Track Time. Can’t Wait!

I tossed and turned all night so I decided to turn my alarm clock off at around 2 a.m. and hit the track whenever I woke up.  <–This has been one nice part about school being cancelled… On the days Andrew is not working, I don’t have to get back in time for anything in particular.

I might be a little bit too obsessed with these shoes below (the old Hyperion from Brooks)… Every time I put them on I just automatically feel faster.  I did 8 x 400 meters with 200 meter recovery jogs 1.5 weeks ago so I decided to do 10 x 400 meters yesterday.  I did them based on effort rather than pace (better for my brain when last year I was in peak shape and this year not so much:) and it felt so good to get different muscles firing during the run.  I couldn’t believe how tired my arms were from the workout, I forget how much more speed works my upper body too.  8 miles total for the day with music during the workout and Lindsey’s interview with Jordan Hasay during the w/u and c/d miles.  Jordan has an incredible perspective on failure and I really enjoyed hearing her talk about how she handles these setbacks.

Also, there was a small family doing drills in the middle of the field while I was doing my workout.  It’s crazy how just having them there made me so happy.  I really miss my big group workouts with the team.

IMG 2172

Our big adventure for the day = Getting Knox!

IMG 2228 2

I found something at TJ’s that I didn’t love (still ate it but not going to buy it again)… I think it was because the crust was soggy.

IMG 2243

Schoolwork is WAY more fun when Andrew is home.

IMG 2239

When Skye wants you to hold her she will come up and say, “I’ll hold you” which always makes me happy.

IMG 2247

We reached the 80s yesterday which definitely called for more popsicles.

IMG 2244

And then for dinner we had this gorgeous creation. Roasted brussels, brown rice and salmon cooked in butter and fresh lemon juice.

IMG 2251

We followed dinner up with just the most romantic of dates on the porch with ice cream sandwiches while hiding from the kids (I kid, kind of;).

IMG 2252

Skye is excited to start getting going on her mileage club shirt from Runner’s Corner.

IMG 2256

Skye walked around the house yesterday with the phone in her hand saying, ‘Oh, that’s so funny.’  I’m guessing I must say that a lot when I’m on the phone or something:)

IMG 2257

Tracy was sharing yesterday in the comments about how much she missed going to Target and it made me realize this is probably the longest stretch of time I have gone without going to Target since one was built here.  When it was just Brooke and me, we spent many weekend nights roaming the aisles.  We know that store well and I can’t wait to go back too, Tracy!  Although I will say my bank account is happier without the constant Target stops for just a few things;)

Can’t wait for this again.

IMG 7620


Are tracks open where you are?  Would you rather do speed on a track or on the roads or do you like to switch it up?

Back in the good ol’ days of roaming Target… how often did you go there?  What are your favorite sections there?

Anything from TJs that you haven’t loved?

What was the last podcast that you listened to?

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I completely agree about the best thing about school being cancelled is being able to sleep in when I need it and workout when I can squeeze it in!

I teach at a local high school and have keys to the track ;)

I listen to the Focus on the Family podcast almost daily.


Oh I am so glad you can still use the track! I bet your students really miss you but I’m glad you are getting those sleep in days too! Ummm I don’t know that podcast but it sounds like something I would LOVE. Can’t wait to check it out. Have a great day, Marissa!


I live in Pennsylvania and our tracks have been closed a few weeks now:-(


Bummer! I hope you have some pretty routes that you are still able to enjoy. I hope you have a sunny day, Valene! Keep me updated on how you are doing!


Tracks are not open where I am (MA) :(

I am so jealous of your 80 degree weather – we are just concluding our coldest April on record. We were so spoiled the first few days of Stay At Home (which started for us on March 11) – it was beautiful spring weather and I kept dreaming of all the wonderful runs since I didn’t have the stress of the kids in the morning. And then it’s been pretty miserable since. Sunday may hit 69 but that is it for the 14 day forecast.

2 weeks ago I went to Target for the first time in almost 2 months. I was expecting some of the aisles to be closed, but they weren’t. So I may have browsed a little more than normal (it was 9:00 and not very crowded). But like you, I am not wanting to hit the bank account too much so I didn’t go crazy, but my kids were happy with some new summer clothes, not that they’ve got to wear them yet!


I’m loving those runners corner shirts so much. Do you have to be local? Could i get them for my kids?


I’m sure you could! They want to get as many people involved as possible! Here is their phone number: (801) 223-7010

They open up in 2.5 hours. Have a great day Mary!


JESSEY NOOOOO! I am really hoping that your weather just gets better and better and hopefully you can stay outside all day on Sunday:) I am SO glad you were able to get a few minutes in Target, just the best and so good for your mental health! Hahaha I just bought Skye some new things too and I was wondering why because we don’t go anywhere but it just makes the day more fun;). Have a great day friend and I’m praying you get some sunshine soon!


Oprah’s podcast with Alicia Keys and Tina Muir’s interview with Meb were two good podcasts as of late. I also like Alli Worthington and Lauren and Jesse on Work, Play, Love. Ah, TJ’S, it has been so long……


Thank you thank you thank you! I cannot wait to listen to all three and I’ll do it while I do yard work today! Hope your Thursday is a bright one!


Yes, Tracy! Ha. Target is the first place I want to go shopping when this is all over. I probably go every other week normally and I have not been since this whole thing started.

Dax’s episode with Rob Lowe is great so far. I’m only about a third of the way through.


We are all just going to bombard Target when this is all done haha… we have SO many weeks to make up for:). I LOVE that podcast so much, can’t wait for that episode. Have a great day Amanda!


I want to go roam and shop tj max! It’s my favorite. We don’t have a target unless drive an hour and thats not practical in regular basis.


I bet the day you are able to get back to TJ Max is just going to feel amazing! Have a beautiful day Mary and hopefully someday they build a Target that is closer to you!


Okay, that picture where you picked up Knox–everyone looks SO happy in it. So sweet!

I used to go to Target probably every other week . . . I loved browsing the clothing and the book sections! And the food, obviously. :-) I miss those simple pleasures! Ha ha, one time at Trader Joe’s I tried some soup from the freezer section; it was okay at best, but it gave me the WORST garlic breath for 2 days. I could not get rid of it!

I’ve been listening to Molly Seidel on Running on Om and More Than Running with Dana Giordano! She is such an inspiring person, and I’ve loved getting to hear more of her story. That alone has helped me get out the door for 2 runs!


The reunion is always so happy! Thanks Kristin:). I AM SO glad you told me about the soup because I was debating over it last time and not sure if I should try it (it was the french onion one so maybe different)! I can’t wait and I am SO going to listen to that episode. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about Molly too! Hope you have a great day, Kristin!


Tracks are not open in Maryland :(

I would go to Target once a week at least! I miss those trips. But agree with you, my wallet is happier not buying a ton of stuff I don’t need from Target hahaha.

Been listening to I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, Unlocking Us with Brene Brown and Freakanomics. I really like I Weigh because it’s all about the idea that we are more than our weight or our size. So she talks with amazing women about their accomplishments and struggles. The one with Reese Witherspoon was great!


No target and no TJs in Canada! Sad. They tried to launch target here a few years ago, and it majorly failed!

Podcast – I’ve been enjoying mens rea (Irish true crime podcast).

Allie does something similar to Skye with the ill carry you – when she wants me to trust her she’ll say “I trust you, mom”. Like “I won’t break this dish if I carry it cause I trust you mom.” Lol but she means that I should trust her… these kids! So funny.


I listened to Lindsey’s podcast with Jordan yesterday too. It was good! That girl has been through a lot of hard times this last year!
Tracks are not open here, but speed work on a track is much easier for me than on the roads for sure! 2 summers ago I was doing a lot (for me) of track work, and it was so fun. Maybe I will start that up again when this is all over.
I definitely agree with you/Tracy about Target. Oh and Home Goods too. I can’t wait to just wonder through stores.
Have a great last day of April ?


Tracks near me are usually not open, even during non-pandemic times! It’s impossible to find a track to use unless it’s during a specific time when a running club has it reserved. All public school tracks are kept locked in my city ?. As for Target I had started doing their curbside pickup a while ago and it definitely saves me money because I get only what I needed! But I do love browsing when I can go by myself. I had to pick up an rx a week or so ago so had to go inside and it was definitely nice to stroll around a bit.


Tracks are open here in Texas. I prefer our green belts though, something about running around the lake that makes it easier to go in circles….LOL
I was out for a walk with my daughters, and one of my 19 year olds said I just miss going to Target for nothing, which made me laugh. It’s true we used to just roam Target and see what happened…alas probably better for our bank accounts. My girls have been getting out and going through the Starbucks drive through for some teenage normalcy. They have done really well having to come home from college early and do online school, but it’s definitely hard some days. Thank goodness our weather has made it possible to get outside almost every day since the stay at at home orders started.
Have a blessed day :-)


Skye’s antics totally made me smile this morning! I love the phrases that the littles start to use. My middle used to say “I pick you” to be picked up :)
Thank you for showing a picture of your salmon dinner–reminds me to place my order for my favorite meal delivery today (they normally deliver to my gym, but they’re doing home deliveries now).
I’m much happier with speed work on the roads/paths instead of on the track.
Hoping some of your 80-degree weather makes its way east!


I have two year old twin boys and they also come up to me and say, “Mommy, I hold you!” when they want me to pick them up. I love it so much and it will be bittersweet when they’re a little older and get their pronouns in order :)


I prefer to do speed on the roads. With tracks, I can see how much longer I have and that’s not fun mentally for me.

The buffalo hummus from Trader Joe’s was terrible! I LOVE any and all things buffalo so I was so disappointed.

Since I live in a city, roaming Target is not the same. When everything is back open, I plan on going to a big one after work and walking for hours. My bank account is definitely happier without going out with friends and random outings too.


I have to get this off my chest – I was recently in a age 50+ running group in Facebook and I mentioned that it was getting ready to rain and I could not get my run in. MAN, those people gave me a hard time about not wanting to run in the rain. Yes, some people like it and some even prefer it and that is cool. However, I felt like I had been in a street fight after making that comment. Eventually, I had to turn the comments off. Sometimes bullies are in their 50’s!

I just finished listening to a podcast that had my daughter as a guest! She has her Ph. D. and was discussing her side-hustle, being a life coach:

I am a street runner, so I don’t know about the tracks around here. I have been in Target recently and it was nice. I had to wear a mask, but I had plenty of room around me!


Kelly, I’m so sorry about those bad facebook comments. I never ever voluntarily run in the rain so, I support you! Getting wet is not fun. You have to do what makes you happy.


I’ve been to our Target a couple of times – they have a good grocery selection and their prices are lower, plus 5% off with my Target red card. The last time I went it was kind of sad because they had more than half the store closed off – anything deemed “non essential,” such as clothes, kitchen electronics, home goods, and cards. I can tell you if our coffee maker quits working buying a new one will be essential!


Hi Janae! I’ve been listening to the Office Ladies podcast where Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey rewatch each episode and give behind the scenes info! It’s a lot of fun and I love that they’re best friends in real life!


I went to Target two weeks ago for the first time in 2 months. It was so much less crowded than usual which was nice. I used to go about once every two weeks – it’s not close enough to my house to be convenient.
I had some frozen zucchini noodles from Trader Joe’s that weren’t good. They’ll refund you if you don’t like an item – even if you ate it! I know stores aren’t doing returns these days but keep it in mind for the future!


I did NOT know this. Thank you so much for telling me this Samantha… It helps me feel more brave to try new things there too:) Hope you have a beautiful day!


My two year old also comes up and says ” I hold you.” Seriously the cutest thing ever!


I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It just makes me feel so loved:) Have the best day Tory and I hope you get lots of ‘I hold you’ today from your little one.


My son also said “I hold you” when he wanted us to pick him up when he was little. We still say it from time to time today when we just want a hug! ❤️


Podcast: Ali on the Run’s recent episode with Emily Sisson


Listened to that today and it was SO SO good. Thanks for sharing Jenni and have a great day:)


Skye is so cute right now with her “I’ll hold you” and copying you on the phone. I know the toddler stage is tough, but then they come out with these little gems. Our Target is about an hour away so we don’t go very often but when I do I love to browse the books, lotion aisle and stationery.


I would rather not do speed workouts at all, haha. Actually I have never done a speed workout on a track! I always thought tracks around here were locked (most are) but ours in town is always open. I might have to give it a try!

We maybe went to Target 1-2x/month. The nearest one is about 45 minutes away. I am jealous of you having a TJ’s! The nearest one from here is about 2 hours away so we only make it 1-2x/year:-(.

What is it about dad’s being more fun with school work?! Happy, happy Thursday!


I much prefer speed workouts on the track because it’s otherwise fairly hilly around here. Tracks here are technically closed, but there’s a middle school near my house that doesn’t have a locked fence sooo I may have been there this morning ?. I recently started listening to Couple Friends and it’s so funny!


AH! You made my day!! Thanks, Janae, for being my constant virtual friend for all these years. It’s crazy how vested we can be in someone’s successes and happiness that we’ve never even met!

I listen to podcasts a lot, between running and walking my dog (Petey!) every day. My regular rotation is Ali on the Run (my virtual East Coast BFF haha), the History Chicks, Stuff You Should Know, and replays of the previous night’s ABC World News Tonight.

Hope you have a great day! Can’t wait til we all get to Target again :)


I like doing my speed work on the treadmill because I like to be able to just lock in the pace and know I’m going to hit whatever it is I’m trying to do. I don’t trust myself to hit the paces on my own on the track yet… or go too fast and blow myself out on the first rep! It’s definitely something I should take the time to practice though!


HRG Track Girl, you are #lockeddownfiredup !

The pizza pic makes me think of your Mom’s sourdough. Why, you ask? Because of the sourdough starter? Is she ready to bake it with some scallions? aka green onions People love it!


Oh my goodness I cannot wait to aimlessly wander around Target again!!
Question for you…have you tried the new Hyperion tempo shoes?! They look intriguing!

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