How to be motivated during this time? +Hyperion Elite!

I’ve received a lot of questions/emails about how to have motivation to run during this time of life.  We have no idea when our races will start again and running groups aren’t getting together anymore so I definitely feel/see why so many of us are having less motivation during this time to get in our training.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and trying to figure out what is getting me out each day (when races are usually my biggest motivation for running) during this time.  –

My answer is that I’m not motivated currently (I guess I am more now that I have my sister to meet in the mornings for the last 2 weeks. But before that when I was just running solo with zero races to train for and there wasn’t much motivating me)… The thing that gets me out the door to run right now is just knowing that my entire day will go so much better if I do.  I just know that going out in fresh air will bring me a better perspective about life, I know it’s good for my body, it gives me patience for homeschooling, the endorphins will bring out the optimist in me and it’s my only way to get in some alone time ha.    <— So I guess that counts as motivation ha but what a drastic change to what was my motivation last year.

Long story short, if you aren’t motivated right now you are not alone.  But if you are motivated right now, that’s amazing (I’m looking at all of you running ultras/doing all sorts of crazy training).  If you are lacking that normal push that you’ve had in the past knowing you have a race in just six weeks or a group to meet up with… rather than focus on the things that aren’t pushing us out the door, focus on all of the things you are getting when you come back in the door after a run and that might help you to continue to train.


I decided when I woke up yesterday that I really wanted to play around with the Hyperion Elite.  We had been talking about them the day before on the Brooks phone call and somebody said that the only problem with them is that you can’t run slow in them ha.  My sister isn’t wanting speed work yet so since she couldn’t run yesterday I thought it was the perfect day to try them at the track for a short session.

I ran with my Glycerins to the track to warm-up/cool-down home and just carried the Hyperion until I used them at the track.  I looked pretty strange carrying a pair of shoes on the streets but I didn’t want to drive anywhere and I didn’t want to waste one step in the elites.  They are designed for racing 50-100 miles and you are supposed to do your training in the Hyperion Tempo but I don’t have those yet so I just wanted to see what the Elite felt like.

I did 6-7 (I lost count) 400s and a bunch of 200s.  Within the first 100m of speed I noticed a HUGE difference in just how the shoe positioned me to run with better form.  I couldn’t believe the way that the shoe made it feel like it sprung me and propelled me to my next step.  I’m used to the old Hyperion which is a racing flat and it feels already that the flat has you doing more work to do the same paces compared to the Elite.   I’m going to test them out a bit more before I write a full review but I will say this… I think my next marathon will be in them!

IMG 3103

Hello old friend.  Hawk will be very happy to know that I’m still working on these.

IMG 3118 2

Just so much excitement when Knox came home.

IMG 0912

Later on in the day, Andrew and I went on a DATE.  Without kids.  Just the two of us:)  My niece babysat and we got out.

IMG 3141

Fajitas from heaven.

IMG 3139

Followed by pie.

IMG 3144

It was a gorgeous day!  While restrictions have been lifted here, it is still very easy to continue  social distancing everywhere we go.

IMG 3143

And then we continued on by having a lazy day…

IMG 3145

And spending some time outside too.

IMG 3147

Skye came over and started rubbing my feet last night and it was a very proud parenting moment for me.  PS lack of Brooke and Knox pictures yesterday because once they are reunited, they are too busy partying together.

IMG 3151


Are you feeling motivated during this time or what is getting you out the door?

Any shoes that you love to use for speed days?  Race days?

Favorite type of pie?

If you are running today… what’s your run?

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In order to stay motivated during this time, I set mini goals for myself. Yesterday I finished a 30 challenge: run at least 1 mile for 30 days straight. At first it was really hard, but I finished with 111 miles in 30 days. In the beginning my rest days were 1 mile, but by the end, a rest day was 2-3 miles. So now I’m doing a streak for May, so I have to keep going until the end of the month. It gives me something to look forward to every day. I’m not doing it for a race, I am doing it for my own sanity! Some days have been hard, I work in Infectious disease research directly with COVID-19. Once after a 10 hour day, I ran around the hospital before I went home, since I knew I wouldn’t do it after I picked up dinner and sat down.

Peanut Butter Pie is my favorite! Ran 9 miles yesterday, so probably 2-3 miles today.


SARA, huge congrats on completing your 30 day challenge and you got in so many miles over the 30 days! Keep me updated on your May streak. Thank you for doing what you do and I am so glad that running is helping you through this time. Thinking about you and I need to send you a Peanut Butter Pie.


I agree! The clarity and fresh kind from a workout is motivation for me. I always feel better after.

I had a lemon pie over thanksgiving that was pretty amazing. But you can’t go wrong with classic Apple either in my mind :)


Well, now I need some lemon pie asap! I hope your workout today was amazing and full of clarity. Have a great day, Brooke!


I made a big parenting mistake in not teaching my kids how great it is to give mama foot massages…sigh! :)
All of your reasons for motivation are true for me, too. Though I normally work out 3-5 times per week (CrossFit and some running), I’ve been on a quarantine streak, working out or running every day since March 17th. I sometimes feel a little run down/tired, but at some point each day, I know moving will help me feel better–less stressed, less stiff, less anxious, more patient, more grateful, stronger, etc.
I think my favorite fruit pie is peach, and I love peanut butter pie…MMM!


Hahah there is still time to teach them;) You are ROCKING this quarantine. Way to go, COREY! I hope you get some peach or pb pie soon! Have a great day, Corey!


Having a virtual race coming up has motivated me. Also, an excuse to get outside! Since we can’t go many places now, running is my time to leave the house.

Although this morning I could not get out of bed, so tried to be understanding that we all have days where we need more rest! And I’ll run 3 miles at lunch time instead :)


Super excited for your virtual race coming up and I want to hear all about it. Yes, I’m with you… that was pretty much my only outing each day and it helped get me out too. I’m SO glad you gave yourself more rest and enjoy those lunchtime miles, Mariah!


Thank you for this post. I feel pretty unmotivsted these days but I tell myself I just need to get out the door for 20 minutes and someday s that’s pretty much what I manage. Yesterday my mom lured me over with fresh strawberries so I definitely was willing to run for those!

I used the saucony kinvara before and I have my heart set on a pair of the endorphin pros which haven’t yet made it to Canada.

Favorite or cherry:)

Have a super day!


Yes yes yes, I am so right there with you! We just have to get ourselves out:). Your mom sounds awesome! I have heard about the endorphin pros, you’ll have to let me know your thoughts on them once you get them! Thanks Kristine, you too!


Good morning! I am excited to hear about the Hyperion elites as I am looking for some fast racing shoes for when this is all over. Today is the start of day 8 (??? time has been moving very oddly since I started all of this) I am at mile 287 at the start of today! That means only 93 miles until the end!!!!! I am a solid 33 miles behind first (he is starting at 320 for the day). I am 60 miles ahead of third though so I am comfortably second. I started the day with 8 miles at 7:40 pace, which means apparently I am getting faster while running 40 miles a day hahahahah. Anyway, I hope you have a nice day.


I get so excited to hear from you! 93 miles ahhhhh! I am so excited for you and you are just CRUISING! Thanks for inspiring me and enjoy the rest of your 30+ miles today:)


I feel motivated by finding different trails and loops to run! Yesterday I did an awesome loop. Pipeline-Bonneville-Murdock-provo river trail! You should try it!


AMY!! Oh I love that loop so so much… I want to come with you:). Keep me updated on your favorite trails here, I need to get back to them! Have a great day!


I did mile repeats today, which I’ve never done before . . . I’ve loved trying new things with my running lately! Getting me out the door is thinking about what I’m going to gain from a run or workout–perspective, happiness, peace, a much better day, etc. Your weather looks gorgeous! Springtime is another thing getting me outside.

Going to go with a traditional apple pie, OR a chocolate pie. Yum.


WAY TO GO ON MILE REPEATS! That is such an awesome workout. I love hearing what gets you out the door and keep enjoying this spring and I hope you get some apple pie soon:). Have a beautiful day, Kristin!


Do you have a good shoe recommendation for treadmill running?


Hey Rachel! For me personally, I just use whatever shoe my feet/body are loving on the roads on the treadmill too! Brooks has an amazing shoe finder test that can help you find what would work best for you:

Have an amazing day!


Thank you so much!!


Yay for a date!

I need to work on pull-ups!!! I need to find one of those assisted bands to help me! I am impressed with you getting in your spadework too! Way to go! Maybe if I bought some different shoes, it would motivate me to get in some spadework;-).

I am more motivated to run now. I spend all day (and we currently have the same bedtime) with the kids so it is the only quiet time I get. Plus, I don’t need to get up super early (4 a.m.) to run because I don’t have to be to work or get the kids up for school. I have always wanted to up my mileage, but I refused to get up early than 4 in order to get in the weekday miles that I wanted (Sunday is a day of rest).


HEY BECKY! Oh the shoes definitely helped get me to the track yesterday, I just needed to know what they feel like ha. I am SO happy that running is going so great for you right now and that alone time is just heaven! You are doing amazing Becky and waking up before 4… yeah there is no way I could do that either haha. Have a beautiful day!


I feel motivated to workout early run or spin before the kids get up. Then when I start homeschool for 3 kids helps with my patience lol need that alone time.

I’m not a fan of pie..which is weird because I’m obsessed with sweets. We had cookie cake on Mothers Day I’m still dreaming about it. ☺️


Thank goodness for that patience that exercise gives us during this time ha. I hope that it is almost summer for you guys too. COOKIE CAKE… okay, I might need a recipe! Have a beautiful day, Lauren.


I love this post! I definitely felt unmotivated (mainly late March into April) when my marathon that I was going to try and get a BQ cancelled as well as my backup races. I went into off-season for the time being until I *hopefully* get to start up training again in late June for a September race *prayers*. I’ve been strength training a lot more (which I was never a big fan of) BUT I’ve made it a habit, so now that’s been keeping me going! I just started picking up mileage again so I can build back up my base as I literally stopped mid-marathon training back in March going from 40+ to 20 or under in a week :P. The warmer weather is definitely helping me get out the door more often too!

Additionally, I had bought the Hyperion Tempos for marathon training, so I actually put them away to conserve them until I start up again, and I CANNOT WAIT to wear them again haha! I might actually wear them FOR my marathon as well. I didn’t get the Elites, but that’s on my list WHEN I get my BQ so I can wear them at Boston eventually! :)

My favorite type of pie is probably peach, but I rarely get it as I’m a stickler for my grandmother’s only haha! I also love pumpkin pie and apple a lot!

I ran 3 easy miles this morning outside as it was a bit cooler (which feels SOO good). I’ve enjoyed seeing some of the very few runners who I pass on my trail. I am pretty sure me and the 3 other women I pass are the only ones utilizing our trail lately because of the pandemic, but I am fine with that!

Have a great day!


Elizabeth, that must have been so hard when that marathon was cancelled. I cannot wait to hear about your BQ at your next marathon. I really hope your September race is still on, please keep me updated. SO awesome about your strength training and that will absolutely be awesome for your race training. You are doing an amazing job. You’ll have to share your thoughts with me about the tempos! You’ll love the Elites when you wear them at Boston:). Glad that you 4 women are getting in those trail miles! Thanks and you too.


I am motivated. Not by speed, or a race, but by spending some quality time with myself. And not just alone time, but the absolute pleasure of my own company. This indirectly is correlating to some longer runs than I have done in years!


I love this so much. Nothing better than enjoying time with yourself while getting endorphins at the same time. Have a beautiful day, Erica!


I just function so much better as a mom and wife if I get in that time for me each day!
And I love the white shirt you were wearing in there pics, will you share where you got it??


I am SO there with you! Sometimes I think the kids/Andrew want to send me out on a second run ha;)
Yes, here is the link and I hope you have a beautiful day:


With all our races cancelled we decide to train for a FAST mile! We did a time trial and now are doing a 7 week program to run even faster. Hoping that the speed translates into some fast future races. At the very least, it gives us motivation to run and so something we normally wouldnt do :)


TARA, this is AWESOME!! I want to try this. Please keep me updated and I can’t wait to hear about your time. Have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae! One of my running friends is putting together a social distancing run where only a few of us at a time run together (but apart) up and down a dead end street. I’ll let you know how it goes! Running with people is definitely motivation for me.
I gotta say, my favorite pie is pizza pie.. or chicken pot pie, mmmm..
Happy Thursday! Hope you get another date in soon!


Oh I love this idea. I’m so glad you guys are doing that. Hahah I think I would choose pizza pie over normal pie too. Thanks Amy and enjoy your Thursday!


I don’t do a lot of races, so my motivation hasn’t changed that much. I just know I feel and sleep better when I’m active. I’ve really enjoyed seeing so many more people out walking/running/cycling and a lot less traffic.

I like different pies for different seasons – pumpkin in the Fall, cherry or blueberry at other times, lemonade pie ( in the summer!

20 miles on the bike today. I took a complete rest day yesterday (the first one this month) and I felt great this morning. My new Glycerin 18s are suppose to arrive today, so I’ll get to run tomorrow!


The fact that I’m not having to be out the door before 5am has motivated me :) I love running in the sunshine!

The shoes I use for speed days are typically the ones I use for race days. Lately, I’ve been a fan of the Skechers GoRun Speeds.

Today’s run was 4 miles of hills with my son and then 3 miles by myself in the sunshine.


Motivated but not in a “I-want-to-hit-PR’s-and-race” motivated way. Returning to run the last couple of months after missing the entire winter with injury. It just feels good to be back at it, although it’s not pain-free yet. And the fitness is lacking big-time haha! With COVID, and not able to work full-time, it’s been a real blessing in disguise to be able to get out and run again for my mental health. I just go out with no time/distance in mind, and run as long as my legs will let me that day :)

Favourite pie? Hmm, now I want pie, I haven’t had it in years. Maybe any type of tart berry – cherry?


“The thing that gets me out the door to run right now is just knowing that my entire day will go so much better if
I do.” <—-yes 100% agree! For me it’s walking not running now but I think ? this is so true!

Way to go on the speed work! ? keep rocking!

What is going out to eat like now? Are there less people allowed inside restaurants? Are employees wearing masks? I’m so curious. I’m in Michigan and it’s been awful here. I miss going out and can’t even picture what it’ll be like!

What kind of pie was in that pic? ‘I favorite pie is cherry ? as long as it’s a good pie.


Not a Huge pie person … chocolate or warm apple w ice cream work for me!! I’m medium motivated … I usually don’t have a lot of motivation regardless so it’s normal for me! Also -Look out for package coming your way!! :D


Hi Janae,
My dog is my motivator. I am working from home (and feeling blessed to do so). If he doesn’t have a walk or a run in the morning, he gets’bouncy’ and annoying in the middle of the day, usually when I’m in the middle of something. He’s content to nap, inspect the backyard, or lay quietly next to me for the rest of the day if he gets his morning exercise. I’m just off injury, so it’s slow and easy for us.

Chocolate Cream or Cookies and Cream ice cream pie ;P


I feel the same as you do Janae, not motivated but still motivated ;) It’s funny, but usually toward the end of a training cycle I tell myself that for the next while, I’m just going to do what I feel like and not train for a goal. However, that never usually lasts long, as I like setting goals. So I’m trying to work hard on embracing this strange time with no races to train for and just do what I feel like, strength training, runs with my husband with no set pace or distance, training sessions with friends etc! And it’s turning out that I still exercise pretty much every day and really enjoy it! And definitely agree, I know I’m so much happier when I get outside and do some kind of exercise at some point during the day so that is certainly a motivator as well.


I’m still running everyday but mileage has been LOW and SLOW. Speed workouts and my desire to go long distances have been basically nonexistent. Our lakefront path in Chicago is shutdown and there aren’t too many places we can run in the city so I typically do between 4-5 miles each day and then walk a lot throughout the rest of the day but my motivation to train has gone out the window. I don’t feel bad about it though. I feel like when races start happening again, I’ll get back on the training wagon (just hoping I don’t lose all the speed I’ve worked so hard to build up!!)

Stay well!!

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