Just a day in our world:

My sister and I decided we needed to climb some HILLS yesterday.  She wants to work up to trail running so we are getting in more hills on the roads so that she can transition nicely to the hills on the trails.  We did about 650ft of climbing yesterday and I’m thankful to have a ‘published’ photographer to run with now ha… One time a picture that she took of me running was in Women’s Running magazine (it was about an inch big) and ever since then she calls herself a published photographer;).

It’s crazy to me that a month or two ago my sister was maxing out at 3 miles and now she can go out and crush 7 miles mid-week.  Seeing the progression in our own running and other’s running is just so addicting.

IMG 2656

I wore the Glycerin 18s for the first time and it’s crazy to me that shoes that could be so soft and comfortable could be as light as these are.  They feel like the most comfortable pillows are wrapped around your feet.  My brother (the amazing dancer from yesterday) just got a new pair of Glycerins too and he feels the same way.

IMG 2661

Brooke’s teacher sure tricked her yesterday with her homework assignments.  Brooke started reading over what she was supposed to do and her eyes got bigger and bigger until she realized it was a joke.  Instead they gave her a day off which she was thrilled about.

Image 5 6 20 at 9 30 AM

And then we saw Knox!

Photo on 5 6 20 at 9 34 AM  3

Andrew got up to the mountains for a ride (I’m very grateful we prefer exercising at different times… I’m just not a lunchtime exerciser and this makes it easy as far as childcare to both get out).

IMG 2667

I napped while Skye napped because it just felt like the right thing to do.

IMG 2669

And then we had FREE Chipotle.  Chipotle was giving 4 meals to healthcare workers so we took ours up the canyon to enjoy.

IMG 2676

Just a beautiful picture of my beautiful burrito.   We are planning on celebrating Cinco de Mayo all week long.

IMG 2683

Andrew and I are both left-handed and we spotted Skye throwing rocks with her left hand so maybe she’ll be one too?

IMG 2684

I like it here a lot.

IMG 2688

Moms out there reading that are feeling overwhelmed by the current situation and feeling they aren’t doing all of the perfect kid activities/crafts/meals… remember this because it sure helps me.

IMG 2555

This was our 10:32 a.m. ha:

IMG 2665


What were the last pair of running shoes that you wore?

Any other left-handers?  

Are you a napper?  Optimal amount of napping time?

What is your ideal time to exercise?

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Last pair of running shoes worn: my Ghost 11s that I use on the treadmill.

I’m a lefty! I’ve always liked being one, except back when I was in school and had to sit at the right-handed desks. Real fun trying to hold your arm across your body to write. Also in school, by the end of every pencil-written essay, my hand would be totally black from dragging through everything I wrote. Even though I write with my left hand, I play most sports right-handed.

I am not a napper – only when I’m sick.

My favorite time to run is about 3/4 pm after I’ve had a good lunch and let it settle. That’s when I’m most awake and energetic.


Hey Amanda! The Ghosts are the best:) OH I REMEMBER those desks… they were like torture and you reminded me of my hand having pen/pencil all over it after writing for a while ha. I am just like you and play sports right-handed too. We are twins. I do eat left-handed too. TEACH ME to have energy at 3 pm. That is awesome. I hope your Thursday is off to a great start!


My go-to shoes are Brooks Launch. I actually bought a new pair last week and the Brooks jacket you recommended and they come in tomorrow- so excited! Plus I love they are donating shoes to health care workers when you buy from them.


OH YOU ARE GOING to love the jacket (and the Launch… I just got a new pair too and they are incredible). Seriously, so cool that Brooks is doing this. Just one of the many reasons why I will always love them. Have a wonderful day, Mariah!


What do the big kids do when you nap? I’ve never napped with kids at home except when they were babies and sleeping too. I can’t sleep with them awake bexueee I can’t relax and our house isn’t that big and I can hear everything. And I wouldn’t sleep well at night if I napped. Does that affect your night sleep?


Hey Mary! I am definitely good at napping at anytime ha. The big kids were just playing in the toy room next to me! I usually only nap for like 20 minutes when I do so it doesn’t affect my sleep at night! I hope you have a beautiful day and that you can start napping when you need to:)


i like Skye’s matching shirt and popsicle. cute :)

I *love* to nap and yet I’m terrible at it.


Hahah it’s her current favorite shirt because of her strong love of popsicles. I hope you get a GOOD nap in soon:) Have a beautiful day, Hilary!


I’m a morning exerciser too. My husband has been saying he will try to switch to morning Exercise and set his alarm early for EIGHT Years now. Guess how many times he’s woken up to do it early? Zero haha. I agree it works better this way we both can have childcare while we get it done plus I like to be alone in my workout room in the morning I don’t want him there haha

Your sister can put something like “as seen in Women’s Running Magazine and Hungry Runner Girl”. That’s more published than most photographers I bet!

I just bought a pair of new balance fuel cell rebels on sale and am dying to race in them! I wear brooks for training runs but their faster shoes are too narrow at the toe for me


Hahaha your husband and Andrew sound very alike (although for us it has been 4 years:). I am so glad you get that morning time to workout and an awesome workout room too! Hahaha my sister totally needs to add that to her resume;). YES YES YES so excited for your new racing shoes, now to find a race. Or a virtual race (although I’m terrible at RACING virtual races… I need people)! I hope your Thursday is a great one, Sara!


It must be amazing to live so close to family and nature! hope you’re all well xx


I feel very lucky! Thank you Nina, YOU TOO! Have a beautiful Thursday:)


Not a napper at all, my husband could nap for 3 to 4 hours!

Exercise in the am, can do other times but it just isn’t as effective for me!

Ricochet were the last I wore and I am so mad that Brooks discontinued those! So I tried the last version of Brooks Glycerin and it was literally the only shoe that has ever given me blisters. I love Brooks and honestly can’t find another shoe brand that seems to suit me better so I was shocked and disappointed. I had blisters on either side of my feet in the same spots on both feet. I wanted them to work so much. I am looking for a shoe that provides a little more cushion. It isn’t something I have looked for in the past but I think my aches and pains right now are just from the pounding, not injury or strain. I have a pair of the launch and ghosts but I really love the Richochet. Wondering if I should give the newest Ghosts a try with a wide vs regular…

If anyone else has any suggestions for a great cushioned, supportive shoe that would be great. I have a neutral foot but I just want to experiment a little!


3-4 hour naps… now that is a NAP! I am so bummed about Ricochet too, I love them so much! BOO to the blisters. I would ABSOLUTELY try the newest ghosts (also I’m sure you can return the Glycerin because of the blisters they caused) and go with wide. The new ghosts are amazing and they are worth the try. Have you tried the Levitate… they are pretty close to the ricochet! Keep me updated Carrie, we need to find you the perfect pair and I would love to help:)


Not a fan of the levitate but had an older model, or maybe it wasn’t the levitate, gonna have to look!! I tend to save money and grab older models.

I gave the glycerins to my 12 yr old who has size 8 feet!! She is 5ft 3 so I guess that makes sense!!


Hey Janae, I’m not sure if you’ve answered these questions before (and I read all your posts HA!) but 1. How are you deciding how much to run each week? Do you have an idea of the mileage you want to hit during this time (say 50miles) and then just get out there and do runs of varying lengths? Or are you just taking each day as it comes? 2. Do you monitor your heart rate? Though I’m thinking you must be pretty good at gauging your effort level and your “easy” places by now, after these years ;)

Also I don’t know where else to share this, but I just started a performance maintenance plan with my coaching programme and I know my coach doesnt want us to burn out just in case we get to race at the end of the year , but it feels hard getting out there for shorter distances, like I’m not doing enough compared to earlier this year when I was just finishing up my half plan. Do you struggle with that kind of feeling?
( I did a time trial at the end of my half plan and called it quits halfway because my heart just wasn’t in it. I was sad for a while but I told myself to just treat it as getting closure to that training cycle and it was eventually ok.)

I’m currently rotating between the New Balance 1080v10 and ASICS Cummulus 21. Definitely a napper when I can get a nap in – 1.5h to 2h is ideal. Morning or evening exercise for me now, but when I went to the office lunch was ok too. Hope you have a great day :) sorry this post is so rambly.


HEY CHLOE!! Great questions that I haven’t answered yet! I am basically doing what feels good each day depending on time and just what sounds fun. I am running at my sister’s pace most days this week now that we can run together and kind of doing what sounds good to her! I have done a few track workouts over the last two months but really just keeping things fun and easy! I’m guessing next year will be the year of races. Right now is the time more than ever to really be kind with yourself. SO much is going on and I think your coach is very smart to avoid you burning out. RIght now is about maintenance and having a great base. Once we know when races are going to happen then we can start building more speed and peak. You are doing an amazing job and keep that big picture thinking and that will help you on those shorter days. Maybe now is the time to add a bit more strength training (a lot of amazing runners I know are focusing more on that than running until the races start again). Please keep me updated on how you are doing and I’m thinking about you! LOVE rambly, that’s basically my entire blog ha.


I’m a lefty, too, although I mini-golf and box right-handed. Definitely NOT a napper, and never have been (drove my parents nuts when I was a kid).

I’m with Andrew, and since I started working from home have been rocking the midday workout, which I love. When I do work in an office 9-5, I wind up working out in the evening, but prefer doing it halfway through my work day because it energizes me and cuts the day in half nicely.


What a great feeling to be back to running after so many struggles!
I’m a Brooks Pure Flow fan, just like your sis :) Pure Connect was my favorite, though.
I LOVE to nap, but it’s hard for me to get more than about 45 minutes. Sleep (day or night) isn’t as easy for me over the past couple of years. But I’ll still try for naps whenever I get the chance :)
I like running in the morning or evening; strength workouts feel better in the late afternoon.


The Brooks Ghost! They’re keeping my feet happy!

I am not a leftie, but my parents thought I would be–I used to do everything left-handed! I still do some things that way, but am definitely right-handed.

I love a good nap every now and then . . . 30 minutes is perfect for me. I’m a morning exerciser–I love the fresh morning air. The best way to start the day. Have a great Thursday!


I love my Brooks Ghost’s and Glycerin’s. However, due to my big toe arthritis, I am trying out some forefoot rocker soled shoes – – – Hoka Bondi, Hoka Gaviota, and New Balance 1080. I have taken walks in them and only started running 1 minute of every 10 for 5 miles a few times so far. So, I have not picked a favorite yet. Going back into my Ghosts from those shoes feels like running in sandals, lol.

My oldest boy started out throwing leftie when he was very young, but switched over to a righty after he started playing ball at age 4-5. Otherwise, all righties in my family.

I am an afternoon runner, but can switch to mornings on the weekend.

I might take a short nap, maybe 15 minutes max.

That is awesome your sister is running with you! I think you should make Brooke do the fan assignment anyway, that one cracked me up.


I’m a morning exerciser. I used to be able to do my workouts at night after my kids went to bed but I can’t seem to get back into evening workouts anymore. I love the quietness on the roads in the morning (when I go for a run or walk).
I so relate to the “not good enough” mom issue. I think you and Andrew are doing an amazing job and I love reading about your daily family adventures :)
I’m in Kinvaras these days.


We order from Chipotle and go pick it up. You have to name your order, and last time they said said if I named my order “4Heroes” they would donate a burrito to a health care worker. So I think I’m technically responsible for that free chipotle you had, ha ha. Good to know they’re really donating food- I love Chipotle!
Every time you show pictures from your surrounding area I’m so envious because it’s incredibly beautiful. Visiting Utah is on my bucket list for sure… someday. Have a great day!


Your days look so fun! I love all the trails you have–are they far from your house?

I am a napper and marrying someone who naps is the one the best decisions I made;-). When I was in college I would take 2-4 hour naps. Now I like anything from 10-45 minutes.

I love that mothering quote. Yesterday I was failing at mothering, big time. Then last night, all the kids were piled next to me on the couch and I realized, I need to CHILL OUT! No one wanted to be around me yesterday, I was even annoying myself. Yes, they need to get their schoolwork done, but maybe some days, we don’t need to get ALL of it done (some is optional). And yes, they might not be eating as many fruits and vegetables as they “should” but I have been repeating “as long as you all are pooping, were doing ok” Yes, our house may be a mess, but the kids don’t care! During all this ‘togetherness’ they need a non-stressed, happy, mom who wants to connect and just “be” with them above all else.

Depending on the time of the year, anywhere from 5-6:30 a.m. is the ideal time to start my run/workout.

Happy, happy Thursday!


Supposedly Albert Einstein said, “ Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” That is how I felt after every gym class and physical fitness test. I could not touch my toes, I was an honor roll student who consistently received all As until it came to gym class. No matter what, I had Bs in gym class despite how hard I tried. I have always been hard on myself, so I felt ashamed of my lack of coordination and flexibility, I was deemed to be “unfit” according to some made up fitness test. Flash forward 10-15 years later and I am now running half marathons. I did physical therapy and the problem was not me nor my effort, it was my tight hamstrings. Some people are just not as gifted as others when it comes to sports, test taking, memory…so many things. The point is even if you are not good at one thing, it does not affect your ability to excel at others. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments, keep doing the things you enjoy!


Lauren – Great post, very well said!


Lauren, thank you so much for sharing your experience and I love that quote you included and it is one I will remember. I am SO glad you were able to get your hamstrings taken care of. Thank you for sharing this message, we all need it! Have a beautiful day.


Soooo happy for your sister!

I’ve been running in the Brooks Glycerins for a few years now. I ordered a pair of 18s last week and am hoping they’ll arrive soon (all online orders seem to be taking a lot longer these days.)

I’m a lefty – the only one of four kids. My mom and her mom were both left handed.

I love napping! Sometimes a 20 minute power nap is enough, other times I need more.

I like to exercise around sunrise. If I don’t get it done early, it’s probably not going to happen.


Hi Janae! That canyon looks so peaceful! I have to agree with you, morning runs just make me feel so accomplished. A nap after a run is even better because it’s like your day resets. I’m excited to see how your sisters running goes, she’s doing awesome!


I LOVE naps. The longer the better. I never used to nap until I started working shifts about 10 years ago, now I’m addicted!!

Shoes – brooks ghost!


My son is left handed! The closest person in our family to him being left handed is his great grandma. Kinda crazy!

I run in the GTS adrenalines but would love to branch out sometime!

Also, I’m here for Cinco De Mayo all week long!


I alternate between Glycerins and Kayanos. I love the cushion of Glycerin and the Brooks company but my feet need the stability of the Kayanos.

I write and do sports right-handed, but do pretty much everything else left-handed(eat, brush teeth, makeup). All those “tests” that people do on you to see what your dominant side is(for example–a hole in a piece of paper that you look through to see something–I’m not sure what it is because I always feel dumb because I never see what I’m supposed to)? I always mess them up–they look at me like I’m lying or crazy.

I love to nap! Sunday afternoon naps are the best(especially after a long run)!

I like to sleep in , but I’d rather get my run in. Too much gets in the way when everyone else is up and moving.


I love your mountain and canyon pictures!! So pretty! I got out to run today!! (2.25 miles, I wanted to stop and walk but told myself not to and am glad I talked myself into running the whole thing minus a stoplight and a quick 6foot chat with a friend) my hips were waaay less tight than last time I ran (back in March) so I’m glad that my body seems to be back to itself after having my baby girl!
My SO is left-handed and he is trying to get our little girl to grab toys with her left hand but we are pretty sure she is right handed naturally.


Ghost 11..love them. I need a new pair so looking online later today.
I have to go early morning by 7am or I won’t get a chance to go. With no school it’s been nice to come home with endorphins start the kids homeschool schedules.
Neither my husband or I are lefties, but my 3rd child is lefty. ??‍♀️
I’ve been napping and it’s messing my sleep at night big time. Now I’m trying to just power thru go to bed at a reasonable time.


I was just literally thinking about how good chipotle sounded and after seeing your burrito I’ve decided it needs to happen very soon :). Have a great day Janae and family!!


Last pair of running shoes I wore were Skechers Go Run Ride 7s. I was super skeptical of Skechers, but I am really digging these shoes.

My dad and I are lefties but no one else in my family.

It used to be that Sundays after church were my only nap times but now it’s been more like 2-3 times a week for about 20 minutes. Any more than that and I feel out of it for the day but 20 min is perfect!

My fav time to workout has been at 6am but it’s getting closer to 7am since I’m working from home. However, once it gets closer to 100 degrees it’ll probably go back to 6am so I can beat the heat.


You should do a post about #runwithmaud esp since you are careful to be safe on your runs.


I just saw this for the first time this morning and I’m still shocked. I can’t believe it happened and how it’s now just all coming out. I’ll absolutely be including that tomorrow. Thank you and have a beautiful day.


Oh my, Brooke’s teacher is hilarious. I wonder how many kids actually watched the fan blowing video…….

Although I LOVE doing a morning run, I’m loving my lunch time runs since working from home. It’s such a wonderful break! When I am physically at my workplace, I run at 3-ish which isn’t my favorite but hey, I still feel pretty lucky about that.

Last pair was Asics DynaFlyte 4.

My favorite nap is the one hours later after a long run, usually on the couch trying to read.


Brooks Ghost/Launch/Pure Flow wearer for many years but tried a pair of On Cloudswift’s in September and they held up to road mileage really well so I am a convert now. No lefties in my family at all. I am not a napper either. And morning exercise is my absolute favorite; I like having that done first thing in the morning because it starts my day off on the right foot and I immediately feel I have accomplished something before heading to work :)


I’ve been using Adidas Ultra Boost, but I’d really like to get my first pair of Brooks! I’m a beginner runner, but I’d love any recommendations for a good pair to start with. I’ll be doing mostly road running in a pretty hilly area. Any tips would be soooo helpful!


Last pair of running shoes I wore, Brooks Adrenaline 19

Lefty here!

I am a napper, I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere if you let me. Napping for an hour to 90 minutes is ideal for me, otherwise I’m groggy for the rest of the day.

Exercise time varies but lately I’ve been doing it in the evening, after work.


You’re really a fitspiration. In this time of crisis, many people can’t do exercise. You inspire me to do exercise. Thank you so much!

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