What have YOU learned through all this + Speed is always changing!

The first thing Knox asked me when he jumped in the car yesterday morning when I picked him up was how Ducky was doing.   I will probably just bring Ducky in the car with us to pick him up next time he has been away from her for a while.

The morning started off early with a pair of shoes I haven’t worn in a while…

IMG 0278

I did some speed!  I did 3 mile repeats (BOOM!!) and averaged the same pace for those as the pace I ran for my entire marathon last October:).  Our fitness is always changing and that’s okay because the post-speed workout endorphins are always the same no matter where your fitness is at as long as you gave your best effort for the day.

IMG 0275

9 miles total including the warm-up, cool-down and .5 miles in between the mile repeats.

IMG 0279

The kids are very into Kinetic Sand these days (and judging by this picture I am learning I need to work with the big kids on sharing with Skye a bit better).

IMG 0288

We did some school work and then I decided we needed some time for yard work.  Our trees drop dead leaves pretty much year round and now that the snow is gone we can finally rake them up.

IMG 0313

We picked up all of the walnuts from our tree too.

IMG 0312

We got a bird feeder which has made it so we have Blue Jays and Robins in our backyard often.

IMG 0314

And then we celebrated by getting drive-thru shakes… the shakes are the best thing from In-N-Out in my opinion:)

IMG 0297

We had cereal for dinner because that’s all the energy I had ha and then watched Spies in Disguise.

IMG 0319

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve learned so far through this experience the last few weeks.  There have been a million emotions felt each day and I think each one of us are learning new and unique things from this time at home.  For me, I’ve really learned that our normal lives are just way too busy (with things that aren’t necessary).  It has been so nice to actually DO things together at home rather than always feel rushed as we are off from one activity to the next.  It’s been fun to say yes to so many things the kids want to do together rather than say something like,  ‘Oh but we only have 6 minutes before we have to leave to practice so we can’t.’  This time has really taught me how beneficial it is for all of us to slow down a little bit.  Of course life will get busier than it is right now again (which I’m excited for too—> can’t wait to see all our people again) but I do want to remember to really be intentional about what we need and do not need on our schedules.

I’d love to hear what you are learning right now!  PS my sister with teenagers is really loving the fact that her teens can’t be with friends and dating all of the time… Instead they are home doing things all together and they can’t try to debate what the government is telling everyone to do:)

IMG 0306

Did you see that you can get a 100% refund from Boston this year for the first time ever?  I’ve been wondering what plans were being made for those of you that were going to run Boston this year!  Are you going to run it in September or get the refund?

Screenshot 2020 04 01 at 3 16 00 PM

What was the last movie you watched?

Tell me a few things that you have learned during this time!

Last speed workout that you did?  Are you currently following a schedule or doing what feels right each day?

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The last movie I watched was Frozen 2 (so much better than the first one in my opinion!)

Absolutely agree that this has helped me slow down (and i’m still working) but being able to take time to do things I want to do without the pressure of social commitments (if I’m honest I often say yes to things I don’t want to say yes to!). I’ve also learned that my plan to move closer to my family is exactly the right thing to do when I am able to this year.

Last did speed work a couple of weeks ago, but at the moment i’m just seeing how I feel each day. May start a plan in the next couple of weeks just for some structure and routine.

Thank you for your daily posts. I always look forward to reading them.


I totally agree with you… I love the storyline of Frozen 2 so much more than the first and Olaf is just so much funnier in the second. You are not alone in saying yes to things that you don’t want to and this is helping us all realize that. I am so happy you are going to move closer to your family and you’ll have to keep me updated with how that all goes. Keep enjoying running what feels right to you right now. Thank you friend, I am so thankful for this community!


I have learned:
-A lot more Spanish
-How cruise mapping and docking schedules work
-Just how much people will rally behind you when you need it the most
-How to get my mom on the morning shows of 3 major TV networks in 3 days
-Just how popular a pic of two senior citizens with penguins will be with the media


Hi Janae !
I love to see how you keep on running everyday. As i can’t run anymore, it’s nice to hear about your runs.
Skye seems happy with her little piece of sand, she is just happy to participate no matter the quantity. She’s so cute :)
You are right about how busy are our normal lives. It is so good to slow down.
Through this experience, i also learned how good some people can be (and how bad some others can be too) in hard situations.
This morning i was reading an article about many american people who have lost their job since covid began and i was so sad for them. I don’t know how my own situation will evolve, but in France we have a sort of security even if we lose our job. I can’t imagine the situation of people who lose their income from one day to another. So i was really sad for them.
I finished the book some days ago and forgot to tell you, i loved it !
When all this will be over, i must buy other books from B.A Paris.
Have a nice day !


My friend! How are you?! I am SO thankful that your job isn’t at risk. Every single person (besides Andrew’s) in my family’s income has been great effected but we are lucky to still have our jobs. AHHH I have about 30 more pages and I’m waiting until tonight to finish:). Let me know what you read next and I’ll run some miles for you tomorrow!


Victoria, I will never be able to understand HOW this even happened to them. I just can’t even imagine what they have been through. SO happy to have them home tomorrow and I am so amazed by all that you have done to help them. You. Are. Amazing.


I watched Contagion this weekend- probably a dumb idea haha. Some people might like watching movies relevant to what’s going on now, but it definitely did not help with my stress/sadness. Goal this weekend is to watch something more lighthearted!

For working out, I’m doing what feels right every day. Like if it’s sunny out, I want to be outside for as long as possible so I’ll do a long slow run! If it’s gross, maybe quick time outside and do yoga inside.


OH NO!! YES, no more movies like Contagion! I’m not allowing you to:). Keep enjoying taking it a day at a time and I hope your Thursday is a beautiful one!


Hi Janae,

I agree with you that we can definitely learn many lessons from this time. I have learned that I am much stronger than I give myself credit for, that I really like working from home, that I should run outside more (now that the gym is closed and I can not use the treadmill) and that I expend too much mental energy making plans for the future, planning trips/ events/ activities, which detract s from being in the present and enjoying everyday life.

I have learned the power of gratefulness, the importance of a strong health system and good leaders, and that these times bring out the best in most people but unfortunately also reveal some ugly parts of us as humans and a society.

Last movie I watched was probably the first Lord of the Rings. I had never watched and it seemed like an easy watch to agree on with my fiance :). Since I live alone I actually much rather prefer to read than watch TV so have not watched a movie for a while but I am already on my 4th book of social isolation times! BTW can not recommend Marian Keyes latest novel “Grown ups” enough!

I have a hard time making myself run speed workouts if not on a treadmill so I am just enjoying the outdoors, exploring new areas and trying to get in as many hills as possible! since I am prone to injury I am running about 3 times a week and focusing on bodyweight strength the rest of the days. And walks, lots of walks are good for the soul :)


Thank you for sharing those lessons you have learned and I can really relate to you with the waste of mental energy on the future rather than the present. Thanks for sharing. I am SO glad you are getting in so much great reading and I’m going to check out Grown ups asap! Keep enjoying those beautiful runs, walks and strength workouts. Thanks Maria!


The last movie I watched was “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” on Netflix and now I am midway through the sequel “P.S. I Still Love You”. Both movies are very cute!

And well, also, a Hallmark Spring Fling new movie : Just My Type. That one was good too :) This coming weekend’s one is called Bacon Me Crazy. By far the corniest Hallmark Movie title and that is saying A LOT! Ha.


Oh WE LOVED both of those movies, they are the best. Hahaha I love Hallmark movies, I’ll have to check those out. I hope you are having a great day of working from home and have some time outside soon! Thanks Amanda!


I wonder if Boston will reopen the entry if enough people request a refund? Also, did you see Grandma’s Marathon completely cancelled with no refund/deferral options? Seems to be an interesting decision given all the other races are offering several options for registered runners.

Things I’ve learned: consistency really is key for running – I have noticed a significant improvement in my running during this pandemic because I am getting out for runs according to schedule. Learning a lot about slowing down too! Since running is really the only thing on my schedule, I’m learning to just relax. I’m one of those people that usually has to be out and about all over the place during my time off from work. Also, learning to be thankful for our jobs and help others when we can. This experience has humbled me and made me so grateful that we are in a position to help others since our jobs are covering us for the time off. We’ve been trying to support local businesses that are struggling with closing their stores to the public (they remain open online).

Last speedworkout: 30 minute tempo run

Last movie: Mr & Mrs Smith


They are offering a virtual race to those participants in grandmas marathon.


Oh that is a bummer about Grandma’s, I didn’t see that. I am so glad that you have been able to get in more runs lately, it is helps us so much mentally during this time. I relate with you so so much… this is forcing us into relaxation mode. 30 minute tempo run–> BOOM! Way to go, that is hard. Thanks for reminding me of that movie, I love that one! Have a great day friend!


I have learned that I could probably be productive and work from home one day a week or so, and that more time to slow down in the mornings after my runs is something I actually really enjoy. I am also taking this time to do a lot of planning for experiments and writing (grad student) for when we can get back to work which is not something I would generally be doing or working on so that’s been nice to focus on. I have been running everyday with a schedule doing speed work at least once a week (wednesdays ) so this week it was three minute farklets progressively getting faster with 90 second recovery. I want to run a marathon again in the fall so keep up some speed and a decent amount of miles to build a base for that. I haven’t watched a movie in a while but have been binge watching Mad Men with my boyfriend and we’re loving it. So glad to see you slowing down and enjoying time to just be.


Thanks for sharing your lessons with me, Katie! Good luck with your graduate program, you have a lot going on. Let me know which marathon you choose and way to go on that workout… that sounds tough (short recoveries are so hard for me). I loved Mad Men! Thanks so much Katie and I hope you are having a great day so far!


We watched Frozen 2! I’d seen it, but my family hadn’t. The music is so good.

I love that you got a bird feeder! My family got one when I was about that age, and I fell in love with bird watching . . . I still love it. It’s such a great connection to nature. If you need an easy-to-use bird book, I love this series! https://www.amazon.com/Birds-Utah-Field-Guide-Tekiela/dp/1591930197

My goal race was supposed to be this weekend, and I decided I still want to run the distance . . . so I’ve been training for that and doing distance! I did do speed this week and it hurt, but in the good way.

I’m learning that I’m not the most patient person with long-term things, so I’m trying to work on that–running helps. :-)


YES, we love Frozen 2 over here too. Thank you for sending the bird book, the kids are going to love this. I’m cheering for you this weekend… let me know how it goes! I’m right there with you, trying to learn how to be patient! Have a beautiful day!


I have learned to get out of my comfort zone and call people just to say hi. And comment here more! (P.S. Thank you for the kind words yesterday, I gave me a big boost.)
I’ve been trying to watch movies at night on the weekends so I don’t stay up late in a binge! I finally got around to watching The Social Network last weekend- which is excellent and very thought provoking watching it years later. I have a bunch of movies on my list that I’ve been meaning to watch. Now is the time!


Thank YOU for your kind words and commenting. Oh I loved the Social Network. Keep me updated with what you watch next, have a great day!


We finally sat down as a family with my two 20+ year old sons and watched Frozen 2. No comments were made about the amount of music in this one, at all…. really…. We enjoyed it.

I’m still following my work schedule, up at 3:20AM, even though I am working from home. I can’t stand working much past 1PM.

I am doing the opposite of speed work until further notice, lol. I did break down and signed up for the Peloton App free 90 day trial to check out. Have you guys done that yet? Does Andrew do a set workout on your spin bike or follow along with any exercise apps?


Oh I am so glad you guys watched it together, it really is such a good movie. 3:20 AM… I didn’t know you got up that early! That is amazing! You are being so smart to wait on the speed. He has usually been doing his own thing but I think we need to get him to use the app now… I’ve tried out their strength and it’s amazing. I hope you are having a great Thursday so far!


Hi Janae! Yesterday I did a workout that Gwen Jorgensen posted on her YouTube channel. It was so nice to follow along with her and she modified it so we didn’t need any equipment to follow along! She has another one from a while ago with Colleen Quigley too but you need dumbbells and a med ball for that one.

Love seeing your day and excited about all your projects! Have a wonderful Thursday!


Oh that is so fun, I will have to check out her video. I love her YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try. Thank you friend and you too!


I would love to hear more about your chick raising!! I’m interested in doing this for my girls especially now with us being home for the next while. Would love to know tips for when they’re young, feeding etc., what you’re doing for a coop, and how that’s working for your property/space etc. so cool you’re doing this Janae!!! ??


100% YES!! I’ll put a post together once we have a tad bit more experience and find the coop we will be using. Expect it in the next few weeks but SO far we are loving it. It’s been so good for our kids to be helping cleaning and feeding them. How old are your girls? Our kids love them so much. I hope you have a beautiful day!›


The last movie we watched was Bad Boys 3 ha and a movie called Buck (Based on Jack London’s book Call of the Wild) which I loved. Dog movies always made me cry and it also made my partner Jason cry too ha.

I can’t really put into words this time. This is my second day of working from home and so definitely some adjustments but my boss has been super supportive and really there is very little we can’t do with technology these days so it’s been a busy last day or so. I figured out how to use zoom hahah and to share my screen so I guess we are all learning.

In spite of the craziness that is our world at this time, having more time at home means we have more time to carve out more quality time than normal. I ordered a game I had as a kid called Rush Hour – basically you have to get your car out of traffic jam! There are beginner to expert cards to play and it says 8 + yrs but it is a great game. They are plastic colourful games and last night we spent a couple of hours collectively trying to solve each challenge. I found it on amazon but pretty sure you can get it almost anywhere.

One thing my mom encouraged me to do during this time because I love to write, is to document everything during this time as some sort of record, which I think is so cool. Nothing fancy but for me, just some notes on each day, etc or pictures of our empty streets. And I think one day when they are old enough to understand I can show my nieces what an extraordinary time they lived through (right now they are 4 and 2 and blissfully unaware and basically creating havoc of their own :)).

9 miles! It feels like forever since I have run that far. No races = 0 motivation but this week at some point I will have to test out new shoes. Some online workouts from my local run groups are being posted so hopefully I can get some motivation to get out after work. It’s not like I have anywhere else to go haha

I hope you guys are all staying safe and enjoying this extra time together Janae!


Oh no, we cannot wait a movie with dogs in it because Andrew will be crying too… you guys aren’t alone. Happy 2nd day of working from home and I’m glad you got zoom figured out… I’m still a little confused with it ha. I will have to get that game for my kids and how fun that you guys are doing this together and the time really does all feel more quality. I agree with you. YES to what your mom said, I’m having my kids do that too! So cool that you are doing that. It really is so hard to find the motivation without the races, I get you. Keep doing what feels right to you. Thanks so much Kristine!


I live in NY. Sadly, what I have learned is that people are going to die, includinf people I know, and I hope the rest of the country, especially the parts that haven’t been hit hard yet, are learning their lessons from my state and city. Please, everyone, stay home if you can. I pray for all of us.


#1 lesson: reaching out to people outside your close circle to check on them makes you feel good. Yesterday I sent a bunch of text messages to friends from church (people I’m not super close to, but that I care about.) Then my phone exploded and each response made me feel happier! One said she was feeling really lonely, she doesn’t really have family to rely on, so I’m glad I took the time to reach out to her.

Trail run today, hills are the only speed work I’m doing these days. Les is going to do the Hot Chocolate 5k (I’m doing 15k) so I’ll be running a little more with him this month. Other than that, no structure and I’m loving it.


Kathy, what a FABULOUS lesson… I needed to hear that too. I’ll join you and reach out to people outside of my close circle too. You helped so many people yesterday. Hills are the best speed work. Super excited for your races this month. Have a beautiful day friend!


Last movie I watched was Cars 3. I
More of a tv person. I think my attention span has shortened with kids. But I am like your husband and I just watch the same few series over and over. My husband doesn’t get it either.
I do agree it’s nice to stay home. I have two very young kids so we were already home a lot anyways but it’s nice to have everyone home. We are finding new things to do and spending much more time outside.
Your chickens crack me up. I’m not a pet owner of any kind but my son goes and feeds our neighbors chickens each morning with a little bowl of food they leave out for him. It’s so sweet!

Take care


Hey Kayse! Andrew is happy you can understand his need to rewatch things and I’m like you with the fact I like tv more than movies. SO glad you are having a lot time all together! I would have your son come feed our chickens too, that is so great they do that. Thanks and you too!


The last movie I watched was I Still Believe and I basically cried through the entire movie which I knew I was going to and it really does have a powerful message, but man!

I too have teenagers at home and it’s crazy to think in a few short years they won’t even live in my home, so I am trying to take full advantage of having them all to myself for a bit. The kids have definitely grown closer to one another as well, which has been so great to watch. My puppies are going to flip when we finally go back to work/school.

No speed workouts for me yet. I sprained my ankle 4 weeks ago and bruised my bone pretty badly so that is still healing. In the meantime, I’m on the Peloton most days and stating to add some nice, easy runs in :) Today, I worked up to 2 miles! I’m just so grateful for the ability to continue to work out!


I’ve never seen the movie, I need to watch it. I am so glad that you guys are all getting so much quality time together and Skye will be flipping with your puppies when everyone is back to school. Good luck with the healing and I hope you are feeling 100% soon… way to go on the 2 miles! Thanks Marissa!


I’m currently 30 weeks (almost 31) pregnant so I’m taking advantage of the “free time” (I still have to work from home) to take long walks, do prenatal yoga and meditate.
Before all this, my husband and I have been trying to “practice” living on a single income and this time is showing us how easy it is to eat 90% of our meals at home and saving eating out for once or twice a week! I’m also trying to learn/practice better habits like making the bed every day, spending a few minutes at the beginning and end of each day to pick up clutter around the house and putting away the clean laundry right away. I hope to keep these habits!


Ahhh Sarah, you are SO close. I am thrilled for you and your new little one to arrive. Please keep me updated with how you are doing and I love your new habits. They are inspiring me too! Have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae!

Can you ask Andrew to list the movies he re-watches over and over again. I’m intrigued.



Hey Diane! Here are his current favorites:

Harry Potter
The Martian
13 Hours
Ready Player 1

Have the best day Diane!


The thought that crossed my mind on my run today was, my “normal life” is a lot more stressful than anything I am living right now, yet I have more people genuinely checking in with me now. I guess my lesson is checking in with people on the regular is worth it always, today and in the future.


Yes. Yes. Yes. I love this so much friend and thanks for sharing this with me so I can do the same. Have a beautiful day!


I love your beautiful windows – SO pretty! #1 lesson – We ALL need people. I am a total introvert and can shy away from social events. But after this, I won’t get so worried about being awkward because just being out and talking to people is enough. We’re also thinking about moving back home (we live interstate) before my daughter starts school because times like these, we would love to have our family and friends around the corner.


Those chicks are the cutest !! Last movie watched was Frozen 2. I agree with you, I’ve learned that slowing down (by force from our situation) has taught me what the real important things are. And that I’m making a point to slow down more even when this is all over. It’s been good for us. And oh boy, our last speed workout was tonight on our bikes. We did 9 miles and half way through (it was just my daughter and I on the bike ride), we had 3 dogs come chasing after us !! Definitely a speed workout !! (We ended up safe but my daughter was crying hysterically). Loose dogs are definitely a situation that I still don’t know how to handle, was just thankful we were on our bikes and not on foot. Then it rained our last 4 miles home. It was an adventure tonight.

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