi we want everyone to be healthy, but we are SO ready to get back to some sort of normalcy.

If you haven’t watched OJ- Made in America, I HIGHLY recommend!! It’s the same multi-part setup as The Last Dance, but goes through OJ’s life before, during, and after the murder trial. 30 for 30 Kings Randsom is also really good- about Wayne Gretzky. So is Broke- all about how players mismanage their money. Happy watching!!


I hope that normalcy comes soon!!! THANK you for the recommendations… I now know what I am going to do all weekend haha:) THANK YOU and I cannot wait.


I met Bart Yasso at the NYC Marathon Expo 2 years ago and Meb this past year! I was so excited! Now if I could just meet some of my favorite running ladies too, I would LOVE to meet Shalane or Des or Kara.

I’ve been doing takeout from Chick-fil-A as well, they are so good here with cleanliness and social distancing! Also takeout from this local Italian place for pizza and pasta.


SO cool that you have met both Bart and Meb, that is amazing. I really would love to meet Shalane too. I hope you get some more Chick-fil-A asap! Have a beautiful day, Mariah!


I am SO sore! Turns out that little crash yesterday left me a bit more banged up than I first realized. I knew my right arm was hurt, but I hurt every where today. I have a fist sized bruise on my left inner thigh. (I knew I could over share here)

We were on a flight with Tommy Lasorda and Don Newcombe once. Being in So Cal, we’ve seen a lot more actors than athletes.

We’ve gotten pizza once a week – last week was Dominos (I think)

I usually only eat soup in the winter.


Oh Kathy, I am so sorry! I hope you are feeling better soon and no more crashing! That is so scary. Oh I bet you have seen a ton of actors there and I wonder if you do in Hawaii too. I hope you have a beautiful day and take care of yourself.


Last Dance! Loved it. That ritual at the end by Phil Jackson as the team knew they were breaking up. All.the.feels.


Glad to know I am not alone… that part made me cry! I hope you have a wonderful day, Erica.


Hi Janae! I love soup! It is A perfect food for all seasons. I was on a cruise once and they even served cold fruit soup as a fancy starter. I mean at that point I’d just call it a smoothie but it proves soup can be had any season. Happy Thursday!


Well, now I know what I’m going to be dreaming about… cold fruit soup! My brother makes a really good mango one that I will have to get the recipe for. Happy Thursday to you too, Amy!


I made chicken noodle soup the other day and it was so good! Even thought it was sunny :) I love soup, but it is extra special in fall and winter.


Ahhh I just got ingredients for chicken noodle soup too! I’ll be eating mine on a sunny day too:). I hope you have an amazing day, Brooke!


We are huge NFL fans (Fly Eagles Fly) and atre trying to go to every NFL stadium. Last December my son and I went to see our favorite team (Philadelphoa Eagles) on Monday Night Football. The MNF booth and my childhood football hero, Steve Young, were 20 feet in front of our seats. But the best part was when we got back to our hotel, Randall Cunningham (former Eagle QB) was in the lobby getting a snack. He was so kind and took a picture with my son. Definitely a highlight moment. Jackson also met Jaref Ward at a cross country camp and got the cheer him across the finish line in Boston 2019.


Rene! This is so awesome and I love what you guys are doing! You’ll have to share with us which stadiums have been your favorite. STEVE YOUNG… that is so cool (I saw him at Costco once and my heart stopped) and so great that Cunningham took a picture with your son. Oh and Jared Ward is just the best. So many great experiences. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I met Joe DiMaggio in the airport many years ago. He graciously gave me an autograph.


That is INCREDIBLE and Andrew would love to meet him someday. I hope you are having a great day so far, Maren and thanks for sharing!


Our whole family loved the Last Dance …my husband is a high school basketball coach and he’s from Illinois so he grew up loving the Bulls. All four of my daughters play basketball and they were fascinated with so many parts of it. (Lucky espn2 played the more censored version?) It allowed for sooooo many discussions. 1. They couldn’t believe they didn’t stick to a strict healthy diet before games?‍♀️ 2. One daughter couldn’t believe they called Nike a small shoe company 3. Overall they were disappointed in MJ’s behavior toward his teammates
4. Big Steve Kerr fan and they were impressed with him and his composure as a player. (Totally didn’t know about his dad’s murder) 5. Tried to explain Dennis rodman to them but couldn’t really ?‍♀️ 6. I hate that it’s so much about money. 7. They were very impressed with Karl Malone walking on their bus to congratulate them. 8. Just overall thought he looks sad…especially compared to the other interviews with other players…9. Realize I have no idea the pressure that came with being mj…10. And soooo many games winning shots that were almost movie like???oh…11. I love Scottie pippen but it was disappointing when he refused to go in the game…but I know we all have our moments.


Oh I LOVED hearing your thoughts and couldn’t agree more with you. So fun that you have a basketball loving family. A few things from what you said–> I also couldn’t believe how much they smoked/drank/ate whatever too, I thought they would definitely be more strict with what they did the night before games etc (ps which I felt played into the food poisoning part but maybe that’s just because I didn’t want to believe Utah people would do that;). I agree, I don’t know how teammates took the way that he treated them. Kerr= amazing and now I want a full documentary about him ha. MJ did seem so much more sad than the others but you are right, I cannot imagine the stress/pressure that comes with his title. I really liked Pippen even more after watching the series and it makes me happy that your girls were impressed by Karl Malone! Okay, now I want to rewatch it with your family ha. Thanks for talking with me about it and I hope you are having a great day!


We’ve been loving the MJ documentary, we still have a few episodes left. The basketball is amazing to watch, but honestly I like the music and seeing all the 80’s and 90’s outfits the most. ESPN is supposed to be putting out a documentary on Lance Armstrong soon and I’m excited for that too.

Your story about the Jazz at the airport is so cool! When I was young, my tennis team worked as ball girls and boys at one of the big tournaments in San Francisco. I remember tripping and falling into Pete Sampras’ lap while he was sitting in between games. This was right before he got really famous (phew) and I’m still just as clutzy ;)


REALLY?! Oh I can’t wait for the Armstrong one. It really was so fun to see everyone at the games taking pictures with their point and shoot cameras or the flip phones or the fashion in The Last Dance! Your Pete Sampras’ story… AHHH PETE SAMPRAS! You aren’t alone, I’m a clutz too and I’m glad you get a cool story now from it ha:) Hope you are having a great day, Michelle!


Fun fact: I was at one of the finals games between the Jazz and the Bulls. My in-laws had seats about 5 rows behind the Jazz seats. I was over 9 months pregnant with my last kid and had to sit on a “donut” because my pelvic floor had given up and hurt so bad. That child is now a serious Jazz fan and 24 years old. ?
You look fabulous! I’m sending you air hugs and support because sometimes making a baby is hard.


NO WAY! Kathee, that is amazing and I bet that was such a cool experience. I’m sure that they could hear everything going on in that stadium during the game and that started their love for the Jazz. Thanks for sharing this with me and thank you so much for the air hugs and support… I agree, this is hard haha!


The last time I got drive-thru was for my hubby’s birthday back in March. Haha, I don’t do take out a ton! That’s probably why he wanted Culver’s when our original fish-fry plan didn’t work out.

Soup is good year round! I am making this one tomorrow [], with a few ingredient swaps for what I have – it’s delicious. In the summer I cheat and make all my soups in the crockpot, regardless of if they are ‘supposed’ to be made that way.

So excited for you adding to your family! Congrats!


i devoured the last dance! absolutely loved it!! and i didn’t even really know much about basketball or the nba nor was i interested at that time/age… but now, watching it all. gah! it was excellent. and that story is so cool girl :) i WISH i could meet anyone famous! i’m a pop culture nut.

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