Sentence Per Picture and Plan B for Races?

Another run with my sister and we both showed up in bright tank tops ready to be seen.

Brooke was waiting outside for me to finish up my run…

IMG 3054

So we sat on the swing for a while and talked about how amazing it is during this time to have nothing to rush off to each day.

IMG 3057

The Glycerins just feel like a present on my feet each time I wear them and they make it feel like I never touch the ground.

IMG 3060

Motto for this week: A few minutes of weights is better than no weights:).

IMG 3063

Biker gang.

IMG 3082

Brooke found the FIRST THING WE’VE EVER GROWN in the garden.

IMG 3086

Got to hang out with the Brooks people for a bit!

IMG 3089

My sister invited us over for fajitas and they were so incredibly good… (she used this recipe for the chicken).

IMG 3094

I could live off of guacamole.

IMG 3092

Popsicles for dessert and it might not look like it but she is getting better at getting the majority of the popsicle in her mouth these days.

IMG 3098

We finished the day off with a movie in bed.

IMG 3099

Let’s all cheer Alex on… 380 mile ultra marathon (averaging about 40 miles a day!!).

Screen Shot 2020 05 12 at 12 55 30 PM

I’ve listened to every podcast possible about the Olympic Marathon Trials a few months ago and I’ve loved learning about these amazing athlete’s mental game.  One thing I’ve noticed were a few of the elites strongly believe in not having a plan B on race day.  They believe that going into the race with other options will make it easier for them to slow down or quit when the going gets hard during the race.  I’ve heard about other elites having a few different goals for race day in case things don’t go right.  They like being realistic about what can happen on race day and having a plan for if their #1 goal slips away from them.  I can see why for the Olympic Trials a lot of the elites just had one goal (top 3) while others felt like if they weren’t going to hit their A goal then they would drop out and go for something different.

I remember during the St. George Marathon in 2018 getting to mile 20 and feeling exhausted and thinking that I could just slow down a bit and still get a pr but then being incredibly stubborn with myself and saying that I had come that day for ONE goal and I wasn’t going to settle for anything else.  During CIM in 2019 I went to that race for one goal (OTQ) but then as the race went on and I realized how off I was feeling that day, my goals went from OTQ to getting a new pr to finishing alive quickly.  So I guess going into a race I love to go in with just one goal and during the race I remind myself I won’t settle for anything else but sometimes our bodies are mad at us and want to explode ha and I just have to cheer myself on after each step no matter how far off I am from my goal.



Give me your sentence of the day!

Yesterday Coco asked for any face covering/buff recommendations… Their trails opened again and require them and she needs a good option!

Tell me about how things are going in your area?  Are things opening?  Do you need to wear a mask while exercising?  

What about you, when it comes to racing, do you have just one goal and thats all you think about or do you come up with a plan b or plan c too?

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OMG – That picture of Skye with the popsicle looks just like Knox!

Here in MA, the “owners” of my favorite Rail Trail posted on FB that if no one is around they don’t expect you to be wearing a mask on your face but you are expected to have it around your neck so that you can easily pull it up if you are passing someone or someone is passing you (ie both parties that come in close proximity to each other are expected to cover up).


I totally agree… they look so alike! Oh I think that is a really great solution. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have the best day, Jessey!


Sentence-Just keep going!
No masks required here but I run with a buff around my neck so that if I’m approaching someone who is masked I can pull it up and not offend anyone. I just want to be respectful of other people’s wishes. I ran my bday marathon on 4/26 it was so awesome ?? and my brgf (best running girlfriend) had custom medals made for us! But now we are like ok now what hence the sentence for the day just keep going!!


First, BDAY MARATHON?! Huge congrats and what a great way to celebrate + happy late birthday! Your brgf sounds so sweet, what a special experience together!
Great sentence and we all need it! That is SUCH a great idea to run with the buff and move it up when you get closer to someone. Have a great day Amy and keep me updated with what is next!


Oh I like the idea of a few minutes is better than nothing! I’m going to steal that with stretching- I do not stretch enough after running.

Things are not opening in Maryland yet, our numbers are still really high :( But I don’t see many people (or anyone at all!) when I’m out running, so haven’t been wearing a mask. Pros of running before most people are awake haha.


Good idea… I definitely need to try that with stretching too. I’m glad you are still able to get in a lot of running and I hope that the numbers in Maryland improve quickly. Thanks so much Mariah and I hope you have a great day!


Oh wow Alex is amazing! 380 miles!!! Also I love the color of that run tank at the top.

For racing I like to have some process goals to focus on so that I can at least become better at racing and mental focus through the race even if I don’t meet my time goal.


I can’t imagine how many goals are included in a tri with so many different aspects like transitions etc! I need to pick your brain about mental strategies, you know your stuff! Hope you are having the best day, Victoria!


Oh gosh, in races, I’ll usually set a time goal, but my main goal lately has been to enjoy it and have fun while running. Coming back to that makes me keep going when it gets tough! (And I tend to run faster when I remind myself of that!)

My sentence: Get it done! My to-do lists have been crazy long for work lately, so just trying to power through!

LOVE your tank top color!


Oh I love your race goals Kristin, that’s the way to do it. Good luck with all of your things on your to-do list. I’m hoping today feels extra productive for you. Thank you, no matter how many times I wash it, it stays as bright as ever haha. Have a great day!


Everyone needs to do what they feel comfortable with, but I was on a zoom call with 3 doctor friends, 2 of which are marathon runners, and none of them thought a mask during exercise was necessary.

Sentence for the day: I think I am going to eat every meal on the patio today.


Oh that is really interesting! Thanks for sharing that, Erica. I love your sentence and how many more days of school? I hope you guys have the best summer ever!


Oh my gosh, that picture with the popsicle makes me laugh:-)

I agree, having not to rush off anywhere is so nice. Last night my daughter and I were talking and it was after 10! For someone who used to be in bed by 8:30-9, it is so nice having the extra one-on-one time to talk, laugh and even watch extra t.v. with the kids.

Things are not opening back up in MN. The governor is speaking tonight so I am hoping a few things start to open up–especially church, playgrounds and campgrounds even if it has to be somewhat modified.

I have no goals going into a race:-) I have basic knowledge of what I am capable of so if I do better than I thought, great! If I don’t, no big deal. I have found that my training paces are faster than my race paces (especially when it comes to a marathon) so I clearly do something wrong on race day! Good thing I do not have one competitive bone in my body!


HEY BECKY! What special memories that you are creating with your kids during this time. I’m with you, bedtime has definitely changed ha. Let me know what the governor says! I’m hoping for the best for you and your area. I love how you race and I think that is perfect. Have a beautiful day friend!


Becky, I have to disagree … I live in Minnesota too and things ARE re-opening. They are opening SLOWLY but I guess that’s all we can expect from this governor. I think the reason that other states reopened sooner was because they were doing what was best for their economies (which I wish Minnesota was doing). I am looking forward to return to the malls and retail shops starting again on Monday. Never will I take for granted the ability to run to the mall or to the card shop whenever I need to. Now, I just need Lifetime Fitness to reopen, the nail salon, and the hair salon and I will be a happy girl! <3


Go Alex GO!!!

I’m a big weenie when it comes to racing, I do not have a strong mental game *at all.* It’s funny, because so many people tell me how strong/stubborn/determined I am but inside I’m always trying to talk myself out of big goals, or settling. Plus, I tend to go into a race with a no-fail “just have fun and time doesn’t matter” attitude. That being said, when I’m tired/sore I also tend to do better and can tell myself that I’m my best when I feel the worst. Who knows, I rarely race or do events but have plenty of races and competitions on my own! #weirdorunner

Masks are not required for doing outside sports UNLESS social distancing can not be achieved. I run with a mask around my neck to slip on if needed. They are required to step inside any store or shop, and since I tend to pop into the bakery on my way home from a run/ride, I keep a mask on me at all times.

Have a super day!!


Hey Kelly! There is nothing wrong with rarely racing or not wanting to set big goals. Your reasons for running are awesome and keep doing that (I do enjoy your hashtag though haha). That is so nice of you to run with the mask just in case you need it and I LOVE that you go to the bakery on your way back:). I need a bakery closer to me. Thanks Kelly, you too!


Do you have an Aldi’s store n your area? If you do, and since you love guacamole, you must try their Southwest Guac. I mean MUST. It is so, so, so good ! It’s good with chips and also spread on absolutely anything. Or just by the spoonfuls. Heaven I tell ya.


I wish so so bad we had an Aldi’s! SO so bad. Maybe I can get them to ship me some hahah! Have the best day, Michele!


I love that you are able to spend time with your sister! We’re supposed to be having a family beach weekend at the beginning of June… I’m hoping that will happen!
Our trails are still open, and the city has open the stairs again, no masks, but they are so insanely crowded unless you get out there really early. There is so much debate/arguing over how things should open and how soon. It makes me a little sad to see and hear so much anger.
I think I listened to every podcast about the Olympic trials too… So good! I haven’t had a race goal in quite a while. So when we do get to race again, I think I will be ready to have a big goal.
Keep enjoying the great weather and time with your family ?. Those things are definitely the perks to life right now!
Happy Wednesday.


Wendy, I hope so so so bad that the family beach weekend still happens. Keep me updated with those plans. I am so sorry to hear that about your area, there are so many different opinions and I just wish that we could figure this out peacefully. Can’t wait to hear about your future big goal and thanks Wendy, you too!


So glad that your sister’s running is going so well right now. I was injured earlier this year and am so, so thankful that I was able to start running again before lockdown started, it’s been my stress outlet for sure.

That radish looks perfect, so fun when you start getting to harvest! I bet the kids will be loving these veggies they helped grow.

Our town straddles two states, one side opened select businesses last week and the other will probably start opening some next week. It still feels pretty quiet, I think people are being pretty cautious. I try to run early so haven’t been wearing a mask as I don’t see many people and when I do, am happy to hop far off the trail. Luckily more trails are melting out so people are more spaced out.


Oh thank goodness you weren’t injured during this time. I feel so bad for those that can’t exercise right now to try to help them to cope. I’m glad to hear that things are starting to open near you (because that means the numbers are low wahoo)! Keep me updated and keep enjoying those miles.


Hi Janae! My sentence of the day is just one word- consistency! I have a tough work project that I’ve bee struggling with for a few weeks now and I just constantly remind myself to plug away at it.

That radish looks so cute! I don’t know if you know this but you can eat the radish leaves too! I just wash them really well and then saute them. They are a little peppery, just like the radish!


Hey Amy! I hope that this work project starts coming together this week and you are so right, consistency is everything. I had no idea about radish leaves and we are totally going to try that. Thanks Amy and enjoy your Wednesday!


Good morning Janae! I really appreciate the shoutout and thank you to everyone’s kind comments. I ended yesterday with 42 miles. My legs hurt so bad last night that I couldn’t go out after dinner. So today is the start of day 6, and I am currently at 244 miles! I am currently in second. First is a whopping 40 miles ahead of me, while 3rd is at 199. I am hoping for another big day, and I started off with 8 miles at 7:52 pace. Lol apparently I still have some juice left in my legs since I ran my last marathon at 7:50 pace at the end of April. I hope you have a wonderful day and stay safe out there!!

Ps I learned that my Apple Watch is not great for ultras since it only has a 6 hour battery life lol.


We are all just so excited for you! Ummm yes, you definitely have a lot of spring in your legs, that is INCREDIBLE. Oh bummer, for your next ultra you should get the Garmin 935, the battery lasts forever. Keep us updated, I love hearing about this and so excited you are in second place!


Your thoughts about weights are mine about running! I got in 1.6 miles this am (to go with your other questions he other day about if you round runs … No I do not, ever bit counts!)
We planted flowers yesterday, I think carrying around my 4 month old while doing flowers was harder than my 3 mile hilly run. I had to stretch when I got up in the night to feed her haha! But the flowers look gorgeous today – Brooke holding the radish made me think of that.
For races I generally don’t go in with a plan… Last year I wanted to run a sub 2 half marathon, I did a May race and got a PR of 2:12 and then found out I was pregnant so I tabled that for maybe this year maybe 2021. Running is feeling really great right now but idk if I can train for a half with such a little one.
Have a great day!


Emily, that is AWESOME!! Seriously every single minute counts and I completely agree with you that planting/gardening with a little one is even harder than running! You rocked it last year and crazy you did that while pregnant! So happy running is feeling so great and so fun to have a little one cheering you on now. Have the best day!


I found it so interesting to hear how few pros don’t believe in a plan B too. It does make sense to me, I know if I have an ‘easy out’ even in the back of my mind I’ll take it, and that’s probably not ideal during Olympic trials although I can also see why having back up plans might be reassuring too. I guess it comes down to working out what works for you x


Masks are required here (NYC) and it’s pretty impossible to stay 6 ft away from people at all times so I do wear a mask while running – I’m using a buff, but it’s getting a bit warm so was going to try to find something that may be even more lightweight. My husband has been using home-made cloth masks for running (we use these for general non-running use too).


The first half marathon I ever ran I went into it with the sole goal of breaking two hours. I was so disappointed with myself for awhile afterwards because I didn’t hit that time…. but really should’ve just been thrilled for finishing! I went into the second with a 5 goal list (I believe Meb’s recommended goal method from one of his books) and that worked SOO much better… I hit all 5 and took the pressure off!


Th gym will open soon (Miss my treadmill speed sessions!!)! In my area (NZ) we dont have to wear face coverings, but we have to stay within 2km from home….. making long runs feel very long! My whole XC season is cancelled, so have ended up unintentionally lengthening my runs and doing more long runs and speed training. My watch reckons I’m on track to run a 1:30 half (I don’t think so!).


Running with a mask is not pleasant, but you get used to it. I got these gaiters from Oiselle. Super comfy material, so I definitely recommend. Stay safe everyone! :)


Today (and everyday): Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

Races: I always have a-c goals. I’m not sure why. Whether it is good or bad, I pretty much always wind up ignoring them during the race and run how I’m feeling. In the end I feel both happy and disappointed, even when I hit my a goal. Strangely, I still love it.


Thank goodness I don’t have to wear a mask while running! We have one major bike path through our city and I am avoiding it on most days because there are quite a few people on it. We are officially still under “shelter in place;” however, our city officials are not citing people for not following the state’s guidelines.

I am all about plan A, B, and C for races. Maybe I need to rethink that :)


Loving the new Glycerins as well Janae. Much improved over previous model, more compact and very light. Motivation these days is just to get outside and enjoy being able to run. Not really following a plan as I don’t expect there will be any races for quite some time. We are still isolating here, but you don’t have to wear a mask when walking or running. Again, something to be thankful for.

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